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🔥 #Treason is an impeachable offense...@realDonaldTrump’s acts to deny Congressional aid for Ukraine benefited Putin. Russia’s war in Ukraine is part of a broader war against our NATO allies and the U.S.👇#ImpeachingHearings #JudiciaryCommittee
🤔Let’s not forget the calls Trump had with Putin that is also on Trump’s secret server. Putin and Trump don’t want the calls made public....
🔥The impeachment hearings are focused on @realDonaldTrump wanting Zelensky to publicly announce an investigation into Biden but is ignoring how holding up aid helped Putin...
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Prof #karlan just tore @RepDougCollins a new puckered star live #ImpeachingHearings
The republican GEU law professor came prepared ...... with jokes #maddoodle #ImpeachingHearings
Professor #karlan just used justice BOOF’ #Kavanaugh ‘s own opinion to tear the place apart.
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Republicans already jumping on the fact that Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler dedicated a decent portion of his opening statement to Russian interference #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentHearings Image
Rep. Doug Collins, in a word...animated #ImpeachmentHearing Image
There weren’t as many off-the-rails moments in Intel committee #ImpeachingHearings as expected. From the beginning of day one in Judiciary, it seems that may not be the case. Lots of interruptions -not only of the chair but the first witness as well. ImageImage
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Okay folks, let's get this party started. Welcome to your #ImpeachmentHearing thread! For your following/muting needs, I'll be tagging these with #ImpeachmentInquiry, #ImpeachmentHearing, and/or #ImpeachingHearings.
Unlike the previous #ImpeachmentHearings, this hearing won't include witnesses to #Trump n' Co's shenanigans. Instead, this hearing is about legal and constitutional theory. It's a panel of nerds, folks, and I am HERE FOR IT.
Oh god. Jim Jordan just sat down. Thor save us all. #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentHearings
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#ImpeachingHearings thread: No matter what you believe politically, the expansion of powers of the executive branch over the last 20 years in particular has lead us to today. Today the separations of powers will be exposed as an illusion and in a fundamental way the construct of
America and it’s institutions will be altered. There will be no checks of power for the White House in theory. I say in theory because only 4 times prior has this mechanism of the constitution been used. Today 4 scholars will testify. Even the most partisan republican
Has said in his opening statement that the president was at least inappropriately using his power. But that’s not the issue. What’s at stake here is the fact is there will be effectively no check against tyranny.

As always I write this as an outside observer ( black and queer)
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A new @YahooNews/@YouGovUS poll finds at least half of registered voters believe after the hearings that President Trump asked a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent (58%), withheld military aid to Ukraine (51%), and abused his power (51%).…
@YahooNews After the House Intelligence Committee (@HouseIntel) conducted five days of #ImpeachingHearings, Americans remain split on whether Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

46% of Americans favor impeachment, while 38% are opposed.…
@YahooNews @HouseIntel When it comes to removal from office, 46% of Americans say President Donald Trump should be removed from office while 40% say he should not.…
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Many people had concerns about Vindman including Fiona Hill, so much so Hill briefed Morrison about his judgement and the possibility that he was leaking information. This isn’t a “Republican talking point” it was a general consensus. #ImpeachingHearings
“Hill and her deputy and others in the office about Alex’s (Morrison) wanted time mange his involvement carefully. #ImpeachingHearings
Worth noting, no one in on the committees or the witness himself are questioning Vindam’s service, rather perhaps hes not suited for said position.
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1. The prosecutor on the call referred to was Shokin NOT Lutsenko
2. Schifty's counsel coincidentally quit his job at Southern District of NY (same that indicted Rudy's clients) to work on the Russia Hoax
3. Lutsenko did not recant. He clarified she said it
Mr. Kent also wrote a similar letter telling Ukraine who to investigate and who not to here:…
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Yovanovitch is talking about threats foreign service officials face abroad. She, Fiona Hill, and many others have now been threatened in the US as well by Trump or his associates. A nightmare situation. #ImpeachingHearings
We discussed these threats to federal officials in detail on this week's @gaslitnation
"It sounded like a threat."
"Did you feel threatened?"
"Yes. It's not a precise phrase. It felt like a vague threat. I wondered what that meant. It concerned me." -- Marie Yovanovitch on Trump threatening her to a foreign leader #ImpeachingHearings
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Interesting evening spent with 4 senators at a very small gathering. LOTS of optimism—fueled by internal #poll data—that we will flip the Senate.

Maine: @SenatorCollins is DOWN by 2 points. Her #Kavanaugh vote decimated her approval rating — she went from 57 to the upper-30’s.😎
Senate breakdown is 53 @GOP—47 @SenateDems + Independent.

@DougJones faces a tough re-election bid, but @jeffsessions may split the anti-Roy Moore vote. If Moore wins the primary, Jones has a great chance.

If Jones loses, we need 4-5 seats to flip—4 if we win @POTUS, 5 if not.
In Colorado, @CoryGardner is in BIG trouble. John @Hickenlooper leads by 12 points!

In #NC, @ThomTillis is literally polling in the toilet (approval rating in the 20’s!), so another great pickup opportunity for @TheDemocrats.😎
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