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8 Mar
#Covid19 #CoronaVirus Fellow #SiliconValley people get educated and monitor the county health department pages on the #Pandemic. Protect yourselves but also be aware of those at higher risk of death. Bookmark this page and follow updates…
Also check out the State Health Department page…
Also check out the US Government Centers For Disease Control page. Fortunately the politicians haven't taken this down and still has good advice and updates…
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4 Mar
@shaunking #CreepyJoe vs #PussyGrabber reminds me of the @SouthPark episode of #TurdSandwich vs #GiantDouche

Us old cynics (GenX) will return to cynicism, but sadly two whole generations--The Millenials and GenZ will have no choice but to embrace cynicism.
@shaunking @SouthPark DNC is the non-(or not as)#Christofascist wing of the Repub Party. If Biden is the nominee, I'm pulling the trigger and am going from no-party preference to registering as a Green. I will recruit for the next four years and the Democratic Party Republicans will wither up and die.
@shaunking @SouthPark @ewarren @BernieSanders and all progressives are welcome to join me in registering for the Green party and canvassing our asses off for four years. All you have to do is join for their to be a viable third party that represents the 99%. DNC and RNC obviously don't.
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14 Feb
@TomSteyer @lily21951 I appreciate you and I'm for Bernie right now, but you're my number two. Currently payroll taxes pay for medicare. There is no cap like social security so no unfair advantage to the rich. Medicare for all just increases this minimal tax and eliminates premiums 1/
@TomSteyer @lily21951 , copays, out of pocket, and uncovered fees. Money goes in, patients get treatment, providers get paid. The current system (your aforementioned union health plans and others) use a non-value added middleman who receives a huge rent in the form of premiums and LOA reductions 2/
@TomSteyer @lily21951 to providers. My out of network Occupational Therapist for my autistic child charges $175/ hour (definitely not unreasonable in Silicon Valley), if she were to be in network for those #BloodSuckingVampires #UHC, she would receive $35 because she is an independent. Large 3/
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24 Oct 19
@RoKhanna Medicare for all would also allow providers to have the complete pool of patients and not be negotiated down to providing services at rates so low they can't afford rent on their office space.
@RoKhanna Medicare for all would allow special needs families the option to not spend hours each week fighting the heinous f*ckery of the insurance companies (delaying reimbursement of claims, declaring treatments uncovered, losing paperwork, etc.)
@RoKhanna Medicare for all will eliminate the need to appeal by snail mail or send in claims by fax so that the health insurer can have plausible deniability that they never received the claim.
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12 Jun 19
@RoKhanna #UnitedHealthCare doesn't have any Occupational Therapists or Speech Therapists in network in San Jose for my autistic son. I pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed eventually by UHC sometimes over a month later (Full payment is usually just under $4K/month). 1/
@RoKhanna I have applied for GAP in the past where it's covered at in network rates ($30 copay). But lately (past couple of years) they've been denying this and appeals. So in out of network I pay full price to the provider and then get reimbursed after $700 deductible 2/
@RoKhanna (reimbursement) 30% co-insurance (on their estimate of fair market value) and the uncovered portion. So for a $200 speech visit (my son is autistic and goes 100 times per year), I pay $200 and am reimbursed $122.50. $25 is not covered and 30% co-insurance is $52.50 3/
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7 Jun 19
@joncoopertweets In all seriousness, many feel they only have a lesser of two evils choice as the primary process usually gets us a terrible candidate and there is no ballot access to anyone anointed by the corporatist duopoly of political parties. Someone who is overtly evangelical will 1/
@joncoopertweets Evangelicals will vote single issue abortion, even if they're black, female, gay, worker. The naive will vote for someone who says they'll cut their taxes and doesn't realize their taxes are increasing. FWIW neither of the two incumbent parties are particularly pro-LGBT, 2/
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