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An Ultimate Guide to Git and Github 🚀

A 🧵
💠 Introduction

Git is a source code management technology used by DevOps. It is a free and open-source version control system that is used to efficiently manage small to extremely big projects.
Git is a version control system. Version control is a file manager that maintains track of changes to your projects over time and keeps a complete history of whatever you're working on. It allows many devs around the globe to work together on the same project at the same time
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1/ $OCEAN has MANY established partnerships that are starting to develop into viable technical solutions, actual data marketplaces, or data suppliers that are growing $OCEAN-powered data marketplaces.

2/ Recently, @oceanprotocol's partnership with @riddleandcode announced a hardware car wallet in @Tesla vehicles's to allow drivers to earn money/tokens by driving. They can then use these tokens to charge their vehicle, pay for parking, etc...

3/ With this partnership, $OCEAN has delivered a solution that enables significant consumer data to be generated & shared, passively. This is a big deal.

Users simply need to drive with the @riddleandcode car wallet & data flows into the marketplace.

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Thread. A long thread. I have had two weeks of my worst and best open source development time ever, where the bad parts have contributed to the good parts. #OpenSource
It has been a mix full of learnings, many disappointments, moments of joy, overconfidence, humbling events, utter fear of failure, great hope of failure avoidance, great hope of success, wonderful help from colleagues and the community, >
and, hopefully, it will be a great success event in the history of Calva.
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If #OpenSource on #China #military capabilities vs. #Taiwan is your thing, you need to read this #ASAP!

@ChinaMaritime Report #16: “#Chinese #Ferry Tales—#PLA’s Use of Civilian #Shipping in Support of Over-the-Shore Logistics”

See 47 figures + 7 tables!
Big splash by #MikeDahm, a retired @USNavy #intelligence officer & senior #researcher @JHUAPL!

Among his #IndoPacific assignments, he formerly served as Asst US #Navy #Attaché in #Beijing—& graciously hosted me & my @ChinaMaritime/#CMSI colleagues there.…
#Scroll through #MikeDahm @JHUAPL's eye-opening 47 figures + 7 tables here:

You'll see immediately:

1. #OpenSource today reveals what only top #governments knew yesterday!
2. Dahm offers some of world's best public analysis on #PLA #amphibs vs. #Taiwan!
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Alternatives to an unpaid internship :
A 🧵
( will be updated )
Open Source
I personally learned a lot from contributing to projects and talking to mentors.
Key Learnings
Understanding projects with a large codebase, How to ask for help, Version control system, Coding practices, Documentation, testing, licensing
"Your source for Guidance "
Key Learnings
Solutions to Code, Team building, Designing Database, Application architecture, creating project presentation and demo videos, Collaboration, explored MongoDB, Auth0, DataStax, GCP, Twilio, Azure
Added bonus awards and prizes
Met lot of amazing folks
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Roadmap to contribute to opensource !!
1. Learn Git and GitHub
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github.
3. Fork a project and make the changes
4. Raise a PR and Wait the reviewer to review..

Each step is explained in the thread below.


1. Learn git and github
Git is a version control system and github is a hosting provider for version control system using Git.

Git is an essential skill you need to contribute to opensource.

Resources to learn git -…

#OpenSource #github #Hacktoberfest
2. Search for projects with beginner friendly labels in Github

This link contains links of all the issues with beginner friendly tags.…

You can filter issues of particular technologies you want to work on.


#OpenSource #hacktoberfest2021
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An Ultimate Guide to Git and Github 🚀

Thread 🧵
💠 Introduction

Git is a source code management technology used by DevOps. It is a free and open-source version control system that is used to efficiently manage small to extremely big projects.
Git is a version control system. Version control is a file manager that maintains track of changes to your projects over time and keeps a complete history of whatever you're working on. It allows many devs around the globe to work together on the same project at the same time
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What are the economics of increasing variable #renewable energy (VRE) sources and electricity #storage in electricity markets?

@WPSchill and I try to explain it in the @AnnualReviews of Resource Economics 🧵:…

#energytwitter #econtwitter

Wind and solar photovoltaics (PV) will be the main sources of electricity by 2050, accounting for almost 70% of global electricity generation, according to the @IEA Net Zero 2050 scenario.…

Wind and PV are variable: they only produce when the resource is available.

Solar always produces more in summer than in winter and only by day peaking at noon.

Wind is more location-specific, e.g. it produces more in winter in Germany and in summer in California.

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The CompassLSM: an #opensource #mesoSPIM-inspired #lightsheet #Microscope excitation path that allows 3.5 um axial resolution over a 10 mm FOV using axially scanned lightsheet microscopy…
My main comment about this paper is about publication strategy and not science: I probably should not have called it #opensource: "CAD file available upon request" - it should be easier than that! Don't make it so hard for biologists to copy your work!
If you want your technology adopted, make adoption really, really easy - find a vendor for parts kits, provide the complete parts list, provide software, provide documentation - don't let users do a lot of the legwork. Lowering the barrier to entry is key.
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Free Google Cloud trainings that you can watch on demand now🧵↓
▶️ Learn how to create a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster, run a simple Apache Spark job in it, and then modify the number of workers in your cluster → Image
▶️ Discover how Google Cloud AI Platform serves predictions and explanations in this hands-on lab → Image
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Und wieder hat Deutschland eine elendige App für JumbaWhumba Digitalisierung statt sichere Nachweisdokumente in digital.

Gruselig 😒
Add-On von der ebenfalls sehr geschätzten @bkastl
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1/ Energy modelers, are you aware of unintended storage cycling? 🔋🤔This model artefact may occur when using binding renewable energy targets in your model. I and @WPSchill explore this in a new preprint: #energytwitter Image
2/ The general mechanism: Instead of curtailing temporary renewable surplus energy, excess electricity is converted into unintended storage losses by simultaneous storage charging and discharging. The increase in VRE generation then falsely contributes to the renewable target. Image
3/ The increase in renewable generation can be realized without additional renewable capacity installations, and seemingly helps achieving the renewable energy target at lower costs. Yet, it does not serve final demand, and requires additional generation from other technologies.
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1/3 The true threat for true digital property rights #NFTs #ownyourdata will not come from regulation or government but from big tech companies unwilling to surrender their data hegemony and wrestling for control of their definition of the #Metaverse
2/3 Part of the reason why .@animocabrands has such an aggressive investing strategy (inc. building our own stuff @TheSandboxGame @REVV_Token and others) is to support the growth of an open metaverse to a point that it becomes unassailable and true interoperability is a given
3/3 #NFTs have the potential to transform #digitalassets and #dataownership in the same way that #opensource has transformed our relationship with code #closedsource with new layers added on top of #opendigitalasset to give rise to entirely new experiences that may accrue value
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1/10 This is a knowledge dump about mobile #AR #opensource #XR etc. To get this look at…
1 The state of #AR for public works often focusses on images
2 More interesting experiences (walking) focus on spatial audio
3 Building in web has limits, but pays off
4 The client will want exact tracking of 3d spatial #AR objects
5 GPS variability across devices won't allow exact tracking
6 Open source strategies introduce adaptability & immediate testing on site
7 App stores are dead ends for dead apps (18 month cycle) @closeandremote
8 The sweet spot for 'locative' media is integration of the senses, in Eleanor as you walk along the River Wensum the boats & oars are panned left @SandyNuttgens
9 Sound design for software is a potential growth area, it needs people who get software & sound
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I have transcribed interesting bits from this interview with department of mathematics at Simon Fraser University and a member of the #COVID19 modelling group.

Markham Hislop asks "And do we know that the government the alberta government had access to your?"
"um well, we, we, um, we released the report and met with alberta government and that's um and shortly thereafter you know sort of simultaneously with that they cancelled the reopening that they had so uh so i think i, i feel that we were heard by them" Dr. Paul Tupper
Markham Hislop asks "okay what about the timing though? When? When did this happen? Like when did you release the report and meet with [the government?]"
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The Ethereum ecosystem is hiring!!

Projects need engineers, design, community, marketing & shadowy super coders.

Share with your friends, tell your family & your old work colleagues! We need all of them to come and help us build the future.

🧵 of #ETH projects hiring
.@Rarible NFT marketplace is hiring for Product:
* VP of Product
* Product Manager

+ Biz Dev, Comms, DAO, Engineering, Marketing, Ops

.@EnzymeFinance developer of @avantgardefi is hiring:
* Solidity Engineer (NY Remote)
* Data Engineer (Austria Remote)

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Why write a complex search logic to SEARCH & FILTER data at the client-side(browser) or Node.js environment?

Here are 8 free TOOLS/LIBRARIES to help you with that.

A Thread 🧵 👇 Image
1️⃣ WADE

- Light-Weight, 1KB
- Blazing Fast
- Search in your data by building a Query.
- Along with results, you also get the index of the items and the relevance score. Neat.

2️⃣ FUSE

- Lightweight fuzzy-search
- Zero dependencies
- ES5-compliant
- Apache-2.0

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Are you on #macOS? Here are some of my favorite #opensource tools I recommend.

🧵 A thread:
🎞 For your goto videoplayer, other than the built-in QuickTime or the classic VLC, you should consider IINA.

It uses mpv under the hood but provides a beautiful, macOS-friendly UI and plays everything you throw at it.
🧹 When your menu bar needs decluttering (and trust me, macOS bars gets cluttered when you have a lot of handy apps) and you feel the urge to hide everything under a carpet, there’s Hidden, an utility that lets you hide menu bar icons.
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Another open-source geospatial analysis platform is coming soon. Exciting time 🤩📣👇

The ESA-NASA Joint Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP)

#opensource #geospatial #gischat #remotesensing #nasa #esa #geopython
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Para celebrar el 30 aniversario de Linux, os voy a contar 30 cosas que tal vez no sabíais #linux #opensource #softwarelibre #systems #sistemas
Linux fue el primer sistema operativo en incorporar controladores USB 3.0. Sage Sharp anunció el 7 de junio de 2009 que su controlador para dispositivos USB 3.0 estaba disponible y su código se incluyó en la versión 2.6.31 del núcleo.
El kernel se marca a sí mismo como "tainted" (manchado) cuando ocurre algún evento que podría ser útil para la resolución de problemas. No supone problema ejecutar un kernel "manchado". Si algo va mal, uno de los primeros pasos para solucionar el problema es intentar (1/2)
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¡OpenSSL 3.0 ha sido publicado!

Tras 3 años de trabajo de desarrollo, 17 versiones alfa, 2 versiones beta, más de 7.500 commits y contribuciones de más de 350 autores diferentes, ¡por fin ha sido publicado OpenSSL 3.0!

Abro hilo...
OpenSSL 3.0 pasa a la licencia Apache 2.0. Las antiguas licencias "duales" de OpenSSL y SSLeay siguen aplicándose a las versiones más antiguas (1.1.1 y anteriores)
Esta versión mayor no es totalmente compatible con la anterior. La mayoría de las aplicaciones que funcionaban con OpenSSL 1.1.1 seguirán funcionando sin cambios y simplemente tendrán que ser recompiladas (es posible que aparezcan avisos sobre el uso de APIs obsoletas).
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Ik ga tijdens mijn eerste kop koffie eens uitleggen waar mijn werk over gaat, alsof ik weer een paar daagjes @NL_Wetenschap beheer. Neem jou dit nieuwe article en het figuur (Fig.1) hier uit:
@NL_Wetenschap wat dit figuur verhaalt is de biodegradatie van een chemische verbinding zoals je die in de grond zou kunnen verwachten. Die degradatie kan door licht zijn, oxidatie door zuurstof (zoals ijzer roest), of door microorganismen 2/
@NL_Wetenschap een zo'n plaatje vertegenwoordigd enorm veel wetenschappelijke kennis, maar dat plaatje verwijst niet naar die kennis. We zijn zes chemische omzettingen waarbij zes chemische verbindingen betrokken zijn. Is er een of meer toxisch? Dat zou ik ook willen weten. 3/
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nach 10 Jahren Pleiten, Pech & Pannen bei einem der größten staatl. #EGovernment-Projekte steigt @deutschetelekom⁩ bei #DeMail aus. In diesem für digitale Gesellschaft zentralem Politikfeld steht die #GroKo vor einem einzigen Scherbenhaufen! THREAD…
(2) die #DeMail steht wie kaum ein anderes Projekt für das kolossale Scheitern der #Bundesregierung im Bereich #EGovernmemt mit Ansage! Zahlreiche staatliche IT-Projekte sind gefloppt, hunderte Mio. € verbrannt!
(3) dies liegt vor allem daran, dass die #Bundesregierung immer alles dafür getan hat, dass ganz bestimmt kein #Vertrauen in staatliche IT-Angebote entstehen konnte. Bis heute verfolgt man eine insg. höchst fragwürdige IT-(Sicherheits)-Politik, die Vertrauen erodieren lässt!
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✨I've joined @getpostman to focus on the #OpenSource (OSS) side of the Postman spaceship.✨

I was hired directly by the partner OSS maintainer team that owns the @AsyncAPISpec initiative, which moved under the @LinuxFoundation. I'm sitting on a leather sofa with animal crossing pillows w
My job here as Senior Technical Writer will be to own the documentation for @AsyncAPISpec.

I'll plan documentation directly from our OSS community feedback, working closely with DevRel to ensure docs and learning materials align with community needs.

Here's my blog post, where I talk more about why I made this OSS move, what my new job entails with the OSS community, and how you too can join our community meetings for @AsyncAPISpec.🤗

Also added TONS of neat @getpostman #swag pics in the post! 🎉

🔗… Screenshot of article I wrote about joining Postman t
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