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It’s here! The @NHSCOVID19app for England and Wales is going live today. It will help each of us to keep our loved ones safe.

It also keeps our personal information private.

To get it:
• iOS:…
• Android:…

Here’s how it works:

1/ Mobile phone, with NHS COVI...
@NHSCOVID19app Exposure notification: Using Apple & Google’s Exposure Notification APIs, your phone pays attention to when you’re within 2 meters of someone for more than 15 minutes.

How it protects your privacy:

2/ People near each other, wit...
@NHSCOVID19app Local risk scores: Using the postcode district (the first half of the postcode) that you give the app — the only info it has about you — it shows you the COVID-19 risk score for your area. This lets you plan to keep yourself safe.

3/ A mobile phone with informa...
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Providing just a single least-cost solution underplays an immense degree of freedom when planning future energy systems.

There are many near-optimal alternatives with attractive properties like social acceptance due to less onshore wind capacity or limited grid reinforcement.
Highlights below, or read full paper at… or last year's preprint

With @nworbmot @KITKarlsruhe @Helmholtz

Kudos to the pioneers @jfdecarolis and @etrutnevyte!
We systematically explored the decision space of a European power system model based on wind and solar that co-optimises generation, storage and grid infrastructure.

We look at how the capacities of each technology can deviate if the costs are epsilon % away from the optimum.
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Today I was on a domain that should only be available via BasicAuth. Then I was really scared when I did not have to login. Even in incognito mode the page was visible without login. Is my BasicAuth broken? Turns out: No, but @Bitwarden has automatically logged in for me. 1/6
Bitwarden sends the HTTP Authorization Header automatically. The HTTP Authorization request header contains the credentials to authenticate a user with a server. This happens even if auto-fill is disabled. Not so tragic, one might think. But it's getting worse. 2/6
#Bitwarden use "Base domain" as a default URI match detection (…). That means: bad\.example\.com is the same as good\.example\.com. So, Bitwarden might automatically (!!) leaks my passwords to other subdomains. 3/6
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1. Deadline in 1 hour - 5pm PST to make comments on the @LACountyRRCC #Voting system known as #VSAP #VotingSolutionsforAllPeople. You can email Sect of State Alex Padilla @AlexPadilla4CA at - right now! & for the next hour. #SecurityFail #LAVotes
2. We're asking @CASOSvote @AlexPadilla4CA & LA Supervisors @HildaSolis @mridleythomas @SheilaKuehl @SupJaniceHahn @kathrynbarger to repair the dangerous risky #Security flaws in the #VSAP system prior to any further certification. Petition here… #LAVotes
3. What is wrong with the "Voting Solutions for All People?" It sounds so perfect. If only the system was as good as the name. A coalition of good govt groups signed a letter detailing some of the problems that need to be addressed:… #LAVotes #SecurityFail
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It always amazes me how people these days mostly seem to get that:
- NGOs don't need business models.
- #OpenSource projects don't need business models.
They also mostly get that:
- Products need business models.
- Competent contributors and companies need business models (unless the former are independently wealthy).
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I’m gonna use this Tweet as a way to illustrate how to get a simple data project up and running in R studio while also cross-checking the results listed in this Tweet.

1. All materials will be free and easily available online.

2. I have pretty severe dyscalculia, so I'm probably not going to get the numbers right the first couple times.😅

3. There is no course fee. I hate people who charge others to learn the basics of programming.😒
Ok, so, first off, let's click a NON-amp link >:P to the USA Today article.…
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👇1/X: A thread on why #opensource financial tools consisting of local apps that protect your #privacy are a necessity in today's world of constant hacks and data leaks.


In a world dominated by closed source SaaS someone has to freaking say it!👹
2/X: What does #opensource mean? Why should the user care?

Opensource means that the tool is #transparent and #auditable about what it does. The code is open for all to see and judge.

The user can then verify (probably through other experts) that all claims of the tool are true
3/X: What does "protecting your privacy" mean?

Protecting your privacy DOES NOT MEAN having a freaking privacy policy🤦💩

No organization intends to leak user data. Yet it happens all the time

Financial data are among the most sensitive data we got. Hacks can lead to targeting
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This is a paper about mapping volcanic ash clouds. Mapping volcanic ash clouds is hard. See the end of this blog post for details:… TL;DR you can use satellites or computer simulations but both have limitations. Simulations depend on good input data. 1/
The most important input for a simulation of volcanic ash dispersion is plume height. Particles released from higher travel further and in different directions to those below. But there is a more important reason... 2/
The plume height is used to estimate how much ash is being released - the Mass Eruption Rate (MER). MER is proportional to plume height to the power of 4, so a small change in height goes a long way. A 6 km high plume has an MER of 2x a 5 km high plume. 3/
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1/ Hi #energytwitter, I'm excited to share my thoughts on the changing role of #electricity #storage in the #renewable #energy transition in my new @Joule_CP Commentary! @CellPressNews 🔋…

A little thread ⬇️
2/ I discuss three strands of the literature, and illustrate how the main driver for (bulk) electricity storage deployment shifts from taking up renewable surplus generation to supplying peak residual load when the renewable share increases (and what changes with sector coupling)
3/ I do so with residual load duration curves (RLDC) from a stylized #opensource model. The RL in one hour is the electric load during this hour, minus the potential generation of variable renewables. A RLDC sorts all hourly RL values of a full year in descending order🤓
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Time for a quick introduction to @QuPath in tweetorial form.

First up: a little background on how QuPath differs from other great #opensource tools for #bioimageanalysis like @FijiSc & @CellProfiler - and how to get started viewing images. 1/12
QuPath's most obvious distinguishing feature is that it handles whole slide images. These are ultra-large 2D images, often up to 50 GB in size.

Whole slide images are everywhere in #digitalpathology & increasingly common in research. 2/12
A single whole slide image can be more than 200k x 100k pixels in size & contain a huge amount of information that matters to researchers & clinicians.

The trouble is trying to wring that information out of billions of pixels. 3/12
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1/15 We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the @OrchidProtocol community about our journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.
2/15 The Orchid team are Web1-3 OGs and #opensource advocates. I worked @SunMicrosystems in the 2000s & co-founded @PanteraCapital, @saurik built Cydia, core to the iPhone jailbreaking movement, @brianjfox is the author of GNU Bash shell, & @classygustav was an #Ethereum core dev
3/15 In 2017, disheartened by Web2 business models incentivizing companies to track and sell our data, we began a mission together to restore the Web's original promise. Our vision is of an Internet where users can explore and access information freely.
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The #COVID19 pandemic has led to a number of questionable research practices which a full adherence to #openscience could have avoided. Researchers, co-sign if you agree.
Please RT! #openaccess #OpenSource
The pandemic has seen a surge in the number of preprints shared but also in the number of questionable practices that helped the sharing of unvalidated findings and dangerous claims about potential treatments.
We thus decided to check the COVID-19 literature for some of the issues we thought could plague it. We looked for potential editorial conflicts of interest in the fast-track reviews, or the share of preprints in the media.
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A thread on #forestloss in #ArunachalPradesh based on a paper @AparajitaDatta4, D. Parashuram and I published in June 2020 in Silva Fennica - "a scientific online journal, whichh publishes significant new knowledge on forest sciences."👇
Our paper "Persistent loss of biologically-rich tropical forests in the Indian Eastern Himalaya"
is available here:
The motivation behind this paper was many fold.
1. Deforestation in Papum RF in Pakke Kessang District was rampant since 2000.
2. We needed scientific evidence to support on-ground observations of forest loss reported. We just didn't know how much area is being lost but the scale was clearly immense based on news reports:…
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Just had a wild idea, so bear with me:
Imagine an #opensource #cryptocrowdfunding model for software products, the kind you buy from @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud and also the smaller players like @digitalocean and @Rackspace m, where there are no hardware licenses. 1/
You don’t even have to run the software or have access to the hardware running it in this model. Instead of #softwarelicensing, #developers set #crypto #staking thresholds which act as #digitalaccesscontroltokens; #stake x of whichever #Crypto, or y of another, with a discount 2/
when using the project’s #sidechain. So you get staking setup, and essentially get #APIkeys which allow you to join the network in r/w mode. Or you could say to heck with all that, I just want to pay someone. You can pay the network directly to do the work the software does. 3/
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Grassroots-Democratic Multi-National Socialism (#GrDMNS)

This is the name of my political philosophy, on which the political parties & movement, #Contrapot, I am initiating is based.

#Contrapot in opposition to #MeltingPot, which is the political philosophy of #BigBrother.
BB's political philosophy of post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY is Orwellian newspeak for a global melting pot, the destroyer of genuine human diversity (a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation). It goes to opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology.
My purpose is to liberate humanity from its enslavement to Big Brother & #TheMatrix of state & capital, & create a more just, humane, democratic &, above all, SUSTAINABLE, alternative to the existing world order on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth. Image
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Two announcements this week worth reflecting on:

1) Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative for permanently attaching sources and details to an image

2) University of Chicago's Fawkes tool to disguise photos with pixel-level changes that confuse facial recognition systems.
Adobe CAI:…
(with namedrop of @guardianproject's work!)

UofC Fawkes:…
It is encouraging to see energy being invested into resistance-at-scale against the mining, scraping, and manipulation of images by AI and bad actors. Particularly in absence of a strong privacy law, this kind of effort is sorely needed.

Both are #opensource, happily.
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Today in @Akien's ramblings:

How to make a #FOSS project successful?

(Or more truthfully, some factors of @godotengine's success story, and what are key takeaways to reproduce it?)

A thread ⬇️
@Akien My focus here will be quite specific to non-profit, non-corporate #FOSS projects.

#FOSS projects run by companies, with their own employees paid to write and maintain open source code, have their own dynamics which I won't cover here into detail.
@Akien With @reduzio (creator of @godotengine), we often get asked about the secret recipe for #FOSS success.

Godot was released as a rough, niche engine in 2014, and grew exponentially with ever more users, contributors, and now paid devs, to go rival proprietary alternatives.
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🛑 Petites explications sur les tests en statistique pour montrer ce qui se cache derrière le feuilleton sur l’hydroxychloroquine et l’IHU de Marseille.

#Raoult #covid19 #coronavirus #économie #science #santé #vaccin #MondeAprès #commissiondenquete #macron
Un test statistique sert à savoir si les données d’une expérience scientifique (essai clinique, …), comme par exemple de savoir si on peut guérir de la Covid19 avec l’hydroxychloroquine et l’azithromycine (HCQ-AZ), sont cohérentes.
Si, pour 10 patients atteints de Covid19, je traite 5 patients avec HCQ-AZ et 5 avec des soins standards, et qu’il a 3 patients qui guérissent dans le groupe HCQ-AZ et 2 patients qui guérissent dans le deuxième groupe ; je peux supposer que HCQ-AZ fonctionne.
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some tips from my talk on "Staying Sane While Working From Home"

also known as "Building Sustainable Remote-Work Culture"

delivered twice now inside MS and once at Camp Cloud Native - and I'd be happy to give again!

a short 🧵
1. combines my experience from ~15y in #opensource w/ feedback from ~30 colleagues who responded to my survey

2. OSS community have been decentralized & WFH for decades

This doesn't mean we know how to stay sane during a pandemic tho!
3. I kinda made this work at my first job by accident. Why?

3a. we were all gamers! used to text chat. socialized outside work hours (in MMO's)!

3b. we still met f2f for "hard conversations" -- necessary for non-verbal-communication!
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Ohne die News völlig verdaut zu haben, klingt das neue #OpenUsageCommons-Modell für mich nach einem Versuch seitens #Google zu sagen: "Hey, wir sind cool & können #OpenSource noch viel besser als ihr! Wir kümmern uns sogar um Markenrechte!". Wie relevant ist das überhaupt? 1/4
Wenn selbst #IBM (…) es irgendwie nicht ganz so gut findet, wie #Google mit #Istio und dem Governance-Prozess umgeht, sollte man vielleicht mal überdenken, was man da so tut ... 3/4
Die Übergabe an die #CNCF war ja offenbar gewünscht, zumindest von #IBM (& d. Community). Ergibt auch Sinn, wenn man bedenkt, wie wichtig der #CNCF-Stempel in der Community ist. Hätte wahrscheinlich den Stellenwert von #Istio in der Community wieder etwas steigen lassen. 3/4
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Why Are you Qualified? #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
What is Verus #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
What is ZKE Privacy? #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
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Ab heute gibts die #CoronaWarnApp - ich hab sie installiert, denn ich halte sie für datensparsam u hinreichend sicher, aber vor allem für eine App im Sinne des Gemeinwohls, mit der ich einen Beitrag zum Schutze Dritter leiste. Für ein #CoronaApp Gesetz werde ich weiter kämpfen.
Thread: Pressekonferenz zur #CoronaWarnApp: @HBraun lobt: sie sei nicht die 1. Corona App weltweit, aber vielleicht die beste von allen (da könnte HB sogar Recht haben). Er betont die Absicht, größt mögliches Vertrauen zu schaffen, deshalb: absolut freiwillig u datensparsam.
Weiter @HBraun: "maximale Transparenz u konsequenter Open Source Ansatz bei d Entwicklung der #CoronaWarnApp haben Vertrauen erhöht aber auch zu Qualitätsverbesserung beigetragen."
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Presenting a virtual poster this summer? Here are some tips for how to create a #bettervirtualposter, with examples our lab [1/thread]
Using the usual poster template, even a @mikemorrison #betterposter, just doesn’t fit for a virtual poster session, since we will not be standing in front our posters. [2/thread]
Landscape format pdfs require scrolling both vertically and horizontally - not great. We wanted something with vertical-only scroll, that would adapt to different devices (phone/tablet/computer) and which would allow integrated media and hyperlinks [3/thread]
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