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THREAD 🧵: The front pages across the country show that Donald Trump is in trouble after yesterday's incredible #ImpeachmentHearings with Amb. Bill Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent.

First up, @nytimes:
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How can people be this stupid?

@DNC "Christopher Anderson, a U.S. foreign service officer who served as a special adviser on Ukraine until July, told the House’s select committee on intelligence that Trump was upset in January about a CNN report on a Navy patrol in the Black Sea."
@DNC "He told then-national security adviser John Bolton to end the mission, according to Anderson’s testimony released by lawmakers on Monday."
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1. the #ImpeachmentHearings is just a #schittshow #falseflag. They ran outta manchurian candidates. Remember the #muellerreport FF cali/tx, they got the date wrong, then #NewZealand FF. The #IGReport is due out. #hellomcfly ! #Historyrepeats. Cont'd...
2. They deplatformed 8kun again.
#Q was posting on TOR today. They havent learned. #nuthncanstopwhatscoming
3. The #ImpeachmentHearings were a disgrace. No facts. All heresay. Conjecture & bullshit.
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“Congress fully agrees on the need to conduct robust oversight to ensure that all U.S assistance is spent wisely and that it is important for Ukraine to continue to make needed reforms and combat corruption” - @RepEliotEngel
Sept 5, 2019 #ImpeachmentHearings
“The Department of State and Defense have already determined that Ukraine has met the significant conditionality requirements put in place to ensure that security assistance is accompanied by reforms by the Ukrainian government”
6 days later funds were released.
So @POTUS asked for it to be reviewed by professionals, it was and he released the funds END OF STORY JACKASSES.…
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Trump: Day 1,027
-1st Day of #ImpeachmentHearings
-Bill Taylor Testimony Very Damaging
-Testimony Establishes Bribery Plot
-Calls Erdoğan Meeting "Great Honor"
-Claims US Illegally Taking Syrian Oil
-Budget Deficit Rose 34% in Past Year
-Loses Appeal to Withhold Financials
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Just curious since Ukraine was only aware of the hold on aid for 12 days AND "they thought that there must be some rational reason for this being held up" HOW is that bribery or Quid Pro Quo @AdamSchiff? Oh it's not.
@AdamSchiff They literally had no idea until it "leaked" to the press and 12 days later @realDonaldTrump released the funds, if this is bribery @POTUS is really bad at it usually your "victim" feels forced to do something "unless" 😂
@AdamSchiff They didn't suspect anything during that time. THIS IS A F**KING JOKE. #ImpeachmentHearings
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4409: Republican Counsel Steve Castor's Puffer Fish During Impeachment Testimony

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #SteveCastor #ImpeachmentHearings #Ukraine #DonaldTrump
2/ A deep exhalation through a narrow mouth opening (typically with a horizontally-oriented) with the billowing outward of one's cheeks is known as The Puffer Fish.
3/ This dynamic has a calming effect. It's subconsciously performed in an effort to slow down an elevated heart rate and respiration rate. It also can lower blood pressure.
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🔥David Holmes, Taylor’s Embassy staffer who overheard the call between Sondland and @realDonaldTrump wasn’t the only one listening. According to security officials, Putin was too....🔥#ImpeachmentHearings
@Jim_Jordan, Trump’s “star lawyer” 🙄 seemed completely unprepared...…
What’s it called when you intentionally use your unsecure phone📱to alert Putin on your progress aiding and abetting his war against us⁉️#TREASON
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1/ THREAD: Jim Jordan at today's Impeachment Hearing.

Note Jim Jordan's Jaw Jutting forward. This is a signal of an adrenaline surge (The dimpling and furrows on the anterior surface of his chin make this easier to see straight-on).

#ImpeachmentHearings #Impeachment
2/ Rep. Jordan is also displaying what is known as an Inward Lip Roll. This signifies the psyche's attempt at suppressing strong emotions from growing — not only in an outward display on the face and body, but also in trying to minimize an inward crescendo in the mind...
3/ In this case, Mr. Jordan is trying to suppress his significant Anger.
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The Impeachment Distraction is covering up the Soros>>Ukraine>>IMF SCANDAL <THREAD>

While the impeachment hearings have commenced in the House, it is becoming very clear that instead of peace, the Democrats are promoting a fiasco.
Sources are telling me that George Soros sits on both sides of the fence with respect to banking around the world. There needs to be an audit trail on the quantum investments made by Soros.
It is well known that Soros sponsors acts of terrorism by wreaking havoc on the financial systems in countries through destabilization of their markets and capitalizing on the volatility that ensues.
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For Adam Schiff to say he didn't know the identity is a false statement.

1 - His staffers meet with the Whistleblower before he filed the complaint

2- If he doesn't know their identity, how will he prevent them from being named? H/T @RepGosar

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Wall Street sez Adam Schiff’s #ImpeachmentHearings is #UkraineHoax & full of 💩💩💩
Even this can’t stop the market from going higher & higher:
US-China Trade Talks Hit A Snag-

The two sides r at stalemate despite saying a month ago they had an agreement in principle.

@realDonaldTrump , time to crush xi jinPig’s CCP, no deal!…
The Window to Pass Trump’s USMCA Trade Deal Is Getting Smaller-

@SpeakerPelosi & her Dimm crooks in the House are trying everything they can to sabotage the strong Trump economy.

Call ur House member, get USMCA passed!…
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🔥🎯@PeterWelch: No one disputes the president’s power. He can change his position on Ukraine. But one cannot use the public trust of high office for personal gain. He can’t change our foreign policy to assist in his campaign. That’s a line he cannot cross. #ImpeachmentHearings
@PeterWelch @HouseIntel Welch had this great moment, before he brilliantly summarized the crux of impeachment story: Trump abused the public trust by using US policy for his campaign. That it involved election interference again, a vulnerable ally, pleasing Russia—make it egregious. #ImpeachmentHearings
@PeterWelch @HouseIntel Rep @PeterWelch got a lot of attention for his @Jim_Jordan burn. But Welch's entire 5 minutes is worth watching. He distilled the crux of Trump's abuse of public trust & foreign policy for personal political gain better than anyone. #ImpeachmentHearings
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My favorite moment from the #ImpeachmentHearings today.
Available on YouTube Here
If you like my Memes, consider supporting my work either through my Patreon Account or Paypal.
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Dem Rep. Quigley just drew out the point that documents Kent and Taylor provided to the WH have NOT been passed to investigating House committees, despite their being requested/subpoenaed.

(Kent nodded and Taylor said yes in response.)

Dems need to POUND that home repeatedly.
The House of Representatives has SOLE authority to perform impeachment investigations and also has OVERSIGHT authority over the Executive Branch, which means Trump and his administration.

#ImpeachmentHearings are being OBSTRUCTED by the WH via its refusal to turn over documents.
Trump and his sycophants in the White House and Department of Justice likewise obstructed Mueller’s investigations by withholding and DESTROYING documents and communications relevant to the inquiry into corruption and even, perhaps, treason.

Mueller noted as such in his report.
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Plea to the photographers at the #ImpeachmentHearings:

Please provide footage of John Ratcliffe getting swabbed down and having his makeup retouched.

Because he’s gone from red and dripping to all matte now.
Plus, I mean, it seems like Ratcliffe could have shaved this morning. Just out of respect for the process.

I guess he was too busy prepping his conspiracy spaghetti to throw at the wall.
Good catch.

He is sweating a lot too. And the no jacket thing is weird.

Perhaps their unkept appearance is part of some grand strategy to demonstrate their contempt for these proceedings and for the American people, lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

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What’s good in the #ImpeachmentHearings:

Because the overarching corruption is clear, the GOP are forced to attack via dissection of dates/various players and to use procedural means to obfuscate.

That approach is hard to follow/ineffective.

Hence all their literal sweating.
The GOP propagandists are going with “boring” as their larger narrative.


What’s good in the #ImpeachmentHearings:

Most people who watch TV don’t follow detailed arguments at all.

Most people base their views on whether they find the person espousing them to be believable/trustworthy.

Taylor and Kent come across as EXTREMELY believable/trustworthy.
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Jim Jordan claims, via his loud statements at Bill Taylor, that there was no "linkage" because Zelensky's CNN interview never happened and the aid was released –– FAILING to mention that Trump only released the aid because of the whistleblower complaint.
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Here goes Stooge Nunes on how Democrats are the enemy, not Putin. #ImpeachmentHearings
Nunes obviously doesn’t give AF about Crimea and Taylor nailed on him that like a pro.
Minority is so high on their own supply that the witnesses struggle to respond to questions. #ImpeachmentHearings
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What to expect from GOP lawmakers during the #ImpeachmentHearings:


Victim and

These are the better known as the tactics of “domestic” abusers,but they are applicable at other levels of society as well. Trump employs them consistently.
Gaslighting is distinct but interrelated.

For ex: reversal of victim and offender can constitute a form of gaslighting, but gaslighting is MUCH more than that.

Gaslighting is behavior designed to cause the target to doubt their perception of reality.

To keep from getting frustrated while watching GOP lawmakers, remember, they have NO integrity and, in their minds, have only three jobs:

1. Placate Trump;
2. Appear in clips for Fox “News” to use for its alternate reality creation; and
3. Create chaos.

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In Republican Devin Nunes opening statement, he chose to peddle the insane conspiracy theory that Ukraine helped Hillary lose the election to later then have the ability to smear Trump after he won and pin it on Russia (Say What??) #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
Rep. Devin Nunes also attacked @AlexandraChalup and (as Democratic stooges) witnesses Amb. Bill Taylor and State Dept's George Kent highly respected professionals who have served numerous presidents of BOTH parties with distinction. #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
I will remind everyone that while Devin Nunes was the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the United States in 2017 we & others alerted him 2 the fact that one of his past campaign websites was breached and infected with Russian SEO spam #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentDay
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The #Democrats are running a movie. This has been scripted, rehearsed, edited & recorded. There is no back and forth except what #AdamSchiff allowed. They will save responses by #Republicans until the very end when mind-numbness has set in. As Lou Dobbs just remarked, “It’s as
2/ boring as watching paint dry.” The #Democrats on the Hill have worked in concert with social media. The bots & trolls are out with a vengeance today. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT. They will complain, & you will find yourself suspended. My advice is to find something else to do for
3/ a few hours. The #ImpeachmentHearings are filled with #NeverTrumpers & #Resisters “WE know they are lying. THEY know they are lying. We know that They know that WE know they are lying. We are a knowledgeable family.” Lion in Winter
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The far right's big problem with the #ImpeachmentHearings is that they need more monster trucks and explosions to make them less boring.
Impeachment is a sham because Trump is a god, but also because it's boring. #ImpeachmentHearings
The last stand of the Republican Spartans: your spears don't kill us because they are boring. #ImpeachmentHearings
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This hearing is actually very important. This is the most that the "Deep State" has ever been exposed.

You are watching unelected members of the government pushing back on the will of the people... in REALTIME.

Whe we say Deep State. This is what we mean.

"Well the usual policy is"
"This is counter productive to what we were trying to do"
"This is crazy"
"We were trying to support Ukraine"
"The long standing policy was"
"I was concerned"

NO ONE voted to put these people in charge OF ANYTHING in OUR government.


WE elect the Executive.

There are literally thousands of people in our government RIGHT NOW that believe they are little Kings and Queens of America.
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