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Aug 9, 2020 38 tweets 9 min read
"Georgia had an early surge of the virus, and now cases are spiking again. Brian Kemp has refused to learn a thing." here comes a thread on #COVID proxies, prediction, and information mismanagement #duringApandemic.
theatlantic.com/health/archive… Georgia's problems are a microcosm of those experienced across the US. the intersection of policy, politics, information, and public health has -- for the most part -- gone badly.
Aug 3, 2020 31 tweets 7 min read
"Florida Gov. DeSantis says schools can open if Walmart and Home Depot are open". Here comes a thread on Location, Ventilation, and Duration and why The hardware store is safe and schools are not. And how we can have a successful in-person school year.

cnn.com/2020/07/10/pol… As school season approaches in the US, parents, teachers, administrators, and politicians are lining up to take a stand on in-classroom instruction for this fall. And, sadly, most of the talk is posturing and platitudes.
Jul 26, 2020 20 tweets 5 min read
"[Y]ou have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero." Here comes a thread on COVID, scaling, and switching tactics to defeat the virus. whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat… In late February, more than a month after the first COVID case was confirmed, the Whitehouse told the world "We have contained this virus." politico.com/news/2020/02/2…
Jul 19, 2020 25 tweets 9 min read
Betsy Devos: "The rule should be that kids go back to school this fall." Here comes a thread on schools, the pandemic, and taking action. @betsydevosed Devos and others in the WH circle say -- quite simply -- children should be going (via mass transport) to local full-time, in-person instruction this fall. businessinsider.com/devos-the-rule…
Jul 12, 2020 10 tweets 12 min read
observation, inquiry, and confrontation in a thread. here we go... #climate #obesity #guns #pandemic #challenge ImageImage pollution is killing us; the effects are observed at the decade timescale. #climate #obesity #guns #pandemic #challenge Image
Jul 6, 2020 6 tweets 1 min read
our memories of the past, our plans for the future -- these are the stories we tell ourselves. 1/5 those who cling to the old stories create a future bound to past. 2/5
May 10, 2019 5 tweets 3 min read
TRUTH: "Making the web accessible benefits individuals, businesses, and society." -- Introduction to Web Accessibility b.mamund.com/2Lyij0s

now, think about #APIs... 1/4 more from #WAI (w/ small change):

"When websites and web tools are properly designed and coded, [bots] can use them. Currently many sites and tools are developed with accessibility barriers that make them difficult or impossible for [bots] to use."

still thinking of #APIs? 2/4
Oct 15, 2018 10 tweets 8 min read
well, ok, @devcorpio and @mathiasverraes by request: thread coming.
heads up for anyone interested in @fielding, #REST, #GraphQL, #CRUD, #SOAP, #Reactive 1/10 per @fielding's disseration, in order to achieve his desired architectural properties (chap02) and meet the WWW's domain requirements (chap04), he wanted to establish a set of required constraints (chap05). most ppl just focus on chap05 and i recommend focusing on chap02. 2/10