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@painless_shills @TheRealJoeSnow1 @MEMBER31773 @Princelysum @ichudov @lisa_iannattone Whaddaya mean "real charts"?!

For a start you've only got ones for two of them

Try this

It's from.....

The CDC!!!

Image ImageImage
@painless_shills @TheRealJoeSnow1 @MEMBER31773 @Princelysum @ichudov @lisa_iannattone Here's the *#CDC* article that chart came from:

All done with pure WATER

NO vaccines!!!… ImageImageImage
@painless_shills @TheRealJoeSnow1 @MEMBER31773 @Princelysum @ichudov @lisa_iannattone And here's another article on clean water v vaccines in historical perspective… ImageImageImageImage
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This thread highlights the network and stages of relief in our project to bring Katadyn water filters to Ukrainian communities. #ukraine #cleanwater Image
We received a donation from @QorvoInc and with help from a volunteer, we were able to source katadyn filters at a discount from @REI and @backcountry #ukraine #cleanwater Image
We transport the filters to Poland, first flying from the US, then driving across the border into Ukraine. #ukraine #cleanwater Image
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Pretty excited, I’m taking the train from Chicago to Kalamazoo to visit a friend this weekend. First time taking my bike on @Amtrak #bikechi ➡️ #bikezoo Trek bicycle in chicago uni...Bicycle in front of an Amtr...
Journey started on the @cta blue line from Jeff park. I forgot how many stairs there were at the Clinton stop lol (4 flights!) but there’s a nice bike path for the last couple blocks to union station! ImageImageImage
Arrived early just in case, and got a little ticket for the bike. They announced a delay but then the line started moving and we ended up leaving pretty much right on time anyway! So far so good 😊 ImageImage
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"If we want web3 to make good on the promise that it can materially improve the situations of everyone within the ecosystem, and not just a handful of people at the top, we need to design it according to principles that will make that happen." -- @ljin18…
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Inventors from @IITKanpur and @MIT have been granted a joint Indian patent for a unique #water purification device, “A Vessel and A Method for Purifying Water and Monitoring Quality of Water”.
An inexpensive, zero maintenance,easy to manufacture, dry & compact device that has applications in #waterpurification & monitoring and dry sample preservation of micro #water pollutants. This device can purify #drinkingwater & has applications in the food & beverage industry.
I congratulate the team led by Prof Indra Sekhar Sen, IITK alumnus Mr Sri Harsha, Dr Emily Barrett Hanhauser (Fellow, MIT Tata Centre), Prof Rohit N. Karnik (Dept of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Department Head for Education; Tata Professor, @MIT, USA)
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"It's not just a glass of water. It's a glass of hope. It's the most obvious basic necessity for health and wellness. Just like air, we need water. We simply can't live without it."

— Meghan Markle, #TheTig
"663 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water. We need to change that"
#serviceisuniversal #cleanwater #tb
Meghan’s piece for #waterday on the tig
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This was what I worried would happen with @Booker4KY. Not be on the offensive with @RandPaul, who's an abysmal, but only on the defensive when need to. Just like the @KyDems always do, which is a losing strategy. But Booker's running on policies that are materially popular!!!
Here's a fun fact about running in an election... If you run as an Aggressive & Offensive Candidate with Policies that help the People & their Material Well-being, then you win.
Here's how I know; In the 2015 Midterms, @AlanGrayson of the @FlaDems, he won with no problem. He was unapologetic when being a "#Progressive", stands up with his Principles & goes for the Jugular in Political Ads at his Opponents on how their Policies are Wrong, Evil & Bad &...
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💩Protest at Thames Water office and environment agency offices in Reading AGAINST RAW SEWAGE DUMPING IN OUR RIVERS 💩

Collaborative action - by XR, End Sewage Pollution & River Swimming Groups

(Thread👇) #cleanwater
💩Did you know water companies are still given permits to dump raw sewage in our rivers?
💩Did you know water companies often break the permit rules and dump raw sewage, even though that is illegal?
💩Did you know it’s getting worse - 400,000 more raw sewage releases in 2020 than in 2019, with more than 3 million hours of discharges?
Is this acceptable - especially when we, as customers, pay for our sewage to be treated?
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: COMBATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS AND PURSUING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE (Part 4)
Only one party recognizes the urgent existential crisis facing our planet. Only one party believes in science and solutions. 1/21
#Democrats affirm California’s statutory authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own emissions standards for cars and trucks. 2/21
#DemPartyPlatform #CleanAirAct #CA
#Democrats will immediately convene California and other states with labor, auto industry, and environmental leaders to inform ambitious executive actions 3/21 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateAction #ClimateVoter
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Hey, remember during the 2018-19 school year when they gave out water bottles to students to promote drinking water?

Even at the schools that still had lead in the water?

@NYCSchools was supposed to address this long ago.

A #WaterSafety thread.
According to the page, the noted was the action to be taken, and addition, “[a]ll schools either have been, or will be, retested from fall of 2018 to the end of 2020.” Water Testing  State law requires us to test the water for l
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@YaliAbuja The National Orientation Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, the donors, private sector actors - seed companies, manufacturers/fabricators of food processing equipment as well as the CONSUMERS must be involved in the process of ensuring #FoodSafety #WorldFoodSafetyDay
@YaliAbuja There is urgent need for advocacy in rural area they const.abt 60% our population @SeedCouncil must ensure they protect smallholder farmers, ensure they adopt Good Agronomy Practice (GAP) for this is the foundation of #FoodSafety #WorldFoodSafetyDay #FoodSafetyEveryonesBusiness
@YaliAbuja @AtomicBettyBA
#WorldFoodSafetyDay Strategic effort shld be adopted to address these interwoven problems of health and economy, foreign and domestic, will be required to truly get at the heart of the #FoodSafety issue Local, national, regional, and international partners
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भारतीय संस्कृति में स्वच्छता
स्नानाचारविहीनस्य सर्वा:स्यु: निष्फला: क्रिया: (वाधूलस्मृति 69)
स्नान और शुद्ध आचार के बिना सभी कार्य निष्फल हो जाते हैं, अतः: सभी कार्य स्नान करके शुद्ध होकर करने चाहिए।
#करोना_वायरस #bathing #गद्य_कृति
तथा न अन्यधृतं धार्यम्
(महाभारत अनु.104/86)

दूसरों के पहने कपड़े नहीं पहनने चाहिए।
धृत वस्त्र
घ्राणास्ये वाससाच्छाद्य मलमूत्रं त्यजेत् बुध:। (वाधूलस्मृति 9)
नियम्य प्रयतो वाचं संवीताङ्गोऽवगुण्ठित:।
(मनुस्मृति 4/49)

नाक, मुंह तथा सिर को ढ़ककर, मौन रहकर मल मूत्र का त्याग करना चाहिए।
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LASEPA (Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency) is to committed to safeguard environmental quality that is consistent with the social and economic needs of Lagos State, so as to protect health, welfare, property and quality of life
The General Manager of LASEPA, Dr. Adedolapo Fasawe highlights the importance of making Clean Water accessible to everyone in Lagos State and making Lagosians more environmentally aware as they serve as fundamental aspects to improving quality of living...
Follow @lagossdg.invest to know more 

#SDGoal6 #CleanWaterAndSanitation #CleanWater #HealthCare
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President Trump announced today an executive order curtailing states' legal authority under the Clean Water Act. This is an unprecedented assault on the right and obligation of every state to protect their waters and their communities.… Statement with Attorney Gen...
No amount of politicking will change the facts — states have full authority under the #CleanWater Act to protect our waters and our people. WA won't allow this or any presidential administration to block us from exercising our authority lawfully and effectively.
We stand with governors and attorneys general across the country in opposing this dangerous attack on our environment and our families’ right to clean water. We'll challenge any attempt by the administration to illegally constrain WA’s authority to protect our natural resources.
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📢 How to finance #cleanwater and #sanitation ? : a session with @LaureCriqui at the October Days for Sustainable Development #SDGForumLu @EIBINSTITUTE #SDG6 #SDGs
About #basicservices in developing cities, read the Issue Brief "The real cost of basic service provision and its sharing"
👉… via @iddrilefil by @LaureCriqui & @cldemiras #SDGForumLu
About #OfficialDevelopmentAssistance in #DevelopingCountries, read the Issue Brief: "Guarantees to finance cities in developing countries: a promising tool for donors?"… via @iddrilefil by @LaureCriqui & Julie Vaillé #SDGForumLu
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At the risk of being called a party pooper, I'd like to remind #TheResistance that: 1. #TaxScamBill if anything GOP may now try to shove faster now, suppository style; 2. #NetNeutrality & #NationalMonuments are still in danger; 3. #infrastructure spending & many state services
have been cut to the bone; 4.#CorruptionMustDie & so does #nepotism, but both alive & well; 5. #NazisInAmerica & other hate group rampant, & there is no #GunControlNow or even serious discussion of it; 6. #StateDepartment is being decimated & deserted by many career ppl & that is
one of USA ramparts against isolation & a means to avoid wars; 7. worldwide US credibility, relevance & trustworthiness, even by staunch traditional allies, is at an all time low; 8. ppl whose only credentials are closeness to 45 are still in key positions & some have made wrong
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