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#China reportedly uses #Hollywood clips to show simulated attack on #US base at #Guam

The #Chinese air force propaganda effort has gone Hollywood, using scenes lifted from the 2008 Oscar-winner “The Hurt Locker” and the 1996 action flick “The Rock.”…
A source close to the Chinese armed forces told the news outlet that it was common practice for the People’s Liberation Army publicity unit to “borrow” from Hollywood blockbusters to make their productions look more thrilling.

Right, “borrow”.......
“Almost all of the officers in the department grew up watching Hollywood movies, so in their minds, American war films have the coolest images,” the source told the South China Morning Post, adding that the army was unlikely to face any backlash over copyright infringements.
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Azadi is not an option
A #Thread
What does a misguided #Kashmiri mean by “Azaadi”? Is it the right to #equality, right to #freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural & educational rights, right to property & right to constitutional remedies
If that is the meaning of “Azaadi” then it is already entrusted to them through the #constitution then who are these people and why are they asking for Azadi?
The people of #kashim for long have been disassociated with the #progress in mainland due to provisions of #Article_370 which restricted the investment and #development in the state.
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@BytedanceTalk #ByteDance hopes of getting #PresidentTrump approval for its proposed deal with @Oracle #oracle appear to be dwindling by the day, judging by the blizzard of media reports about the debate going on inside the Trump administration.
That raises the prospect that ByteDance will have to accept a less favorable deal by yielding control of the app to some conglomeration of @Walmart #Walmart , Oracle, ByteDance’s U.S. #VentureCapital shareholders and maybe public investors in the U.S. through an #IPO
The #Chinese government might still block this option, killing the deal entirely. But assume for a moment they approve it. What happens to @tiktok_us #TikTok afterwards? To answer that, consider how you would have reacted if four months ago ByteDance had decided to sell TikTok...
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Happening now: @HomelandDems @HomelandGOP hearing on worldwide threats to the homeland

Chair @BennieGThompson slams @DHSgov acting director @DHS_Wolf for not showing up, accusing him of reneging on a commitment while having time "for no fewer than 4 appearances on Fox News"
.@HomelandDems Chair @BennieGThompson says @DHS_Wolf is ignoring a subpoena by not showing up
"We continue to face grave threats to the homeland, including the rise of domestic terrorism, ongoing foreign interference in the 2020 elections & a #coronavirus pandemic" per @BennieGThompson "As the person running the Dept of Homeland Security, Mr. Wolf should be here"
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#ParliamentQuestions - REGULATION of SOCIAL MEDIA

Pages / Accounts blocked over the last 3 years

2017 – 1,385
2018 - 2,799
2019 – 3,635

@OfficeOfRSP @rsprasad @TwitterIndia @Facebook @instagram Image
#ParliamentQuestion - FDI into India

1. 2014-15: $45.15 Billion
2. 2015-16: $ 55.56 Billion
3. 2016-17: $60.22 Billion
4. 2017-18: $60.97 Billion
5. 2018-19: $ 62.00 Billion
6. 2019-20: $ 74.39 Billion

@PiyushGoyal @PiyushGoyalOffc
#ParliamentQuestion #MonsoonSession2020 - Chinese Apps blocked

Totally 224 CHINESE APPS have been blocked by MeITY

@GoI_MeitY #ChineseAppsBanned #Chinese
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38,000 Square Kilometers, that is if taken as a square it is 194 Kilometers by 194 Kilometers. That is the land that China is now occupying in Ladhak.

#Chinese #ChinaIndiaFaceoff
And Modi told the country that Nobody has entered India, no body has captured our land and therefore there is no question of a problem on the China front.
Quite obviously the hole at the back of this Government has grown to 194 x 194 KM's and it does not feel a thing about the royal screwing that it is getting.
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#India rejects market economy tag for #China

Govt will be able to impose steep  anti-dumping duties on  #Chinese imports…
India on Monday rejected China’s demand to grant it market economy status, amid a militay face-off between along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). New Delhi will continue to treat China as a non-market economy, which allows it to impose anti-dumping duties on imports from China.
World Trade Organization (WTO) members are allowed to apply anti-dumping measures on any company if it exports a product at a lower price than its home market, and if the product threatens to impact the local industry.
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Dr. #Yanlimeng, the whistleblower who fled #HongKong tells the world about the #ChineseCommunistParty (#CCP)’s #coronavirus and its origin.

She shows evidence of lab engineering rather than a natural evolvement of the virus.

Full report is included.…
Uncovering the Truth: Engineering the #Coronavirus in Wuhan Lab by Dr. #YanLimeng…
The #coronavirus was artificially engineered in the P4 lab in Wuhan. - Dr. #YanLimeng

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#THREAD: #Chinese tech firm has compiled a database on tens of thousands of #British figures & their families for #China's intelligence agencies

Files on senior politicians & their families included in the database.

35,000 #Australians are in it.…
A database of 2.4 million people, including more than 35,000 Australians, has been leaked from the Shenzhen company Zhenhua Data which is believed to be used by China's intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security.
Of the 250,000 records recovered, there are 52,000 on Americans, 35,000 Australians, 10,000 Indian, 9,700 British, 5,000 Canadians, 2,100 Indonesians, 1,400 Malaysia.

There are 793 New Zealanders in the database, of whom 734 are tagged of special interest or politically exposed.
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@Kurama_the_Kitsune [DS] Japanese Manga puppet agentur
Kitsune = Fox = SLY

Firstly, #Disney/ #ABCNews etc = LEFT-HAND PATH [DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #ILLYRIAN (Alarodian) Luciferian/ Satanic 'Noctulian' Pedovore EL-ite #Corporation
Why doesn't Kurama mention the TRUTH about the #Ainu White Japanese on the northern-most island of #Hokkaido aka Yesso?…
Yet Italian Marco Polo & French King Louis XVI Astrologer – latter beheaded by [DS] assets in 1789 – clearly documented that #WhiteSyrians/ #LeucoSyrians aka [#SOROS 'et al'] #Ugarits/ #Uyghurs/ #Uighurs aka #HoeiHi/ #FoHi were indiscriminately well-mixed with the #Chinese
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Two things to follow this morning: 1. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to unveil #China initiated a global standard data security in face of #US worldwide block of Chinese high-tech (at 9:00 am) 2. Chinese President Xi to give a speech on #COVID19 fight around 10:00 am
According to a global #DataSecurity initiative that can serve as a global standard for data security, country to 1. oppose the use of information technology to damage other countries' key infrastructure or steal important data 2. prevent and stop the infringement of personal info
...and must not abuse information technology to conduct large-scale #surveillance of other countries or illegally collect personal information of citizens of other countries. 3. require companies to respect local laws and not to force domestic companies to store data generated..
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Breaking: #IndianArmy reaches dominating heights at Finger 4 facing #Chinese in Pangong Tso

Specialised Indian Army units managed to “reach dominating heights” on the ridgelines along Finger 4 of Pangong Tso & established posts opposite the Chinese ones👍…
The move by India, in Southern & Northern banks of Pangong Lake, comes after talks with #China reached a stalemate with PLA refusing to budge from its positions.
The development comes at a time when another set of specialised units of the Army has captured strategic heights in the Southern Bank as part of precautionary deployment on its own side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), taking the Chinese by surprise.
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A #Tibetan Soldier in #IndianArmy Killed by #Chinese forces on Saturday night

Tibetan born Nyima Tenzin with rank of Company leader in Indian army was killed by a gunshot in the neck while on patrol duty. Another one of Tibetan origin was wounded

Both men were from the 7th battalion of the Special Frontier Force (SFF), also known as Establishment 22, which is a unit made up of Tibetans under the Indian army.

Within the Indian army the Tibetan unit is known as the “Vikas battalion”, added the report.
Major news agencies reported that Indian soldiers thwarted an attempt by Chinese soldiers to occupy some heights near the southern bank of Pang Gong Tso on Saturday night.
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Even that #China's government refused to disclosed how many soldiers died on the June 15th Galwan Valley clash with #India, Chinese people found the burial location, and it's quite a number.

The pictures speak for themselves 👇
2) Burial location: Kangsiwa, Xinjiang, G219 Hwy near the Sanli barracks.

Translation of this tomb:

Tomb of martir Chen Xiang Xong 陈祥榕
Born in Pingnan, Fujian in 20-2-2001 (19 years old)
Died in war with India in 6-2020
Died trying to protect his country & people
Unit 69316
3) Now I have the precise coordinates for the burial location from @desihaddock

Pishan County, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang°12'20.0%22N+78°45'45.0%22E/@36.2174641,78.7559849,250m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d36.205556!4d78.7625?hl=en
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[DS] TURANO-#AITHIOP Uyghur/ Uighur/ Hoei-Hi/ Fo-Hi puppet agentur... MAO TSE TUNG... the biggest CCP CN China POS to ever have cursed the REAL #Chinese
Note: [DS] Soros = White-Syrian ['Leuco-Syrian] aka Ugarit aka Uyghur puppet agentur…
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Opposite responses from Paris and Beijing to last week's #malicoup

underscore the risks #China accepted in the last decade

to supplant France as "most-favored" superpower in West Africa

and gain access to minerals, chemicals and metals that drive econ and military

With the exception of Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria,

France has been part of the West African community for >100yrs

spreading lingua franca from Dakar to N'Djamena

and creating economies supported by the #French Franc which has proven valuable in post-colonial AF

#Beijing undervalued the bonds that had developed between Paris and many West African countries following the end of colonialism

which included programs to assist members of former French colonies to apply for French citizenship.

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Morning! 5 with Fitz

1 - Algos will sell (a bit) but don't let that fool you
2 - $AAPL $TLSA > my targets
3 - #Congress > what a joke!
4 - Move over #Nasdaq, #hongkong tech's here
5 - @MotoGP - one of the most amazing finishes you will ever see

In to win!!

Good morning and trust you had a fabulous weekend!

Big open this morning but likely to fade a bit. Don't let that fool you. Algos are programmed to sell a little when they hit new highs.

Stay the course, focus ... "best not rest!"

2 - $AAPL $TSLA and more - my targets on each and why

Super fun @Varneyco this morning on @foxbusiness 😀

There will be ups & downs but the real bet is digitizing your life and information, not selling widgets

#intowin #investing #trading…
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[Secret deal: China's security cops can investigate in #Switzerland]

1. @NZZaS: #China & #Swiss signed a secret deal in 2015 allowing #Beijing's security officers to investigate Chinese nationals WITHIN #Switzerland for 2 weeks, even w/o official status.…
2. Five years after the secret deal was signed, no Swiss MP had ever heard of the deal. In contrast to similar agreements between #Switzerland and other countries, the one with #China is harsher as #Chinese cops can come and investigate without prior discussion with Swiss govt.
3. Even though the treaty claims only covering smugglers and illegal immigrants, it is doubtful whether this extraterritorial enforcement power can be abused under the newly enacted #nationalsecuritylaw that covers foreigners.
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@realDonaldTrump @FDA @FDArecalls @FDA_Drug_Info @TwitterMoments @Twitter so this #Hydroxycholoroquine, recall, I don't know how they could say its "unlikely to be effective" when there are numerous studies showing otherwise.

Now think for a second, you didn't hear a whole lot of #COVID19 from areas that have a huge number in malaria, why? Do they not use such drugs as #Hydroxychloroquine to treat it? As well as other drugs? We know they aren't making money off of hydroxy, which makes them mad.
So just because they swear studies show nothing positive, enjoy, and expose their #lies

Here a #Democrats even thanked @realDonaldTrump for suggesting #Hydroxychloroquine they think people have forgotten about this.…
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22 August 2020 :
WMCC (Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination) 18th Meeting held on 20 August between #India & #China at Diplomatic Level
12 Points ;
1. No Substantial Outcome, other than some good & usual diplomatic Verses ie Frank, Indepth, Evaluated & Reviewed.
2. But, it's NOT Business as Usual, till Complete Disengagement & Restoration of Status Quo, as on 5th May 2020 in East #Ladakh : #Indian Perspective & Stand
3. #Chinese 'Back & Forth Diplomacy', 'Delaying Tactics' & 'Negotiation Tricks', unlikely to Succeed, this Time
4. 15th June 2020 & #Galwan has Emptied the Trust in #PLA & #China...
5. Alertness, Preparedness and Readiness of #India & #IndianArmedForces has been sharpened for Challenges & Winter ahead...
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Hey neutral fact-checker @AltNews @free_thinker. Please do #FactCheck on various claims of #Congress office bearer @abhijitsapkal1 that #Modi is selling everything like PSU's Railways, BPCL, LIC, Air India, banks; as he claimed. @factchecknet @FactCheckIndia Image
Hey fact-Checker @AltNews @free_thinker. Why are you not conducting #FactCheck on various claims of #FakeGandhi's. Request you to do fact-check on these 2 claims in particular; 'Highest Unemployment in 45 Year' & '12 Crs JOB loss' (With Authentic Reports) @factchecknet Image
Hey @AltNews @free_thinker, these two #Congress'i i'diots @SalmanNizami_ & @SaralPatel are telling that #Chinese tourist has entered #PangongTso lake. Pls conduct a quick #FactCheck that how much portion of 'Pangong Tso' was handed over to #China by 'Haraamkhor" #Nehru in 1962. Image
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[DS] #AITHIOPE #EUSSR #EU #UE is being surrounded... and the [DS] puppets agenturs know it and are getting worried

EU leaders reject Belarus election result, urge dialogue

Expect a similar reaction from [DS] AITHIOPE EUSSR
shithole to Trump's re-election in 2020

D J Profile Picture
[DS] #AITHIOPE #AU #AUSTRALIA & #CA #CANADA & [DS] #UIGHUR/ #UYGHUR #CCP #CN #CHINA masquerading as the #Chinese

re [DS] #Morrison & #Trudeau (#Castro's illegitimate son) #Trudeau puppets agenturs
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1. My thought on #ChinaUS relations at a webinar with friends from @BrookingsInst on August 13:

Full text:
2.The China-US relationship is going in the wrong direction&it is happening when international cooperation is urgently needed. The deterioration of China-US relations undermines people's confidence in the global economy, with serious consequences for both countries and the world.
3. None of the major international crises in the 21st century, including the current pandemic, is a traditional security threat & can be resolved with the toolbox of great-power competition. The world has changed.
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#China has given 12.7 lakh Nepalese rupees to a #Kathmandu-based NGO to carry out a study on what motivates #Gorkha community members to join the #IndianArmy.
Sources said that in the first week of June, #China's Ambassador to #Nepal, #HouYanqi (@PRCAmbNepal), funded a Nepalese NGO -- China Study Centre (CSC) -- to conduct a study on Nepalis being recruited in the #Gorkha regiments of the #IndianArmy.
A fund of 12.7 lakh #Nepalese rupees has been allocated by the #Chinese Embassy for this task, said the source.

@PRCAmbNepal #Nepal #China

Photo: IANS (File)
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