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I get a lot of these and I really let them roll but the subject line has me HOWLINGGGGGGGG😭😭😭 An email to me from someone named “terry Meehan” who say
Like I’m very sure “Terry” is calling *me* a racist but it’s basically like he’s announcing his racism and I can’t stop laughing.
“Morning! Today’s racism is here!” Lmaooooooo
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So are we going to talk about the fascist flag flying over @YEGPA HQ during the #yegcc elections this year?

Are next year’s police uniforms going to be MAGA hats and “I heart oil” hoodies?

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #DefundThePolice
I mean, “I heart oil” *is* Alberta’s MAGA hat.


Here’s a thread about systemic racism in policing with an Alberta focus.

Warning: Starlit tours and police brutality.

(I never did finish my conclusion, but maybe I’ll get back to it some day.)

@TaylorMadeYYC @N8V_Calgarian if you have suggestions I’m open to feedback.
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#Defundapalooza was EVERYTHING!!! Amazing resources from amazing organizers & thinkers across the country for campaigns to #DefundPolice #RefundCommunities #DefendBlackLives many HOT off the presses, like authors hadn't actually seen the designed version of some! Missed it? 👇🏽
We shared @projectnia's #DefundthePolice video , disponible en español tambien aqui:…
As well as the Police Abolition 101 zine collabo between @projectnia & @interruptcrim, based & expanding on @MPD_150's resource - disponible en español pronto!… #DefundPolice #DefundthePolice #Defundapalooza
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Want answers on what it means to #AbolishThePolice and #AbolishPrisons?

I interviewed @equalityAlec of @CivRightsCorps, and I don't say this often but this is a *must watch*

I interviewed @equalityAlec about his work ending the criminalization of poverty, the history of policing and prisons, the real motives behind reforms like body cams, arguments against #DefundThePolice, what abolition really means, and...

What you can do in your own community:
"No society in recorded history of the modern world ever attempted to take so many human beings from the schools, and families, and jobs, and medical care, and children, and put them into government run cages" - @equalityAlec

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At @StateDept: Protesters demand @POTUS Biden, history has its eyes on you. Palestinians demand an end to the illegal colonization of their land. SIGN:… #SaveSheikhJarrah Stop the #OngoingNakba & #GazaUnderAttack #DefendJerusalem ImageImage
"Free free Palestine." Palestinians in Jerusalem remain steadfast as their calls for freedom are heard from Sheikh Jarrah to DC! Stop the #OngoingNakba #SaveSheikhJarrah. Follow @m7mdkurd @yarahawari @danaelkurd @4noura Image
As @4noura & @MariamBarghouti wrote: "we need solidarity to overcome apartheid." #IsraeliApartheid

Pic @palestine solidarity rally telling @StateDept end US complicity!

sign:… read:…

#GazaUnderAttack #OngoingNakba #FreePalestine Image
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Ever wonder why the virulent panic over violent gangs of the late 80s and 90s has subsided?

It’s not because cops fixed the problem – it’s because it was a racist moral panic that was leveraged to increase police budgets and incarcerate people of color.

Here’s how 👇🧵
Yes, violence in cities was a problem - yet violent crime fell substantially in the 1990s while rhetoric ramped up.

Meanwhile, between 1989 and 1991 the FBI claimed the number of gangs increased threefold.

Their source? Surveys of cops - who gained $ from the supposed crisis. Image
There was also a massive increase in media coverage - in Las Vegas in 1983 there were 4 articles about gangs in local LV papers.

By 1991 there were 174 articles and cops were bringing media along to drug busts.

If you read the paper or watched TV, the Black people were coming.
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Follow this thread as we live tweet the #PeoplesBudgetLA presentation to Los Angeles City Council.

You can watch on @BLMLA facebook here:… #DefundThePoliceScreen
.@nithyavraman and @kendrick38(sup) just joined us 🥰🥰🥰 #PeoplesBudgetLA
Here's the agenda for the night! This is going to be a dope presentation. Come learn about the budget! And learn about what a true participatory budgeting process looks like. #PeoplesBudgetLA
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My God. Now they murdered 3 month old baby in Mississippi. This cannot be reformed. #DefundThePolice
South Carolina:
#JamalSutherland tased to death in police custody for fun. This cannot be reformed. #DefundThePolice #AbolishThePolice #AbolishPrisons
#MarvinScottIII murdered by LOEs while in custody after being detained for a ridiculous “possession” of weed charge. End this fucking “war on drugs”. #DefundThePolice #AbolishThePolice #AbolishPrisons
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TW: rape, police violence

“The detectives took turns raping her in the backseat as the van cruised the dark streets and as she sat handcuffed, crying and repeatedly telling them ‘No.’ Between assaults… the van pulled over so the cops could switch drivers”


New York is one of 35 states where cops can evade sexual assault charges by claiming it was consensual

Some states have recently closed this loophole

Most have not, “because it has been politically unpopular to push laws that target cops and anger their powerful unions”
In most of the states that do not outlaw sex between on-duty cops and detainees, an officer can claim consent and face only a misdemeanor “official misconduct” charge, which carries a maximum one-year sentence
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Here's a quick #Senedd2021 thread, if anyone gives dau gachiad:
As an active anarchist, I organised Vote Nobody campaigns & spoilt my ballot at election time. By the time Social Campaign Group had control of the Labour party leadership, I was so politically inactive it seemed...
... almost childish not back their tilt at government in 2017. I was never so naive as to think it could change any of the fundamental problems of this society. But if you don't recognise what a unique opportunity the possibility could have been; for a more peaceful world...
... improved redistribution of wealth, increase in working class power etc, then I don't know what to say.
Things have changed a lot since then, that moment has passed.
I say all that to say this; I was a non-voter, Corbyn made me break a habit of a lifetime, now it's ...
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“State officials will continue to violate people’s rights with impunity”

Ron Keine was convicted and sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder in 1974

He was exonerated in 1976, 9 days before his execution

#EndQualifiedImmunity 🧵
Misconduct in Ron Keine’s case was “so egregious” the prosecutor lost his license and several officers were fired - @innocence

Yet Ron’s lawsuit was dismissed — because of qualified immunity

And Ron’s case isn’t rare

Qualified immunity enables police brutality and corruption
Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine from the 1960s that allows public officials, like cops, to act with impunity — even when they break the law

And as we know, the very people empowered to uphold the law break it every day — and laugh about it…
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Have reached the conclusion that every white person who is arguing with the semantics of #DefundthePolice and #AbolishthePolice is avoiding the issue rather than engaging with it.

If YOU don't know what it means, YOU should find out. Because trust me, once you do, you'll get it.
Also, saying "those words are a bad marketing message" is a hell of a way to avoid a discussion about white supremacy, police murder, and systematic racism.
Very classic white fragility and deflection, just in new clothing.
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List of People-Humans-Loved Ones that the Tucson Pokice Department and Pima County Sheriffs Department has killed. Please add and share!! #DefundThePolice #DefundTPD
1. Carlos Adrian Ingram Lopez 4/21/20
2. Cliff Linebarger was beaten so badly by the Sheriffs Department he had long term medical complications that ultimately killed him 5 years later in 2016. He left behind two boys.
Chris Burdon was in a diabetic shock and trying to get help when he was killed by a TPD sharp shooter in 2009
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Derek Chauvin was involved in 5 police killings before suffocating George Floyd to death

But Chauvin's far from the only cop to get away with murder.

In fact, those who *are* fired just get hired somewhere else.

It's endemic.

Why #DefundThePolice then #AbolishThePolice?

🧵 Image
Even those who still believe the fallacy that police and prisons make us safer understand that police accountability is critical — and "wandering cops" are a major concern

A 2020 Yale Law study found 1,100 terminated cops re-hired and walking the streets in Florida alone Image
The national decertification database isn't public, isn't checked by most depts before hiring, and doesn't include some of the biggest states, including California and New Jersey

This sorry excuse for transparency has led to numerous deaths

St. Ann, Missouri, is a prime example
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Statement demanding accountability and transparency for the 335 police killings in 2021 and all 8,000 police killings reported through the Deaths in Custody Reporting Act and the Fatal Encounters database:… #defundthepolice #nopolicestate Full text of Green Party statement on police killings, availChart showing rate of police killings for All People vs. Bla
2/ The Green Party platform values human life and calls for immediate action from Chiefs of Police and state Attorneys General to hold killer cops accountable and end this violence.

The guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial on April 20th was the first step in
3/ holding law enforcement accountable but the killings must stop. The same day In Ohio, Ma'Khia Bryant was killed by police moments before the verdict was read. Witnesses in patrol cars heard the reading of the verdict as it was transmitted live via the police radio.
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Today is Joe Biden's 100th day as President with a majority in both the House and Senate.

Here is the most comprehensive thread on how, like Trump, he has failed us thus far. ⤵️ 1/
Despite being dragged into office on the back of last summer's protests led by black activists, Biden has largely ignored #BlackLivesMatter and their policy demands since their inauguration. 2/
Biden, who oversaw the militarization of our police as VP, promised very minor reform by executive order in week one. It never came.

Instead, he's now transferring even more weapons to cops at a faster rate than Trump had been. 3/
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Man, I’m so appreciative of the tools parents w/ kids on the spectrum have now, that they didn’t have back in the day. We’re all still learning & trying to be better, but I’m so thankful that we have the language to offset the status quo. ESPC for school.
And I’m not even saying most schools are even TRYING to be less ableist. But I think parents are being more protective, more aware and are FORCING these schools to ‘get with the program’. ESPC as the mom of a Black boy. Tyger doesn’t learn the way other kids might learn &...
...we’re combatting his ‘discouraged’ feelings with this specific language. ‘You learn differently & different doesn’t mean bad.’ As Scarlett is about to graduate middle school, I’m already thinking about how middle school will be for him. We’ve known all of the teachers...
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With the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, it’s probably a good time to remember that Canada also has deep-rooted problems in policing. 🧵

#blacklivesmatter #blm Image
This starlit beating took place in Calgary in 2013.

“When the officers left him at a desolate construction site, it was –28 C with the windchill, and Addai-Nyamekye was dressed in only a tracksuit and sneakers.”

“This is where he almost ended my life,” says Addai-Nyamekye in the film, returning to the site where he was tasered and beaten.…
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Sitting down to read my 1st piece ever. Feeling grateful to @car1ygoodman, @brianros1, and @madebyhistory @washingtonpost. It was impactful and hard to write on the history of police violence through tactics like chokeholds. #GeorgeFloyd #DefundThePolice…
"Giving more funding and training to police varies the violence that disproportionately impacts Black communities. The problem is not the specific tactic deployed in a given case, i.e. the gun, chokehold or Taser. It is the anti-Black bias embedded in police stops...and arrests."
"In February 1968, Malcolm X’s mentee Russ Meek said the police fought 'civil disorders with
their own brand of violence.' Meek was referring to the use of Japanese martial arts, and he called police versions of karate and aikido 'the most murderous methods of self-defense.”'
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Joe just pulled up to the Capitol Building for a 'PHOTO OP' 📸where he still refuses to give Congress a "State of the Union" #SOTU
To honor fallen Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans while his Constituents cry #DefundThePolice 🤦‍♀️
Our Country is a embarrassment because of these two dried up husks !
I can't 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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Last Saturday, I watched a friend have a psychotic break from reality. What happened next was one of the most exhausting, frustrating, and disgusting experiences I've ever had with the police & the criminal justice system.

This is why we need to #DefundThePolice, 🧵:
Last weekend, my friend began having paranoid delusions centered around technology and the internet. She destroyed her phone b/c she thought people were spying on her. She was always bit always emotional but I had never seen her this distressed before 2/
One of her roommates convinced her to go to the ER, but once they got there, she changed her mind and refused to self-commit. The ER basically told her roommate that her behavior would have to get worse before she could be involuntarily committed. So we watched and waited 3/
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Why do I have so much scorn for the anti-cop, #DefundThePolice crowd?

- I have to call a take out place in order to place an order for food, and then purposely pick it up late, just to make sure that no one spits in it or tampers with it. I know cops that have been poisoned.
I’ve had to visit way too many of my brothers and sisters in blue in the hospital from them getting assaulted. Then watched the person who assaulted them laugh in the cells and later on try to sue the city for “damages”.
Watched an overrated football player make millions by quoting incorrect and/or incomplete “facts”, destroying a noble career. He’s be completely forgotten by now if he hadn’t ever taken a knee.
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A thread and eulogy: Today would have been Sarah DeRoo's 51st birthday but she died in December from a poisoned drug supply in the #DTES. She was smart, kind, generous and beautiful. When we met, she was a teenager who was already using opiates to moderate internal pain. Image
She was a manager in a small company. She was productive, creative and generous with friends. It is no surprise to see her sharing food with people at an enormous protest to advocate for peace in 1986. She strove to make the world a better and more caring place. Image
She was talented and creative. Together we enjoyed writing and reading poetry and listening to music. She would give me notes carefully and elegantly written by hand. She gave everything she could to her friends and the community around her. Image
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