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2 Feb
#Budget2021 didn't make any changes to the slab rates or major deductions leaving choice between old and new regime much the same as last year.

A look at the tax you pay, if you are....

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1 Feb
#BudgetWithMint | India's fiscal deficit as a proportion of GDP is expected to zoom to 9.5% this year. This is borrowing that will have to be paid in the future

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#BudgetWithMint | The government spent over Rs 4 lakh crore more in FY21 than what it budgeted for on 1 February 2020

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#BudgetWithMint | The National Infrastructure Pipeline might get some much-needed attention in the months ahead

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1 Feb
Finance Minister @nsitharaman addresses a press conference after presenting #Budget2021 in Parliament today

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#Budget2021 | We chose to spend big on infrastructure across a wide variety of sectors. We have attended to the needs of the health sector, capacity building in health given a big place: Finance Minister

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#Budget2021 | Infrastructure spending on health has been given a big push in the budget, with focus down to planning of block-level requirements: Finance Minister

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21 Dec 20
Poorer respondents experienced a bigger drop in incomes during the pandemic, and are less hopeful about the future compared to their richer counterparts, the latest round of the Yougov-Mint-CPR Millennial Survey shows
@KwatraNikita @TauseefShahidi Even when jobs remained intact, incomes plunged. But it was the older cohorts who suffered bigger losses. A significant number of pre-millennials (55%) reported a loss in their income, largely due to salary cuts or declines in business profits

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While the economy has improved since then, the recovery has been uneven. 37% of respondents said that most people they knew had seen a recovery in incomes since the lockdown.

#MintPlainFacts by @KwatraNikita, @TauseefShahidi

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5 Nov 20
#USElections | Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing section of voters in US, a Pew Research Center analysis shows. From 2000 to 2020, Asian-American voters more than doubled, growing 139%. The Hispanic electorate grew at 121%, and black and white electorates at just 33% and 7%
#USPresidentialElections2020 | Asian-Americans comprise 5% of voters, though their numbers are growing. Most are naturalized citizens and about 6 in 10 Asian-origin citizens are eligible to vote.
Naturalized immigrants have driven the Asian electorate's
rapid growth. The number of Asian immigrant voters
doubled from 3.3 Million to 6.9 Million in 2000-2018.

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5 Nov 20
#USPresidentialElections2020 | International students who contributed more than $44 billion to the US economy in 2018 are keenly observing the presidential election outcome.

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#USPresidentialElections2020 | The past few years have seen a slowing down of the growth of foreign students' flow into the United States. Any continuation of the negative sentiment will hurt US varsities.
India and China put together contribute 52 per cent of foreign students in the US and the new administration will not like to lose this advantage.

#USElections #USPresidentialElections2020
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5 Nov 20
#MintPlainFacts | The biggest party in the ruling NDA now leans less on allies than before, given its own size in the Lok Sabha, and the growth in its social base.

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#MintPlainFacts | As many as 15 political parties left NDA between 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. While this dented NDA’s strength in the LS towards the latter half of its term, BJP and NDA were able to recoup their losses and posted an even more impressive victory in 2019.
#MintPlainFacts | After 2019 elections, NDA has already lost 21 Lok Sabha seats, primarily due to the exit of the Shiv Sena.

It's possible that BJP may be able to attract new parties to join the alliance ahead of the next elections, just as it did ahead of the 2019 elections.
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4 Nov 20
#MintPlainFacts | From high vacancies to shorter tenures to rising pendency, the Central Information Commission (CIC), India’s right-to-information (#RTI) appeals body faces a plethora of problems today.

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#MintPlainFacts | In the first nine years since it was formed in 2005, the CIC was headless for all of 10 days. Since 2014, it has gone headless for 464 days. In each top appointment since, there has been a break, with the longest being in 2014 and 2015.
#MintPlainFacts | Rising case pendency at the commission suggests that the appeals body is in urgent need of more commissioners.

In October 2017, the CIC had 24,287 appeals and complaints pending before it. In October 2020, this figure had increased by 52% to 36,894.
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3 Nov 20
The recovery in #economicactivity is gradually becoming more broad-based, with high-frequency indicators across Indian states picking up pace, Mint’s state recovery tracker shows.

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#MintPlainFacts | Public mobility in the 6 largest state economies of India reached 79% of pre-#pandemic levels in October, the highest since March.

These states will matter the most in economic recovery as they make up half of India’s #economicoutput. Image
Public mobility is one of the high-frequency indicators in the recovery tracker. Three other indicators, which serve as proxies for economic activity—electricity consumption, #GST collections, and vehicle sales—are also considered in the tracker.…
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