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I nab the guilty who lurk in darkness of inequity & injustice. Sister account to @inabster in case @Twitter bans it. Favours Principled Constitutional Monarchy.
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Oct 10, 2022 71 tweets 257 min read
@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett A US grouping, constituted around the thought of the philosopher Leo Strauss, controls from now on both the Secretariat of Defense and the Secretariat of State. After having organized many wars since those of Yugoslavia, they imagined the one in Ukraine.
#Straussians #Zionists @inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett This grouping, this cult, is now manipulating the European Union and is preparing to deprive it of energy sources.
If European leaders do not open their eyes, their alliance with Washington will lead to the collapse of the Union’s economy.
#SabbateanFrankism #NWO #Supremacy
Jun 18, 2022 11 tweets 10 min read
⚡President Putin at #SPIEF2022: "United States, having declared victory in the Cold War, declared themselves messengers of God on earth, who have no obligations, but only interests. They seem not to notice new powerful centers have formed on the planet"
#Putin #SPIEF2022: "The changes in the world are fundamental, pivotal & inexorable & it's a mistake to believe you can sit out at the time of rapid changes, wait out that supposedly everything will return to normal, everything will be as before. It won't!"
Jun 12, 2022 29 tweets 49 min read
@inabster @UN @SpainMFA @Spain_inUK @spain @OECD @politblogme «L’Algérie a décidé de procéder à la suspension immédiate du Traité d’amitié, de bon voisinage et de coopération conclu le 8 octobre 2002, avec le Royaume d’Espagne et qui encadrait jusqu’ici le développement des relations entre les deux pays», Présidence République d'Algérie. Image @inabster @UN @SpainMFA @Spain_inUK @spain @OECD @politblogme La colère d’Alger n’a pas été très prise au sérieux par Madrid et il a fallu aux autorités algériennes sortir le grand jeu pour que de l’autre côté de la Méditerranée, on comprenne enfin qu’on n’est pas devant un nuage passager. Les craintes de Madrid sont aujourd’hui multiples.
May 1, 2022 22 tweets 14 min read
@inabster @gbazov I might break down this small essay (it's only 7 pages) into a little thread for those too lazy to read it... @inabster @gbazov Ukraine, a Khazarian entity conjured up by Soviets that might well cull up humanity in a devastating global war, & it started when the Soviet Union was created, then Israel, then gifting by Soviets of further lands, Crimea, Lvov, & South from Odessa to Donbass...
Dec 17, 2020 180 tweets 59 min read
1. A mirrored thread gathering info on potential treatment of COVID-19 with Quercetin & Zinc.
It includes various studies, articles, anecdotal & empirical evidence to help establish a case for its potential anti-viral effects especially when taken early on - by @HighPeaks77 2. Current study by renowned Montreal Researchers in the potential treatment of #COVID19 with Quercetin:…
- via @ClaraLago1 @Caradelevingne @taylorswift13 @rihanna @AbbyMartin @Polly_Boiko @TomCruise @scarletmonahan @inabster @WHO @NHSuk @UN @UNICEF
Dec 4, 2019 21 tweets 16 min read
UK according to Putin - Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Conservative Party, named in secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy, suppressed by Downing Street Boris Johnson.
Oligarchs & other wealthy Tory donors were included in the report. Suppressed #RussiaReport highlights illicit Russian activities in Britain by cross-party intelligence committee.
Some Russian donors personally close to UK prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Alexander Temerko, who has worked for the Kremlin's defence ministry, gifted £1.2m to Tories.
Sep 8, 2019 37 tweets 29 min read
@inabster Conclusions & Commentaries - Jesus Christ of the NT vs Issa son of Mary in the Qur'an -
1. They are two different characters.
2. Jesus Christ appeared in Palestine in ~ 20 AD
3. Jesus Christ not the Messiah.
4. Issa ibn Miriam is the Messiah.
5. Issa ibn Miriam received Injeel. @inabster 6. Jesus Christ was in Hejaz, he emigrated to Palestine to claim his David Kingship lineage right, he saw an opening for Messiah & he took it (like Sabbatai Tzvi in 1666)
7. Jesus Christ was crucified.