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@RepSpeier I just, once again, watched a documentary on @AMC_TV about Jim Jones & the People's Temple! Do you not see the parallels between what Jim Jones did & what Donald Trump is doing?
Both Trump & Jones, according to them ARE the victims & they pull their followers in with..
them! Trump's followers are EVERY BIT as fanatical, IF NOT MORE SO, than Jones'! Now...Trump is NOT going to commit suicide BUT what he might actually do is even more terrifying! I am sincerely worried! @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @RepCummings @LeaderHoyer ...
seem perfectly content with waiting for the 2020 election, counting on it! There are HUGE problems with that...1) Trump (& the Republicans, for that matter) have cheated & WILL CHEAT to get & keep power! 2) Trump will never allow a peaceful transition! 3) unfortunately, the...
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1) #QAnon is a #PSYOP by definition


"The Plan" Focusing on partisan infighting & the Mueller "Report" whilst not an inch of border wall has been built & US Troops aren't deployed to the Southern Border as our once-upon-a-time Republic falls to hordes of invaders.
2) #QAnon is (unfortunately) a sleight-of-hand to direct attention away from the real issues as the Republic is toppled via a #SilentCoupInProgress.

As much as #POTUS says "they're after me" & "I was attacked," they are really focused on overthrowing the USA from within.
3) The goal is to get the #MAGA crowd and the #QAnon lemmings to engage in bipartisan sniping and focus on the illusion of success (#TicToc #GITMO #PainIsComing) as we are taken down with the Southern Border as the primary entry point.
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Supplemental Thread to the @tracybeanz thread I have pinned... These will be general/specific questions that may be answered as the report unfolds. Many people are doing deep dives, and I won't replicate those efforts.

Pg 12: Why did POTUS 44 allow Russian cyberthreats?
Only 14 pages in, and already observing a trend: The initial opening of the Mueller Report wants to portray that it is the DEFINITIVE investigative body of work on Russian interference in the 2016 Election, yet, specific names and terms are massively vague. Hopefully this stops
There is no possible way to now keep the Hillary Clinton "missing" 33,000 emails separate and apart from this investigation. It is my opinion based on some of the redacted information, that the "Harm to Ongoing Matter" redactions may deal with an ongoing investigation into HRC
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@MSNBC Sorry #ChuckRosenberg @JoyceWhiteVance @Mimirocah1 @harrylitman #WeThePeople told you so!
Also...I asked you all if @TheJusticeDept "opinion" that "sitting POTUS cannot be indicted" is accepted as law, what other "opinions" might they try to use as law?
Well now #WilliamBarr ...
@MSNBC @JoyceWhiteVance @Mimirocah1 @harrylitman @TheJusticeDept has "decided" that asylum seekers are not entitled to due process!!!

@HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @RepJerryNadler let me ask this..if @BarackObama had done ONE of the long list of IMPEACHABLE offenses Trump has, do you have ANY doubt @HouseGOP @SenateGOP would...
@MSNBC @JoyceWhiteVance @Mimirocah1 @harrylitman @TheJusticeDept @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @RepJerryNadler @BarackObama @HouseGOP @SenateGOP have IMMEDIATELY impeached him? You don't have to wonder...@SenateGOP & @HouseGOP we're threatening to impeach @HillaryClinton before the election! Which I am sure also interfered with/influenced the election!!!
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@AriMelber That's bullshit...
1) since when is ignorance of the law an excuse;
2) the FACT that they went to such extremes to 1st hide it & then deny it & then make excuses for it, & EVERYBODY LIED ABOUT IT, PROVES they were NOT ignorant of the law! And;
3) the value or lack thereof of...
@AriMelber the information being offered, or whether there ever even was any information at all DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!!
What matters is:
They hid the meeting, their intent was to accept help from Putin ("love it"), they lied about & they tried to conspire with Putin/Russia...
@AriMelber against the USA!!!

Point of fact: due to family & then medical issues, I have not yet completed my BA!
Just an average American...paying attention to what has been/is happening! I am also 1 of those voters that the majority...
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Full house at the next #ECDDialogue2019 hosted by @NelsonMandela Foundation. The topic "Where does pre-grade R belong" is an important one, and will be addressed by @DBE_SA, @StatsSA as well as Dr Tshepo Motsepe, our first lady. @PresidencyZA #ECD #earlyyears
Dr Tshepo Motsepe speaks about #first1000days now, saying this stage of children's lives offer us opportunity to nuture and protect them, which is why as a nation we need to do all we can to create systems that are integrated. Now giving us successes in SA #ECD #ECDDialogue2019
@Samuels2312 is up now to explain further on behalf of @DBE_SA and @The_DSD about the function migration. She makes the point that #ECD programmes is included in the President's statement at the #SONA ie non-centre based ECD programmes.
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#RM_Ott19 last panel @research_money on whole-of-govt initiatives to support #innovation. Moderated by @ChristineTrautt @CollegeCan, w/ Rob Wright ADM of @PSPC_SPAC, Wayne Moore @DFO_MPO, @NancyHamzawi ADM @environmentca, Andrea Johnston @ISED_CA, Gilles Saindon @AAFC_Canada
#RM_Ott19 RW says @PSPC_SPAC is looking beyond the usual vertical approach of governments, taking a more partnership view to drive success. WM @DFO_Science adds that bar has been set high for collab across departments, to get other ministers' / ADM's input and advice
#RM_Ott19 AJ @ISED_CA likes the "partnership" view, which aligns well with innovation portfolio of ISED. The federal family can be engaged in partnerships in one swoop (e.g. in Clean Growth Hub) rather than forcing external partners to reach out to depts separately
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#RM_Ott19 second of 3 panels today @research_money, on industry perspectives on #superclusters. Moderated by Martha Crago @McGill_VPRI @mcgillu, w/ Moya Cahill @PanGeoSubsea, David Dzisiak @corteva @canolacouncil, @slapierreceo @tealbook, and Warren Wall @dwavesys
#RM_Ott19 @dwavesys is an early partner of @DTSupercluster and wants to better penetrate the πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ market (they have had more success internationally). @tealbook is collaborating w/ @ccab_national and pitching to @AISupplyChain
#RM_Ott19 theme of "no prophet in your own hometown" is common thread across industry leaders presenting here @research_money, from @dwavesys to @PanGeoSubsea to @questortech. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ companies tend to thrive internationally, but have trouble in home market. #superclusters might help.
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#RM_Ott19 @mgfortin_rd - #superclusters represent 50K jobs, in 5 clusters receiving a total 1B$ from the government. Today we'll here some of their plans, but it's important to remember that we all have a stake in this.
#RM_Ott19 what is your supercluster, and how will it work differently? @kendmacdonald @CanadaOSC says it will bring together siloed sectors, who have similar goals and who are aiming at the same challenges for Nova Scotia and Canada
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Stellar panel at @research_money #RM_Ott19 to cap off the evening, chaired by Paul Dufour, w/ Dan Wayner @NRC_CNRC, Sarah Gallagher @scgQuasar @csa_asc, and @ChiefSciCan
P Dufour - There is nothing more useless, than unwanted science advice. Need demand, context, and institutional capacity to sustain it. It's important to maintain trust, and not to oversell the role of advisors.

So, what's the secret sauce to support #scienceadvice in Canada?
#RM_Ott19 @ChiefSciCan is the "dean" of #scienceadvice in Canada, but it still feels like she just got there. Most importantly, she hopes that she is the first of many.
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#RM_Ott19 @research_money next panel on Using the Full Spice Rack of talent and skills, w/ @BenoitTessier1 @ISED_CA, @rhonda_barnet of AVIT manufacturing, Elisha Ram @Labour_ESDC and @ajtibando @paletteskills
BT: there's a blame game on #skills ➑️ everyone points to someone else for leadership and responsibility for bringing skills to the next gen.

Q: if the 3 panelists are marooned an island, what skills do they need?

RB says govt and academia are limited help, so she will get people from her company to interact with young people and set up a robotics competition on the island. Also #WIL and active mentorship.

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#RM_Ott19 @research_money next panel is on policy and #EDI w/ @kelly_mcgahey of @HireImmOttawa, @BerubeDo @SSHRC_CRSH, Jane Ngobia @sheridancollege, and Mahadeo Sukhai @CNIB
Employers are worried about resistance to #EDI within their organizations, incl white nationalism and resistance to immigrants - @kelly_mcgahey #RM_Ott19
#RM_Ott19 @BerubeDo @SSHRC_CRSH describes case study of complaints against Canada Research Chairs, which were not equitably distributed. This has inspired #EDI initiatives forcing insitutions to meet set targets to submit CRCs. This greatly improved diversity in nominations
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#RM_Ott19 @research_money next panel: digital strategies for a successful tomorrow w/ @LivNeal @TBS_Canada, Anil Anora @StatCan_eng, Sasha Hobbs of First Nations Tech Council, @DuganOneil @SFU, and Ben Sanders @proof
BS launched companies in Silicon Valley and engaged gov at different levels (incl running for office), now launching @proof to assist in digital governance.

SH has been in academia @SFU, in BC government, now at FNTC which partners with fed and prov govs, superclusters, etc,
DON says academic programs must evolve rapidly, today's grads have (need) different skills than past grads ➑️ train the next gen according to where job market is going (largely, more digital). + Partnerships with policymakers like AA @StatCan_eng are important for EBDM
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#RM_Ott19 @research_money next panel is on IP w/ Erin Campbell @ISED_CA, @psnelgro @CanHealthyOcean, Sumitra Rajagopalan of BioAstra, and Max Skudra @ccab_national
EC: What does IP mean to you, how has your understanding changed over time?
@psnelgro : understood that trainees' careers and training must be prioritized when considering IP. Single IP policies must often be revised on case by case basis
SR: Good IP policy is dependent on monetization policy around it. A sound IP strategy can create win win agreements (e.g. researcher has back end IP, partner gets front end / application IP, so everyone gets benefits in the long run)
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Next panel @research_money #RM_Ott19 on interdisciplinarity w/ @MarieFranquin @DSP_SPE, Ted Hewitt @CRSH_SSHRC, RR Runte @InnovationCA, Chelsea Gabel @McMasterU, and Stefan Leslie @MEOPAR_NCE
Q:What is interdisciplinary?
SL: not the same as multidisciplinary (which is many disciplines coming together), it is working at the interface of disciplines.
CG: engaged collaboration, working with multiple partners, political spheres, and multiple ways of knowing
Q: What is interdisciplinary?
@MarieFranquin : agreed! It's also about making sure top expertise comes together to make something better. Reaching out to those who can elevate your research.
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Arrived at @research_money conf #RM_Ott19 just as the contribution of @MitacsCanada and presence of #CSPF is mentioned... Good timing!

I'm here w/ my @NSERC_CRSNG colleagues, and also happy to see @DSP_SPE included as a partner + that @MarieFranquin is on a panel this morning πŸ™Œ
Keynote speaker #RM_Ott19 is David Watters discussing the impact of #Budget2019 on Canadian research and Canada as a whole. Excellent summary and great figures ⬇️
Supporting research excellence was a relatively small investment compared to big ticket items in #Budget2019. GERD/GDP is still very low compared to OECD colleagues
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The extraordinary TV interview the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, gave on Friday has been deeply disturbing me ever since.…
My thoughts were further strengthened yesterday evening when I went for a walk with my dog along local lanes & fields. I saw this "Wayside Cross" from 1882 with the inscription "Im Kreuz ist Heil" - In the Cross is Salvation
Salvation is a complicated belief/concept:
"Taken in its widest sense, as deliverance from dangers and ills in general, however, only when the ills in question form part of a great system against which human power is helpless"
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I tweeted to @SenSasse & @LindseyGrahamSC several times requesting the info of even ONE baby that had been know, so we could ALL report it...guess what I have got back???
#Infanticide is a LIE!!!…
Put simply...this is just more bullshit that Republicans are betting American citizens are dumb enough to believe!!!
It's an attack on abortion... ANOTHER ONE!!!
It's disgusting to insinuate ANY doctor would MURDER a healthy, viable baby because AFTER carrying it to term, mom...
up & decided NOPE.. don't want this kid after all!!! If any woman would even suggest such a thing NO doctor would do it!!!
Late term abortions are less than 1.5% of abortions & they are ALWAYS because the baby and/or the mother won't survive!!!
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17. Consider this though, could Mueller's investigation have helped POTUS? Honestly, this is what I believed from the beginning. I admit it. I truly believed Mueller was either a white hat, or on Team Trump, either by coercion or by choice, this whole time. I'll tell you why.
18. The liberals and democrat voters needed a focus. They needed to know someone was looking into their most despised enemy, DJT. It "pacified" them to know their savior, Mueller, was going to get POTUS and take him down! For 2 years the liberal left ran on that story.
19. Think about how much violence it prevented. If Mueller had said within a couple weeks "POTUS is clean", then the #Antifa idiots, the ignorant, the dumb, the fooled, the rioters...they would have come out of the woodwork and we'd have had a literal civil war on our hands.
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1. DIG! #QDrop 2856

"What happened to the Mueller hype?
What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [@JohnBrennan]?
Was MUELLER the 'insurance' policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS' ability to enforce the law?
2. That was a quote from drop 2856. Question, what law is Q asking if Mueller was blocking POTUS' ability to enforce?

The word TRAITORS is in the kill box. Is that the "law" POTUS was wanting to enforce? To try people for treason? How could the Mueller investigation stop that?
3. I'm curious here...was Mueller's investigation a BLOCKADE to prevent Trump from going after BHO and HRC in their roles in the attempted coup against POTUS? If so, how? Because it would like retribution or pay back or revenge? Is the "blockade" Mueller was creating?
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(1) .@IlhanMN

You stated: "You don’t say America with an intensity .... but you say ... [Hizb'Allah and Al Qaeda] because you want ... [those words] to carry weight”

Ilhan, extremist Sunni Salafists fund and train Al Shabaab. These Salafists have terrorized Somalia and Yemen.
(2) How many years did you spend in Dadaab Refugee Camp in Garissa with your family?

Do you have Stockholm Syndrome .@IlhanMN ?

How can you support the people who back A.Q. & other terrorist groups when they have slaughtered tens of thousands of your fellow Somali citizens?
(3) .@IlhanMN .@Ilhan do you think before opening your mouth & spewing haram ideology which even your own fellow Somalis find highly offensive?

What happened to you in Dadaab Ilhan, to turn your heart to stone, to support the very terrorists that turned Somalia into a war-zone?
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@Carle_tt @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer #WeThePeople KNOW @senatemajldr has betrayed his oath & this country BUT @realDonaldTrump is now talking about getting rid of judges & ordering @CBP & @ICEgov to break the law & REFUSE court orders!!!
@mike_pence ...
@Carle_tt @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @CBP @ICEgov @mike_pence also must go because he is supporting ALL Trump does that is ILLEGAL &/or violates the Constitution!!!
Both of them have ignored & broken their oaths!!!
If Trump gets by with all this, NO POTUS will EVER be able to be impeached!!!
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(1) This is what we are dealing with: A #MinorityReport-styled AI Pre-crime program (minus the "precogs" floating in water), run thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters.

#FBI #DHS #JTTF use #StreetTheater & #SurveillanceRolePlayers (#GangStalking in street parlance) ....
(2) to provoke, terrorize and traumatize those who have been targeted by the protocol referred to as #TheProgram.

Those who have been targeted are subject to #RNM AKA #RemoteNeuralMonitoring. While this tech appears to be "science fiction" to the public, it has been ....
(3) deployed (and employed) by the US Government since the 1960s.

Here is a link to a 1974 patent. When something is publicly patented, and has Military value, they have been playing with the tech for a few decades, before public unveiling thru a patent.…
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What is missed now about HEATHERS is that teen suicide was endemic, to many kinds of teens, and an industry of facilities, drugs & the like grew out of it. It was normalized.
The film is about the cultural acceptance of teen suicide--and opportunism connected to it-- (cont)
--rather than trying to do anything about its causes. People forget how common it was then and how many different kinds of teens did it.
It's no different to SOUTH PARK now where school shootings become so regular that parents stop being concerned about it. (cont)
...And this was MY generation of high schoolers that HEATHERS was talking about, nearly precisely. (RIVER'S EDGE too) We understood this, that's why we liked it. It was a blast of rage at our fucking parents who didn't really care.
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