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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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@kimisgubbed @VirusesImmunity @KaminskiMed @Be_Kinderr @jenbrea @ahandvanish Hey! Well hypoxic tissue cld lead to lower O2 extraction, & infected tissue is often hypoxic. Most intracellular pathogens hijack metabolism of cells they infect & “push” host mitochondrial metabolism to anerobic glycolysis (O2 not being used for OXPHOS):…
@kimisgubbed @VirusesImmunity @KaminskiMed @Be_Kinderr @jenbrea @ahandvanish 2/ In fact many intracellular #pathogens either directly or indirectly enhance hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) stability. HIF-1 is a key glycolytic regulator/transcription factor whose stability reduces reliance on OXPHOS by initiating glycolytic #metabolism
@kimisgubbed @VirusesImmunity @KaminskiMed @Be_Kinderr @jenbrea @ahandvanish 3/ With that in mind @VirusesImmunity, it was interesting that in your brain organoid model, you showed SARS-CoV-2 capable of infecting neurons, where it induced a locally hypoxic environment as measured by staining for HIF-1 alpha:
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#SupremeCourt hears a plea regarding setting up of a commission of inquiry for proper distribution of oxygen

Justice Chandrachud: we don't set up commissions of inquiry here. We have set up a national task force. we cannot encroach upon the executive domain

Justice Chandrachud: it is very easy to criticize the court or government without being on the hot seat. . Is it fit we conduct a legal post mortem of the issue now here?
Justice Chandrachud: You must invoke remedies under CrPC before seeking CBI probe and this is not a case for commission of enquiry. article 32 is to be the last resort..lets do something positive for the society...
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Bırakın $ırıngaları da Avrupa'da en fazla kenevir ekili alan niçin ve nasıl Fransa'da ona bakalım..
Keneviri de Fransa'yı da anlatılmadığı gibi anlayalım.
#oxygen #oksijen #PCR #maske #testkiti #ECS #EKS
#Anandamide #hempoil #cannabisindustry #cannabisculture #CannabisCommunity
1- Bugün İstanbul Lisesi olarak kullanılan Düyun-u Umumiye Binası'nın ana kapısı. Düyun-u Umumiye (Düyun-u Umumiye-i Osmaniye Varidat-ı Muhassasa İdaresi), 1881-1923 yılları arasında Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun iç ve dış borçlarını denetleyen kurumdur.
2- Navarin Bozgunu, Osmanlı ve Mısır donanmalarıyla, birlikte hareket eden Britanyalı, Fransız ve Rus donanmaları arasında; 20 Ekim 1827 tarihinde geçmiş olan bir deniz muharebesidir. Bu muharebe Osmanlı tarihinde , Navarin Baskını veya Navarin Faciası adlarıyla da geçer.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/19/2021…
This is how western states must change because of the Colorado River water shortage…

#ColoradoRiver #WaterShortage #PolicyChange #WaterRights #OpEd
4760 pieces of trash compose 'perpetual plastic' data sculpture on bali beach…

#PublicArt #DataSculpture #repurposing #PlasticWaste #BaliBeach
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#Taliban released a "#Joint_Declaration" about the two-days intra-Afghan peace negotiations in #Doha (17-18 July 2021):
They agreed on the need to speed up negotiations to address the current conflict/crisis in Afghanistan and find a just and lasting solution to the problem ASAP.
They understand the need for a compromise that responds to the interests& aspirations of all men& women in AFG in the light of Islamic principles.
They are committed to engaging in high-level negotiations to reach a settlement& will continue to hold such meetings in the future.
At the same time, the two leaders (Baradar& Abdullah) instructed their negotiating teams to expedite negotiations.
Both sides r committed to ensuring that civilian infrastructure remains secure throughout AFG& will prevent civilian casualties& cooperate n humanitarian assistance.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a high-level meeting held today reviewed the augmentation and availability of #oxygen across the country.

(Video: DD)
PM Modi today chaired a high-level meeting to review augmentation and availability of oxygen across the country.

#COVID19 | "Over 1500 PSA #oxygen plants to come up across the nation; contributed by PM CARES, plants would support more than 4 lakh oxygenated beds. Ensure that the plants are made functional at the earliest": PM Modi at today's meeting over availability of oxygen

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#NewsAlert | 'SC #OxygenAuditTeam finds #DelhiGovt inflated #oxygen need by 4 times during peak & affected supply to 12 high caseload states. Hope accountability is fixed for disrupting oxygen supply across India', tweets Union Minister @PiyushGoyal.
If you have any shame left #ArvindKejriwal, hold one of your PCs now & apologise to the nation for inflating #oxygen need by four times during second wave: @GautamGambhir, BJP MP.
The demand for #oxygen (in #Delhi) was 4 times more than what it was and the rest of the states had to bear the loss, they fell short. Make noise someone should learn from #DelhiGovernment: @PrakashJavdekar, Union Minister.
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#FactCheck of various "Propaganda Cartoons".

Inflation - Average 4.74% from 2014-2020, lowest in last 6 decades.

Unemployment - Yes, it increased because of Delhi - 45.6%, TN - 28%, Rajasthan - 27.6%.

GDP - India's GDP is low but performance under NDA is still better than UPA.
Supreme Court questioned Modi govt on Vaccine supply & differential pricing and its Ok. Point to be noted that it was States who asked for Decentralization of Vaccines. Supreme Court didn't ordered to Modi government to provide FREE Vaccines to States, but Modi did.
Several propaganda cartoons blaming Modi for Covid-19 situation floating around. 'Health' is States subject in India. fact remains, India has registered lowest Covid-19 De∆ths amongst major countries. De∆th rate in non-BJP States are highest, but entire blame is on Modi.
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A metal ion orients SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to ensure accurate 2′-O methylation of its first nucleotide
The #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is able to utilize the changes in metal ion concentrations to disguise itself in the human host body thus evading immune responses. Image
Efficacy of #clarithromycin on #COVID19 pneumonia without oxygen administration; protocol for multicenter, open-label, randomized-controlled, 3-armed parallel group comparison, exploratory trial #CAMECOVID
Japan Registry of Clinical Trials jRCTs071210011 Image
The influence of #HLA genotype on the severity of #COVID19 infection
A genetic link has been discovered explaining why some people catch #Covid but don't get sick. The gene is found three times as often in people who are #asymptomatic. Image
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Karnataka High Court to hear a batch of COVID-19 related petitions shortly.

Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar will hear the pleas.

CJ Oka: Before we proceed, one letter received from member of the Bra on shortage of injection/medicine for black fungus. From where do you get it?

AG Prabhuling Navadgi: It comes from Delhi

Court informs accute shortage to Advocate for Centre,
MB Nargund: We are depending on imports. Some imports have come...

AG Navadgi; I would like to share a personal experience somebody whom we know is admitted to a hospital and even after my intervention the patient is not able to receive the injection. There is severe shortage.
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📍#Oxygen Therapy in COVID-19

➡️15% of #COVID19 patients may have moderate disease; #Oxygen saturation level may go < 94%

➡️5% of #COVID patients may have severe disease where once O2 level goes < 90%

- Dr. Ravichandra, National Tuberculosis Institute

1/6 Image

Measuring O2 level with a #PulseOximeter

It measures the oxygen saturation or % of O2 in patient’s blood

A @WHO training manual says if oxygen saturation is 93% or lower, patient needs to be treated quickly

Saturation < 90% is a clinical emergency

2/6 Image

You can measure respiratory rate without any device

Respiratory rate = No. of breaths a person takes per minute

Keep your palm on your chest, measure your respiratory rate for 1 minute

< 24/min, O2 level is safe
> 30/min, O2 level is low


3/6 Image
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Delhi High Court will continue hearing batch of petitions to deal with issues arising out of COVID 19 in the national capital.

Hearing before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh.

@CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi

Senior Adv Rahul Mehra makes submissions, says affidavit has been filed, submissions on Indira Gandhi Hospital at Dwarka by Special Secy, Dept of Health and Family Welfare.

Court earlier asked for timelines within which construction of certain facilities would be completed and reasons for delay

Mehra:.. during lockdown, pace has been tardy.. endeavor now has been to come up with a timeline that is quick enough to face the 3rd wave #DelhiHC #COVID
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#MadrasHighCourt to continue hearing #COVID19 related matters today.

Hearing before Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy to start at 2.15 pm.

Track thread for Live Updates.
In the last hearing:-

- Centre said 216 cr vaccines would be made available in India by year-end
- HC observed future vaccine allocation for TN appears “somewhat disappointing”
- HC asked State to consider capping prices in private hospitals

Read more:…
Bench assembles.

Advocate Sankar Shanmugam makes submissions. Makes prayers for creating more awareness on #COVID19. Says proper awareness is lacking. Awareness must be disseminated through TV programmes, he says.

#MadrasHighCourt #COVID19India
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#MadrasHighCourt will continue hearing matters concerning #COVID19 management in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, including a suo motu case.

The hearing before CJ Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy is scheduled to start at 2.15 pm.

Track thread for Live updates.
Plea against the distribution of COVID cash relief to ration card holders with political colour, in violation of COVID protocol taken up.

AG R Shanmugasundaram says that over 90% of cash distribution is done, that now strict lockdown is in place, there is no movement now.
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We're releasing a list of important government resources for #Karnataka concerning #COVID19 treatment.

These are verified and will help citizens by reducing costs incurred by them.

Please amplify them and do your duty as a responsible citizen.

#Karnataka | Revised guidelines for asymptomatic and mild symptomatic cases for patients in home isolation / home care.


#Karnataka | Circular fixing the rates of High Resolution CT scan (Rs. 1500) and Digital X-Ray scan (Rs. 250) to prevent laboratories from charging exorbitant amounts

Verified by Veda & Abhay.

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THREAD: Over the past year #India has managed to build a robust healthcare system; ramp up number of tests; develope #vaccine and much more to fight #COVID19 pandemic.

Sri PK Mishra, Principal Secretary to Hon PM shares insights with @pradeeptTOI of @TOIIndiaNews.

Pre-pandemic India produced 700 MT liquid medical #Oxygen per day which has now increased to over 9,000 MT per day.

Today, India has conducted nearly 32 crore tests in total through 2,500 plus labs, hitting a global high on May 11, 2021 of 20 lakh tests per day. @PMOIndia
As a part of Hon PM Sri @narendramodi's comprehensive vision for improving universal access to health services, 50 lakh + patients have been served remote doctor consultation through eSanjeevani throughout the pandemic starting April 2020. @PMOIndia
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#MadrasHighCourt will continue hearing matters concerning COVID-19 management in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The matter will be taken up by Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy at 2.15 pm today.

Track thread for live updates.

#COVID19 #CovidIndia
Read an account of the last hearing:

Prime Minister also appealed to report accurate COVID-19 figures; would aid in the allocation of drugs, oxygen, vaccines: Madras High Court to TN

#MadrasHighCourt #COVID19…
Bench assembles.

Senior Adv R Vaigai mentions matter regarding welfare of prisoners, informs she has been appointed amicus. Court says it can take matter up on Monday.

CJ also observes that High Power Committee has directed to be revived.

#MadrasHighCourt #COVID19
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#UttarakhandHighCourt hears matters concerning #COVID19 management.

The matter is before Chief Justice RS Chauhan and Justice Alok Verma.
Read an account of the last hearing:

[COVID-19] “What can be done if Centre is unmoved?” Uttarakhand High Court flags concern over supply of Oxygen, Tocilizumab…
CJ Chauhan is now quizzing Chief Secy Amit Negi on various aspects. The State has also submitted an affidavit.

Negi submits that sufficient testing is being done in Dehradun, 8-9k COVID-19 tests being conducted in Dehradun, Negi submits.

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Delhi High Court to continue hearing petitions concerning issues arising out of #COVID19 in the national capital.

Hearing before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh.


@CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi
Hearing begins.

Quite a few SHOs and accused persons have logged.. delayed service perhaps.. the court had renotified: Amicus Rajshekhar Rao

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🔝5 Concerns about #SARSCoV2 #Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy─This review is intended both as a basic resource and to initiate an open and critical dialog about SARS-CoV-2 biology for an independent and public call to action.…
Structural basis of ribosomal #frameshifting during translation of the #SARSCoV2 #RNA #genome
A unique feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome controls protein synthesis and presents an "Achilles heel" of the virus. Image
Brainstem neuropathology in two cases of #COVID19: #SARSCoV2 trafficking between #brain and #lung
Neuropathologic evidence strongly suggests that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure includes a neurogenic component. Image
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The water used in the flow meters for oxygen therapy is a potential source of fungal growth. What's the rationale for using bubbled oxygen? Is giving dry oxygen better than the humidified o2?
Read on. 1/ Image
Rationale for humidified oxygen:
1.O2 therapy has a drying effect on the mucous membranes which when given for a prolonged period can result in airway damage.
2. Secretions can become thick and difficult to clear causing airway obstruction. 2/
So, Is humidified o2 better than dry o2?
It's not that simple.
For Low flow o2 therapy (<5L/min) humidification does not have any benefits as compared to dry o2.
For high flow o2 which is usually the case in covid humidified o2 prevents airway dryness.…
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#THREAD - How A Yogi-fied Uttar Pradesh Breathes A Sigh of Relief!

Let's find out how @myogiadityanath's Uttar Pradesh government with its 'Stealth Approach' stepped up their game to meet #Oxygen demands in the nation's most populated state

#YogiAdityanath #UttarPradesh

Oxygen, one of the most critical elements for clinical treatment was managed at a war footing by the #UttarPradesh government

Their focus?

The most important metric LOCATION & MOVEMENT of assets to carry as much #oxygen possible with a focus on OPTIMISATION.

Within 24 hrs, #upgovt activated teams all over #UttarPradesh & sourcing states like Jharkhand, West Bengal & Odisha to intercept trucks carrying #oxygencylinders, deployed an app for download on smartphones & placed it in each truck, w/o disturbing their ongoing route.

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#Oxygen (2021) ~ ஒரேயொரு சேம்பருக்குள் 1.41 மணி நேரத்தில் செம த்ரில்லர், டயலாக்ஸை புரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டா அலுப்பே தெரியாது. கதை : ஒரு சேம்பருக்குள் ஹைப்பர் ஸ்லீப்பில் இருந்து விழிக்கும் ஒரு பெண் தான் யார், எவ்வாறு அதற்குள் வந்தோம் என யோசிக்க ஆரம்பிக்கிறார். (1/3)

#CineversalS_thread Image
அந்த சேம்பரை நிர்வகிக்கும் ஒரு செயற்கை நுண்ணறிவிடம் திறமையாகப் பேசி தன்னைப் பற்றி கொஞ்சம் தெரிந்து கொள்கிறார். பின் அதனிடம் கெஞ்சி, கோபபட்டு தப்பிக்க ஏதேனும் வழி கிடைக்குமா என்று பார்க்கும் பொழுது ஒரு ட்விஸ்ட். உண்மையில் அந்த பெண் யார்?, அவர் எப்படி சேம்பருக்குள் வந்தார்?, (2/3) Image
அந்த சேம்பர் எங்குள்ளது? இந்த கேள்விகளுக்கான பதிலும், அவர் பிழைத்தாரா? இறந்தாரா? என்ற க்ளைமாக்ஸின் வித்தியாசமான முடிவும் தான் மொத்த படமே! Buried, Passengers படம் பார்த்தவர்களும் இதை பாருங்கள் - எனக்கு பிடித்திருக்கிறது, உங்களுக்கும் பிடிக்கலாம்! (3/3)

✍🏽 My Rating : 7.0 Image
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