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0/ Antes de conocer su final ser铆a bueno repasar en este hilo馃Уla macrocausa del "caso Neurona" contra @PODEMOS. A pesar de que ha ocupado MUCHAS portadas, tertulias e informativos, los medios de (des)informaci贸n apenas han hablado del archivo de casi todas las partes del caso.馃憞馃徑
1/ En octubre de 2021 el juez del caso, Juan Jos茅 Escalonilla, archiva la parte sobre "el supuesto desv铆o de los fondos que el partido destinaba al Proyecto Impulsa a trav茅s del cual @PODEMOS ayudaba a organismos y colectivos sociales".
2/ En julio de 2021 el juez archiva por SEGUNDA vez la parte sobre "el supuesto desv铆o de dinero del fondo de Solidaridad del partido", llamado como el caso de "la caja B de Podemos", cuando NO eran donaciones en negro ni sobresueldos en sobres como los de la caja B del PP.
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1/ En septiembre de 2019 los medios de desinformaci贸n empezaron a sacar encuestas de lo bien que le ir铆a a M谩s Pa铆s si se presentaba a las elecciones dividiendo al electorado de Unidas Podemos. Breve hilo para recordar lo que podr铆an volver a hacer con la formaci贸n Sumar. 馃У馃槈馃憞馃徑
2/ Sin duda LaSexta ("tu canal de izquierdas") fue el medio que m谩s anim贸 a la formaci贸n de Errej贸n a presentarse a las generales. Seg煤n el bar贸metro de LaSexta el nuevo partido podr铆a obterer un 22,3% de los votos, cuando a煤n NO hab铆a sido creado.馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔鈥
3/ El mismo bar贸metro de LaSexta que dec铆a que incluso un 50% de votantes de Unidas Podemos votar铆a al nuevo partido que ni siquiera ten铆a nombre. Como ahora dec铆an que UP estaba acabado y su electorado no ser铆a fiel a la formaci贸n.
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It seems a more considered view of Forstater from some of those who have read the judgment, is that it is a victory, but one based on an error in law which conflates a belief with its manifestation.鈥
Trying to wrap my head around this underscores that I am NOT a specialist discrimination lawyer. But I have immediate unease in trusting the analysis of anyone who can write this.
No wonder there is confusion about belief versus manifestation of belief when one side is so firmly wedded to the notion that ANY manifestation of a gender critical belief is 鈥榯ransphobic鈥.
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Please write to @EHRC about @MyNottingham. It is ridiculous that yet again a private citizen has to take on the expense and stress of #LawFare. Given the flagrant nature of this breach, the @EHRC should take direct action.
@EHRC @MyNottingham I have filled in the contact form and simply said

"I am very concerned about the decision made by Nottingham City Council to ban Julie Bindel from speaking at an event at the Aspley Library on 25th June 2022. This decision appears to be direct discrimination against Ms Bindel -
@EHRC @MyNottingham " - for her protected belief, as well as breach of Articles 10 and 11 of the ECHR. I note Ms Bindel is taking her own legal action, but it simply cannot be right that private citizens have to take on the burden of court action to re-affirm their fundamental human rights."
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I have to admit however that my faith in #LawFare is wavering. I thought that public bodies would be very keen to avoid the financial and reputational harm of court action. I thought Forstater and Miller would send a clear message. It seems I was wrong.
So what did I fail to properly consider? The sheer entrenched belief by proponents of gender identity ideology that they are on the 鈥榬ight side of history鈥. I did not remind myself of that strange propensity humans have to deny facts they don鈥檛 like.
I thought money and the fear of losing it would be enough to make public bodies at least wake up to the consequences of their continued unlawful discrimination. I can see I was naive. It isn鈥檛 after all, the individual鈥檚 money.
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This is the level of 鈥榓nalysis鈥 we have to endure. Gaslighting, denial, minimisation, outright hostility etc. and it is not restricted to individuals on social media, but comes from the police, CPS, Universities etc etc etc
I am not 鈥榯ransphobic鈥. I am deeply concerned for the health of our democracy. But all I ever get is this parroted response
Is saying sex is real 鈥榯ransphobic鈥? If so, what are the consequences of saying we cannot engage with reality because it causes 鈥榟arm鈥? If the 鈥榟arm鈥 is the anger or upset of those whose delusions we won鈥檛 scaffold, why is it necessary to protect them from their feelings?
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Why is #LawFare so effective? Because it鈥檚 consequences are wider than a simple binary win/lose in the court arena
Regardless of the outcomes in @8RosarioSanchez, @MForstater and @BluskyeAllison cases, interest in each case has been significant and very troubling details emerge about how ostensibly respectable organisations are prepared to operate.
This is thanks to the efforts of @tribunaltweets. Not only does it provide a useful service in publishing an account of the hearings - it鈥檚 a good litmus test of how many want to know
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As we discussed at the Hate Crime Seminar yesterday, this is additional impetus for #LawFare as considered strategy now. Upper echelons of the judiciary do not appear to be captured.
As the younger generation of lawyers move up the ladder, I do not think we can be confident that will remain the case if we do not reverse the current environment of silence, complicity and deliberate misrepresentation of the law.
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馃敶 NEW London is a hotspot for legal threats against journalists according to new report from @FPCThinkTank & @article19org staff

We spoke to FPC's @skcoughtrie & journalists @pcaruanagalizia & @RewcastleBrown about corrosive impact this has on public interest reporting 馃憞馃У
Recent high-profile #SLAPP cases involving @carolecadwalla, @CatherineBelton & @tomburgis are 鈥榯ip of the iceberg鈥 according to London Calling report, with many cases never reaching court due to threat of astronomical legal fees鈥
The EU has just announced plans to protect journalists from vexatious lawsuits often brought by wealthy individuals or businesses to shut down scrutiny. But most legal threats originate in 馃嚞馃嚙, the so-called 'libel capital of the world'鈥
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#LawFare is - in my view - our primary and most effective weapon against the corrosive overreach of gender identity ideology. It means taking legal action to reaffirm the rule of law. Two excellent examples are Miller and Forstater.
Both their cases were hugely significant, have shifted the landscape and provide the bedrock for many other cases to succeed.
Of course, there have been wins and losses. But even the losses - like Bell - still have a power that reverberates beyond the court room. Keira Bell鈥檚 story was heard around the world and was an important part of shift in view towards medical transition of children.
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Anyone who thinks the rainbow police with a gun is fake, guess again. @LeicsPoliceLGBT want to show case these monstrosities.
Nothing quite encourages 鈥榓cceptance鈥 like an assault rifle pointed in your face. So. Continued #LawFare it must be. The police seem oblivious now to their own Code of Ethics and Public Sector Equality Duty.
And interestingly I can鈥檛 now find this reply if I go to original tweet. Why not? Can they honestly assert in current climate that we are going to see this as a comment on their great career structures? Image
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Bon, pour l'instant les sondages indiquent que nous auront une second tour Macron vs Le Pen au second tour de la #presidentielles2022. Et franchement, je me pose cette question :
Pourrons nous encore militer et voter en 2022 ?
J'ai viens de r茅sumer pourquoi je trouve que le point de d茅part d茅mocratique n'est d茅j脿 pas fameux :
Alors pour Le Pen, on se doute d茅j脿 de pourquoi, l'extr锚me droite a l'habitude de prendre le pouvoir par les urnes mais moins de le rendre. Cour de cassation dit que c...
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At 鈦@SpeechUnion鈦 launch of Jacob Mchangama鈥檚 book - he also has a podcast!鈥
Importance of scholarship around these issues says @Fox_Claire we know that the first casualty of war is truth. Censorship becoming more prevalent in the UK. Have to defend people鈥檚 right to say daft things. The Online Harms Bill is one of greatest threats in modern times.
This is the here and now. Fantastic thing about this book is the wide sweep of history - it is international and global.
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So let's go legal: Art 1 Genocide Convention provides for the obligation to prevent #genocide. Putin alluded to this in speech Monday when he claimed a genocide in #Ukraine and that they therefore could/had to intervene. This is false: it's not a justification for use of force.
Plus there is no genocide in #Ukraine, so more form of gaslighting. See for further analysis of his argumentations to appear as if his armed force is lawful/legitimate instead of the violation of art 2(4) UN Charter and act of aggression that it is, this:
Since #Russia referred to "#Genocide", #Ukraine now says: apparently we have a dispute over the interpretation and application of the notion of "genocide" and since we are both state parties to that treaty, we will invoke Article IX Genocide Convention. Image
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Kremlin has just posted #Putin's speech in English:鈥
Dissecting it a bit for references to international law justifications for using force. Spoiler alert: Russia (obviously) does not have right to use force. It is #aggression. It's a crime of aggression. 1
It starts by referring to Ukrainians not as foreigners but embracing them as if they are Russian nationals. "Ukraine is not just a neighbouring country for us. It is an inalienable part of our own history,culture and spiritual space. These are our comrades, those dearest to us" 2
Nationality of course is a very strong legal concept on the basis of which a lot is allowed: if #Ukraine is not foreign but domestic, it is "law enforcement" rather than "armed attack"; it is "protection" rather than "invasion"; it is "helping them" rather than "annexing from". 3
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Hace tiempo, me sorprendi贸 la cr铆tica de @AntonioMaestre a UP por no forzar al PSOE a adoptar medidas de izquierda m谩s radicales. El evidente desequilibrio de fuerzas no le detuvo y el da帽o que har铆a tampoco.
Tras las elecciones de #CyL, vuelta a lo mismo.
De pronto, sus argumentos me han recordado a los artilugios con que ERC y Bildu votaron a NO la Ley de #ReformaLaboral. Ambas formaciones justificaron sus noes sin que la situaci贸n de enorme peligro y da帽o al gobierno las detuviese.
De ERC y Bildu tratar茅 m谩s adelante.
@AntonioMaestre, sin tregua pese a da帽os y peligros, dio por amortizada la existencia de UP con un tuit: un "sirvi贸 para todo, pero ya no vale para nada".
Despu茅s se despach贸 a gusto y calific贸 las campa帽as medi谩ticas contra UP como una falsa excusa respecto a sus resultados.
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We鈥檝e received leaked copies of an embargoed @Amnesty report, which is joining the NGO apartheid attack against Israel. Here are some initial points, so you don鈥檛 have to slog through all 211 pages. More in-depth analysis to come. 1/8 --->
For 2+ years, dozens of NGOs and their UN allies have campaigned using pseudo-reports to accuse Israel of 鈥渁partheid.鈥 Amnesty has a rich history of antagonism toward Israel & Jews, with antisemitic incidents, #BDS campaigns, #lawfare, and other forms of demonization.
Unsurprisingly, the report consists of a warmed-over mixture of false/distorted factual and legal claims from previous NGO and UN publications. A year after the @HRW version, which is virtually identical, Amnesty jumps on the bandwagon to boost the apartheid hate campaign. 3/8
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'..those with exceptionally deep pockets & exceptionally questionable ethics. These people use our justice system to threaten, intimidate & put the fear of God into British journalists, citizens, officials & media organisations..
What results is injustice, intimidation, suppression of free speech, the crushing of a free press, bullying& bankruptcy. It results in protection from investigation & gives encouragement to fraudsters, crooks & money launderers...

(@DavidDavisMP speech on #Lawfare & #SLAPP cont)
It's turned London into the global capital of dirty money. In extreme cases, it can undermine the SECURITY OF THE STATE by allowing people to act as extensions of foreign powers.
This is聽LAWFARE鈥攍awfare聽against British freedom of speech,聽lawfare聽against the freedom of the press
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馃毃 NEW 馃毃 'There's more at stake than who picks up the bill in the trial of Banks vs Cadwalladr. Public interest journalism is on the stand too'

This week's newsletter is out 馃憞馃憞馃憞鈥
'These are stories that are in the public interest, that we have a right to know.'

Big thanks to the formidable @rebecca_vincent & her colleagues at @RSF_inter for monitoring the libel trial of Arron Banks v @carolecadwalla this week

#PressFreedom #Lawfare
The wider issue of British courts being used to stifle public interest journalism was the subject of a debate on 'Lawfare and the UK courts' in parliament this week.

Strong words here from @DavidDavisMP on the impact this can have on #PressFreedom 馃憞馃憞
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Les voy a contar, una vez m谩s, porqu茅 @GerardoMorales es un c铆nico.

1. En la primer sesi贸n de la Legislatura de #Jujuy iniciado su mandato como Gobernador en dic'15 hizo aumentar la cantidad de jueces del STJ para ubicar militantes radicales que respondan a 茅l.

Hilo 猬囷笍猬囷笍
2. Al d铆a siguiente, dos diputados radicales que aprobaron esa ley, juraron como jueces del STJ de #Jujuy el Dr Pablo Baca y la Dra Beatriz Altamirano, que llevaban m谩s de un mandato como legisladores electos x la UCR鈥

3. Tambi茅n juraron...
como nuevos jueces la Dra. Lamas Gonzalez y el Dr. Federico Otaola, 茅ste 煤ltimo es conocido militante desde la Juventud Radical en los '80 fue candidato en una f贸rmula de Gobernaci贸n de la UCR y m煤ltiples cargos de asesor en Bloques de ese partido.鈥
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No pretence, no disguise left. Hong King鈥檚 National Security Law is being used as a tool to silence expression, crush dissent. One of HK鈥檚 most senior barristers is arrested again, as part of another crackdown, this time on @StandNewsHK where she was formerly a board member.
Nothing to see here. Only Hong Kong鈥檚 second most senior politician trampling over a free press, protected under Hong Kong鈥檚 Basic Law by the ICCPR, without qualms.

The #NSL - 鈥渁 coup dressed up in statute.鈥
The powerful sentencing remarks of 73 year old barrister & former lawmaker, Margaret Ng, in her own mitigation earlier this year.

鈥淭he law should give protection to rights, not take them away, especially in Hong Kong, where structural democracy is still absent鈥.
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(1/4) #Lawfare contra el #PoderConstituyente.

He sido demandado judicialmente por ser el promotor legal de la recolecci贸n de firmas ciudadanas que impulsa #Per煤Libre a favor del Refer茅ndum Constituyente.
(2/4) Los defensores de la Constituci贸n fujimontesinista del '93 pretenden bloquear, con una demanda de amparo, la iniciativa ciudadana y el derecho del pueblo, como poder constituyente, a darse una nueva Constituci贸n que represente sus intereses.
(3/4) Pese a no estar validamente notificado con la demanda, el Juez del 4to Juzgado Civil de Trujillo decidi贸 llevar la audiencia 煤nica el d铆a de hoy, violando el debido proceso y mi derecho a la defensa; pese a que le advertimos los vicios procesales por medio de mi abogado.
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So why is it, I hear some of you cry, that we can鈥檛 just #bekind and accept that people are who they say they are? Now that I know I may discuss this with the promise of some nice damages if the police record me for doing so, let me explain my perspective.
Because we are not simply being asked to offer dignity and respect to an individual who may be suffering emotional pain. It is being demanded that we deny what is real - to accept there are no differences between men and women.
This is obviously mad. It defies everything we know about male bodies, male sexual responses and male violence. And it leads to offensive absurdities like this. Same newspaper, 2 months later.
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