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The problems that India faces from China and Pakistan are largely the result of the "branding" of Indians as weak, conflict avoiding p***ies. That image was created by Gandhi and reinforced by Nehru (1962 debacle). The fact that Indian soldiers matched the Wehrmacht in WWII.....
Got flushed down the toilet. How many people have seen a movie about Indian soldiers in North Africa? Or Indian soldiers liberating Palestine in WWI (without which Israel wouldn't exist)? No, what the world has seen is the movie Gandhi (another atrocious Attenborough product).
I know a lot of NRIs get giddy about Gandhi - just remember that while you sit smugly in your sofa admiring Gandhi, brave Indian jawans die daily because Gandhi told all the aggressive wolves of the world, they can run roughshod over India and Indians won't resist.
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I am trying to fill in gaps in information on the events that led to the violent face-off on the intervening night of June 15/ is a thread based on what I have gathered so far....#LadakhBorder
1. After the June 6 meeting between the army commanders of India and China, it was agreed that both the forces will move back in order to disengage
2. The Chinese forces had a camp on a ledge above Patrol Point 14. The earlier position of the tent/tents was Galwan river bed
3. Moving up the camp gave the Chinese a better view of the area. In order to see whether the Chinese had removed the tent/tents, a patrol of around dozen troopers led by a major was sent.
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भाईयों और बहनों अगर थोड़ी भी देशभक्ति हो तो चीन का माल कभी मत खरीदना क्योंकि वो भारत के पैसे से ही बम, मिसाइल और बंदूकें बनाता है और भुगतते कौन है हमारे वीर जवान।
जरा सोचो वो तुम्हारे जवानों को लात-जूते और कील लगे डंडो से मारते हैं और तुम उनके लिए थोड़ा सा भी नहीं कर सकते।
सोचो अगर तुम्हारा भाई, पिता या और कोई सँगा संबधी होता तो तुम्हें कैसा लगता।
इसलिए आज ही शपथ लो मैं बिन फोन के रह लूँगा परंतु चीन का फोन नहीं खरीदूंगा चीनी माल का बहिष्कार करूँगा।
तुम बंदूक लेके अगर लड़ नहीं सकते तो कम से कम चीनी माल खरीद कर चीन को बंदूक बनाने के पैसे तो न दो।
अंततः यही कहना चाहूँगा भारत सरकार को चीन के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त कदम उठाना चाहिए और चीन के कब्जे वाला भारत पे अपना कब्जा कर लेना चाहिए।
भारत के उन वीरों को शत् शत् नमन जिन्होंने मातृभूमि की रक्षा के लिए अपने प्राण न्यौछावर कर दिये। आप का बलिदान व्यर्थ नही जायेगा। आप की शहादत का
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That China had entered wasn't disputed by anyone & is a common occurrence especially patrol clashes.
Talks at the level of high ranking Army officials were ON to resolve the same.
Minutes of such talks are supposed to be classified as Top Secret/Secret.
But to settle political score rival party sponsored so called defence analysts started presenting a grim picture. Obviously if talks are ON that means India wasn't happy with the #Chinese perception & resulting claim across LAC.
So these paid so called defence analysts knew
that ultimately both countries can't afford a war & there WILL be a diplomatic closure to the issue hence the window of painting a grim picture is LIMITED. It is but natural that till such boundary matters get resolved, a running commentary would put the govt down in media.
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Has #IndianArmy Chief Gen MM Naravane able to contain #PLA on first stage of 'War Zone Campaign Doctrine' of #China ie dominance-cum-deterence by mirror-deployment, a research paper he had written in 'Scholar-Warrior' journal in 2012 as faculty-member of War-College, Mhow
Second stage of this Chinese doctrine 'Gaining Initiatives by Striking First' seems havnt arrived as India's large mechanised forces already deployed at #LadakhBorder
Pic: File
Third stage, 'Quick Battle, Quick Resolution' also wont come due to cold-start doctrine Indian soldiers are always battle-ready be in high-altitudes or cold-deserts, so there has been murmuring of talks to resolve bilateral issues
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Since there is general consensus that India plans to attack Pak, lets war game the possibilities.
There is a tendency in Pak to believe that even if India attacks, it will only be a Balakot type Air raid to achieve some moral & political high ground for a desperate Modi govt.
Many analysts in Pakistan believe that India also cannot risk a high intensity war with Pak & would only remain restricted at some air action where PAF can easily retaliate. So, there is no need to mobilize ground forces or national resources for a protracted war.
Fact is that Hindutwa Zionists are seriously unpredictable rabid swines & their actions so far have proven that they are savage enough to take daring risks without the consequences of their action.
Kashmir annexation, total Indian lock down, national registration & riots!
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So, finally it begins. Happy2 know China took d 1st step.Clears us from & on many things. Now,dat we've a situation.I expect & suggest2 Go all out. No holding back of any sort.Dis is d time4 everything that we ever wanted is there up for grabs.
Whole heartedly agree. International community supports only when dey know dey won't have any repercussions. India hv always done well in assuming & ultimately hving seen absolute non-supportive behaviour of the world. We're alone in this & shud work according2 dat only.
Hong Kong iron-clad unity will mean new incursion & skirmishes between India-China border areas. Now, it won't be limited to just Ladakh. Upcoming events will involve North East & Nepal.
Yes, Nepal too. Troop deployment will increase.
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The most idiotic thing that you'll come across as India-China square off on LAC and Sikkim is pathetic, defeatist commentary from Indian 'think-tanks' and 'strategic experts'. They'll have you believe that China is going to win w/o firing a shot!
From 2008 onward, Chinese started pricking India so much that a even a naturally lethargic Indian establishment reacted by raising new -
1) 3+1 Mountain Divisions
2) 3 x Infantry/Mtn Brigade Groups
3) 2 x Armored Brigades
4) Rejigged one more infantry division for north.
- If anything, all this posturing by the Chinese will lead to further hardening of stand by India. And pumping of new resources against the Chinese across the board.
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1/#China #bully seems to have recovered enough from #ChineseVirus & is back to its old #rowdy behavior of provoking border clashes in Sikkim…
With its Govt, #China can never be a friend. #Trump இந்தியாவை "மிரட்டி"யதற்கு கெட்ட ஆட்டம் போட்ட கோமாளிஸ் எங்கே😂
2/ After indulging in nonsensical acts, #China indulges in usual blabber, "committed to uphold peace", "on border issue, our position is clear & consistent" etc.
The provocation is because India thwarted dragon march by amending #FDI act preventing takeover of Indian entities
3/ Bully back to its #rowdy behavior. #China Govt is that incorrigible.
Refusing to see reason, take lessons is the hallmark of a dictatorial regime.
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A soldier lost life and 3 other suspiciously went missing after the Patrolling vehicle was attacked by unknown gunmen in Madaini area of Tehsil Shewa, #MiranShah #NorthWaziristan .

#Kashmir #Waziristan #PakistanArmy
Lance Naik Amjid who was shot lost his life on the spot while other three soldiers namely Naik Murtaza, Naik Ismail and Khassadar Sabir went missing after the firing incident.

The search operation is continuing in #Miranshah #Miramshah.

#Kashmir #neelumvalley #neelamvalley
Road side bomb blast in #Qutabkhel targeting Patrolling vehicle which was travelling on #Bannu - #Miranshah road.

No casualties happened in the blast as the Patrolling vehicle was far from the blast.

#Waziristan #Kashmir #LoC
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