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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/09/2020…
We need to shift our focus from competencies to agency | by Esko Kilpi | Medium…

#agency #competencies
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#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs

#Culture is a key dimension of #SustainableDevelopment

In this thread, we will show how #cities#GoodPractices have significantly contributed to achieving #SDGs as referred in our OBS 🔗 and Guide…
#SDG11 aims at promoting the #sustainable #development of #cities

👉#SDG11 is the Goal that addresses #culture more directly, with Target 11.4 aiming at strengthening efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s #cultural and natural #heritage

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs
👉In #BeitSahour the revitalization of the historic Old City and its related #heritage has contributed to local #identity and #sustainable tourism

✨See good practice here 🔗…

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs #SDG11
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#July #RetailInflation has come@ 6.93% YoY

CPI for April&May,7.22% &6.27%

#Lockdown related supply disruptions led to spike

In hindsight,#RBI's decision not to lower #REPO in Aug meet,stands vindicated

June #CPI revised from 6.09%,to 6.23%&March revised up,from 5.84% to 5.91%
June&March revisions led by revisions in #FoodInflation

For example,revised food inflation in June is 8.72%,Vs earlier figure of 7.87%

#July food inflation@ 9.62% saw a sharp rise,driven by rising meat,fish&vegetable prices

#Rural inflation in July was 7.04%,Vs #Urban@6.84%
Good bit in July inflation number is #FuelInflation@ just 2.8%

#CoreInflation in July,excluding food&energy,is slated to be in 5.8-5.8% range

Core inflation in June was 5%&3.8% in March 2020--Spike in July,gives added reason not to lower #REPO which is at 20 year low,currently
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Engineering a City #thread
Having spent my entire childhood in #Kochi (#Cochin ), it feels criminal to not know the story of how the city came to be the #metropolis it is today. Putting together a thread to trace the journey of the city which has been so endearingly mine (1)
Part 1: The #Malabar Mud-Banks
The story of Cochin is not just about how an engineering marvel can change social fabric, but also of many tenets of #British #Colonialism in India which is often taken for granted, passed off lazily as exploitation, missing nuance (2)
As with any coastal town, the cultural and economic history of Kochi is intertwined with maritime trade routes since the time of the Early Romans and Arabs. Thanks to the #biennale , most of us would now be familiar with the term #Muzuris (3)
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1/ Valuation venture investing myths #urban #legends a #thread for #desi #founders

If you are a #founder or #startup trying to raise a round, here are a few things you should know before you start.

I wish someone had sat me down and had this chat with me when I started.
2/ No one owes you a round.

First things first. I know we want to change the world, we are innovative, we are working on the bleeding edge, but...

No one owe us a round

An investment is a commercial transaction. It needs to make business sense. Without that, there is no deal
3/ Venture funding is not for everyone.

Fund managers need exits and liquidity events.

Investors need downside protection.

The right deals are bets on growth, scale, markets, risk, timing, teams. Often before everyone gets what is on offer. Getting the combo right is difficult
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Forced evictions & demolitions during #Covid_19 in Pakistan.
As “Eviction” contradicts the “stay at home” policy, the United Nations has called on member states & governments at all levels to stop all migrations & evictions at this time of pendamic covid-19.
The recent effects of the #COVIDー19 are causing a lot of problems around the world, especially for people who have suffered significant loss of #income. In such a difficult and critical time, ‘#home’ has become a ‘#defense’ against the #coronavirusPandemic.
States around the world are ordering people to stay “at home” to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But at the same time, many states are at risk of being evicted, while at least 150 million people worldwide are homeless and living on temporary shelters or sidewalks.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/01/2020-2…

CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem…
#human #editing #mayhem #CRISPR #gene
Distributed consent and its impact on privacy and observability in social networks

#distributed #networks #SocialNetworks
Irving Wladawsky-Berger: How Will Covid-19 Transform Urban Life?…

#urban #coronavirus #cities #change
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#summerofcycling goes on:
👉Pop-up bike lanes are the new kids on the block. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
An incomplete summary. Thread ⬇️. Image
cont'd: Pop-up bike lanes (or emergency bike lanes) are temporary cycling infrastructure to help cyclists to maintain spatial distance to minimise the risk of infection and relieve public transport.
@Felix_Weisbrich on #TUMITV about the concept: Image
cont'd: The City of Berlin 🇩🇪 developed so called traffic regulation plans for quick implementation. Companies specializing in road marking are familiar with this type of template and work from construction sites, using markings and cones. Templates:…
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👇THREAD: The data on household food consumption recently released by @nigerianstat is GREAT! We computed some estimates & insights from the dataset @sgyemikale (1/6)

(NB: Data & graphs below are estimates we computed from @nigerianstat data and do not reflect official data)
In 2019, spending on food in #Nigeria was approximately USD 59 billion. Consumers in the geopolitical zones along the #GulfofGuinea account for almost half of national food expenditures...2/6 #foodsystems #fromfarmtotable #urbanization #structuraltransformation #hiddenmiddle Image
The #foodeconomy (household food expenditures) grew 5.2% per year over 2009-10 to 2019-20 in nominal terms. But the share of food in household spending declined from 65 to 57%...3/6 #structuraltransformation #urbanization #foodsystems #fromfarmtotable #hiddenmiddle #Nigeria Image
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'Ram or Rehman'

"Rama" or "Ram" is a major diety in Hindu mythology. He is the 7th Avatar of Lord 'Vishnu' and considered as the 'Supreme Being' and most caring towards other creatures. The famous story of 'Ram & Ravan' is about the same 'Ram'.

Very few people know that instead
of #Ayodhya, where #RamMandir is being built replacing vandalized #BabriMasjid in order to highlight it as Ram's birthplace, a place astride Indus Highway in Pakistan's South Western District #DeraIsmailKhan #KhyberPakhtunkhwa is believed to be the actual birthplace of Ram, by
many in sub continent.
Earlier known 'Ram Dheri' & now as 'Rehman Dheri', the site dates back to almost 3300 years from now, predating #Harrappa (3000 years) & #MohenJoDaro (2500 years). Though utter disenchantment at first sight, the hidden glory lays buried in the sands of time
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#KulturePro Top 5 East HipHop;
1. @eLVeektor – Igbo Landing
(Nsukka – Enugu State)

He teams up with Igbo Rap veteran And signature Head honcho Bosalin on this incredibly significant track called “Igbo Landing” off his new EP.

Elveektor is a force. Get familiar. Image
#KulturePro Top 5 East HipHop;
2. @olaedoparagon - Ndeeri
(Enugu State)

She is A Nigerian Indigenous femcee. She has constantly churned out dope HipHop records and her lyrical prowess earned her some new heights in 2018 as she won Zoros “mbada challenge”. Image
#KulturePro Top 5 East HipHop;
3. @iAmKlarge - Gbado anya
(Abia State)

K Large Beh beh! (As he usually chants on his records) is known for his ferocious, fast paced Rap style similar to that of the legendary Busta Rhymes. Image
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#KulturePro Top 5 South HipHop;
1. @drbarzhimself - Corona Plandemic
(Port Harcourt)

Dr Barz is a revered and fierce Rapper straight outta the Amazing and ever Bubbly PH city!

He is also known for his creative flows and intriguing stage performances. Image
#KulturePro Top 5 South HipHop;
2. TWest – Country people.

Westy comes through with that typical Grit and conscious down south flow on this song dubbed “Country people”. The song is lifted off his just released Project- Westy EP. Image
#KulturePro Top 5 South HipHop;
3. @corizo_el - Down.
Corizo is a Grimy and confident story teller who reps the Legendary Benin City.

He put out his Rap Project “Chronicles of Corizo” this year and has since had his name buzzing. Image
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Don’t we all love fun facts about wildlife? In our #WildAboutFacts series, we bring you some striking images and facts about the animals around us. Let’s begin the series with #Leopards.

Join the discussion and post your #leopard images!

Image: Vinay NP #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are actually the smallest among the genus of big cats. These elusive #cats prefer to hide in trees or in caves during the day.

Image: @rajivkalsi #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are not picky about their food and feed on a wide range of animals. They crouch low and sneak on their prey before attacking them.

Image: Arjun Guha #NiFHiveFeature
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1/x #Bundestagsvizepräsident - der neue AfD-Kandidat

Oh wie schön, die AfD hat ein weiteres Kaninchen aus dem Hut gezaubert. Karsten #Hilse, Polizist aus #Bautzen. Als Direktkandidat in den Bundestag eingezogen. Na da schau ich doch mal, was ich über den finde.

#NoAfD #NoNazis
2/x Oha, #Hilse schwenkt bei Gespräch über Wölfe auf Flüchtlinge um und sagt über sie: "Die große Transformation bringt Mord und Totschlag und Vergewaltigung in nie dagewesenem Ausmaß und eine Verrohung der Gesellschaft."…

#NoAfD #NoNazis
3/x Mit dem Flügel um Björn #Höcke hat #Hilse auch kein Problem. Er war auf einer Flügelveranstaltung und hob die Wichtigkeit von #Höcke, #Kalbitz und #Urban hervor.

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In the first of a ten-part data journalism series on city life in India, @sh_devulapalli analyzes congestion in 300 major arterial roads spread across six largest urban agglomerations of the country #PlainFacts…
@sh_devulapalli In the second part, @sh_devulapalli takes a look at the public transport crisis in India and shows why we can't rely only on the metro to solve our #urban mass-transit challenge (even in Delhi, half the city doesn't have easy access to metro) #PlainFacts…
@sh_devulapalli In the third part, @sh_devulapalli and @Howindialives analyze census data to find migration to southern metros rose in 2001-11 period, even as migrant flows to #Delhi and #Mumbai were ebbing [also most migration from urban areas of own states] #PlainFacts…
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1/7 Eine Zusammenfassung der Kernaussagen zum Artikel v. Hajo Funke (s. u.) in einem Threat, der diejenigen aufrütteln soll, die erwägen, ihr Kreuz bei der #AfD zu machen.…
"Alle drei Spitzenkandidaten – Andreas #Kalbitz, Jörg #Urban u. Björn #Höcke – sind rechtsextrem, teils neo-nationalsozialistisch u. wollen eine Zerstörung des Ganzen, d. „Systems“ wie sie sagen."

Merke: Wer die Zerstörung d. Systems will, wählt auch d. destruktiven Folgen.
"Alle drei Spitzenkandidaten betreiben eine gnadenlose Hetze gg. alle ethnischen u. religiösen Minderheiten".

Merke: Diese Form des Umgangs mit Minderheiten erinnert an das dunkelste Kapitel deutscher Geschichte, das sich nicht wiederholen darf.
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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Appeal to #Hindu Parents: Don’t Let Your #Daughter be the next #Riya/#Maansi/#khhusi.🙏

Recently 3 Hindu girls have been brutally snatched away from Hindu samaj. Their names should be etched in our collective memory: Riya, Maansi, and Khushi. They all fell prey to #Muslim men.
They were all #beautiful: two of them were successful models, and the third was an aspiring air-hostess. They were #modern, #urban, #educated. Khushi had been a finalist in the #Miss_India pageant recently. #LoveJihad 😷
#Maansi had executed several #modelling contracts. #Riya was sure to make it to a top airline as a hostess. They were all below 21. #lovejihad 🔇

#Khushi was only 19,
#Maansi was 20,
#Riya 21 years old.
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Nazi-Sprache beim #Kyffhäuser.
#Kalbitz: „Lasst uns nicht Opfer dieses Individualismus sein, der die ganze Gesellschaft trägt, durchseucht hat, mit ihren Metastasen zersetzt.“
#Kalbitz: "Lasst uns das Gemeinschafts-Prinzip wiederentdecken... das heißt auch mal sich einzuordnen"
#Kalbitz: "Wir werden uns nicht prostituieren in einer Junior-Koalition mit irgendsoeiner CDU.
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Jetzt wird's spannend. #LtwSachsen
Zwei Sitzreihen vor mir: Frauke Petry mit Kind.
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There seems to be a bit of #Bangalore love on Twitter. So here is a a list of books about/on Bangalore that I've either read or enjoyed (in no particular order). Please do share your favourite book(s) other Indian cities. #booksoncities 1/n
Do you have patience? The Gazetteer from the Govt. of Karnataka (…) is a treasure trove. Do read their home page for more information. There is one from 1990 (…) and another from 2016 (…) 2/n
Sharma, Yashaswini. Bangalore: the early city, AD 1537-1799. Diss. Cardiff University, 2012. I have read the thesis from In case you'd like to know how the ಪೇಟೆ's are named and the list of them, skip ahead to page 73. 3/n
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Day 5 in Rosario with the #Urbanisinginplace project. Today we are visiting the market to see where the farmers we met yesterday are selling their produce.

Follow this #thread to find out about today’s activities!
Sunday is car free day in Rosario. And the quiet streets are being well used by cyclists,skaters and pedestrians - dogs, lots of dogs
This growers works with his parents on a family farm. They provide opportunities for street children to work on the farm, facilitated by the municipality. This is voluntary work they don’t get paid for it.
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Day 4 in Rosario with the #Urbanisinginplace project. Today we are visiting peri urban agroecological farms around the city.

Follow this #thread to find out about today’s activities!
Did you know that the pomegranate peel can be dried and used as a cure for diarrhoea and the seeds for constipation...?! It also contributes to biological control #urban #agroecology
Guava leaves can be used a diuretic and olive leaves can be used to control blood pressure - Reuben takes them to help deal with the stresses of managing the different farmers who grow on the site!
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Kicking off day 3 in Rosario. Today we are looking at issues of waste management in Rosario & developing our research strategy for exploring #urban #agroecology in London, Rosario, Riga & Brussels. Follow this #thread to find out about today’s
In Rosario there is a source separated municipal waste system. But the organic waste fraction is often contaminated and not to produce compost fit for agroecological farmers
They are therefore focusing on identifying and securing appropriate waste resources and capturing them before they enter the waste stream
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