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#IndianArmy going the extra mile to extend a helping to people of Jammu & #Kashmir: A #Thread

In addition to carrying out relentless Anit-#Terrorists operations the armed forces can always be seen going out of their way to helps the needful people in #Kashmir
(1/36) ImageImage
#IndianArmy Operation Sadbhavana in Jammu & #Kashmir encompasses improving the overall core social indices through quality education, women and youth #empowerment, infrastructure #development & #health and veterinary Care.
(2/36) ImageImageImageImage
#IndianArmy over the years has established 43 #Army Goodwill Schools & rendered assistance to number of State Government run schools in remote areas through renovation, construction of additional class rooms..
(3/36) ImageImage
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@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump cannot got into a location unless he invokes the #InsurrectionAct. Right before an election is NOT the time to go about that. The @DNC has only to ask for help and @potus will give it. They are refusing to do that because their big plan, unfortunately, is 1/
@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump @DNC @POTUS 2/ ... the overthrow of the #US itself. That is and always has been their plan since @BillClinton was #President.

Look at the revolution on #Ukraine. Same exact tactics they are using now. They have combined #AdolphHitler’s way with #SaulAlinski’s.

#GeorgeSoros has added a...
@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump @DNC @POTUS @BillClinton 3/... new twist. Naming the #muscle (#BrownShirts for #Hitler) after things that everyone holds dear. #AntifaTerrorists are really #Fascists, which we all dislike (#Hitler); #BLMTerroristThugs are really the modern day #KKK—notice they collect billions of $, but NONE ...
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A l’occasion des #150ans de notre #République, le #Président de la République @EmmanuelMacron a tenu à rappeler, dans un discours solennel et combatif, l’importance de faire bloc derrière les valeurs qui nous unissent. [1/4]
[2/4] Cet anniversaire est l’occasion de réaffirmer l’importance de défendre la #Liberté, l’#Egalité et la #Fraternité, de rappeler que la République est une conquête et que la patriotisme républicain est de chaque instant.
[3/4] La République est Une et Indivisible, ne saurait être soumise aux lois particulières et n’admet aucun #séparatisme. « On ne choisit pas une part de #France, on choisit la France ». C’est tout l’enjeu du projet de loi qui sera présenté cet automne.
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If subs have been involved in the transport of drugs, weapons & kids, how many Navy’s are involved in trafficking as well? Nuclear subs would be a great cover to move uranium, especially ex-military islands w/ submarine entrances. #BidenIsland>#Epstein island. 👀 @ JE’s uniform ImageImageImageImage
Pretty sure it’s treason if the goal is to play their part in the chaos to sink America first before we are taken over by China as a puppet Bolshevik front owned by their Satanic Rchild owned central bank owners who have partnered with Hunter Biden at Bohai Harvest. Image
Just another day uncovering #treason by the son of the candidate running for #President of the 🇺🇸. Direct evidence that the company financed by the Rchild/Biden investment firm BHR, #ChinaGeneralNuclear, got busted by the DOJ for stealing nuclear tech for producing fuel in 🇨🇳. ImageImageImageImage
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Exactly 8.19, our great #President finally answered his thoughts on #Qanon! Check it out, history!
August 19th 2 year delta we got #AskTheQ! History books! Military planning at its finest. Wow! Image
More #Qproof’s of this historic moment ImageImage
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#TodayinHistory in 1878, President Manuel L. Quezon, second #PH #president (in official roster), & first president of the 10-year-transitional gov, the Commonwealth of the Philippines, is born in Baler, Tayabas (now, part of Aurora). (THREAD) #QuezonDay Image
Quezon was half Spanish (His father Lucio Quezon was a Spanish sergeant). He joined Emilio Aguinaldo in the #PH Revolution vs. Spain and #PH-US War, w/ rank of Major. He was commanded to surrender to the Americans, to confirm Aguinaldo's capture in 1901.
But like other revolutionaries that never gave up on #PH independence, Quezon brought this aspiration from the battlefield to politics. Under the American regime, he finished law in @UST1611official (1903), became a Councilor, then Governor of Tayabas (now Quezon Province) (1906)
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My Response to Michelle Obama’s speech from the Democrat Convention Thread
Pt. One-

Within the first minute of listening, she angered me. I felt the need to respond.

You’re correct, it is a hard time... You’ve seen sacrificing and suffering, firsthand. It’s how you got you to
where you are today. Well, that part is definitely true. But, at what cost and who paid it? We’re all feeling it in a different way. Also true, but who’s been really been having a more difficult time?

Do you think you paid for it during the years that your husband was POTUS?
When your family was the darlings of the #MSM? You remain untouchable by them. Therefore, who paid the most these past 4+years? You love this country so much? I don’t know how you can say that when you continue to do anything that you can to divide Americans and pursue a path
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Freedom Fighters of #India.

India celebrates its 74th #IndependenceDay on Aug 15. #Independence was a dream for those who fought, for them it was greater than life, including family, relations & emotions. This day we remember our heroes
@RareHistorical @TIinExile Image
Mangal Pandey.

Born in 1827, the first #soldier to inspire young #Indian soldiers for the great struggle of 1857. Serving as a soldier for the British, Pandey launched the first attack by firing at English officials, which was the beginning of the Indian rebellion of 1857
(2/14) Image
Rani Lakshmibai.

She was a symbol of resistance to the #BritishRaj. She stunned the #British by showing extraordinary fighting spirit & valour when british annexed territories of Jhansi. She inspired many generations of #freedom fighters & became immortal in history.
(3/14) Image
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1. News: TODAY Sen Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing to Investigate Groups like #ANTIFA


Speakers: Ken Cuccinelli, Andy Ngo & Jonathan Turley-Thread 8.4.20… #Riots #Hearing #BLM
2. News: Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman Stabs Her:

.… #Riots #violent #Antifa #BLM
3. News: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Implores Council to do What is Right After "Aggressive" Protesters visit her Home

The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their ATTEMPTS to do so… #Riots #Antifa #BLM
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1. News: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines… #COVID #TRIALS #Manipulate #Population
2. News: What Coronavirus? THOUSANDS of Leftists March in Chicago Chanting,

“No Justice, No Peace, Defund the Police” (VIDEO)
.… #COVID #Protests #Chicago
3. News: “I’m Not Going to Be Silenced!”

– Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down

– When Was the Last Time Fauci Saw a Patient? (VIDEO)
.… #Doctor #Stella
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📢📢 #France 🇫🇷 : #Coronavirus #Covid : #Corruption :

@france_soir publie le #TOP13 des #Médecins ayant perçu des avantages par le #Laboratoire #Pharmaceutique #Gilead.

Le journal met en lien #Médecins #Raoult #Hydroxychloroquine...

Je synthétise ⤵️…
Pr #FrançoisRaffi/#Nantes
- 541.729 €, dont 52.812 € de Gilead. 
- #Appel #Anonyme pour menacer @raoult_didier, s’il persistait avec l’#hydroxychloroquine, passé du téléphone portable du #Service d’#Infectiologie du CHU de Nantes, dont François Raffi est #ChefDeService. Image
Le Pr #JacquesReynes/#Montpellier :
- 48.006 € de Gilead et 64.493 € d’Abbvie.
- Sollicité par @olivierveran pour piloter l’#EssaiClinique du #ProtocoleRaoult à #Montpellier.
- #CoordinateurNational de 2 études sur le #Remdesivir pour le compte de Gilead. Image
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The #SCOTUS held in #Trump v. Vance that Article II and the #SupremacyClause do not categorically preclude,
or require a heightened standard for, the issuance of a state criminal
subpoena to a sitting #President. #scotusToons
See the oral argument:
" In 1807, John Marshall... granted Burr’s motion for a subpoena duces tecum directed at President Jefferson...
...In rejecting the prosecution’s argument that a #President was not subject to such a subpoena, Marshall held that a President does not “stand exempt” from the #SixthAmendment’s guarantee that the accused have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses for their defense. "
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#Myanmar #President has set up a committee to investigate the cause of the horrific #Hpakant #Kachin #jade mine landslide that killed more than 160 people. Natural Resources Minister heads the 6-member team that includes Home Affairs & the Kachin Chief Minister ImageImageImage
The team will have to find out who's responsible for the incident on Thursday, how to help the victims affected by the landslide & how to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again. The committee is supposed to provide a report to the President as soon as possible.
@Global_Witness previously released a report estimating the #Myanmar #jade industry is worth at least US$31 billion in 2014 alone. It also reacted to the latest #Kachin #jade mine landslide saying it was "entirely preventable"…
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1] Those inside #ZanuPF are convinced that #PATRIOTISM is a synonym for their party name

Those who find themselves outside the #MDC also begin labelling themselves #PATRIOTIC.

It would seem like #PATRIOTISM has a relationship with party affiliations

Ofcourse that is nonsense.
2] But ofcourse ZanuPF ceased to represent the ethos of PATRIOTISM a long time ago.

Infact, the formation of the MDC in 1999 was the greatest form of PATRIOTISM.

The nation had been derailed from the NATIONAL AGENDA promoting formation of a MOVEMENT by different constituencies.
3] PATRIOTISM is the embodiment of NATIONAL pride.

In a normal #democracy, you readily put party differences aside and rally behind national institutions.

You rally behind a #PRESIDENT whom you respect as a product of national processes.

He symbolizes a country's #SOVEREIGNTY
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...#POTUS and do all kinds of deals with #Putin? Do YOU remember @HillaryClinton’s response? OH MY, #DJT would rather do deals with Putin than our own fake president. Putin’s translator at the #SingaporeSummit said here the ball is now in your court. As in all the traitorous...
T+T= 40
DJT said on 10-5-17 “Maybe what your looking at is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM“.
Did @realDonaldTrump pick 10-5 by accident when, GOD’S WORD =105
How about
105 = SAVIOUR, the Biblical version with a U in it. Tiffany Blue=...
CALM BEFORE THE STORM was Chapter 7 of #JFK’s book he wrote before coming 110 (President)
CALM BEFORE THE STORM =198 & that’s how many days were left in the year on 6-16-15, when #DJT announced he was running 4 @POTUS
As he came down the escalato, HERE COMES YOUR MAN=...
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.@realDonaldTrump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises. Don’t try to tell governors what to do. Instead of calling for calm & for the nation to unite, you were sequestered in the White House basement & silent. Governors and mayors, on the other hand, were actively (1/5)
engaged in trying to bring order to their cities and towns. The #NationalGuard has been deployed across the country and most of the demonstrations were largely peaceful. While you only seem to feel the need for the use of more force, local elected leaders tried to (2/5)
control things in a way that will allow them to build for the future. While you just want to condemn people, real leaders are acknowledging the very real racial issues we are facing. In times like this, real leaders step up, and deal with the immediate problems while (3/5)
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1] Law can be quite confusing

The #ConstitutionalCourt led by #JusticeMalaba found that #Chamisa was #President to a party which had participated at the polls and was known as MDC-A according to its electoral and legal documents before his court.

Shelve that...
2] #JusticePartel observed that the fights pertaining to the rise of NC in the MDC-T had become moot since he had held a Congress & was undisputed leader of that party which participated at the polls, & MaKhupe had done the same.

#JusticePartel still ordered a fresh #Congress
3] #JusticeManongwa at the #HighCourt grants an interim order to stop #MaKhupe from received money owed to the MDC-A.

The ruling effectively recognized the political existence of the MDC-A, separate to the MDC-T, whether as part of it, or a separate entity all together.
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1) If you claim to be a #Liberal today, your world must be incredibly strange. There are two types of Liberal, the #elite overlords, and the useful idiots. You can decide for yourself where you fit. But there is no doubt that you EMPOWER the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT. Lets sum it up:
2) You believe that killing a baby is your "right", but killing newborn puppies or bird eggs should land you in jail.
3) You believed, without evidence, that #Trump was a puppet of #Russia. When he imposed brutal sanctions, you ignored it to preserve your world view.…
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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1/The same @realDonaldTrump, #President #Reagan has raised his concern regarding #CORRUPTION in the system.
In every state, Intel community’s main responsibility is to find out& eliminate CORRUPTION.
@POTUS @VP @seanhannity @TomFitton @FoxNews @marklevinshow @USAttorneys Image
2/So #CORRUPT agents who abuse power to their Personal&Political gains are NOT reliable&considered as the main source of INFECTION, spreading their dirtiness nationwide,significantly to @TheJusticeDep,since everything is under their influence/manipulating background,hiring,firing
3/The main step to keep Nation Secured/Safe &put an end to further Conspiracies is to make a decisive Reform in #cia #fbi.. kick well-dressed #MOBS& #CRIMINALS out& bring them to JUSTICE otherwise NO safe haven for people, NO credibility for the center& decent agents.
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The #CDC has announced another wave of #COVID19 Are we surprised? No. Will this be even DEADLIER than the admitted failure of the first #ChineseWuhanVirus ? Possibly. Human nature is such that we may dismiss it out of hand. We want to return to normal. We want to live our lives
2/ again and eat out, get haircuts, visit relatives and friends. I suspect desperate people of being completely capable of desperate acts. The #Democrats either aligned with #China or #China aligned with them. Why WAS Nancy in #Wuhan last NOVEMBER? In any case, a flu-like virus
3/ was inflicted not just on America, but the WORLD; proving the #DeepState & #Democrats capable of MURDER, crashing an economy & inflicting a cascade of events to destroy a GLOBAL economy. Now comes the “announcement” of a SECOND WAVE. And if that doesn’t inflict enough damage
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