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Science behind Gowtram Genetics - Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gowtra? What is Gowtram system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the gowtram of father, why not daughter?
How/why does gowtra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? In fact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the science of genetics behind gowtra systems.
The word GOWTRA formed from two Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gowtra means cowshed. Gowtra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gowtra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great MahaRishis (Saptarishis + Bharadwaja MahaRishi). All the other gowtras were evolved from these only.
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#Obesity is killing Americans
#Obesity increases risk for death from #covid #covid19
#Obesity is a disease
#Obesity is associated with over 200 other medical conditions
#Obesity is usually & eventually unhealthy
#Obesity & those with it should never be shamed or stigmatized
#Obesity is mostly dictated by #genetics & environment
#Obesity is ignored by politicians
#Obesity occurs in 42% of Americans
#Obesity and people with it are ignored, shamed, humiliated, and discriminated against
#Obesity may occur after psychological trauma 2/
#Obesity is worse because we do not address it as a society
#Obesity is worse from eating unhealthy #food
#Obesity is worse because we exercise too little
#Obesity is worse because we create an environment that propagates obesity
#Obesity is a political issue 3/
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A must-read!

#EPeeps #Europace - Supplement Issue

A dedication to Prof Harry Crijns

#Innovations and #Paradigm Shifts in #AFib Management”

Now online👉🏻

@EHRAPresident @escardio @ESC_Journals

@GerdHindricks @ABollmannMD
@kvernooy @JordiHeijman
Role of #genetics in atrial fibrillation management

By M Rienstra, @patrick_ellinor et al.

Paradigm shifts in electrophysiological mechanisms of atrial fibrillation

By U Schotten, @stefzeemering et al.
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Our @covid19_hgi flagship paper is OUT NOW on medrxiv!…

In numbers:
50,000 SARS-COV-2 patients
46 participating studies
19 countries represented
15 loci identified
2,870 authors

#Covid19 #Genetics #Sarscov2 #immunology #scicomm #DNA
Our study objective was to form a global network of investigators to identify genetic factors influencing SARS-COV-2 infection and severe manifestations of COVID-19.
We defined 3 COVID-19 phenotypes:
(1) critically ill needing respiratory support
(2) hospitalized
(3) all reported infections incl. asymptomatic and mild cases
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Today, on #InternationalWomensDay I'd like to celebrate 10 amazing academics who've changed the fields of #STS #STEM and social sciences, and made significant impact on my own research. Follow them, come work with them, read and cite their work! #WomensDay #AcademicTwitter
Alondra Nelson @alondra is the first #STS scholar to have become a science advisor to the President of the United States. Prof. Nelson is recognized for her pioneering studies of #genetics #race and #technology and for years she's worked to support social sciences in the US.
Shoshana Zuboff @shoshanazuboff. Everyone's read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. It is in Prof. Zuboff's terms that we all discuss #BigTech and the privacy crisis that challenges our democratic institutions. #SurveillanceCapitalism
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Amazon has removed this interesting book as part of their social "justice" campaign so I'll be quoting it here.

"Fuerle’s Erectus Walks Among Us is another example of race-realist scholarship that could not have found a place in today’s mainstream."
"Erectus Walks Among Us is several books in one, all written from a firmly race-realist perspective. It is a primer on evolution and genetics, a catalog of how populations differ, an introduction to sociobiology and the concept of genetic interests, and a plea for white survival"
"Mr. Fuerle is not a paleoanthropologist — he is a polymath with degrees in math, law, economics, physics and chemistry — but this may be an advantage. He does not share the anti-racist prejudices so common among social scientists, and he has written a clear and engaging book..."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/14/2021…
Dr. Duncan Robertson on Twitter and ThreadReader: We need to treat the new variant as a new pandemic, and recalibrate our response accordingly.…

#COVID19 #variant #epidemic
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Apparently the protein was 1st published in Feb. 1998 by Wolff et al,they called it "Strabismus", a condition which “a disorder of vision due to a deviation from normal orientation of one or both eyes” and is the medical term for ‘cross-eyed’"
Another group published the same protein in September of same year (1998) and called it Van Gogh for whatever reason. A footnote was added which said "We have determined that Van Gogh is allelic to strabismus"…
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Delighted to share our latest work on defining the effects of the HLA on an intermediate phenotype: the T cell repertoire with @Kazu_Ishigaki… #genetics #type1diabetes #rheumatoidarthritis
HLA influence autoimmune risk. 2 non-exclusive hypotheses: i) the peripheral hypothesis, where HLA risk alleles increase binding to antigens ii) the central hypothesis, where HLA risk alleles influence thymic selection to select for antigen reactive T cell receptors (TCRs).
The CDR3 region of TCR recognizes antigens. CDR3 diversity in the repertoire gives the immune system its ability to respond to many antigens. If central hypothesis plays a role in HLA mediated risk, then the HLA alleles might influence CDR3 composition during thymic selection.
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What your are thinking right now is having an impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health. What you are feeling right now is having an impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health.
What emotion you are going through right now is having and impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions impact your biology! If your emotions can bring such a physical and mental change in you, you now know how it’s impacting your genes at a cellular level too! When they say genetic most people give up like there is nothing to do.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/25/2020…
The lasting misery of coronavirus long-haulers…

#COVID19 #misery
Studying gene function in animal models…

#gene #function
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Illumina ($ILMN) Acquires GRAIL: Pros, Cons, & Questions

Earlier today, Illumina announced its intent to acquire cancer-screening company GRAIL for $8 billion, marking its most direct foray into clinical #genetics.

Here's what we think:

I'll begin with some positives (✅).

GRAIL's test (Galleri) is being evaluated in some of the largest clinical studies within genomics. Three of these studies are ongoing:

PATHFINDER (n=6,200; Ends Jan 2022)
STRIVE (n=99,481; Ends May 2025)
SUMMIT (n=50,000; Ends Aug 2030)
I'm basing timelines off of the study completion dates (see below). I'm doing this because I believe the secondary outcome measures are more relevant to commercialization and/or reimbursement, as is the case w/ STRIVE, for example.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/20/2020…
The Pandemic, From the Virus's Point of View…

The World Is Losing the Vaccine Race…

#vaccine #COVID19
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Long Reads and Dark Genes (🧵)

Despite common misconception, we’ve never sequenced 100% of the human #genome.

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in '03, scientists have struggled to fill in numerous small gaps scattered throughout our 23 chromosome pairs. (1/7)
These gaps, sometimes called dark genes, constitute holes in our understanding of #genetics, evolution, and human disease. Dark genes contain long, highly repetitive stretches of DNA that cause short-read sequencers to make errors.

Many of these errors begin during sample preparation, making it difficult or impossible to overcome with software tools. Last week, researchers published a complete copy of chromosome 8—the first non-sex chromosome to be fully sequenced.

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Science behind Gowtra #Genetics
Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gotra? What is Gotra system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the #gowtra of father, why not daughter? @sattology
How/why does gotra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? Infact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the #science of #Genetics behind gotra systems.
The word GOTRA formed from two #Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gotra means #cowshed. Gotra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gotra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great Rishi (#Saptarishi + Bharadwaj Rishi). All the other gotra evolved from these only.
@Mahender_Chem @mamatarsingh
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Immensely proud of bring of bringing some important aspects of #precision #proteomics to @NatureRevGenet with @ksuhre @markmccarthyoxf covering #gwas #pqtls and more… @scilifelab @KTHresearch @ProteinAtlas
We provide insights into procedures, challenges, considerations and opportunities when combing #genetics and #proteomics for more informed, large scale studies of the circulating #proteome . #biobanks #olink #somalogic #massspec #affinityproteomics #epitopes #causality
Am very grateful to @ksuhre and @markmccarthyoxf for joining in on this journey and making this a wonderful experience over three continents, timezones, project and travel schedules!
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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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1) GEFS plus (Genetic Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures plus)
Mildest Benign Form: Normal EEG + IMAGING
1:Simple Febrile Seizures
2:Febrile Seizures Plus
Severe Form: Abnormal EEG + IMAGING
3:Dravet Syndrome
4:Doose Syndrome
2) GEFS plus is a genetic syndrome, Defect in 4 Genes, SCN1A, SCN1B, GABRG2, GABRD. Other seizures with FS Or FS-plus are Absence, atonic, myoclonic, and partial.
Typical convulsive seizures, 6month-6years, with fever 38c' or greater.
3) FS-plus:
Mild form of generalized epilepsy, different presentations.
1:Febrile Seizures continues past 6 years which is upper limit of FS, than decrease gradually.
2:Febrile Seizures and Afebrile seizures upto typical age for Febrile Seizures.(6 months to 6 years).
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Proud to share our new paper!! We explored recent evidence on #epigenetics #transposons and #population #genetics to look beyond the two-speed genome evolution model!! @OggenfussUrsula @danielcroll @MFSeidl…
Genomic compartments specifically benefit plant pathogen lifestyle? Well... genomic compartments occur all across the tree of life @OggenfussUrsula @MFSeidl @danielcroll Image
Then, they are a consequence of #transposon insertions and accumulation? Or a consequence of #chromatin organization? Probably both! @OggenfussUrsula @danielcroll @MFSeidl Image
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The Tricky Math of COVID-19 Herd Immunity | Quanta Magazine…

The implications of silent transmission for the control of COVID-19 outbreaks | PNAS…

#control #coronavirus #transmission
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"This is due primarily down to structural and historic factors, rather than #genetics, with centuries of #injustice leading to a myriad of #economic and #medical inequalities.."

by @AlanRMacLeod… #racism #inequality #Injustice
In this segment of our #podacst, #Mintcast, @Alanmacleod discusses how #COVID19 became a boon for the ultra-wealthy and allowed America’s billionaires to accrue more #wealth in just 3 weeks of #lockdown than they made in total prior to 1980.… #coronavirus
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