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20 Jun 20
Indian soldiers had actually crossed LAC and set #Chinese PLA tent on fire chanting 'Jai Bajrang Bali' after 16 Bihar CO Col Santosh Babu was killed in treacherous manner & 10 members of patrolling party were held captive by #China on the night of 15/16 June
After the death of Col Santosh Babu, 16 Bihar 2IC along with two young captains led the charge of Ghatak commandos & Field Regiment soldiers creating mayhem in #Chinese camp
Actually contrary to what agreed in daytime meeting #Chinese PLA had not removed its tentage observation-post from a hillock so a patrol of about a dozen soldiers was sent without fire-arms for recee but made hostage by China in evening
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30 May 20
Has #IndianArmy Chief Gen MM Naravane able to contain #PLA on first stage of 'War Zone Campaign Doctrine' of #China ie dominance-cum-deterence by mirror-deployment, a research paper he had written in 'Scholar-Warrior' journal in 2012 as faculty-member of War-College, Mhow
Second stage of this Chinese doctrine 'Gaining Initiatives by Striking First' seems havnt arrived as India's large mechanised forces already deployed at #LadakhBorder
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Third stage, 'Quick Battle, Quick Resolution' also wont come due to cold-start doctrine Indian soldiers are always battle-ready be in high-altitudes or cold-deserts, so there has been murmuring of talks to resolve bilateral issues
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12 Mar 20
Chaos created by Indians & PIOs brought from #Italy to be quarantine at Manesar facility of #IndianArmy after demanded luxury retreat
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Even police had to be called as created ruckus before entering the quarantine facility but later convinced by army to get inside
To put records straight #IndianArmy daily incur about 3.5lacs on this #Manesar quarantine facility & 60 personnel run this centre including docs & medics
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