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20 Jul
Check out our latest preprint: the relevance of pedigrees in the conservation genomics era bit.ly/3wCO7DH. TLDR: it’s not either/or when it comes to #pedigrees & #genomics. Having both helps researchers address more conservation questions than one data set alone. 🧡 1/10
Conservation #genetics 🧬 has developed a substantive toolbox πŸ”§ to inform species management. While much discussion has been dedicated towards genomic advances, there remains one long-standing tool in #ConGen that is often overlooked: the pedigree. 2/10
Pedigrees have been used to understand and manage diversity in threatened populations for decades. But, caveats like assumed founder relatedness, missing data, and errors can make them tricky to use. See Forsdick et al (ecoevorxiv.org/7bnjw/) for more. 3/10
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4 Feb 20
We are excited to share our pub in #EvolutionaryApplications bit.ly/2GH3tzr comparing relatedness estimates for pairing recommendations in critically #endangered #birds from #Aotearoa #NZ πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ. See this #SciComm 🧡 for more! #Conservation #Genomics #ConGen #ConSERTeam 1/13
Around the 🌏, #conservation breeding programmes strategically pair the least related individuals to enhance recovery. This is like #Tinder for threatened species, only more information goes into pairing than swiping ⬅️ or ➑️. See my #3MT for more! 2/13

It’s important to get the relatedness value right for pairing, because mating between close relatives can result in negative fitness consequences, like ⬇️ hatching success 🐣(see bit.ly/3b4IILO). 3/13
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15 Jan 19
Exciting #ConSERTeam news! Our paper demonstrating the utility of closely-related reference genomes 🧬 for #conservation (Galla & Forsdick et al. 2019 @sgalla32 @NatForsdick @testeeves bit.ly/2Hj72z1) was published in @Genes_MDPI @MDPIOpenAccess. #ConGen 1/13
No longer just a promise (bit.ly/2SMXehV), the #ConservationGenomics revolution is here: #genomics is adding awesome tools to the #conservation tool box to inform the management of some of the world’s most threatened species. 2/13
One such tool is a reference #genome. Think of it as the picture of a completed puzzle on a puzzle box. Having a picture means genomic reads (puzzle pieces 🧩) can be placed correctly, allowing effective ID of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). 3/13
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