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“The pilot program will run for two months. Police will review data afterward and then make a decision as to whether they want to keep utilizing the technology.”… #PoliceDrones #MND613
Background—2021: “Drone technology which gives law enforcement a better vantage point and a new law, recently signed by the governor, expands its use.”… #PoliceDrones #Florida
Senate Bill 44: “An act relating to the use of drones by government
3 agencies; amending s. 934.50, F.S.; expanding the
4 authorized uses of drones by law enforcement agencies
5 and other specified entities”… #PoliceDrones #Florida #SB44
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Samuel Alito is attempting to use the power of the Supreme Court to erase the personhood of women in the United States. He is attempting to void the right to remedy & redress. He is declaring war on American democracy & the right of all Americans to be free from arbitrary abuse.
When Alito argues that unenumerated rights are not protected by the Constitution. The #9thAmendment—which explicitly protects unenumerated rights—says Alito is absolutely unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.
Samuel Alito testified under oath in his confirmation hearings that the Roe decision “deserves to be protected”. This was clearly a lie under oath. That lie was used to take a seat on the Court. That crime is currently ongoing.
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Remember when Republicans were giddy with Justice Thomas for upholding the ability to require drug tests of ALL students involved in extra curricular activities in Board of Education of Independent School District of Pottawatomie County, et al. v. Earls? #4thAmendment
And remember when Republicans assured us that extracurricular activities are so important we need a statute to permit school districts to check the genitalia of students? #4thAmendment…
And now some people are losing their minds because some school districts are requiring vaccines for ALL students involved in extra curricular activities? #4thAmendment…
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#SwatTeam did not have a legit warrant. They did not have a house where any crime had taken place. They did not have a criminal, just a peaceful citizen at home. #FourthAmendmentViolation #CastleDoctrine! They entered illegally, handcuffed her naked...…
She is a social worker, guilty of no crime, not engaged in any crimes, not befriended by any criminals, just at home minding her own business when the #SwatTeam bursts in and handcuffs her naked. #AnjanetteYoung…
Mayor Lori Lightfoot made a series of stunning admissions regarding #AnjanetteYoung, who was handcuffed naked during a wrong raid of her home by Chicago Police. 'shoddy police work leading officers to bust down the wrong door' There is no 'right' door to bust down! #4thAmendment!
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Today #SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in Torres v. Madrid to decide whether law enforcement officers who shoot and wound someone have conducted a “seizure” under the #4thAmendment if they fail to capture that person after. Read the brief CAC filed:…
Two New Mexico police officers wanted to question Roxanne Torres as she sat in her parked car. In the darkness, Torres feared the officers were carjackers and began to drive away.

Then the officers shot her twice in the back.…
The police arrested Torres at the hospital during treatment for the serious wounds she suffered. She proceeded to sue, alleging that the officers used excessive force and violated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibitions of “unreasonable seizures.”…
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William Barr is another unfortunate pick for attorney general. His record is one of empowering government, specifically the executive branch, at the expense of liberty and the rights of the people. We need an AG who will uphold the #4thAmendment and #5thAmendment, not erode them.
“While the Patriot Act was a major step forward and remedied FISA’s most severe problems, I believe FISA remains too restrictive….It still requires that the govt establish ‘probable cause’ that an individual is either a ‘foreign power’ or an ‘agent of a foreign power.’”
—W. Barr
“The Asset Forfeiture Program is a top priority of the Department of Justice and has my strong personal support.”
—W. Barr
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A thread for my fellow libertarians on the #HelsinkiSummit:
We say diplomacy and dialogue are good. Few Americans would disagree with that. Peace and prosperity can’t be secured without communication and engagement.
For my part, I have urged presidents to meet with the leaders of Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and other countries to build better relationships. These interactions make it possible to change behavior, to turn foes into friends.
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Kavanaugh is not another Gorsuch—not even close. Disappointing pick, particularly with respect to his #4thAmendment record. Future decisions on the constitutionality of government surveillance of Americans will be huge. We can’t afford a rubber stamp for the executive branch.
In 2015, Kavanaugh declared “the Government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.”

He cited Smith v. Maryland, a case whose facts bear almost no resemblance to the metadata program.

Gorsuch recently ripped SvM in a #4thAmendment case.
Kavanaugh: “Government’s program for bulk collection of telephony metadata serves a critically important special need—preventing terrorist attacks on the United States. In my view, that critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program.”
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