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Two weeks ago, Mayor @LydaKrewson promised that she would not accept federal law enforcement “help” after the mess they caused in Portland.

Today, two days after @StLouisCityCA retained her seat, Krewson announced her welcoming the feds with open arms.

And yesterday, city workers began installing a SpyKiosk right in front of the campaign office of Krewson’s mayoral challenger, @CaraSpencerSTL.

If you aren’t familiar, the kiosks are equipped for facial recognition & are monitored in real time by SLMPD.


If you don’t think this is related or that our Mayor is opening the door for a police state with the approval of our unelected governor - think again.

This is an intentional response to We the People voting for massive change this past Tuesday.

Wake tf up & pay attention.

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👋👋👋 Hi there, I'm Ben, your friendly neighborhood #youthvote organizer who has spent six years with @NextGenAmerica researching and learning how to get young people to vote for Democrats like @JoeBiden. Here's some quick (public) advice we've learned about what works! 1/ Image
ISSUES: @JoeBiden shouldn't pretend to be a Bernie-style progressive. Communicating about his platform is motivating, specifically:

🏥 Adding a public option to Obamacare
💰 Supporting debt/tuition free public college & HBCUs
☀️ Transition to 100% clean energy by 2035

2/ Image
ISSUES: Working with @BernieSanders's allies to make @JoeBiden's policy platform more progressive DOES increase motivation to vote with key members of the #youthvote, esp folks who are undecided or might sit out the election 3/ Image
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Hey #PortlandProtesters - are we going to let Sean come in and steal the narrative? Nope!
Tag activists you look up to that would like to know that Sean plans to come. @faith_bloc is with you.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice

Not only is he attempting to capitalize and politicize Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement, their theology is actively harmful and endangers lives. Whether officially sanctioned by Bethel anymore or not, still the same #Prosperitygospel that causes spiritual trauma and abuse.
This theology is rooted in racism and ableism. It preys on and discards those with serious mental illnesses - a problem Portland is no stranger to. Mental illness treatment parity is also a racial issue.
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“The assumption is that policing will stop or prevent sexual violence,” @AfroLez “There is documented evidence that it does not. So why do we rely on the police as the only solution to sexual assault?”
Experts say the existing criminal justice system has failed to address the economic, sociopolitical and mental health factors that often correlate with sexual violence. #DefundThePolice
As a society there is an overall lack of education to help unpack issues such as a rape culture, consent and body autonomy — and too seldom are people actually held accountable for their wrongdoings. #DefundThePolice
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Want to know what LAPD harassment looks like?

I tape these cops not wearing masks and I leave. They come around corner & - over the loudspeakers - call me out by name. Why? FoxNews LA ran a story about LAPD that used my tweets(1/6) @LAPD_NoMask @ginasilvafox11 #BLM #DefundPolice
I turn the corner, and here they come driving down Sunset BLVD when they, over-the-speakers, call me out (BY NAME). Smh

3 mins later I see them again w/suspects lined up. I film. Rather than focus on his job he gets confrontational & asks me “am I compliant?”

He wasn’t tho: 2/6
So because I exercise my 1st amendment right to film any public employee doing their jobs in public, they get mad. But it’s stops like this that make me film. They have 4 suspects pulled out of the car, lined up facing a fense. One with cuffs on. Why? Well....

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NEW DOCUMENTS obtained by #FOIA request indicate the US Border Patrol union—a pro-Trump, anti-immigrant extremist organization—provoked the agency to raid our humanitarian aid camp and clinic in 2017. The documents also reveal #BORTAC’s involvement in the raid (1/x)
The documents include an email to top level CBP commissioners, urging the agency to crack down on @NoMoreDeaths. While the sender is redacted, we deduce that the author is Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council and notorious anti-immigrant fanatic.
The BP Union is one of the most powerful law enforcement unions in the country. It is a notoriously anti-immigrant extremist group. Judd regularly associates with other hate groups (like @FAIRImmigration) and acts as Trump's unofficial advisor.…
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If you want to understand how deeply incestuous and fundamentally illegitimate the LA political machine is, look no further than today's Community Safety Partnership vote at the LAPC today.
This morning at the LA Police Commission meeting, commissioners will plan to vote yes to accept $500k in funding for the LAPD’s CSP. The money will come from the LAPD’s private non-profit, the LA Police Foundation, funded by multi-national corporations and elite interests.
The Garcetti-appointed Police Commission has 5 members, and needs 3 votes for a quorum.
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So clearly today is not the day we get to have a life. Catching up now, but 11th & Pine (once again) is a major friction point between protesters and police. We've seen flash bangs, pepper spray and blast balls all used in the last few minutes.

Police are now trying shoot pepper spray through the front line umbrella brigade.

We've heard repeated reports that flashbangs have lobbed into the crowds and that media have been targeted by both pepper spray and rubber bullets.

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Every single aspect of the immigration system is nasty, but the U.S. makes it especially nasty if you’re Black.

Contrary to popular belief, immigration is a Black issue.

Take a look for yourself 👇🏾
Mind blown? 🤯 We encourage you to learn more by following groups on the ground focusing on the issues impacting Black immigrants.

A good place to start is by supporting and uplifting the following groups:
@BAJItweet, @UndocuBlack, @HaitianBridge, @AfricansUS
We’ve heard firsthand accounts, reviewed our internal data, spoken with legal experts, and brought together existing research to produce this comprehensive portrait of the issues facing Black immigrants and asylum seekers in the United States today.
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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Trans, disabled and unhoused resident Hal describes what its like to live in @MayorOfLA and @MitchOFarrell's harmful and costly Special Enforcement Zone in Hollywood.

These zones are a key feature of Garcettis "A Bridge Home" shelters. #HomesNotZones #DefundThePolice
The @MayorOfLA and @JoeBuscaino @PaulKrekorian @davideryu @HerbJWesson are opening more of these shelters+zones in the weeks and months ahead.

They sugarcoat these expensive police+criminalization zones with words like 'safety' and 'clean.'

Abolish them NOW. #HomesNotZones Image
When @davideryu 's staff gave a presentation on his new Riverside shelter, they called it a "Services Zone" with no mention of the daily police harassment+banishment.

We've witnessed police tell young Black unhoused men to "get out of here" in these zones #HomesNotZones Image
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People are massing up down the block from Mayor Lightfoot's house to demand justice for people brutalized by Chicago Police at the #DecolonizeZhigaagoong action and that Lightfoot take cops out of Chicago public schools and #DefundCPD.

Lightfoot's block is barricaded by CPD.
#BlackLivesMatter demonstrators have shut down the intersection outside Mayor Lightfoot's house chanting "fuck Lori Lightfoot!"

Moments later, police issued an order to disperse and are threatening arrests.
#BlackLivesMatter demonstrators demanding Mayor Lightfoot #DefundCPD have been holding the street in front of her house for the last two hours.
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Today, these two white cops arrested this black woman for defacing the Black Lives Matter street mural in NYC the cops had been assigned to protect.
And while doing it, she was saying "Re-fund the police."

#NewYorkCity #mural #bizarro #DefundThePolice #refundthepolice
She supports the police, because crime in NYC has risen sharply. Yet here they are arresting her. Meanwhile, these police were assigned to protect this artwork inspired by a movement that largely doesn't like them.

Bizarro world in one photo.
Instead of trying to untangle all this, I think we can simply say that times of radical ideological rule lead to chaos and make for strange bedfellows--who are then forced to act counterintuitively.

Bottom line, though, we gotta come up with a new way of ordering our society.
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I have been called in to 52 Division. I am requesting access to my client - who has a constitutional right to counsel immediately and without delay pursuant to Section 10b of the Charter. It's been 3 hours now.
UPDATE: I was told by 52 division at 2:47 pm that I would be granted access to my client in 5 minutes. 5 minutes have turned into 30 minutes.
Update: My client is being detained without charges and without a lawyer. Section 10b of the Charter guarantees the right to counsel immediately and without delay. @marksaunderstps Release these Canadians now.
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Welcome back to #Fuck12Friday!! It’s 1pm (CP time) and we hope everybody is hype for the Black, Indigenous Solidarity Rally today at Buckingham Founta!…
Wondering what Black, Indigenous solidarity has to do with the police? We got you...follow this thread! #Fuck12Friday
From the moment the colonizers set foot on the shores of Turtle Island, the struggles of Black and Native people have been linked. #Fuck12Friday
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Thread. Who is Chad Wolf? Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security.

"Homeland Security head visits Portland, calls demonstrators ‘violent mob’ and defends federal officers"…
Tom Wolf says the most offensive shit in the world below, given that he's in charge of DHS.

"Acting DHS secretary claims no 'systemic racism problem' in law enforcement, drawing rebuke from potential VP candidate Demings"…
Chad Wolf - Raised: Plano, Texas

Secretary at U.S. Department of Homeland Security 11/2019-Present

Attended: Southern Methodist University (B.S. US History)

He participated in creating the TSA 2002-2005.

Left to become a Sr. Director @ lobbyist firm Wexler & Walker in 10/2005
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Just cuz I think it hasn't been said enough today...


There is no excuse for this brutality. Here is an entire thread of police beating on & murdering #disabled people...

Time to #DefundThePolice & invest in programs & social workers who are trained for it
Wilmington, Delaware

Police are called to a #disabled man with a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound & ended up shooting him 10 times as he adjusts his legs
Los Angeles, CA

Police shoot a #disabled homeless man in a wheelchair in the face with a rubber bullet during a protest on June 7th, 2020

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Thread: People who support #DefundThePolice are so profoundly ignorant that should not even bother engaging with them. Talking to such people at all will lower your own IQ by 10 points, just by association with their stupidity.
If someone tweets #DefundThePolice you should simply block them immediately. They are not serious people. If you literally defund the police, one or more of several things will happen. 1) Vigilantes will roam the neighborhoods seeking “justice”
2) “Alternative” “police” will appear. There is already talk of ANTIFA and Muslim sharia “police” “protecting” Minneapolis. That is the worst of all possible worlds. ANTIFA thugs will mete out their “justice” on anyone they disagree with.
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Angela Davis is one of the pioneers of the abolition movement from whence all the calls to #DefundThePolice come. Her nuance re: voting for Biden (which all of us progressive-radicals dread doing at this point) is reasonable, sensible and damn worthy of your respect.
Part of the challenge of this moment (and this platform) is that neither encourages us to contextualize ppl or their bodies of work. You out here standing in a house she and her comrades built for us, acting like you’re the most radical thing popping.
In 2017-2018, ppl were all ‘trust Black women,’ cuz anybody with sense knows that whatever *is* functioning in this broken republic is entirely due to Black women’s pragmatism in the voting booth, which it turns out, does not undercut our capacity for radical vision.
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Wie konnte es China schaffen, die öffentliche Meinung zum #Coronavirus und den #Lockdown Maßnahmen so stark zu beeinflussen?
Diesmal ein sehr langer (sorry🤷‍♂️) Thread, in dem ich ein paar Beispiele aufzeigen möchte. Einen angenehmen Tag noch 😌 ->
Es kursierten zahlreiche Amateuraufnahmen aus Wuhan im Internet, die zeigten, dass China gezielt Falschinformationen produziert und verbreitet. Viele dieser Videos sind verschollen. Dieses Video ist seltsamerweise noch da "Es ist alles Fake" ->
Ein weiteres, in einem Krankenhaus in Wuhan aufgenommenes Video stellte sich später als nicht ganz so Heimlich heraus. In Wirklichkeit war dies Teil der chinesischen Propaganda. Das Video und der Inhalt waren vllt echt, der Whistleblower aber nicht ->
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Guten Morgen
Ich stelle mir öfters die Frage, woher die Idee für die weltweiten #Corona-Maßnahmen eigentlich kommen, zumal im Februar über den chinesischen #lockdown noch anders berichtet wurde.
Die Hinweise verdichten sich aber. Hier der Thread.
(Wird etwas länger.🤷) ->
Diesem sehr interessanten Times-Artikel zufolge startete die #CCP Anfang März in ITALIEN eine massive Social-Media-Kampagne, um für ihre Maßnahmen zur Bekämpfung von #Covid_19 zu werben. ->
Die Welt schaute auf #Italien,welches das erste Land außerhalb Chinas war, dass Opfer der Maßnahmen wurde. Eine italienische Marketingfirma hat herausgefunden, dass auf den Plattformen zahlreiche Accounts auftauchten, die unter großem Beifall Chinas Hilfe in Italien lobten->
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THREAD slash rant on yesterday's violent arrest of an unhoused man of color on the Downtown Mall. If you haven't seen the press release or body cam footage yet, here's the link:…
Okay I’ll start with a side note — where are y’all’s masks @cvillepolice! Multiple officers weren’t wearing them, and one wasn’t wearing his mask correctly at all. You could have given Mr. Gonzalez COVID, or he could have given it to you and you could pass it on to anyone else!
Next, Mr. Gonzalez was not hurting or disturbing anyone. His “crime” was simply being a homeless person of color too close to where (mainly) white, well-off people were eating on our gentrified Downtown Mall.
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Tucker: Team Biden releases its plan for America via @YouTube #Agenda21 #Agenda30 #Agenda50 #GreenNewDeal #CommunistBlocHousing
Biden bringing in 22 million immigrants pushing Americans out of their homes, he’ll stop deporting illegals making us homeless furthermore. Homelessness will rise exponentially causing disaster for renters, families, young adults & elders. Plague Disease from rats is probable.
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