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Thank you so much for further confirmation @RepFletcher ? #SOTU

I hope it was worth it. #KAG2020 @WesleyHuntTX
@RepFletcher @WesleyHuntTX BTW your friends are in big trouble.

"I caught them all" #SOTU
@RepFletcher @WesleyHuntTX 05/30/19 "In think in the end I will consider what is going on right now to be one of my greatest achievements - exposing this corruption" #SOTU #SOTU2019
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This is your Commander In Chief ~ ❤️🇺🇸
Everyone who's in full freak out mode? 😂🤣😂 Yes, I'm looking at you democrats who thought you were tying his hands..As @ThomasWictor would say? HA!
This is what Trump set the table for ~ he KNEW what these dolts would do..Such predictable liars. #PoundSand
#DACA #TPS #AmericaFirst #SOTU2019…
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#Trump appeared before the American people tonight asking everyone to ‘choose greatness.

He should take his own advice. Over the past two years he’s chosen nothing but division and derision, pursuing policies that stoke fear in communities and families across the nation. #SOTU Inslee response to the Stat...
The president governs from crisis to crisis, imperils our nation’s standing in the world, endangers our future by denying the threats of climate change and sells out working people in favor of wealthy special interests. #SOTU2019 #SOTU…
Our country deserves better from its leaders. The president’s words tonight ring hollow. If the president really wants to promote a strong union, he will stop vilifying our free press and individuals who dare to disagree with him. He will take bold action to fight #climatechange.
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"If there is going to be peace and legislation/
There cannot be war and investigation"

Said the criminal in utter desperation
"I believe the time has come to bring that investigation & the other investigations of this matter to an end. One year of Watergate is enough!": President Nixon, State of the Union #SOTU address, January 1974
"The African-American unemployment rate came down 9 percentage pts under Obama. It has come down 1 percentage pt under Trump.

That’s like taking the subway 25 miles during a marathon, getting out to run the last mile & throwing your hands up saying you won": @steveliesman #SOTU
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Okay, y’all: The SOTU is scheduled to start in about 15 minutes. Tags are #SOTU2019 and #Trump for your following/blocking/muting needs!

(Honestly I don’t know how much I’ll be tweeting, I think mostly I’ll just be sitting here swearing.)
Oh dear. Mike Pence is going to have to sit next to a woman who is not his wife. Will he be able to last the whole speech? Anybody got the over-under on how long it'll take him to lean so far away from her that he falls out of his chair?

#SOTU2019 #Trump
Also, if y'all want to skip my SOTU tweets, go ahead and add #SOTU to your tag list for following/muting needs, please! :)
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As the president prepares to give his #SOTU2019 address, it’s expected that he’ll be speaking about later abortion. Make sure you get the facts at We must have a conversation rooted in evidence-based research and medical facts.
Here’s a thread I did a few days ago addressing the misinformation being spread about later abortion, who needs them, and why. I’d be happy to chat with journalists covering any comments the president makes about abortion at the #SOTU2019 address.
This thread by @StephHerold is also a good primer on the facts about abortion for anyone covering the president’s #SOTU2019 comments about abortion. @ANSIRH researchers are at the ready to share our evidence-based research with you!
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Read 1600 Daily, your daily summary of news and events from the @WhiteHouse.… via @whitehouse
President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address (Spanish Captions) via @YouTube
On President Trump's State of the Union Address… (from @StateDept)
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As Bernie Sanders gears up for a 2nd presidential run (yay #Bernie2020) Twitter is awash with folks who create a mess, point to mess, & say see, we can’t have messes.

We mean the troll army of horrible David Brock’s Shareblue Media.

Here’s a 19 thread tweet for #SOTU19 /1
Who’s David Brock?

Brock’s a self-described “witting cog in the Republican sleaze machine.”

He coined ‘Anita Hill is a little bit slutty, a little bit nutty.’

He wrote The Real Anita Hill, which he freely admits was not so much a book but a character assassination of lies. /2
Bernie Sanders accurately refers to David Brock as scum of the earth. /3

We ❤️ Bernie.…
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💥BOOM💥The true ‘State of the Union’ is that Putin succeeded in installing a President and Senate that does his bidding and that just hours before #SOTU2019 Federal Prosecutors subpoenaed the Trump Inaugural Committee for Conspiracy Against the US‼️…
🔥No doubt that Event Strategies- ESI, a company Manafort used in Ukraine for Yanukovych AND Trump’s Inauguration AND that is STILL being used for Trump events will receive a complete audit👇
💥Mueller is examining Inaugural Committee donors who have business or personal connections in Russia, Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates and Qatar- including Blavatnik, Intrater and Vekselberg💥…
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#SOTU2019 President Trump's theme for tonight is:

Choosing Greatness..

I can't wait until 9 PM
The President's twitter page..❤️🇺🇸
I wouldn't miss it for anything Mr. President! #
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Special Guests for President Trump’s Second State of the Union Address… via @whitehouse
#SOTU2019 Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong
#SOTU2019 Matthew Charles
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This is the Commander in Chief. ❤️🇺🇸🌹
Your Commander in Chief loves you. He's doing this so you'll get paid and he will use EO to address the issue. ICYMI we have some catching up to do people. Read this:…
I just realized Trump did a SOTU speech from the Rose Garden..By Feb 15th 800K federal employees will be paid. He's doing what @LindseyGrahamSC requested he do as a last resort..and you say WAIT we knew this a few weeks ago. Well did we know all of this?…
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Where's Nancy been since this began? Hawaii ..…
After that R&R the House democrats were ready to get to work right? Wrong..
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