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🧵 "Transient dynamics: the key to ecological understanding"

Today's Colloquium by SFI External Professor Alan Hastings (@UCDavis, @theNASciences)

Streaming now on our YouTube channel:

#Ecology #ComplexSystems
@ucdavis @theNASciences "One might say that natural ecological #systems *don't exist anymore*..."

SFI External Prof Alan Hastings @eco_hastings (@UCDavis), criticizes classical approaches to deterministic/equilibrium ecological models, streaming now:

@ucdavis @theNASciences @eco_hastings "The long-term behavior of the #epidemic is not what you want to focus on. Let's focus instead on dynamics at shorter timescales."

SFI External Prof Alan Hastings @eco_hastings
(@UCDavis), criticizes conventional ecological models, streaming now:
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#Hosana you deserved to live your life wild & free. You fought hard to survive at a young age & became a successful beloved young leopard. I am sorry you were murdered by humans meant to protect you. This must never happen again. In a drainage ditch at dawn? Just NO. #wildearth
If anti #poachers can kill a wild habituated leopard in his own domain in a drainage ditch at dawn then I no longer believe in #conservation or the mission of #wildearth. RIP #Hosana you were loved more than #cecilthelion May the #sabisands learn from your death & never repeat it
Sabi Sands Wildtuin says the killing of #hosana was investigated & conclude all safety protocols were followed. When was he killed? What exactly happened? A beloved HABITUATED (for 💰) leopard was executed by the #sabisands proving humans & wild animals cannot coexist. #wildearth
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👉Suite à mon travail postdoctoral sur le sujet au @cefemontpellier @twitthair1, un premier petit thread documenté sur un sujet brulant : l’#éolien et ses #impacts sur la #biodiversité. [partie 1/2]
2/24 - Il ne s’agit pas ici d’être « pour » ou « contre » le développement éolien, juste d’apporter des éléments de connaissances scientifiques publiés sur la question.
3/24 - En France, la loi de #transitionenergetique pour la croissance verte, promulguée le 18 août 2015, s’est fixée pour objectif d’atteindre 32 % d’#énergies #renouvelables dans la consommation totale d’énergie à l’horizon 2030.
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Drones, Fitbits and AI, oh my: Happy #WorldPenguinDay! Come learn about how #NSFfunded researchers from @PointBlueConSci study Adélie penguins at one of the windiest locations on Earth. #takeoverNSF

📸: @ae_schmidty
Can you guess what an Adélie penguin 🐧 and a salmon 🐟 have in common? #WorldPenguinDay

📷Matthias Breiter

Both of these charismatic species exhibit what scientists call “natal philopatry,” which means they return to their birthplaces to breed!

Adélies often end up building their pebble nests very close to where they hatched. #takeoverNSF
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🌧️At 11am PST we'll be looking at the ramifications for California of what is the worst #drought to hit the western US in over a millennium. Follow via FB Live and @EthnicMediaSvc
Learn more 👉 Image
Welcome to today's briefing, "Not a Drop to Drink: California Faces Worst #Drought in 1,200 Years." You can follow the conversation via FB Live #EarthDay
Our first speaker today is @rajendrashende, Chairman, @terreindia and former director of the United Nations Environment Program, who will be speaking about the global impacts of the #drought
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1. #NgarachuSoil
The study of soil organic carbon levels is important in understanding optimal #SoilHealth when dealing with #conservation.

This involves both the chemical and physical properties of the #soil
2. #NgarachuSoil
Within #StokeParkEstate, an investigation was carried out to find out whether Total Organic Carbon (TOC), and Total Carbon (TC) vary in land type;

Woodland and Meadow🏞️
3. #NgarachuSoil
It was found that both TOC and TC levels had a visible dip from woodland to meadow between the 0 and 20m distance that was measured.

However, the results did not show a consistent decrease in both variables in the 25metres measured from woodland to meadow.
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can, we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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As always, context matters! This only applies to Australian Humpback whales. Other populations are still listed as #endangered by the USA & all are in @CITES Appendix I. The @IUCNRedList assessed Humpback whales as a Least Concern species for #conservation…
I also find this interesting because I often see people who study #conservation & #WildlifeTrade argue that CITES and US Endangered Species Act listings should all mirror the IUCN Red List assessments. But I doubt the same people would agree when it means removing protections...
Necessary Reminder: Each of these 3 systems are independent processes because each serves a unique purpose. They can overlap & feed into one another, but to assume they should always agree is to misunderstand the policies & processes they represent #WildlifeTrade #ScienceTwitter
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¹Hello! Your friendly birder here introducing you to another cool grp of birds
¹Red-faced Mousebird
²Speckled Mousebird
This is 2 of the 3 in southern Africa
Like their name, they have cool similarities with mice. They hang out in grps clamoring on trees like mice..
²they are grey with long tails, a crest and short legs adapted for tree crawling. If you watch them on trees, get do look like mice🐀
There are 6 spp of Mousebird & all are confined to Africa. They are evolutionary distinct & special (someone can add here)
³they eat a wide variety but mostly fruit. They like to huddle together to keep warm. From time to time, you can see them on tree tops seemingly basking in the sun.
Cool fact: they bask in the sun with their bellies facing out to help with digestion...fermantative digestion 😉
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New #openaccess paper by @Vale_Fiasco & me in @ConservandSoc exploring how human-wildlife #coexistence is conceptualised & practiced among conservation professionals, & what this means for #transformation in #biodiversity #conservation… A thread… 1/6:
We identify coexistence as a #buzzword that is meaningful for many professionals and reflects a 'hopeful mission' towards #transformation in #biodiversity #conservation 2/6
#coexistence means very different things to different groups of practitioners, activists, and academics – from human-wildlife conflict mitigation, to co-adaptation, to a way of prioritising the practices and knowledge of indigenous peoples and local communities 3/6
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After watching #PushpaTheRule based on illegal smuggling of Red Sanders, many stories including cracking the then biggest international gang, getting its kingpin,who was a Moreh based Tamil, arrested from Chennai and interrogating him at Raipur almost a decade back got refreshed.
Red Sanders have being seized by Forests, Police, DRI, Customs, Border Guarding Forces from every corners of the country. Names like Kaza, Moreh, Nathula and Nyoma will ring the bell of how it is smuggled through some of the remotest part of the country. PC-Net
Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus) is only found in India and is endemic to a small pocket of Andhra Pradesh spreading mainly in Cudapa, Chittor, Nellore, Kurnool and Prakasam districts. #UPSC
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Remembering Collarwali - A Thread

1. India's Supermom Tigress 'Collarwali' (One with a Collar) passed away on January 16th, 2022. 1/9

Pic credits @ParveenKaswan, thank you, sir!

#Collarwali #pench #conservation #incredibleindia #wildlifesafari
2. She was the famous tigress of Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR) popularly known as 'supermom' for giving birth to 29 cubs, over the course of 16 years. 2/9
3. Born T-15, the daughter of Badi Mada, she became one of India's best-known tigers after appearing in the BBC Wildlife documentary film - Spy in the Jungle. 3/9
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People often ask me why so much of what I post is about trophy hunting, rather than other topics to do with #lions & #conservation. So a short thread on why I engage heavily with this issue - much as I would rather not! (1/n)
Firstly - and sadly, it is the 'threat' that gets far & away the most media attention, despite being one of the lowest-ranked threats to lions according to experts, & the fact it can also have clear benefits, esp habitat conservation. So stressing facts really matters here (2/n)
Here, to remind people, is the graph from a recent paper on key threats to lions. I wish beyond measure that NGOs, the media, public & politicians would focus on some of these key threats, like habitat loss & conflict, but it is all about trophy hunting (TH), so here we are (3/n)
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Indeed, appalling that @ZacGoldsmith stated on R4 that he had seen no evidence of #conservation benefits of #TrophyHunting. We at @LionLandscapes submitted peer-reviewed examples through the Call for Evidence - was that ignored? Sure @AdamHartScience & others also provided plenty
@ZacGoldsmith either you didn't read the evidence submitted, or are sharing #misinformation based on a personal ideology - either option is shocking. Here is our submitted evidence again, perhaps others could weigh in & reshare theirs too, so you have it?…
Meanwhile we also wrote a very extensive & detailed report, commissioned by @RoryStewartUK when he was Minister, on the topic of lion trophy hunting, showing conservation costs & benefits. I shared this with @ZacGoldsmith in person but here it is once more…
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On the banks of Vennar River, in the districts of Thanjavur, lies a small village called Kallaperumbur, home to two temples of antiquity - Brihannayaki Sametha Kailasanathar (A Shiva Temple) and the Varadaraja Perumal (A Vishnu Temple). (1/6)
With the inscriptions found in the dilapidated gopuram of the Shiva Temple (Image 2), we can trace back this temple to the period of Kulottunga Chola of the 12th /13th century. (2/6)
The Temple is a vast complex with sanctums for the Parivara Daivatas including Nruthi, Vinayagar, Subhramnaya and a separate sanctum outside the main complex for the Goddess. A small niche on the outer walls of the Maha Mandapa has a sculpture of Natraja and Parvati. (3/6)
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💥 New species alert!💥

Meet Cambarus ectopistes, the Cataloochee Crayfish, which as of this weekend became the newest addition to North Carolina and Tennessee's named crayfish fauna. Described by me & Dr. Zachary Loughman (@westlibertyu) this species represents sooo much. 1/7
The species epithet 'ectopistes' may seem familiar; it's the genus of the extinct passenger pigeon. We chose this name for two reasons: 1. one of the 3 disjunct populations of C. ectopistes occurs in the Pigeon River (PR), which was a major flyway for the passenger pigeon. 2/7
and 2. we wanted to emphasize the need for broader education about the conservation concerns and needs of crayfishes in general. DYK, despite the critical role crayfishes play in aquatic ecosystems, they are one the most imperiled groups of freshwater organisms? 3/7
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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1. #BOUasm21 #BREAK1 Light pollution is devastating for #seabirds 💡It causes disorientation, fallout and deck strike/collisions. Our team @NNZST @ScienceUoA investigated if certain types of lights were more attractive to seabirds from their visual perspective!👁️🐦 #ornithology
2. #BOUasm21 #BREAK1 New Zealand is a #seabird hotspot with >25% of global seabird species. 26 species (mainly Procellariformes) breed in the Hauraki Gulf. Our team researched seabird light attraction at 3 islands and 1 peninsula in the Hauraki Gulf💡🐦#ornithology #conservation
3. #BOUasm21 #BREAK1 We used 6 types of boat lights, measured the irradiance, shone them randomly into the night sky, and counted the number of #seabirds visiting the light💡Each light was shone individually for 10 minutes followed by a dark control period for seabirds to adjust
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We are delighted to release a series of short films at #COP26 showcasing UK #NatureBasedSolutions in action. The 3 documentaries explore working with #nature from rivers to coast, in cities and in the highlands of Scotland.
Read more in our press release👇… Image
The films explore how working with #nature & #biodiversity (restoring, connecting & protecting #naturalhabitat) can provide #NatureBasedSolutions to causes & consequences of #climatechange + create jobs, support #economicrecovery & provide mental & physical health benefits. Image
The @NatureBasedSols films are led by conversations with #localpeople involved in or affected by the projects, including farmers, businesses & #conservation organisations, complemented by interviews with world leading #climate scientists and #biodiversity experts. Image
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1/5 #SeaTurtleTalks #TurtleTuesday Ex-situ #conservation in hatcheries is a successful strategy for the recovery of sea turtle populations; but alters biological systems important for hatchling survival. We assessed the effect of ex-situ management on the IIR in olive ridley
2/5 The innate immune response (IIR) was evaluated by spleen histology and the heterophile/lymphocyte ratio. Additionally, morphometry was performed, gonadal sex was determined and sand temperature was recorded during the incubation period.
3/5 Hatchlings from ex-situ nests were heavier, larger and showed a greater spleen-somatic index. They also showed more and better defined periarteriolar lymphoid sheaths (PALS), as well as a higher H/L ratio than those from in-situ nests.
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1/7 #SeaTurtleTalks
Automatic identification of immature green turtle behavior from accelerometer reveals key marine conservation area in the Caribbean

Accelerometer records animal movement & body posture. Signal interpretation can be difficult & limits its use on #seaturtle
2/7 We deployed multi-sensor recorders (accelerometer, gyroscope and time-depth recorder) combined with animal-borne video-recorder to validate the signal on immature green turtles in Martinique.
3/7 From labelled signals, we trained a #deeplearning algorithm, #Vnet, to automatically identify green turtle #behavior.

🚩High ability to detect behaviors with low discriminative signals such as Feeding and Scratching, and precision down to one centi-second. #rblt
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#LandGovernance: Today is DAY 1 of the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa short course.

The class of 2021 comprises 88 land professionals from 29 African countries.

Thread 👇

Read more:
@NELGA_AU @PLAASuwc @UWConline @ECA_OFFICIAL @giz_gmbh
Colonial conceptions of customary tenure continue to inform conceptions of the customary today. The "customary" is not fixed from some time immemorial; it has been reshaped for ideological & political purposes.

Prof. Kojo Amanor, African Studies, Ghana
@UnivofGh @IASUG Image
@UnivofGh @IASUG It's thrilling to get to know the land officials, activists, professionals and academics from across the continent.... The next generation of African land expertise.

The Political Economy of #LandGovernance in Africa short course - now online. Image
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🚨New paper! 🚨

Email me for PDF (

.@rini_rants and I interrogate the value and purpose of global maps in #conservation 👉 Image
It's no secret that conservation science (and journals, and the media) loves a good global map - and there's a lot of them. We found >150 global priority maps published since 2000 (and that's DEFINITELY an UNDERestimate) Image
So what? Maps can be super useful, and salient, and have helped (and continue to do so) raise awareness and $ for #conservation

But is there a risk we're overestimating their value? Image
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