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Dec 19, 2020 13 tweets 10 min read
MHP Carles Puigdemont, @KRLS
#President of #Catalonia in Exile

"Everyone knows perfectly well what this is all about. A shame, as a result of a certain sector of [#Spain's] judiciary sinking into #Lawfare mud. A classic. All my support, my friend Gonzalo Boye @boye_g" Well known #HumanRights activist lawyer & Criminal Procedural Law Prof. @boye_g, coordinates #President @KRLS & cabinet in Exile's int'l defence team, and defends #President @QuimTorraiPla recently ousted by #Spain's Supreme Court for displaying a #FreePoliticalPrisoners banner
Dec 17, 2020 6 tweets 4 min read
Dr. Clotet conversa amb @elsa_artadi. Demana +ajuts x recerca i polítics tots +a una. Hem d potenciar concepte 'one health': salut x animals&persones; protegir persones evitant transmissió animal. Necessitem fer conèixer aportació d recerca des d #Catalunya #JoEmCorono #COVID19 ⬆️Dr Clotet conversa amb @elsa_artadi : el +difícil és posar en pràctica idees bones, q hi són! La plataforma #JoEmCorono és encara bon exemple. Fer estudi en fase 1 = 15M eu i hem recollit fins ara 2M... Per tant les campanyes de DONACIONS/ CROWDFUNDING són bàsiques X continuar!
Nov 6, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Prof. @josepalay, MHP @KRLS's BCN Office Head, called on "Volhov operation" responsible court to open a separate piece to investigate leaks re: last week Volhov which saw Catalan independence leaders arrests without warrant

Photo: him&his lawyer @boye⬇️… ⬆️confiscation* without warrant
Lawyer @boye_g denounces not having been given access to the proceedings -causing "effective helplessness" of his client. 2mobile phones sieged “absolutely unlawful, disproportionate,” no legal basis&restrictive of
@josepalay's fundamental rights
Nov 3, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
@eldiarioes "reports that the new inquiry is centred on the alleged use by Juan Carlos and other members of the Spanish royal family of opaque credit cards, charged to a bank account in the name of a third party" @elnacionalcatEN…
Oct 20, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read


#presidentMas held Independence CONSULTATION

#president @KRLS held SelfDetermination REFERENDUM

#president @QuimTorraiPla displayed banner against political repression