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I am blessed to live in a "time of noobs" ❤
I am an impostor and a noob.

There is so much I do not know.

Why am I blessed? Because I can openly share my path of learning all that stuff.

This way I can show that it is normal to struggle while learning.

What if we all "suffer" from impostor syndrome?

What if...
What if impostor syndrome is something that makes us human?

#impostor #noob #blessed
How to apply it to yourself?

Learn openly, whatever matters to you and your community most.

We, the friendly army of noob friends, need you.
We need you to be yourself.
We need your streams of learning & doing stuff.

You are so much better than any "code ninja".
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Twitter vs. Mastodon - how do they work?
Credit: @alexxubyte Alex Xu ,@bytebytego

Centralized vs. #Decentralized Social Network

#TwitterTakeover #TwitterMigration #mastodon

🧵 Twitter vs Mastodon
Trump's brand-new social network 'Truth Social' used Mastodon's code. @joinmastodon

Mastodon's revenue is not dependent on advertisers like other social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc. The ad-based revenue model isn't necessarily good in all cases as ads=tracking leads to the users -> product and advertisers -> customers Credit: Four Week MBA
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I've been saying this for a long time now, but any analysis of #OpenSource resiliency that doesn't factor in communication mechanisms and their impact misses most of how open source actually functions.
You can analyze git data until the penguins come home, but it's not going to be meaningful.
Don't mistake availability of data for completeness of relevant information.
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- Twitter algorithm #opensource
(What does the algorithm do exactly? Is it harmful or actually doing any good? No algorithm - sort by timeline)

- Try our best to achieve free speech (not a fan of censorship, but we also have to follow the law of the land)
- Give users more privacy options so it can also be a platform for highly targeted individuals like journalists, whistle-blowers, activists, etc.

- Community guidelines to be run by the Twitter community, not by a small group of people at the top (decentralized decisions)
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Why do "top tier" publishers like @Forbes not only publish this, but also pin the tweet?

At least they realized the first summary was too much so they deleted ... but reposted with a different one and pinned again.

There is no "Crypto hierarcy" to climb. What she did was not crypto. She just went into a very non-crypto firm that has non-transparent and as it turns out fraudulent books, doing white collar crime.

That's not crypto. That's wall street 101.
Why try to describe her in a favorable light?

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Pourriez-vous, au quotidien, vous passer de Google ? Pour vous aider à au moins réduire cette dépendance, voici un petit #thread pour présenter quelques alternatives #opensource. #Degooglisons (1/15)
Vous utilisez Chrome ? Adoptez @firefox (on part sur de bonnes bases pour aller chercher tout le reste) (2/15)
Vous utilisez Gmail ? On ne saurait vous conseiller mieux que @scalableogo pour vos adresses email liées à votre nom de domaine chez Gandi (3/15)
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🧵10minsclub - Thread
Top 10 open source software which make everyday tasks simple and easy on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without the need for license fees.

1.LibreOffice - A real open source alternative to Microsoft Office
2.VLC Media Player - An open source media player than can play virtually anything
3.GIMP - A powerful open source photo and image editing tool
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#opensource #free #typeface

50 underestimate monospaced fonts for programming

A Thread 🧵
01/50 - Fragment Mono

Designed by: Wei H @w__h_
License: Free for commercial use, OFL

02/50 - Hermit

Designed by: Pablo Caro @pcaro90
License: Free for commercial use, OFL
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1/ #python in investment banking - some good public stories and comments to explore:
2/ An Oral History of Bank Of #Python (+commentary)…

Minerva and Barbaba (even though the blog post does not name the bank, you can find it in the commentary) Image
3/ JPMorgan's Athena is 35M lines of #python…
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Petit #Thread pour lister les solutions #opensource pour éditer des images.
Si vous êtes photographe, graphiste, designer… le monde du Libre a plein de choses à vous offrir.
L’incontournable @GIMP_Official, à coupler avec le greffon G’MIC, vous permettra de vivre très bien sans #Photoshop.
Pour gérer le Raw, deux options, le très actif @darktable_org ou le moins convivial mais néanmoins sympathique @RawTherapee.
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Today, I presented "The PHP Stack’s Supply Chain" at @phpconference #IntPHPcon.…
This presentation's tale truly grew in the telling. It started as a 5-minute keynote to kick off a discussion on #SupplyChainManagement at @thePHPcc's online conference in January 2022.
I need to start with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on security (but my partner @arneblankerts is).
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What difference does it make for businesses to use real-time #data instead of batch data processing?

The answer, if you ask us, is that it makes a huge difference. But let’s see what market research group @IDC thinks. ⬇️
A recent IDC survey has found that best-in-class market players have #DataStreaming strategies and plans implemented across the enterprise. Their research shows a clear correlation between a business' digital maturity and its use of real-time data.…
Information from batch data processing can often be outdated ➡️ Having #realtimedata available is key to business intelligence & making better decisions. Businesses with a higher level of enterprise intelligence show higher revenue growth & customer acquisition, according to IDC.
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Let’s talk about #opensource using as starting point @twerske’s talk “Developing in open-source” held at #CodemotionMilan22

A thread 🧵
Thinking about the #opensource concept itself you can’t not refer to the #community behind it which will enjoy the benefits of the OS itself.
Dealing with @Wikipedia, #opensorce means: “copyright free software liberally editable by anyone”. It’ a very superficial interpretation of something that over the years has become a true state of mind.
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Les comparto una lista de FW (CORTA-FUEGO) algunos son los más utilizados en el mercado de la seguridad informática/ciberseguridad

En primer lugar @pfsense

Canal en Telegram Image
IPFire es un cortafuegos de código abierto reforzado, versátil y de última generación basado en Linux. Su facilidad de uso, alto rendimiento en cualquier escenario y extensibilidad lo hacen usable para todos. Image
Proteja su red con facilidad

Desde redes privadas virtuales hasta detección de intrusos, proyecto de código abierto Image
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first ever tweet of this #P2P #opensource initiative called #ReRe (regenerative resources) of the nascent #ReFI BR moviment \o/ it aims not only to empathically include everyone, but also establish a totally new #wealth generator based on #commonsship for #web3 at large ... Image
a totally new #web3 wealth generator ? how so ? today´s #blockchain web3 footprint is basically attached to fiat money as it´s main economic grounding and all coordination efforts are done by decentralized protocols that depends on generating through #PoW or/with #PoS consensus
that said #ReRe aims not only to treat all sorts of human #resources (tangigle / intangigle) that you, me and everyone can empathically share as it´s economic grounding - because it´s part of each one`s abundant or idle wealth - but also low cultural barriers for #web3 adoption
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#SCCON22 "#opendata Klassentreffen" organisiert vom "AK Opendata / Open API" startet mit @denkubatorin & Michael Binzen; Agenda; #SCC2022 #SCS22 1/20 ImageImageImageImage
Entwicklung des AK Opendata/Open API; Leitfaden „Open Data – Neue Konzepte erfolgreich umsetzen“…; weitere Dokumente & Leitfäden:… 2/20 Image
Next "Aktuelles aus der @KAS_Thueringen" von Dr. Pencho Kuzev: klares Statement im Koalitionsvertrag; Rechtsanspruch auf #opendata; aktuell evolutionäre Veränderungen; unterambitionierte Landes-Info-Gesetze; 2. #opendata Gesetz mit guten Aspekten - zu jung für Evaluation 3/20 Image
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#SCC2022 Eröffnung der Smart Country Convention 2022 in Berlin (@SmartCountryCon) durch @NancyFaeser / @BMI_Bund: Leitbild für Digitalisierung der deutschen Verwaltung: "Wir wollen einen Staat mit mehr Transparenz & Teilhabe" 1/6
Digitalprogramm mit Kernvorhaben - Ziele ua: alle Verwaltungsleistungen sollen von überall digital genutzt werden können - Österreich hier als Vorbild (Vorteil der zentralen Zuständigkeit für IT Themen im Bund) 2/6
Digitale Identität: Arbeit an grenzüberschreitende Nutzung gemeinsam mit Österreich und anderen EU Ländern; @GovLabDE für interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit; "Digitalcheck" für Gesetze; Zugang zu Daten & Nutzung = Macht/Gerechtigkeits/Teilhabe-Frage 3/6
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Planners, #policymakers, #gis and #dataviz people of twitter, @TrivikV @mikhailsirenko and I released a new #opensource project: CityAccessMap. It's an open source #webapplication that visualizes urban #accessibility insights for almost every city in the globe 🌐.
The web-app uses #OpenData to visualize access to a variety of #essentialservices. By considering where people live, CityAccessMap measures how much of a city's population has access to things like transit/bus stops or health facilities. The app is entirely customizable.
The user can switch services on and off. Here's an example of accessibility to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other health services in Lima, Perú.
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20 Herramientas de análisis de redes, sistemas y aplicaciones para #PENTESTING #Hacking Etico #auditoria #OpenSource GRATUITAS + #CheatSheets. Evaluar y probar sistemas y datos para descubrir riesgos #ciberseguridad y vulnerabilidades.
#Disclaimer: Tools + extendidas #gratuitas
1.#KALI La suite pentester por excelencia. Este framework decenas de herramientas, algunas de las que voy a citar. #CheatSheet…
2.BurpSuite. Network scanner.… Capturar y analizar tráfico. Ejecuta ataques “man in the middle” clásico para interceptar tráfico cifrado. Otros: escaneo vulnerabilidades, crawlers y herramientas de automatización. #CheatSheet:…
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🧵How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

The @OPENDiabetesEU ⤵️
▶️ Katarina Braune is a co-founder
▶️ Patient-led
▶️ 2/3 of the international team live w/#T1D
▶️ #OpenSource #AID data

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #wearenotwaiting @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

#wearenotwaiting movement ⤵️
Because DIY #ClosedLoop systems have been so life-changing for them and their kids, they decided to make it available for all.

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

International consensus statement on #OpenSource automated insulin delivery ⤵️
✅ Published in @TheLancetEndo on Nov 13 2021

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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GitHub Solidity仓库 Top 10🔥


#solidity #web3 #opensource #github #Ethereum
a thread 👇

@solidity_lang 官方维护。



第2名:Full Blockchain Solidity Course with python

面向python开发者的Solidity和区块链课程,由 @PatrickAlphaC @freeCodeCamp @chainlink 维护,是目前最火的区块链课程,包含视频,笔记,和相关资源,适合新人学习。

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Some context re. reported speed of #NorthKorean #missile:

All #ballistic #missiles are #hypersonic (faster than Mach 5) at some point in their flight. N.Germany’s V-2, deployed Sept. 1944, was hypersonic during its boost phase. Intercontinental ballistic missiles (#ICBMs)… 1/n
…, first deployed by the US in 1959, are high-hypersonic (Mach 25) throughout their entire flight. Subsequent decades have witnessed the emergence of “#hypersonic#missile systems that can maneuver instead of following a fixed parabolic trajectory, including #ASBMs, #HGVs 2/n
…and air-breathing supersonic combustion ramjets (#scramjets). The US investigated maneuvering re-entry vehicles in the late 1970s, the #SovietUnion #HGVs in the mid-1980s; both failed. In 1981, the US fielded the #PershingII medium-range #ballistic #missile (#MRBM), whose… 3/n
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On #biocompute news, $TSLA Tesla AI day gave some technical details on how they do their training and video labelling. It seems $NVDA Nvidia GPUs are the norm, with a 14,000 HPC heavily optimised on the software side. #pytorch #AVX2 #CUDA #SMT #smol #CUDNN Image
None of this is for the purpose of #Bioinformatics applications, rather here it's for Full Self-Driving software, but the technical details show some choices for high-throughput #AI training that one could compare to the #ComputationalBiology #ComputeAcceleration world.
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