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Joe just pulled up to the Capitol Building for a 'PHOTO OP' 📸where he still refuses to give Congress a "State of the Union" #SOTU
To honor fallen Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans while his Constituents cry #DefundThePolice 🤦‍♀️
Our Country is a embarrassment because of these two dried up husks !
I can't 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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El New York Post nos cuenta otro escándalo de Biden y su hijo Hunter🤷‍♂️
Extorsión, amenazas con retener fondos públicos, enriquecimiento personal, tráfico de influencias...
#BurismaBiden… buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons&__twitter_impression=true
Los rumores llevan mucho tiempo, pero ahora hay fotos, e-mails e incluso un vídeo.
📢Biden usó su poder como VP de Obama para presionar a la empresa Burisma y enchufar a su hijo
🤯50.000$ AL MES como ejecutivo de la compañía de gas Ucraniana sin tener ni idea🤔 (como en España)
Se obtuvo de un portátil que se dejó para reparar y nunca reclamaron.

📺vídeo de Hunter fumando crack mientras practica sexo
✔Numerosas fotos de contenido sexual
📺Vídeo donde reconoce sus problemas con las adicciones

#Burisma #CreepyJoe Image
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Comienzo un #hilo sobre #Elecciones2020 #Elections2020, en que el presidente #DonaldTrump se presenta a la reelección y los demócratas llevan a #JoeBiden y Kamala Harris.

Un consejo: no os fiéis de las encuestas. Image
Quién es #JoeBiden y por qué los republicanos le llaman #CreepyJoe y #SleepyJoe

Un sobón de mujeres:…

Como todos los demócratas, cree que los negros son de su propiedad:…
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(1/7) The story of Biden's rape of Tara Reade puts new perspective on the Anita Hill story...

#IBelieveTaraReade #MeToo #MeTooBiden #JusticeForTara #CreepyJoe #CreepyJoeBiden #AnitaHill #DropOutJoe #MSMCoverTara @TYT @CNN @MSNBC
(2/7) In the 1990s, George Bush appointed Clearance Thomas to the supreme court. During the confirmation hearings, it was revealed that Thomas had sexually assaulted a lawyer named Anita Hill.
#IBelieveTaraReade #MeToo #AnitaHill #DropOutJoe #MSMCoverTara @TYT @CNN @MSNBC
(3/7) Biden, despite being a Democrat, viciously smeared Anita Hill. He attacked her repeatedly when she testified against Thomas in the Senate.
No one could figure out why Biden, a Democrat, would engage in such dirty and vicious attacks, on behalf of Republicans.
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@shaunking #CreepyJoe vs #PussyGrabber reminds me of the @SouthPark episode of #TurdSandwich vs #GiantDouche

Us old cynics (GenX) will return to cynicism, but sadly two whole generations--The Millenials and GenZ will have no choice but to embrace cynicism.
@shaunking @SouthPark DNC is the non-(or not as)#Christofascist wing of the Repub Party. If Biden is the nominee, I'm pulling the trigger and am going from no-party preference to registering as a Green. I will recruit for the next four years and the Democratic Party Republicans will wither up and die.
@shaunking @SouthPark @ewarren @BernieSanders and all progressives are welcome to join me in registering for the Green party and canvassing our asses off for four years. All you have to do is join for their to be a viable third party that represents the 99%. DNC and RNC obviously don't.
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This is your official #DemDebate2 night thread. I am just getting settled here, drinking water only because my liver is still recovering from last night, and I turn on CNN and this dude is preaching to the audience about RAAAAACCCISM! I think he's the head of the DNC. #Hectic
I can already tell I'm going to have to risk gastro upset and head for the liquor cabinet. This is going to be a disaster. #PJMDrunkBlog #DemDebate2
@CNN thinks #KristenG thinks she's being beat up on because she called for #Franken to resign. I think she's a loser because she's connected up to her ears with #NXVIM #DemDebate2 #ChildTrafficking #PJMDrunkBlog
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This is a photo shoot, with a “single mom” and he’s sitting next to a lonely black girl? Pander much? Also keep him away from little girls FFS.
Oh look Biden’s black girl prop (😡) is holding a blonde doll. This is all staged, and also #CreepyJoe shouldn’t be using a sippy cup you sickos.
There’s no silverware gone, the set dresser just quickly tried to make it look that way. The camera man outside will be catching a “candid moment” of Joe with “the people”.. career politicians being career politicians.
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#CreepyJoe has a way with the girls.
But it's not the right way.
Back off, Joe.
Buy a #TickleMeElmo doll and tell it it's as bright as it is good looking.
Maybe #CreepyVP #JoeBiden can get a real job as #TickleMeElmo.
Here he surprises #Elmo with a couple of inappropriate #TestTickles.
Do we really need to have someone acting like an old dummy, with family problems, trying to be #POTUS, again?… #CreepyJoeBiden #JoeBiden #Walter #Hillary2020 @HillaryWarnedUs
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