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6 Oct
A few months ago, an international gospel singer posted a picture of him and his newly wedded wife, in a sexually suggestive pose. 🧵

#Life #Faith
As you can imagine, the uncles and aunties of Jesus flooded social media in indignation. To be fair, there was also an understanding group who laughed it off as youthful exuberance and wedding bliss.
The singer may or may not have made a mistake in view of his genre. But let's assume he did.
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5 Oct
As a growing business, you should give as much attention to HR as to product or marketing. This is because you will soon hit diminishing returns if you insist on doing everything yourself.
I know getting good people is difficult and expensive. But put effort into finding the right staff. Don't settle.
Try hiring a revenue earner first. Someone in sales or business development whose presence will turbocharge your profits. Pay a good salary, then tie further rewards to performance. You win. They win too.
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4 Oct
If you would like to preach the Gospel on social media or introduce people to Jesus, my book, Trinity Plan, will help. Here is one simple way you can evangelise: Tell stories.
Storytelling is invaluable on social media. You can tell your own story or employ engaging parables, like Jesus did.
People want to relate to a real-life situation or be entertained and educated by allegory. Sometimes, the best way to communicate a complex truth is through a story.
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9 Sep
Perhaps choleric Christian leaders will learn this someday - God is in love with people not projects. Hearts not works.
You will know you're drifting, when it's easy to move on from people who've dropped off your projects. Like they are nothing; no longer relevant. You will know when your achievements for God leave a trail of broken and bruised people in its wake.
Go back to the core. Return to what matters. People.
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24 Aug
Let me help you decode the Nigerian spirit of entitlement. The Nigerian economy and the culture is built on a few people becoming rich - elders, the connected, the lucky, the corrupt and celebrities.
Nigeria is not designed for an equitable chance at wealth. Hard work is no longer fairly rewarded, so people are tired of taking their chances. Religion has endorsed the sudden "hammering" syndrome. Social media has promoted the "scandal-to-riches" way.
So when people become rich, that wealth is viewed by others as "commonwealth". You were "blessed" to bless others. So, how dare you not help others? How dare you not help me, even if you don't know me?
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16 Aug
In 2016, the management of the global music video behemoth, MTV, made an interesting statement: “In the last 5years, our 18-35 year old audience has shrunk by 50?!” Where did their audience go? The answer is YouTube (and other digital sources of music videos).
While MTV reaches 387 million homes globally, YouTube is used by over 1 billion people. Today, YouTube reaches more 18-35 year olds than any TV Network. Most views come from mobile devices.
The Internet (primarily social media networks) has become the primary channel through which the youth demography may be reached. Therefore, it is important for churches to learn how to use it to spread the Gospel and to minister to them.
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12 Aug
Nigeria's educational problem is a 20 year challenge. Even if you revamp the sector now, it will take 20 years to start producing the first HR products.
So, one of the things hitting our burgeoning start-up ecosystem is the mad scramble for management talent as the companies start to really grow.
The industries producing top management - multinationals & consulting - are really good at retaining their staff. Start ups can rarely afford them even with stock options. It's also expensive to grow internal talent that can leave at any time. You need to build redundancy.
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31 Jul
The best managers in the world have an incredible capacity for tedium. Process is simply repeating the same thing day in, day out without missing a step. You get bored and tired but still deliver every time.
The reason why people give up on managment and process; the reason systems break down asides from corruption, is that after stuff stops being sexy and novel, people start to take their eyes off the ball.
Real management is what Project Managers call "Management by Exception". You don't micromanage people. Rather you you get them to codify their deliverables into tasks and calendars. You only step in, if there's a threat to a deadline or a red flag.
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19 Jul
Some of you don't know that I used to be a "jimjim" Christian. I prayed for two hours everyday and would dry fast till sores formed in my mouth. I even went through a phase of covering my hair. 🧵
Sleep didn't come easy because I would eat infrequently. My mother pleaded with me to eat. I would pray in the toilet, because when you live with seven other people, there are limitations of privacy.
One day, I just stopped. I think there's something in me that's programmed against suffering. Anyway I'd had enough of being afraid of God. I didn't want a "God" anymore. I wanted a friend. A person. I desired a relationship and wasn't looking forward to a lifetime of asceticism.
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20 Jun
#SundayService 🧵

Stupidity will never be sexy. But intellect is now rarer than I used to give humanity credit for. Excellence even more so.
It never ceases to amaze me how there can be money available for projects but what will frustrate, is finding humans capable of executing. If people were really good at what they did, I doubt they would be so difficult to find. Quiet or hidden excellence has no economic value.
The Internet was supposed to be the game changer. it was meant to make talent sourcing easier. Rather, it has given pretenders and liars megaphones. It has enthroned rebellion and a shocking twisting of values.
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23 May
THIS THING CALLED AUTHENTICITY | @Beyonce is intelligent. You rarely achieve her level of success without being immensely so. That's why her perfectly scripted public persona puzzles me. 🧵 Image
Almost like she has no mind of her own and lives on a perpetual stage. Like she can't risk being caught off guard. Even when rumours of @sc's alleged infidelity swirled, and a heated elevator video was leaked, her sister @solangeknowles did the fighting, not her.
Contrast @Beyonce with @justinbieber, a mega superstar in his own right. Whenever I think of him, I see a man who has finally come to terms with himself. He accepts it's okay to love Jesus, sex, booze, family, fame and fortune all at the same time.
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22 May
"Be keenly aware of how your culture or national identity pre-programs you to succeed or to fail. You can then discern what to do to move up. You might also want to leave." [Paraphrased] - Move Up by Rapaille and Roemer
"The excuse used by the French, for example, that their problems stem from globalization and the economic crisis, doesn’t explain why the Germans aren’t experiencing the same problems. Germany is doing well economically and has a much lower unemployment rate than France."
"So you might choose, like many young French entrepreneurs, to move to Berlin or London, where there is a more business-friendly environment and more chances to move up."
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11 May
Friends, as you begin to build your wealth and do international investments, it will become important to accurately trace and document every amount passing through your accounts.
Properly separate your business & personal expenses and inflows. Stop using your account to receive monies from 3rd parties anyhow. Keep all major invoices.
Some investment opportunities will be denied you because you can't prove the sources of your funds. Even with crypto, find a way to document peer-to-peer transfers and the corresponding crypto inflows. Just be guided generally.
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25 Apr
The sacred triad of sustainable friendship or relationship:

1. You share the same core values.

2. You receive and communicate information in similar ways.

3. You can speak each other's love language.
If there's friction in any of these 3 areas, the relationship will need a good measure of sacrifice, counselling, hard work and stubborn committment. This assumes you even have the emotional, spiritual and physical energy to make things work.
Whenever I hear of how the older generation "sacrificed" in their relationships, I wonder about the following:

1. What had to die for the relationship to survive? (Sacrifice)

2. Who intervened? (Family? Pastor?)
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15 Mar
No matter how educated you are, your nativity always shines through. You will remain a slave to culture & tradition unless you choose otherwise. Image
You were brought up in a certain way. You inherited one religion or the other. Certain norms and behaviours were ingrained from childhood.
However, one day, you must decide how you want to live your life. You've got to take a critical look at all you believe and decide what serves you well and what is inimical to your progress, happiness and relationships.
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3 Mar
I believe the greatest form of self-awareness is submission. When you understand your human frailties & predilections and you look to God for help, even as you take personal responsibility for your character. 🧵
I have seen too many people do the very things they preached against. So self-awareness is important, as well as awareness of others.
Generally, a lack of self-awareness means you will be completely oblivious to what everyone else around you can see. You exist in a self-righteous bubble, do things without asking for opinions and have a single way of doing things.
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3 Mar
Upbringing is important and greatly influences how individuals manage relationships. 🧵
So when people check out the families of those they intend to marry or do business with, I understand. Ideology, lifestyle and values can be shaped by background and family (or the lack thereof).
The thing about learning about a person's family or upbringing is, it helps breed understanding. It should never be done in judgment. We all have our baggage. So, no one is superior.
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1 Mar
When people say communication is everything in relationships, what they fail to emphasise is that there is no substantive communication without speaking the same language. 🧵 Image
The parties will fail to grasp what the other really means and will be confused by seemingly outsized reactions to little things.
While interpreters can help - counsellors - they cannot sustain day-to-day dialogue.
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4 Feb
Many don't see what's behind the veil of grand ideas. They think of visionaries as sexy and charismatic but don't know they are very hardworking too. 🧵
What people call success is a result of many concepts, meetings, documents, brainstorms, prototypes, strategies and so on. Some boring, repetitive and tiring. It's why some people who always look for activity, excitement and stimulation rarely follow through on anything great.
They scarcely deliver on lengthy projects unless sustained by brilliant administrative support. The behind-the-scenes process of achievement can be sheer tedium.
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1 Feb
Yesterday I was thinking about why I look to Jesus for healing. I wondered why I didn't focus on health instead, which is preemptive and a sign of abundant life.

I began to look for scriptures on health and found a few that piqued my interest:
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2 NKJV

A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22 NKJV
Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24 NKJV

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 NKJV
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30 Jan
Yesterday, I contemplated life. I thought about how we make plans and wait for the stars to align before finally living. I thought about how we rarely enjoy the fruits of our labour because we learnt to manage while coming up. 🧵
Moving from a scarcity to a prosperity mindset is difficult. It's why we keep reserving things for visitors and keep waiting for vacations before resting. It's why we accept less than ideal love and learn to compromise the sacred.
So, yesterday I decided to do something about the restlessness in my spirit. Something symbolic.
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