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It is Not Fear I have of #gadolinium
It is Dread and Disdain I feel.
It is Disappointment with All the Doctors I’ve shown the Extremely Painful White Ceramic skin deposits I have. Except one Doctor @Wagner_Nephro Who I’ve never met. He hears me. #Pharma is allowing all this. 😢
Microcyclic Macrocyclic I’ve had them both.
9 Doses in 7 years on CombiRx study.
I even wrote to Study people.
Every MRI I complained about no drinking glasses in dressing room. Turns out Hydration Doesn’t help. Chelation a Crap shoot.
Pharma’s Mantra:
It’s Safe.
It’s Safer (now come on, what’s safer than safe)?
So Let’s talk Purity.
Mostly sourced in China 🇨🇳
Is it contaminated?
My suspicion Arsenic and Cadmium.
Seriously,Would China Care?
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@Sarahkitty2t10 @kathlynnireland @nettleneesox1 @BikerKaren Honestly I hear you and I understand what you're saying. The transgender community does not want someone using us as a cover in order to enter women's only spaces.
@Sarahkitty2t10 @kathlynnireland @nettleneesox1 @BikerKaren But please try to understand this from our side. You are a young trans woman, your therapist is told you that you need a real world experience before you can begin medical transition. So you work up the courage to try to get you appearance right, and you are going out for the...
@Sarahkitty2t10 @kathlynnireland @nettleneesox1 @BikerKaren 1st time. You know that there are a lot of people who hate LGBTQ+ people. You are terrified. You go out for dinner and the server has been nice, she complimented your outfit and you are starting to feel more ar ease. You feel that you can actually do this, then...
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#Ableism in the #portlandprotests and in practicing our first amendment. Be aware that cops don’t give a shit.

(The Facebook post in the screen shots is long as hell, so best accessibility options? I’ll thread it and unroll.)…
I was CC’d in an email chain that included Mayor Wheeler and our City Commissioners regarding ADA violations by Portland Police. The response was dismissive at best. I responded, and want to share here for transparency.
For context, Commissioner Fritz said, quote, “ I don’t know of any ASL interpreters within the PPB, nor any who would be willing to be hired to provide the service in a volatile situation where demonstrators were attacking both police and SE residents.”
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So let me get this straight according to Trumps Press Conference today from what I heard. /1
“We have 5% of the worlds population, and 25% of the worlds testing done” that’s why we have more cases.

Um, but if we didn’t have the virus the cases would be lower with all those tests, so how does that work? maybe @ASlavitt you can explain that to me? /2
The president is saying that he can write executive orders that tell companies how to act and what they can do Eg: what Pharma can charge, insurance companies can do, and Tik Tok to sell. I though Republicans were all about less governing /3
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I wanted to share the story of how I came to love Bruce Wright's #Nightwalkers: #Gothic #Horror Movies, which just this week the company I run with @inchurlyo published.
In 1996 I graduated from @CathULaw and my wife and I moved to Austin. 1/
We had a sublet apartment off I35 and I was trying to find work while I studied for the Bar Exam. And though there was not yet an @alamodrafthouse, Austin was an oasis for movie lovers. This was the summer of the first #Tarantino-fest at the old @DobieATX. 2/
@VulcanVideoATX had been the first place I had gone, first night. I had looked all over the country for a copy of Mario #Bava's Black Sunday. Vulcan didn't just have it, they had both an American and a European cut. With #Linklater making movies in the hills, Austin was home. 3/
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Sharing the #JerseyCity Public Schools Reopening Plan for Fall 2020 from @jcps_district on Public Board Docs. The Board meeting is tonight. Superintendent Walker will explain the plan & the BOE will vote on it.…
See details here about the public meeting, including how to sign up to speak (must be done before 4pm):…
Time: 6 PM – 11:59 PM
Location: Virtual Meeting, Facebook Live: TheSchoolDistrictOfJerseyCity via Zoom
Sharing notes. I skimmed & highlighted, shared via thread.
FWIW.🖐️I'm a parent not a preK-12 teacher or admin
Plan allows for "flexibility to shift from a fully remote model to all students attending classes in school...a gradual scale-up of school operations..." (p8)
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It’s #SpanielHour please help them home #Video1 of 3
#Video2 of 3
#Video3 of 3
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Kitchen in sthāpatya or Vastu. The myth of SE kitchen and reality according to sthāpatya granthas.

According to modern interpretations and most of the modern books of Vastu the kitchen is given South East corner in the home. It is a most common belief as SE is ruled by Agni or Image
fire. The kitchen or pākaśālā is an important place because the food cooked in the kitchen goes to the stomach of the inhabitants. 90% of the food you eat makes your character. That is the reason why certain food is prohibited in Sastras. If you kill an animal then the emotions
of fear, anger, and insecurity get embedded in the after product and eating that will make you vulnerable to same emotions.
In fact, the body odour is dependent on the type of the food. Spices, garlic onion etc also tend to increase the bad odour. The more clean food you have
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#Trichy #Covid19 #TOI Thread (stats till August 03)
1. #Positive cases:
Rural: 1,679
Urban: 2,838
Total: 4,517
(T1) contd..
2. RT-PCR tests conducted (positivity cases rate)
April: 2,684 (51, 1.90%)
May: 9,406 (37, 0.39%)
June: 14,742 (582, 3.95%)
July: 41,012 (3,474, 8.47%)
August (till Aug 03): 4,745 (373, 7.86%)
Overall positivity: 6.22%
Looks like right people were tested in recent month.
3. #Containment zones:
Total active containment zones in Trichy district: 22 (119 positive cases)
Number of containment zones in Trichy city: 18 (75 positive cases)
K Abishekapuram: 8
Ponmalai: 7
Ariyamangalam: 3

Ponampatti: 3
Ootaththur: 1

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¡Desdecirse es de cobardes!
No sea miserable y tenga 🥚🥚@HLGatell
Claro que es su "estrategia"
Desdecirse es de cobardes!
No sea miserable y tenga 🥚🥚@HLGatell
Aquí sus "estrategia" genocidas👇

La doctora @lximenezfyvie se lo ha venido señalando en muchos foros y usted en la inmensidad de su ego @HLGatell no escucha.
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There's no one right approach to investing that suits everyone, but there's surely one right approach for you. Figure that out, test it and stick to it.

Create your comfort zone which helps you stay calm across different market cycles and stay committed to it.

One approach in which I have found my comfort zone with and have been following since many years is a 80:20 approach.

80% equity and 20% cash/debt.

When equity falls more than 5% or 10%, I refill it using the cash/debt.

When equity is rising and going beyond 80% I let it grow (I never time the exit but only entry into equities) and keep investing incremental money in cash/debt so that equity exposure comes down without exiting and disturbing the compounding.

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HAARP & 5G, forget the vaccinations concentrate on these. Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been
completed before the end of the war, it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb. Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.”
Electromagnetic weapons … pack an invisible wallop hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical current in a lightning bolt. One can blast enemy missiles out of the sky, another could be used to blind soldiers on the battlefield, still another to control an unruly crowd
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OMG. Modern "conservatism" is like a giant Krakken, with tentacles reaching into every aspect of our lives. #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #BetterOffWithRachel #WhoElectedTheseCouncilorsAnyway #Thread This is going to be a long and disturbing thread. Get comfy.
At the federal level we have unprecedented dirty tricks from the CPC, trying to topple the Liberal government with continuous made-up scandals...…
At the provincial level, here in Alberta, and in other conservative-led provinces, the provincial government is pushing through policies that are aimed at generating profit for their friends rather than for the public good... For-profit healthcare, education, no protests...
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Abro un hilo, por algo que creo que podría servir para hacer que esto funcione algo mejor. No es algo nuevo, pero si que creo que se debería tener en cuenta, para que las cosas vayan mejor.
Os explico:
España va a recibir un fondo de ayuda de Europa para paliar la crisis del
Covid, a los países que han sido más golpeados por el, para que puedan afrontar una recuperación.
Lo principal sería intentar controlar la enfermedad, para evitar otra vez colapsos en las urgencias de los hospitales, que impidan tratar a todas las personas enfermas, sin
saturaciones y con todos los procedimientos y material necesario para tratar a los enfermos. Y que no vuelvan a pasar desgracias como lo de las residencias, que muchos ancian@s morían porque se decidió que no deberían ir a los hospitales públicos, por saturación de los mismos,
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Acte fondamental proclamant la souveraineté de la CNS (5 mai 1992).
Nous, peuple Zaïrois, réunis en Conférence Nationale ;
Constatant la crise profonde, multiforme et persistante à laquelle le pays est confronté depuis de nombreuses années ;
Considérant la paupérisation de la population, le ravalement et l'inversion des valeurs morales et spirituelles, la chute de la monnaie nationale, le règne des maux tels que l'arbitraire, la corruption, le népotisme, le tribalisme, la dislocation de l'appareil sanitaire,
l'effondrement du système éducatif, la confiscation des libertés individuelles et collectives, le détournement systématique des biens publics et la spoliation des biens privés, l'incivisme et l'anarchie ;
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Transition démocratique en RDC 1990-2003
Acte constitutif n° 91-097 du 11 avril 1991 portant création et composition de la Conférence nationale.
Acte fondamental proclamant la souveraineté de la Conférence nationale (5 mai 1992).
@AmbassadorIleka @exxousia @Golva6
Acte constitutif du Compromis politique global de la transition (31 juillet 1992).
Acte constitutif de l'Arrangement particulier relatif au partage équitable et équilibré du pouvoir pendant la période de transition, 16 juin 1994.
La IIème République, avec la Constitution du 24 juin 1967 et ses révisions de 1970 et de 1974 avait établi un régime de parti unique et, en fait, la dictature de Mobutu.
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31 juillet 1991
La CNS est une rencontre, qui s’est étalée sur une année et demi, soit du deuxième semestre de 1990 à 1992, la conférence est convoquée officiellement pour le 31 juillet et elle sera partiellement souveraine.
@AmbassadorIleka @exxousia @Golva6
Cette conférence tire ses origines à la suite des grandes transformations que subit la Pô internationale à la fin des années 1980 avec l'effondrement du bloc de l'Est et la réorientation des Pô d'aide au développement désormais soucieuses de promouvoir la bonne gouvernance .... le respect des droits humains, le rôle de Mobutu Sese Seko, alors président du Zaïre, comme bastion des puissances occidentales contre le communisme n'avait plus de sens et sa politique faisait de lui un allié incommode face à l'opinion publique.
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Afrique : berceau de l'humanité, terre de la civilisation, des sciences et des religions !
Si, nous, africains avions pu développer cette attitude paresseuse qui consiste à tout attendre des autres, et sans fournir nos propres efforts pour s’inculquer la connaissance ....
de nos origines (notre histoire), d’ailleurs certaines personnes ne font que cela !
Plusieurs chercheurs se sont donné corps, âmes et esprit pour repérer ce que notre monde actuel est devenu et surtout d'où il était venu dans son commencement !
Avec ce que vous allez lire avec attention dans nos prochains tweets, et avec l'appui de la Bible, qui n’a pas voulu bien identifier nos origines, après maintes analyses, je crois que le temps est venu de faire reparler de la BIBLE !
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@Knuddelmon @sorgeweniger 0️⃣1️⃣👿
Das entsetzliche ist, seit 2008 gibt es eine Publikation bei der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Arbeitslosigkeit: Psychosoziale Folgen…
@Knuddelmon @sorgeweniger 0️⃣2️⃣👿
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Psychosoziale Folgen……
@Knuddelmon @sorgeweniger 0️⃣3️⃣👿
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Psychosoziale Folgen…
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@sorgeweniger 01 Armut ist
wenn der Kühlschrank kaputt ist, Du im Winter deinen Balkon zum kühlen nimmst, Dich fast nur mit Nudeln und Reis ernährst
wenn Du Deine Fenster zuhängst, die Klingel ausstellst, deinen Briefkasten nicht mehr leerst, mehrere Tage am Stück nicht mehr schläfst
@sorgeweniger 02 Armut ist
wenn Du in Browsergames die Highscores knackst, weil Du über viele Stunden Tag und Nacht wach bist und nichts anderes zu tun hast, als andere Leute zu bashen, wenn Sie Dich nur noch als Satan himself sehen und Deine Bilder verzieren.
@sorgeweniger 03 Armut ist
wenn Du Deine Post nicht mehr öffnest und Dir entgeht, dass Du einen Folgeantrag für Hartz4 stellen musst, Dir das Konto ins Minus läuft, Du Angst haben musst, dass Du die Wohnung verlierst, wenn Du Deine Eltern um Kohle anbetteln musst
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So... Bit of an update... I'm seriously considering the future of my YouTube channel right now. Not because I don't love doing it, but because it's genuinely the only good thing I have going right now and it feels like a silly thing to stick around for.

Things that are important to know:

1. I haven't made a final decision yet, this is a pre-warning.

2. I *will* absolutely be honouring my commitment to #Versus4, because I made a promise to some good friends and I'll see it out for certain, like I always have.

The reasons I'm considering this move are myriad. My mental health issue have resurfaced in a major way, and even though making videos helps enormously, I genuinely feel like that's the only positive thing I'm living for right now.
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Ringrazio @CiceroM5S che insieme alla #feccia di #arrivisti getta fango sulla mia persona con tesi infondate e deliri di onnipotenza ("VE LO DICE CICERO!!1!").
State contribuendo a una visibilità che non penso di meritare 😅
Ve lo dico io (non parlo alla terza persona come questi #disagiati) chi sono @CiceroM5S e i suoi sodali.
Una banda di #arrivisti senza arte né parte che non tollerano chiunque abbia delle posizioni critiche e proprie in vista degli #StatiGenerali del #M5S.
Ragione per cui questi #fenomeni da #ricovero immediato stanno infangando l'iniziativa degli #AdessoDibba.
Il pretesto sarebbero le offese di alcuni nostri membri.
Ma chi sono io per assumermi le responsabilità altrui?
Era solo la scusa per attaccare liberi #attivisti del #M5S.
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