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Capricorn ascendant attributes
Ambitious: Capricorn ascendant individuals are known for their strong drive and ambition. They have a natural inclination to set goals and work diligently to achieve them.
They are willing to put in the necessary effort and make long-term plans to reach their desired position of authority or success.
Responsible and Reliable: These individuals exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and reliability. They are known for being dependable and taking their commitments seriously. Capricorn ascendants are often trusted by others to fulfill their duties and obligations.
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#JAPA - my side of the story (A thread)

My name is Teinye Boyle, a creative writer, classical musician, Events and Tv producer now pursuing a career in Filmmaking in England, United Kingdom.

For as long as i remember myself, i had been Pro-Nigeria / Anti-Japa up until 2020…. Image
I believed relocating from Nigeria would truncate my destiny as i felt all people do abroad was just pick shifts and pack sh*t - i wanted to be more, i wanted a life of purpose and impact, i wanted to leave a mark and touch lives as many possible
I was building myself a career path and easily morphing into many aspects of my ingenuity just to find balance and of-course, financial sustainability. i had fairly built a name for myself in the event’s industry especially in Pageantry which would enable me author this book 👇🏽 Image
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How to Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Space.

Apart from checking your outfits, Mirrors offer a wonderful versatile design feature.

They add instant glamor and interest while also increasing natural light and maximizing the sense of space in your home.
1. Mirror as wall décor.

To decorate a room with a mirror, treat it like a piece of art.
A mirror's reflection needs to be carefully considered.
The reflection will, in effect become a piece of art in itself.
2. Mirrored Accessories.

Mirrored furniture, such as a mirrored dresser, mirrored bed headrest or bedside table and coffee table can add a touch of elegance and glamour to a room.
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This will be my thread for the #Uncool50 rundown of 2022! My favorite 50 formally released singles between December 1976 to now.

Come along for the ride it’ll be fun! My personal guardrails for it were a big help w/ hard choices (see below)
#hiphop Image
See here for the rules and other players. Then come back each night to see my next entry - some obvious, some niche, and everything in between!

Much thanks to @nonoxcol for getting this going and giving it clarity!
Chronological order, so not the lowest/highest ranked, but the first (and a trailblazer!). It still sounds like little else and can make me cry. #RIP you legend

1. @DavidBowieReal - “Heroes” (Sept. 1977)

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With only 3.5 days until submissions to the @Comisiwn close, we want to help good #sundayvibes for all of #Wales and put our previously published template responses into a 🧵.

You might like this, @NevilleSouthall - makes responding as easy as copy, paste, submit.

Here goes:
so in order to help move Cymru forward, you'll need to go to this web address (keeping in mind that we've got your back & we've got the answers in this thread).
[And if you want to see all our template responses in one place (that's away from Twitter) then you can see them all grouped here (but q.7 & 8 are grouped together).]…
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It's there to extend the duration of your gambling experience #sundayvibes. Unsure about how wagering and percentages operate? With the help of our bonus calculator right #Wordle400 here, read and comprehend the numbers.…
Our preferred welcome bonus deal? Must be a Casumo mobile casino product. who, in addition to their initial bonus, provide you access to Reel Races, a loyalty program with many of bonuses. @ProFootballDoc…

and ongoing promotions.
experienced player? Been all over the place? Then you probably don't need us to provide you instructions. You are aware of what will benefit your bank account and how to maximize.…

your time in a casino.
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Do you know what should insult, upset and enrage Republicans and Americans in general with @RonDeSantisFL ?
The man has a degree in HISTORY, a law degree, AND served in the military but does everything he can to invalidate, attack and dishonor all three. #sundayvibes
He has a law degree and, despite knowing full well there is no scientific or legal basis for overturning Roe, he has helped attack women and take their options. degree wasted
He has a degree in History which means he is aware of the good AND bad in Americas past. He KNOWS knowledge if History is the only way to prevent repetition of our worst moments, but he attacks teaching

SECOND degree wasted
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7 Funny Tax Related Question asked by Clients !!

Post your experience

1)      Can I Claim in case of Cumulative  FD of 5+ years interest as long term capital gains or indexation benefit?
2)      Why I need to pay capital gain Tax on Mutual Funds when I already purchased new MF?
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Hastgiri #Jain Tirth, Palitana, Bhavnagar dt, #Gujarat

In the circulatory pilgrimage of 12 Kos (38 kms) of Mt. Shatrunjay, this temple is also one. Built in 1979 under the blessings & inspiration of Gachchaddipati Shrimad Tamachandrasurishvarji.🙏🏼
#Thread #sundayvibes #temple
Hastgiri is also known as Hastisengiri. This tirth dedicated to Bhagwan Rishabhdev is believed to be originally built by his son Bharat Chakravarti in those times. Bharat Raja attained attained Moksh here. His son Hastisen muniji also attained Moksh with numerous monks.
It is also believed that Bharat Chakravarti's elephant after entering into fasting austerities died here and went to Devlok. This is the reason why this mountain is called 'Hastgiri'.
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Let us discuss the term "Literature" in this thread.

#Literature #literatura #SundayThoughts
Origin of word literature:

Littera = A letter or an alphabet
Litteratura = Writings.

#Literature #literatura #Literary
In English, the earliest usage of the word “Literature” can be found in the 1385 poem Eugenia, written completely in old Scottish dialect.

#Literature #literatura #History
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#love for love's sake. A W/A msg.
So touching.
A little boy said to a little girl:
- I'm your BF !
The little girl asked:
- What is BF ?
The boy laughed and answered:
- That means Best Friend.
They later dated, the young man said to the girl:
- I am your BF !
2/The girl leaned lightly on the boy's shoulder, shyly asked:
- What is BF ?
The boy replied:
- It's Boy Friend !
A few years later they got married, had lovely children, and the husband smiled again and told his wife:
- I am your BF !
The wife gently asked her husband:
3/What is BF ?
The husband looked at the lovely children and replied:
- It's Baby's father !
As they get old, they sit together and watch the sunset on the front porch, and the old man tells his wife:
- Honey ! I am your BF !
The old woman smiled with wrinkles on her face:
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An exciting story of Doctor turned Entrepreneur💯

A thread🧵on Medplus #IPO 👇

#sundayvibes #stockmarkets Image
"Find your passion & do it for a living"

Excellent advice, only problem is that it reminds people to narrow down their passion to a marketable skill & focus on that🤦‍♂️

Not so for 𝗚𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗱𝗶 𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗵𝘂𝗸𝗮𝗿 𝗥𝗲𝗱𝗱𝘆

Fitting in a box that limits who u are, not his cup of☕
It all began in 2006 when a doctor by profession & a #MBA in healthcare management from @thewhartonschool was assigned a class project📝
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Following allegations of Russian interference in our #BrexitBritain democratic processes, here’s ‘Rule Britannia’ cheekily re-imagined as a Russian romantic piece, complete with Soviet nostalgie colour scheme. 🇷🇺 🎼
#SundayThoughts #music #piano #sundayvibes #musicislife
I love the #StoolBritannia hashtag. 😂💩
There is possibly a series of Soviet treatments of popular #flagshagger 🇬🇧 tunes to be done actually.
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1. Suppose an alien spaceship will land on earth next week.

After many light-years of travel through space, some friendly little green creatures decide to get out and stretch their legs on our planet.

What would they report home?

🧵Thread Image

2. I guess their first description would be ecstatic.

Hidden in the fast, cold, and dark universe, they discovered a blue planet that brims with an incredible diversity of life, aided by ideal living conditions.

🧵 Thread continues

#nature #life…

3. But:

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has lost 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants.

Of all the mammals on earth, 96% are livestock and humans, while only 4% are wild mammals.

🧵 Thread

#wildlife #biodiversity #climatecrisis…
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1. Try to see something beautiful every day

What did you see today?

➡️ RT

🧵 Thread

#sunset #sundayvibes #SundayMotivation #beauty #nature

2. The beauty of nature is a theme you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about #nature, the #environment, or threats like #climate change.

➡️ Please subscribe 🙏

🧵 Thread

3. A cornflower, also known as a ‘bachelor’s button’, is a species that is now endangered in its natural habitat by the over-use of herbicides.

#flowers #biodiversity #nature
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Hass 🥑 is Green Gold.

Ideal spacing for planting them is 5 by 5 meters. 150 avocado trees can therefore be planted in an acre.

Kenya, which is now the 8th largest avocado producer in the world, has experienced a 15% increase in 🥑 production over the last year.
We supply quality Grafted Fruits seedlings across the whole country within 24-48 hours .

Click this link to message us on WhatsApp:

Order for your 🍋🍊🥝 🥑 🥭 seedlings among many more and get your orchard dream started in style
🥑 in Kenya are mostly organically grown, with most farmers using compost and animal manure to fertilize their orchard hence requiring little crop protection. The equatorial climate allows avocado production to last throughout the year.
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#FDA on the right..Nuclear Regulatory Commission building on the left, CIST next to that....

#goodmorning #fridaymorning #nevergiveup #israel #joffe #wuw #israeljoffe Israel Joffe fda
Angry bird just went after my dog! Lol I went ahead and got my friend who is a vet to take the birdie.. #israeljoffefda #israel #joffe #birdwatching #dogsoftwitter Israel Joffe fda
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes Image
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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Genesis 21:19
Hagar was with her son in the wilderness. The boy was very thirsty and about to die. Hagar had searched everywhere and found no source of water. Then something shocking happened....the bible says THEN GOD OPENED HER EYES AND SHE SAW A WELL!
God did not create a well. The well was there. God only opened her eyes to see it. But she had looked that same place without seeing anything earlier!!!
When God opens your eyes you will see opportunities and great life changing ideas where you searched before and saw nothing!!!
Lets all cry out this morning and say OH GOD OPEN MY EYES!

#blessedsunday #inspirational #sundayvibes
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Good morning from Dr. Copernicus Jackson and Dr. Jade Jackson who would like you to know that you can search thousands of consumer product recalls on

Sign up for recall emails:…
The Snoot Squad would like you to make sure your cleaning products, button batteries, and laundry detergents are locked up, out of sight and out of reach of kids:
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Our Daily Headline News Report continues. Visit our page daily to keep abreast of the top trending news headlines in Nigeria.

#XceptionalAds #Thread #sundayvibes #Crypto Seyi Shay Rain Church Tacha
1. Adeboye meets Fayemi, condemns Ekiti monarchs’ attack

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has condemned the recent attacks on two traditional rulers by gunmen in the state in the last 10 days.

While the Elewu of Ewu-Ekiti, Oba Adetutu Ajayi was shot and escaped being kidnapped; the Obadu of Ilemeso-Ekiti, Oba David Oyewumi was abducted in his palace.

The GO was in the state to ordain pastors.

@rccghq @kfayemi
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Twitter thread . #RedevelopmentScam #HousingSocietyScam .
Scam explained
1. A shady builder's lady accomplice purchases a flat in Stone Castle CHSL, Borivali.
2. She makes friends with corrupt people in society and they all become committee members since no one knows of their devious plan. The lady becomes Chairman and starts execution of their plan to handover redevelopment DA to her builder.
3. They are all promised huge gains by shady builder
4. For demolition and giving building to this shady builder, In 2019 corrupt committee calls for Structural audit of building.
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