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18 Jan

1. Beloved Friends Of Planet Earth!

We Indeed Assure You Of Our Ongoing Presence With The Planet!  We Are With You!  Remember This! Image
2. From The Beginning Of Your Self Awareness, To The Growth And Expansion Of The Collective, We Share Communication With All Of You In Every Moment.
3. For We Are ONE In Expanded Consciousness And In This Sacred Place Of Knowing, You Live And Breathe And Have Your Being In Multidimensional Awareness. Indeed, We Love You So! Indeed, You ARE Love!
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18 Jan
A thread for #MECFS, & related, research papers w/c 11th Jan.

Links will be to our forum discussion threads, where abstracts, links to paper, analysis and discussion can be found. Inclusion in this list does not equal recommendation.

"Reversible widespread brain 18F-FDG PET hypometabolism in chronic fatigue syndrome treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy" by Guedj et al.…

"Salivary DNA loads for human herpes viruses 6 and 7 are correlated with disease phenotype in ME/CFS" by Lee, Lacerda, Nacul, et al.…

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18 Jan

1. I hesitate to comment on the Proclamation of a State of Emergency for fear that I am motivated by a desire to become Prime Minister again.
2. But now I find that doctors and lawyers are commenting adversely on the promulgation of a state of emergency due to COVID-19. Also, on the management of the pandemic. And so I feel I have a right to comment.
3. My view is that emergency powers are not necessary in dealing with the pandemic. The Government has ample power and Malaysians have obeyed whatever orders or directives issued by the Government in dealing with COVID-19. They raise no objection.
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18 Jan
"Aerosols..within the most breathable size range between 0.5 & 5 μm, can carry SARS-CoV-2 deep to the terminal alveoli..if this transmission pathway does exist, it would bypass the mucociliary clearance & incubation period of the virus in the upper airways… Image
The filtration material itself of N95's average pore size ~0.3−0.5 μm does not block finer aerosol laden with virions penetration, not to mention surgical masks. For example, see Balazy et al. (2006).
Indoor airborne virus concentrations have been shown to exist (in day-care facilities, health centers, and on-board airplanes) primarily as aerosol particles of diameters smaller than 2.5 μm, such as in the work of Yang et al. (2011)
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18 Jan
@MAVrck184 @Kira_Yarmysh @katz_mum 1/4
"I don't understand what's going on. 1 minute ago I was brought here to meet with my lawyer and now there is a court session. Some strange people are filming me, the other are just sitting.
@MAVrck184 @Kira_Yarmysh @katz_mum 2/4
All of this is called Open session of the court of the city of Khimki and they will consider the case about my detention by the request of the chief of police. WHY the court session is taking place at the police department? I don't understand. Why was noone notified?
@MAVrck184 @Kira_Yarmysh @katz_mum 3/4
Why I have no subpoena? I've seen a lot of mockeries of justice but this time the man in the bunker [translator's note: Putin] is so scared that they literally threw the law in the trash. It's impossible what is going on.
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18 Jan
EC excludes results from over 1,200 polling stations ⁦@DailyMonitor

“Thousands of votes cast at some 1,257 polling stations countrywide were not included in the presidential election results that the ⁦⁦@UgandaEC⁩ announced...”

The most affected is Wakiso District where of the 1,434 polling stations, the EC final results excluded tallies from as many as 271, according to our analysis of the official results

Thousands of votes cast at some 1,257 polling stations countrywide were not...
...included in the presidential election results that the Electoral Commission (EC) announced on Saturday, this newspaper can reveal.

The most affected is Wakiso District where of the 1,434 polling stations, the EC final results excluded tallies from as many as 271, according...
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18 Jan
Self-reflection after reading @Retlouping blog on clinical testing to see if I understand the principles. In plain language.

Pre-test probability = Your % confidence that the patient has the diagnosis BEFORE clinical testing (still a bit unclear how this is calculated)

Post-test probability = Your confidence that the patient has the diagnosis AFTER clinical testing

So far so good I think.
Preferably we are looking for a big shift in confidence either in a positive or negative direction.
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18 Jan
Agastya Muni & Kaveri River
This is a story which describes how River Kaveri was brought on earth by Agastya muni. There was a king named Kavera lived in the Brahmagiri hills who prayed to Brahma for a child. He was blessed with a daughter whom he named Kaveri. Image
Agastya muni married her. A demon, named Shoorapadma, wanted to trouble people so he prevented rain from reaching South India. As a result famine occurred in South India.
Agastya Muni who came that way was very sad seeing this. He started to pray Mahadeva for a solution. Image
Shiva gave him small amount of Ganga water in his Kamandalu (small pot) and said wherever you spill this water the river will flow from there. Agastya Muni travelled lot of places to find a suitable place to pour water. Feeling tired he kept his Kamandalu and took rest. Image
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18 Jan
The hustler-dynasty debate is about oppressors vs oppressed. It is not about rich vs poor and no amount of diversionary scaremongering will make it so. A thread. 1/14
For 47 yrs a small clique of colonial nyapara has ring-fenced the state and accumulated more power and wealth than colonialists ever did. KCA sent Jomo Kenyatta to London to deliver a petition on land injustice. He bequeathed his family more land than any settler ever owned.
For decades, we have told this oligarchy that economic disenfranchisement of the majority is a time bomb, but as Upton Sinclair noted years ago, it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.
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18 Jan
Attended a press conference yesterday (online) given by @HEBobiwine and his wife Barbie Kyagulani. It lasted nearly an hour and was also addressed by his US based lawyer Mr. Bruce Afran. I will tweet a thread of his views on what happens next soon. He is under house arrest.
The only question that I asked was about his legal representation, considering that he was a candidate in a presidential election which has not concluded and he is also afraid for his safety and that of his wife. Barbie answered that their local lawyers have been denied access.
So here is the thread. The press conference was arranged by @HEBobiwine's external team. The line he was using was weak. At one point when it went off his lawyer was convinced that the last link had been severed with Bobi Wine. But he came back on.
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18 Jan

There was a time when one Mekkattu family suffered from severe poverty. The head of the family, Mekkattu Nampoothiri decided to perform penance at Thiruvanchikulam Mandir of Eranakulam; he stayed there and meditated for almost 12 years. ImageImageImage
One night, when he went to the pond to collect water, he saw a stranger holding an unusual gem in his hands. The stranger said that it was nagamanikya (serpent stone). When Mekkattu Nampoothiri expressed his desire to see the gem closer, the stranger tossed it into his hands. Image
Even though Nampoothiri knew that the gem would relieve his family from poverty and make them rich, he gave it back to the stranger. The next day, he saw the stranger again who revealed himself as Vasuki.
Vasuki then manifested in the kizhakkini (eastern room) of Mekkattu Illam. Image
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18 Jan
LIVE: @DrTedros' opening remarks at the #EB148.…
"40 years ago, a new virus emerged and sparked a pandemic. Life-saving medicines were developed, but more than a decade passed before the world’s poor got access to them"-@DrTedros #EB148
"12 years ago, a new virus emerged and sparked a pandemic. Life saving vaccines were developed, but by the time the world’s poor got access, the pandemic was over"-@DrTedros #EB148
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