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13 Aug 20

Okay. Trump n' co want to force in person voting during an effing PANDEMIC. We're 82 days out. The time to start preparing for this sh*t-show NOW.
I have no experience coordinating these kinds of things, but I'm betting some of you do (or know someone who is great at it). Please feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

Here's what I think we'll need so far:
1. A central, safe, and trustworthy way for people to donate supplies and/or $$.
2. Methods of helping people get to and from their polling places.
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12 Mar 20
Okay, y'all here you go: the official #Trump National Address thread. The address is scheduled to start in about ten minutes. Let's do this thing.
Rumor has it the speech is a Kusher/Miller joint effort so gird your girdables, everybody. This could get real REAL bad.

#Trump #coronavirus
Okay here we go. We're less than a minute in and he's already out of breath. That's not great.

#Trump #Coronavirus
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21 Jan 20
Welcome to today's #Trump #ImpeachmentTrial thread (potentially one of a few)! I've been playing around with tags a little in other tweets this morning but for now, I'm going to stick with the two I've used here. That may change later on, though. Follow/mute at will!
Today is going to be procedural stuff. The Senate will have to approve the (completely BS) rules proposed by McConnell. Dems will offer amendments, of course, but since a simple majority rules I don't have a lot of hope any of the amendments will pass. #Trump #ImpeachmentTrial
For those of you just tuning in, McConnell is proposing that this trial have:

Zero witnesses
Zero admitted evidence
Ridiculously little time set aside for opening arguments and questions.
As little sunlight as possible.

#Trump #ImpeachmentTrial
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4 Dec 19
Okay folks, let's get this party started. Welcome to your #ImpeachmentHearing thread! For your following/muting needs, I'll be tagging these with #ImpeachmentInquiry, #ImpeachmentHearing, and/or #ImpeachingHearings.
Unlike the previous #ImpeachmentHearings, this hearing won't include witnesses to #Trump n' Co's shenanigans. Instead, this hearing is about legal and constitutional theory. It's a panel of nerds, folks, and I am HERE FOR IT.
Oh god. Jim Jordan just sat down. Thor save us all. #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentHearings
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14 Feb 19
To sum up today’s #Trump bullshittery: dude says he’ll sign the funding bill that just passed Congress AND will declare a (totes bogus btw) national emergency so that he doesn’t have to honor it.
Worse, the “conservatives” are all supporting this. Including MITCH MCCONNELL who now suddenly wants to sing about it like it’s free candy.

Aren’t y’all supposed to be AGAINST Federal Government overreach?!

Oh right. Not when you’re the ones doing it.


If he gets away with this now, you know his team is going to try to figure out how to use this new “national emergency” schtick to f*ck with the 2020 elections.

#Trump #TrumpShutdown
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12 Feb 19
Oh jeez. I should be threading these #TrumpRally tweets. Okay, that starts now! Here's the thread for your following/muting needs!
It's worth noting that this rally crowd is waving a bunch of campaign-made "Build the Wall" and "Finish the Wall" signs. So that's gonna be a thing we'll have to see in the world now.
Dear Whoever Put the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" on the pre-speech playlist,

You are the goddamned best.

<3, Me

#Trump #TrumpRally
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6 Feb 19
Okay, y’all: The SOTU is scheduled to start in about 15 minutes. Tags are #SOTU2019 and #Trump for your following/blocking/muting needs!

(Honestly I don’t know how much I’ll be tweeting, I think mostly I’ll just be sitting here swearing.)
Oh dear. Mike Pence is going to have to sit next to a woman who is not his wife. Will he be able to last the whole speech? Anybody got the over-under on how long it'll take him to lean so far away from her that he falls out of his chair?

#SOTU2019 #Trump
Also, if y'all want to skip my SOTU tweets, go ahead and add #SOTU to your tag list for following/muting needs, please! :)
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28 Jan 19
Oh lord. There’s going to be a #SHSanders #WHPressBriefing today. It’s the first one of the year, the first since before the shutdown, and will likely be A Thing.

I’ll be watching & tweeting! Follow/mute at will!
Oh hey, looks like the #WHBriefing started relatively on time. I almost missed it! John Bolton said some stuff. Now It's Mnuchin's turn to say some stuff.

#SHSanders #Trump
Y'all, Mnuchin's suit is suuuuuuuuuper shiny. It's practically reflective.

#WHBriefing #SHSanders #Trump
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25 Jan 19
#Trump is going to speak in the Rose Garden any minute now. Is he going to lie a bunch about reopening the government? Is he just going to yell "no collusion! witch hunt!" over and over again? Both? Stay tuned!
Oh hell, #Trump is going to take questions too. This is going to be a sh*tshow.
#Trump is running about a half hour late. I wonder if he's spent this whole time on the phone with Ann Coulter, begging for permission to cave?
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24 Jan 19
Okay y’all, here we go (again). The Senate is voting on #Trump’s bill to reopen the government.

Doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it, y’all. It needs 60 votes to pass and we’re already at 46 No votes.


#Trump #ShutdownVote
Now for the Dem’s bill to reopen the government. It already passed the house. Likelihood it will pass the Senate? Slim. Likelihood it will get signed by #Trump even if it does?

Well, I’d say slimmer, but dude wants to go on TV next week, so who knows?

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19 Jan 19
#Trump starts his “major announcement” bragging about performing a swearing in ceremony in the oval office.


#Trump: Many mothers give their young daughters birth control for the long journey to America because they know they may be raped or assaulted.

The worst part of this? There’s no way to know whether it’s the birth control or the assaults that offend them.

#Trump is having trouble speaking. Somebody messed up his “Sudafed” dose.

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26 Sep 18
So #Trump is holding a news conference in about five minutes. I’ll be watching (and probably tweeting). Follow/mute at will!
Okay, #Trump has started speaking. He's already slurring. He's already made a joke about "a lot of......MEDIA.".

This does not bode well.
#Trump is now saying that China wants to "see me lose an election because they've never been challenged before."

It's not just China, pal.
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