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Director, IIT Kanpur (on leave from IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
18 Oct
Some of the best scientific minds of India shared some findings today in a virtual press conference on the mathematical model “#COVID_19 India National Supermodel”. It is significant that such models are being used by the policymakers to serve as input in making decisions.
The committee accessed:
1. Potential impact of the lockdown measures - did it help reduce the peak load on our healthcare system, and thus gave time to build on our capacity
2. Assess the impact of migrant labourers travelling back to their places of origin in May and June
The following conclusions have emerged about the course of the pandemic:
a) With no #lockdown, the #pandemic would have hit India very hard, with a peak load of 140+ lakh cases arriving in June.
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17 Oct
Join us for an insightful online panel discussion on Cognitive Technologies for Futuristic Communication on Monday, October 19th, 2020, 7.30-9.30 PM (IST) under the ongoing #VaibhavSummit
Link to attend: trial10.webex.com/trial10/onstag…
Eminent panelists from across the globe shall be discussing the frontier areas of #CognitiveTechnologies and their applications.
Link to the speaker's biography: dropbox.com/s/b17zf8tbt92f…
Cognitive Communications and Spectrum sharing, is a new paradigm with the potential to revolutionize future #communicationssystems by collectively applying intelligence, and adaptability to resource assignment
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