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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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my home country, Iraq 🇮🇶, where the home to over 150,000+ Iraqi #Jews ✡️ prior to 1948, who, thanks to them, the country flourished to unprecedented levels economically, then the Farhud came, & #Jews ✡️ were attacked, beaten, imprisoned, kidnapped, & expelled by the
Nazi+Isl@amist combination, the results, Iraq 🇮🇶 lost its citizens of 150,000+ #Jews ✡️, & the country went a steep down economically & wars, by the hands of those Nazis backed Isl@mists.
now, imagine, Iraq 🇮🇶 apologizes for its mistakes towards the innocent #Jews ✡️,
welcome them back home, & declare formal relationship 🕊️ with #Israel 🇮🇱, the country that protected them, the results, Iraq 🇮🇶 will be back again in no time on its feet, with the help of the #Jews ✡️ & will flourish once again.
it's a DREAM, but DREAMS do come TRUE.
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@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada 4 July 2018…
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel On its YouTube channel, #Azov posted a video “review” of locally produced copies of two Israeli #Tavor rifles – seen in this video:*
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel As journalist #MaxBlumenthal explained on The Real News in February, Biletsky has “pledged to restore the honor of the white race” and has advanced laws #forbidding#racemixing.”
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#NATO (#Rothschild wants WAR) countries pour weapons into #Ukraine, risking conflict with Russia
-formerly neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And Germany, long allergic to sending weapons into conflict zones, is sending Stingers…
The Finnish Awakening Published January 5, 2022…
#Rothschild's #China asked Russia to #delay Ukraine war until after #Olympics, US officials | Mar 3
-The report indicates that senior Chinese officials had some level of knowledge about Russia’s war plans or intentions before the invasion started last week…
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خواہمخواہ #PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus پر شور و غوغا ہورہا ہے کہ ٹیلی فونز Hack کردئیے یہ کردیا وہ کردیا | شکایت کیسی ؟ پورا افغان جہاد ۱۹۷۹ تا ۱۹۸۹ اسرائیلی لابی نے لڑا ہے ، پڑھیئے 👇 Image
خالص اسلامی نقطہ نظر سے دیکھا جائے تو “جہاد” اسلام کا ایک بہت مقدس رکن ہے اور اللہ کا کلمہ بلند کرنے کے لیئے کیا جاتا ہے اور اسی جہاد میں امت مسلمہ نے حرام کوحلال کے ساتھ خلط ملط کیا ہے اسکا وبال ضرور ہوگا اور ۱۹۸۹ سے وہی بھگت رہے ہیں

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus Image
اسلام کا بہت واضح اصول ہے وہ یہ کہ کسی کافر کو مسلمانوں کے اوپر عہدہ نہیں دیا جاسکتا | امیر المومنین ضیاء شہید نے ایک کافرہ رنڈی / فاحشہ / کسبی کو پاکستان کا اعزازی سفیر بنایا ، پڑھئیے 👇…

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus ImageImage
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The first #Durban conference, with its #Antisemitic anti-Zionist 'Durban Declaration' keeps regenerating itself, like a virus
Sept '21 will see the @UN hosting #DurbanIV, which will double down on its '#Zionism-is-racism' slander, giving oxygen to Antisemitic anti-#Zionists
The original Durban Conference was intended as a conference against racism, but quickly revealed itself as a grotesque farce rife with #Antisemitic anti-#Zionism.

It has remained so to this day, promulgated by those who simply want a world without its only Jewish state.
The UK pulled out of Durban III in 2011 because of the grotesque Antisemitic-anti-Zionism

The UK is a self-declared friend of Israel 🇮🇱

The UK's @BorisJohnson must stand up for its friend, 🇮🇱, & against the #Jew-hate now synonymous with the #Durban conferences & Declaration
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Why the UAE government represented by MBZ is called "the devil"

Thread: 0/100+

(Retweet) (د.عبدالعزيز) (مترجم)
1- UAE have planed & financed the military coup on the Government of #Egypt, resulted in the killing of 6000 innocent Muslims in #Rabaa genocide
2- UAE have Financed #Assad government and the #Russians to destroy #Syria
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1928, The two largest regular contributors to the #Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of #Jewish faith and one of them the leader of #Zionism in Germany."
(Note: why would they do a thing like that?🤔)…
#Zionists funded both #Hitler & #Churchill
Most of our political leaders are sponsored by the Illuminati Jewish central banking syndicate.
Their (MSM) pundits and professors put lipstick on these pigs.…
IGFarben, Auschwitz, #Hitler & WallStreet
Several of its key leaders and major shareholders were jewish, ended up being the "largest single contribution" to the successful Nazi election campaign of 1933, there is evidence of "secret contributions" too.
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How I Became A #Jewish Mother of #Fascism
In fact, many believe Sarfatti was really the driving force that brought the party – and #mussolini – to power. "We are fascists, jewish fascists!"🤔…
#Zionism has its roots in Italian #Fascism (B. Merhav)…  
The #Mussolini-#Jabotinsky Connection: The Hidden Roots of #Israel Fascist Past
Matteo Salvini, has vowed that if he becomes #Italy’s next Prime Minister, he will recognize #Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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@TheReal_JesusC I used to have @almightygod among my 25K followers before those nasty sods working for @jack decided to suspend my account and take away all my followers. I thought since he claimed to be the real Mccoy he would defend me. So if @Twitter decides to penalise me..
unjustly, just for telling the #truths about #Zionists trying to enslave #Gentiles & #Jews alike and you notice my followers disappear, can you please smite @jack for me if he does not get his act together. Now I have had the father, you the son, just the #HolySpirit needs ....
to start following me, He is using a funny name here @TheTweetOfGod. Can you give him a nudge to get on board as together we could cut those #Zionists who are inflicting so much hardship on the people of the world & destroying Earth right down to size. Apologies for long tweet ImageImageImageImage
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#cnp #Trump #Zionism #Christian #RightWing…
Zionism and the British Empire
#British backing for #Jabotinsky, #Weizmann and the #Jewish State
#Zionism #Palestine…
The Cult & Israel 🤓
Many EU aristocrats belong to the "British Israel" movement that believes the British sovereign is the head of the Anglo Saxon "Lost Tribes" of Israel and that the Apocalypse will see the full reconstitution of the British Empire 😈…
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A few comments:
1/ US position of 4 yrs ago was neutral. Since then, China's been peacefully negotiating with concerned countries and agreements are about to be reached. The #USA stirring of old embers of dispute is certainly a disservice to peace and stability of the #Southsea
2/ USA is not a signing party to the UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea). It's now coercing China to be bound by UNCLOS, a treaty it doesn't recognize itself.
3/ Arbitration predicates on both parties agreeing to solve the dispute by the private tribunal paid by both parties. The arbitration was unilaterally demanded and paid by the Philippines under the military threat of the US marine. It has no legal validity.
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"'Are you a Zionist?' Adolph #Eichmann, #Hitler's specialist on Jewish affairs, asker her. 'Jawohl,' she replied. 'Good,' he said, 'I am a #Zionist, too. I want every Jew to leave for Palestine.'"
Eichmann spoke fluent Hebrew (take a look at ears+nose😉)…
#Israeli film director Arnon Goldfinger discovered that his grandparents, Kurt and Gerda Tuchler, were close friends with a top #Nazi official, Leopold von #Mildenstein.…
The spring of 1933 also witnessed the beginning of a period of private co-operation between #zionism and the German #Fascist regime to increase the inflow of German #Jewish immigrants and capital to #Palestine.…
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Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship
The essence of Psychological Warfare is the attempt to prevent un-authorized communication between subject peoples (1,5 metres is also Psycho Warfare 😉)

#FreeSpeech #CultureWars #LogosRising

The B'nai B'rith is part of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order established in 1843. It's militant arm, the "Anti Defamation League" (#ADL) was formed in 1913, the same year as the US Federal Reserve.…
Hidden History of B'nai B'rith & the Young Turks
The B'nai B'rith is an abject tool of British intelligence, run and directed to serve the interests of British imperial policy. B'nai B'rith and the Young Turks efficiently destroyed the Ottoman empire.…
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How can Palestinians blocked by Israel and lacking medicines survive⁉️❓❓


No new coronavirus cases were reported in Palestine today as five cases have recovered in occupied East Jerusalem…
May 15 2020
You cannot continue to victimize someone else
just because you yourself were a victim once
— there has to be a limit
Edward W. Said

❝Palestinian Man Shot Dead By Israeli Troops Near Hebron…
May 15 2020
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Saxo Nazis - Conspiracy theorie or Replacement Migration🤔
Peter Sutherland was also chairman of Goldman Sachs.
The Sacchetti 🕎 family of Rome manage some Sachs bloodlines which included Samuel Sachs the co-founder of Goldman Sachs😉…
Saxo Nazis dat zijn de Oranjes en het Engelse koningshuis.
Saxo-Gotha-Coburg is een nazi-geslacht en nog steeds 🤓
The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha or Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha family are a high level German royalty involved with military and landownership.
The Butcher of the Congo, Leopold II - financed by Rotschild, is related too. They are all family, we are their toy's.
"The British monarch, Queen Victoria, was Leopold II's first cousin, as Leopold's father and Victoria's mother were siblings"…
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Rabbi @yaakovshapiro for an upcoming episode of the Miko Peled Podcast referred to #Jewish #Zionists as “idol worshipers.”
“They did not get these values, of loving their guns and stealing #Palestinian land, from #Judaism,” he said.
By: @mikopeled
He explained that Jewish people throughout history have kept to themselves, avoided #Violence and war, and, in fact, are prohibited by heavenly decree from sovereignty over the Holy Land.
By: @mikopeled
#HolyThursday #coronavirus #LevelOfConcern #Jews…
There are, however, Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews, that live in the Holy Land and reject #Zionism and the State of #Israel altogether. “I am with them,” said Rabbi Shapiro.
By: @mikopeled
#IsraeliCrimes #Zionism…
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#Loonstein, joodse familie actiegroep, is een eenkennige neuzelaar die graag in het subsidiezonnetje staat mbt #WWII, #antisemitisme en onrecht 😉
Waarom wordt de haatdragende Talmud niet verboden?
Voorbeelden genoeg in de #Talmud 🤗😘
Is the Talmud influencing the Israeli Government ?🤔
Tidbits From The Talmud.
Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.…
My favorite is : #Talmud, Shabbath 116a (p. 569). #Jews must destroy the books of the #Christians, i.e. the New Testament
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My dear fellow humans, if you love war so much think about this.
The 'leaders' will never join you in the battlezones, too scared, too lazy and too busy raking in the profits of war 😉
#USArmy soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

Aboard the Flying Hospital C-17 - (2010)
Maj. Kristen Zebrowski "since the beginning of the war in #Afghanistan & #Iraq we flew about 50.000 wounded soldiers, most were so young look liked they were fresh out of High School"

Drugging #America's #Veterans
Veterans from the wars in #Iraq and Afghanistan have returned home to face another battle: addiction to narcotic painkillers prescribed by their doctors.
Are these wounded warriors being overmedicated with prescription opiates
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
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