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7 Dec
🧵While in my 20s and serving as a small church pastor, I underwent a season of doubting my faith. I found myself questioning almost everything I had once counted as certain in my life.
The unraveling began sometime in college as I noticed the Bible never called drinking a sin—something that I had heard multiple times up to that point in my life. It accelerated while in seminary, discovering an entire world of opinions I had never before encountered.
I found myself questioning almost everything, looking for something that would give me clarity on the path forward with my life. It was a baffling experience, climbing into the pulpit each Sunday, unsure of what I actually believed.
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7 Dec
Is there an award for the stupidest premise for a hit piece? @VP is doing PRECISELY what any high level government figure SHOULD do.

Bluetooth can be picked up from a LONG distance if you have a directional antenna. Large dish or grid types are cumbersome, but a yagi style for Bluetooth frequencies is akin to a super-sized spray paint can - maybe 4" in diameter and 16" long.
This panel antenna is one foot on a side, so it would fit into a backpack. The "rubber duck" antenna on your home firewall is a 2.2dBi omnidirectional. This 20dBi panel focuses 2^6 or 64x the energy in a fairly narrow wedge. Image
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7 Dec
China's exports in November were up 21.2% annually, compared to two years ago, and its imports up 17.4% annually. That resulted in a $71.7 billion trade surplus for the month, its third largest ever (October's was the largest).… via @SCMPNews
Once again these high surpluses shouldn't come as a surprise. Beijing's attempts to restrain growth in debt and non-productive investment in the property sector must be balanced by some combination of higher consumption, lower growth, or expanding trade surpluses.
The last of these is the path of least resistance. Exports from January to November were up 15.7% annually compared to 2019, and imports up 13.6%. China's trade surplus year to date was equal to roughly 4% of its GDP, or ore than 0.8% of the GDP of the rest of the world.
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7 Dec
Thread ---
Who's Glamis? What's this Blog site about? Why did it start publishing stuff from October 12th, 2017? What's the significance? Who are these people?
Take a wild guess before you embark on a wild ride! ImageImage
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7 Dec
A recent post on the TL brought to mind a curious phenomenon that seems to be one of the factors that draw people into certain bābāisms: the production of apports. This caught my attention early on because I noticed that several votaries claimed to have received bābāistic apports
I have heard of three unrelated bābājī-s (one of them more of a low-profile vaiṣṇava ``magician'') producing apports. Shortly thereafter I first saw one such apport, I saw demo by a vaṅgīya magician Sarkar on TV where he produced an apport explicitly as a magic trick. When I
pointed this to the votary and he gradually de-bābāized. I subsequently had the occasion to watch Sarkar live on stage producing various apports as part of his magic show. For at least one public bābājī the introduction of video cameras allowed the capture of the whole palming
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7 Dec
There is widespread, well-documented ableism, racism, & unnecessary gatekeeping in STEM & medicine, and this is damaging our pandemic response in the West.

Pointing this out does not make you anti-science (I love science, but this is a huge problem). 1/
Disabled & chronically people have crucial expertise, and this expertise is being ignored 2/

Prominent health institutions were warned about the severe risk of post-viral illness BEFORE the pandemic 3/

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7 Dec
Heard concerns about how Anchor will sustain ~20% yield during a bear market and whether yield reserve will deplete. A quick 🧵


👇👇 Image
1/ First of all, the promise of Anchor is in the stabilized stable yield, not in the 20% itself.

The aim is to become the benchmark rate of Defi, and it doesn't necessarily have to be 20%.
2/ The long-term anchor rates can be algorithmically adjusted (currently static, set by gov), reflecting current market/protocol conditions, updating every long term period, like 6 months
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7 Dec

There’s a way for the @Ripple case to end and all parties win. It requires two things: 1) favorable rulings for Ripple on fair notice & on the deliberative process privilege; and,
2) an Altcoin Bull Market 📈 causing #XRP to surpass its all time high (for example, hitting $5 dollars or higher).

Ripple owns over 50 billion #XRP. A $5 XRP equals Ripple being worth $250 billion dollars - significantly more valuable than @MorganStanley or @GoldmanSachs.
If Judge Torres denies the SEC’s motion to strike the Fair Notice Defense and Judge Netburn overrules the SEC’s claim that the #BTC #ETH & #XRP documents are privileged, @GaryGensler and the SEC could be facing a very significant precedent setting loss with huge implications.
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7 Dec
Last week, the FEC dismissed our 2020 complaint alleging a secret donor to Democratic super PACs violated the law.

The FEC’s Democrats wanted to pursue the case, but the GOP Commissioners shut it down.…
In 2018 & 2020, a mystery donor gave millions to newly-created nonprofits, which turned around and donated to Dem super PACs.

The super PACs disclosed receiving money from the nonprofits, but not the name of the donor who actually provided the funds.

From our complaint: Image
Given the timing of the transfers and the nature of the nonprofits, CLC’s complaint alleged that that those transactions violated federal law’s “straw donor” ban, which prohibits any person from making a contribution in the name of anybody else.…
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7 Dec
Curse on the Congress
1. With tears in his eyes, while collecting the corpses of 400 dead Brahmins outside Parliament, Karpatri Maharaj said in 1966: "Today during the 'Ban Cow Slaughter' agitation Indira Gandhi shot dead 400 Hindu monks within an hour in front of the Parliament.
2. I put a curse on the Congress party that one day a sadhu in modern attire will come down from the Himalayas and take control of this Parliament, destroying Congress policies and thought...This is the curse of a Brahmin which never goes in vain."
3. Born in 1907, Hariharanand Saraswati was popularly known as Swami Karpatri or Karpatri Maharaj (because he would eat only what would come in his palm 'kara', as the bowl 'pātra'). His family came from Bhatni in Pratapgarh, UP. He was a sanyasi in Dashanami monastic tradition.
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7 Dec
Jatindranath Mukherjee aka Bagha Jatin, one of the greatest revolutionary ever, who won the admiration of the British for his fight till the end against them.
Thread on his Jayanti today. Image
When one looks at the history of the revolutionary movement in Bengal, two groups stand out in particular, one the Anushilan Samiti and another the Jugantar party. Anushilan Samiti was founded by a group of local youths from the Akharas of Bengal in 1906.
The other one was Jugantar, which again started as a fitness club. Many of them later joined Netaji’s Forward Bloc, or the Communist party, while some ended up with the Indian National Congress.
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7 Dec
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