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We are a think and do tank that supports the development of new models of managing land for the common good. We make land work for everyone. #CommonGoodLand
3 Mar
Today we’re discussing soil care as part the #urbanisinginplace research programme…
Kicking off with @Anna_K_speaking speaking about what it means to care ...
Identifying 4 stages of care:

- identifying the need

- accepting the responsibility to meet it

- identifying how you will provide the care

- assessing how well you have provided the care
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14 Feb
Today we’re at the “Fringe Farming In London” event being run by @UKSustain & @MayorofLondon

Together we’re asking: can we support agro ecological food production in the capital and beyond?

#food #agroecology #farming #periurban
One key question is what is the role of #greenbelt - 22% of London’s land is greenbelt but it is largely seen as a place of recreation rather than as a place of production
Brian from @organiclea suggests the idea of not just a Garden City or a Nation Park City but a Market Garden City....,
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29 Sep 19
The final visit on our London Urbanising In Place meeting .. to @WolvesLane_N22
Getting an informative tour with the ever wonderful @Didara
And closely observed by the guard cat!
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28 Sep 19
Our Urbanising In Place visit isn’t over yet ... tonight we’re back @organiclea to see @ThreeAcresACow
Lovely to see the new @organiclea woodland classroom completed ...
... and to get a bit of fireside time
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27 Sep 19
Today we’re presenting the work we are undertaking for the Urbanising In Place programme and initiating a policy discussion about urban agroecology at the @LondonAssembly
Kicking off with Claire Pritchard from the London Food Board talking about the work of the board
And @sarahwsays from @UKSustain giving a great overview of the food policy context in London
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26 Sep 19
A packed room for our Urbanising in Place workshop at @organiclea on Land, Soils & Nutrients!
Graeme Willis from @CPRE kicking us off with some facts about the importance of soils ... something so fundamental to life that we rarely speak of - other than as ‘dirt’
We have started to realise that we need to care for the quality of our air and water - we need the same awareness about soils
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25 Sep 19
We’re super-excited to be welcoming all our #urbanisinginplace partners from Riga, Brussels and Rosario to @fortyhallfarm for the first day of five sharing knowledge and experience about peri urban farming
Working up a festival atmosphere at @fortyhallfarm #livestock
This morning we’re sharing our action plans for each city for the next 18 months. Our colleagues from Argentina are updating us on the political changes in Rosario and the implications it has the urban agroecology programme there
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10 Mar 19
Day 5 in Rosario with the #Urbanisinginplace project. Today we are visiting the market to see where the farmers we met yesterday are selling their produce.

Follow this #thread to find out about today’s activities!
Sunday is car free day in Rosario. And the quiet streets are being well used by cyclists,skaters and pedestrians - dogs, lots of dogs
This growers works with his parents on a family farm. They provide opportunities for street children to work on the farm, facilitated by the municipality. This is voluntary work they don’t get paid for it.
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9 Mar 19
Day 4 in Rosario with the #Urbanisinginplace project. Today we are visiting peri urban agroecological farms around the city.

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Did you know that the pomegranate peel can be dried and used as a cure for diarrhoea and the seeds for constipation...?! It also contributes to biological control #urban #agroecology
Guava leaves can be used a diuretic and olive leaves can be used to control blood pressure - Reuben takes them to help deal with the stresses of managing the different farmers who grow on the site!
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8 Mar 19
Kicking off day 3 in Rosario. Today we are looking at issues of waste management in Rosario & developing our research strategy for exploring #urban #agroecology in London, Rosario, Riga & Brussels. Follow this #thread to find out about today’s
In Rosario there is a source separated municipal waste system. But the organic waste fraction is often contaminated and not to produce compost fit for agroecological farmers
They are therefore focusing on identifying and securing appropriate waste resources and capturing them before they enter the waste stream
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7 Mar 19
Kicking off day 2 in Rosario with a topical illustration of the interrelationships and tensions of urbanisation #thefightbetweencarnivalandlent
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Today we look at the theory informing our research into #urban #agroecology inc: #periurban spatial & social relationships, #intersectionality & how/who defines value - and how resources are metabolised in the city.
You thought we were just here talking about growing tomatoes didn’t you?
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6 Mar 19
And now the work begins ... kicking off 4 days in Rosario, Argentina as part of the #urbanisinginplace project - learning how Rosario has supported #urban #agroecology - we’ll be posting to this thread over the 4 days ...
The official welcome from the city of Rosario
Finding out about the political realities of supporting #urban #agroecology in the face of economic and development pressures, and increasing industrial production of soya #urbanisinginplace
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