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#Data #AImicroscopy #ImageAnalysis #Microscopy #Cloud #MachineLearning Husband, Father, leading R&D and growth @LeicaMicro + @AiviaSoftware 🏄‍♂️⛷🥾🏃‍♂️🗻
30 Sep 20
Excited to introduce #3DRCAN for denoising, super resolution and expansion microscopy. Super proud of this colab with Hari Shroff, Jiji Chen et al.

@NIBIBgov @arpcomplex



#microscopy #aimicroscopy #aivia

"Three-dimensional residual channel attention networks denoise and sharpen fluorescence microscopy image volumes"

J Chen, H Sasaki, H Lai, Y Su, J Liu, Y Wu, A Zhovmer, C Combs, I Rey-Suarez, H Chang, C Huang, X Li, M Guo, S Nizambad, A Upadhyaya, J Lee, L Lucas, H Shroff.
We are particularly interested in characterizing the limits of #deeplearning based approaches to image restoration. You will find several experiments comparing several best-in-class approaches: #3DRCAN, #CARE, #SRResNet and #ESRGAN.

#microscopy #aimicroscopy #iSIM

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15 May 20
#ML powered image analysis is a great way to gain insight when all you have is RI variations - lable free. Quyen ( and Luca ( are doing a great job discussing the technology behind #Aivia and @NanoLiveLtd. Hosted by @MEDIASystemLab ImageImageImage
Now a live demo! Comparing "threshold based" segmentation methods vs #pixelclassifier (machine learning) based segmentation. There are pros and cons. For more details of the #pixelclassifier see:… Image
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15 Apr 20
The #OSABiophotonics20 (20-23 of April) congress has been moved to an 100% online format due to #covid19. This event is packed with great (microscopy and image analysis) presentations and is FREE to attend! Register here:… 1/3
#aimicroscopy #biophotonics Image
My talk "AI for Microscopy Applications|The Era of Implementation", highlights 2+ years of R&D (colab w/ Hari Shroff et al.), and is influenced by @kaifulee @EricTopol @loicaroyer @martweig @florianjug @TheGeneMyers @uschmidt83 @PavelTomancak @HenriquesLab #OSABiophotonics20 2/3 Image
KUDOS to @OpticalSociety @OSAPublishing and organizers for quickly moving the event to "online" and for making it free to participate. Also, I thank the organizers for the invite to present our work - MUCH appreciated. 3/3
#communityimpact #OpenScience #aimicroscopy #microscopy
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25 Mar 20
We will start to roll out #AiviaWeb at no cost to use, tomorrow. All #aivia functionality accessible via a web browser. This is part of our #covid19 mitigation plan - more actions soon so you can continue to be productive while #wfh. #bioimageanalyis #aiviacommunity #microscopy
To get early access to #AiviaWeb please sign in/up. See
Once you are signed up we will reach out to you with all the details including usage and booking guidelines. A webpage dedicated to our covid19 / wfh mitigation plan will be up very soon too. Many more resources are in the pipeline.
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21 Mar 20
The Seattle metro region and the whole #PNW are being severely affected by the #COVID19outbreak. In >1 month we went from "there is a small cluster of cases in a nursing home" to "we need to lock down the whole region to avoid worst case scenarios" (not happened yet) 1/13 ImageImageImageImage
The (social) media frenzy is impressive. Even Facebook and others are worried their servers / data centers may not be able to cope with demand for long (…). We have used social media for good - checking in on friends and family all over the world. 2/13
While this is a challenging time, there are many positive things to be thankful for. Personally, I am enjoying having more time with my young boys (4 and 6 yo) and wife. the boys are curious and scared about the whole story - but 3/13
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6 Dec 19
1/ At #ASCBEMBO19 we will present five posters and a tech talk on #aimicroscopy and #CLEM. Details here:

Many thanks to our collaborators Hari Shroff, Jiji Chen, @huzhao4, Rachel Wong, Chris Combs, @3i_inc.

#microscopy #imageanalysis #Aivia #ASCBEMBO2019 Image
2/ P35/B36 Universal EM Connectomic analyses by Deep Learning Powered App‐matching Image Conversion…

With Prof. Rachel Wong and @Sallywing

#ASCBEMBO19 #AImicroscopy #Aivia #AiviaCloud #imageanalysis #microscopy #CellBiology #machinelearning #drawacell Image
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4 Jun 19
#ELMI2019 lightning talks... Go! Image
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3 Jun 19
Made it to Frankfurt on the way to #elmi19. Reading about #China's guidelines for the creation, use and governance of #AI. Some nice surprises so far.… Image
On the topic of the #aiprinciple published by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, the @techreview has a view:… Essentially it is a good thing that China is interested in talking about this - however, positive action needs to follow.
I agree this is a relevant step from BAAI and includes positive statements (with caveats): "Human privacy, dignity, freedom, autonomy, and rights should be sufficiently respected." That said, #AI is set to remove many of the jobs currently being done by Humans.
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9 Feb 18
What species is this? Found in Portugal, near lagoa de santo André. North of Sines. Reported to have killed dog! 2 cm long (head to end of abdomen) #spider #bigfangs Image
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