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Jun 24
Just got off a video visit with Elisabeth's rheumatologist. Because of today's ruling, his department is taking all their female patients off any meds with teratogenic risks, because such medicines might result in the miscarriage of any unplanned pregnancies they might incur. 1/
This is not a decision driven by the best medical interests of the patients: rheum. drugs are often very strong, some are basically chemo, but those patients need them. Instead, it's because if the patients miscarry, they could face murder charges, or die without DnC. 2/
So those patients are going to have to go off the drugs that were helping to control their condition and have worse health outcomes. People are going to die because of this, in a context miles away from elective abortion, because GOP lawmakers wanted to "own the libs." 2/x
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Jun 27
I’m seeing a lot of posts saying people will die because Roe has been overturned. That is definitely true. But perhaps not for the reasons you think.
Self managed medication abortions are safe and effective, although potentially legally risky.…
But people will die because they can’t get the health care they need.

They will bleed out after an ectopic pregnancy ruptures.…
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Jun 28
I’m gonna say this before things get out of hand on legal SCOTUS. B/c it is true that many brilliant attys & profs, especially women, have been predicting this moment since 2018. The voices of the “calm down” folks (largely men) were given greater prominence and credibility.
#AppellateTwitter presented the Court and the cases that many of us were litigating as just part of the elaborate secret world of elite litigators. They assigned complex, tactical motives to the Court’s every decision & assumed good faith.
So let me make sure we’re clear that it was civil rights lawyers who have been ringing the alarm for DECADES. When many focused on Roberts’ brilliance & charm. When we took heat from our own community & opposed Justice Thomas BEFORE the Anita Hill allegations.
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Jun 28
🧵Observations on the Ukraine War

I've watched a LOT of drone footage from this war. I've seen, from a bird's eye view, the construction and logic of the field fortifications Ukraine constructed, with US guidance, over the course of eight years.

The logic of these ubiquitous pre-prepared fortifications harkens back to the 1864-65 Battle of Petersburg (US Civil War), with many WW1 innovations – a logic where victory depends on:

- you not running out of men and ammo

- the enemy being comparatively stupid

Of course, when you think about it, the revealed logic of Ukraine’s long-prepared strategy for this war is, in many ways, a reflection of American military delusions and vanities, which multiplied and solidified over the course of the brief and fleeting “unipolar moment”.

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Jun 28
Today is the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the reason Pride is in June.

In 1969, it was illegal to wear clothes that were considered inappropriate for one's sex and when the police raided the Stonewall Inn's gay bar, they started to do a genital check (as was procedure).
Some officers took this as an opportunity to grope some of the lesbian patrons and those waiting for checks refused to submit. They were arrested. Other patrons, waited outside and drew a crowd. When an escaping drag queen was hit on the head with a baton, the crowd began to riot
There were several nights of rioting. Though the police managed to clear the Stonewall and the streets, they needed huge numbers to battle the mocking crowds.

This was a turning point and began the activist movement for the liberation of gender and sexual minorities.
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Jun 28
How to drive a manual car - a quick and easy guide 🧶 (Thread)

⚔️ Before you start

Manual cars have three pedals: clutch, brake & accelerator (in that order, left to right). Image
The brake & accelerator pedals are pretty simple - press the brake to slow down (the firmer you press it, the quicker you’ll lose speed), while using the accelerator increases the engine’s revs & causes you to speed up (the firmer you press it, the quicker you will speed up) Image
The clutch pedal is the one that makes driving a manual car more difficult than an auto.

Without going into too much detail, the clutch is essentially two metal plates that connect the engine to the drive wheels. Image
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Jun 28
Thread (1/14)
In the wake of Steve Bray’s arrest, this thread counts the warning signs the UK has largely ignored.

And shows what we can do about it.
When Johnson first pulled together a cabinet of market fundamentalists, most people ignored the risk of a constitutional crisis.…
Most of us ignored Philip Hammond’s warning about “extreme right-wingers” and radicals wanting to use the shock of Brexit to reorder society against the wishes of the British people.…
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Jun 28
Un breve 🧵sull'udienza speciale di oggi della Commissione sull'assalto al Congresso, da cui stanno uscendo cose *allucinanti*:

- Trump ha avuto uno scontro fisico in macchina con gli agenti dei servizi perché voleva tornare al Campidoglio, urlando "sono il fottuto presidente"; Image
- Trump sapeva perfettamente che alcuni assalitori erano armati fino ai denti, e ha chiesto di rimuovere i metal detector intorno al Campidoglio.

"Non me ne frega un cazzo se sono armati, tanto non sono qui per farmi del male. Fateli passare. Levate quei fottuti metal detector".
- Trump era d'accordo con i cori che chiedevano l'impiccagione del vicepresidente Mike Pence e "non ci vedeva nulla di sbagliato".

(In un'altra udienza si è menzionata una chiamata tra i due prima del 6 gennaio, in cui Trump avrebbe dato dello "sfigato" a Pence).
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Jun 28
Let's play this out for a second. If Trump had gone to the Capitol, practically every police asset would be tasked with protecting him, massively undermining an already weakened defense.
The rioters would have treated him as a God, and would have rallied to him, no matter what he ordered. Probably the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers expected him to come, and would have rallied to him.
We know - but the J6C has not yet discussed - that the militants had cached weapons in VA, awaiting some signal that never came. Trump's arrival would have been that signal. The rioters would have taken up firearms in addition to the spears and clubs.
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Jun 28
THREAD: What is the legal significance of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony? Does it make a prosecution of Trump more likely?
1/ Anyone who has paid attention during the Trump presidency knows that “explosive” revelations don’t always mean that legal consequences will follow.

But Hutchinson’s testimony actually moved the ball forward significantly towards a potential DOJ prosecution of Trump.
2/ Each of the potential crimes that DOJ could charge has its own “elements,” which DOJ would be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to make a case.

Up until today, the most damning evidence has been of the actions of the crooked lawyers advising Trump, like Eastman.
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Jun 29
1. I am hearing more and more stories of people catching COVID on a plane while wearing an N95 mask. There are numerous reasons for this and we'll go through them to help you avoid getting COVID
2. During boarding, the air filtration system is usually not running. You know how stuffy it can get on board a plane on a hot day, when departure is delayed. Before take-off, the CO2 levels climb to eye-watering levels (it should be less than 700ppm)
3. Due to worker absenteeism, there are delays in take-off, which means longer periods with stratospheric CO2 levels. This leads to more crew getting COVID and an increase in take-off delays. It's a vicious cycle…
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Jun 29
1. It is an ASYMMETRIC WAR. We hope to fight with the State – Military, Police and Courts. But they fight EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING. We fight one faceted war. While they are fighting TOTAL WAR. That is what we need to understand.

#UdaipurHorror Image
2. What will the army do when it is your maid and your doodhwala who wants you dead for just supporting a woman? What will the police do when it is your everyday customer who wants to behead you? What will the courts do when ‘sar tan se juda’ has already happened?
3. It is an ASYMMETRIC WAR, because the enemy doesn’t fear consequences, legal or otherwise. There is a saying, ‘You can kill anyone in the world, you must just be prepared to die yourself.’ That is what their psyche is. You can’t fight it with the legal machinery only.
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