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May 28 7 tweets 1 min read
👍😢🚙💵 Recently I’ve been wondering if there is value in talking about incentive structures and how they are misaligned in Science. I mean everyone knows (they must?) who is involved and yet so little change happens.
Apr 19, 2021 12 tweets 7 min read
1/10 Since October @ftargument has been running a crowd forecasting project for #COVID19. First in Germany and Poland and now in all ECDC nations + the United Kingdom.

You can contribute your forecasts here: Image 2/10 We submit an ensemble of these forecasts to the ECDC forecast hub where they are combined with many other models from other forecasters and evaluated. Image
Aug 9, 2019 13 tweets 10 min read
1. PhD thesis 'Modelling BCG vaccination in the UK: What is the impact of changing policy?' submitted and everything is totally normal....

Written with #rstats, #bookdown, and #thesisdown.

Read here:

#phdchat #epitwitter #openscience #tuberculosis 2. Thanks to my supervisors @n3113n and @Christensen_H + my funders @HPRU_EI + @PHE_uk for the data.
Aug 1, 2019 9 tweets 9 min read
1. First release of {#idmodelr} is now on CRAN. {idmodelr} is a library of #infectiousdisease models and utilities for using them. Use case is exploration/education/research + signposting.

#rstats #epitwitter #dynamics #opensource #openscience 2. Current status is WIP with more features - and additional models - planned. Contributions much appreciated!

Planned features:…
Jul 9, 2019 7 tweets 5 min read
1. New (first) paper now available: Exploring the effects of BCG #vaccination in patients diagnosed with #tuberculosis: Observational study using the Enhanced Tuberculosis Surveillance system


#phdchat #rstats 2. Highlights

Evidence of an association between BCG vaccination and reduced all-cause mortality in TB cases.

Weaker evidence of an association between BCG vaccination and reduced repeat TB episodes in TB cases.

Little evidence of an association with other TB outcomes.