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LAPD is becoming increasingly violent. Here is an LAPD officer telling us that they would shoot us from one foot away. Take a listen for yourself. Another officer comes running into the crowd with a baton while another attempts to choke a protestor.
LAPD is full of scared little men. Absolute fucking cowards who think they’re tough because they have a badge and a gun.
The reason why democrats say “fund the police” is because they need them to show up when people protest in the streets. Doesn’t matter if your basic human rights are being taken away - they will send the cops in to shut you down and get you off the streets.
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#AmberHeard is going on Today Show and GMA...they would not be taking someone on their show who they knew is a liar. So why are they taking her on their show? It's not just clickbait & ratings. It's because there is an agenda. Please do not let them get away. Lives matter.
The machine behind #AmberHeard is powerful. They've pushed a narrative for the last few years with Amber Heard and other "ambassadors" to #BelieveWomen to #DefundThePolice to #MeToo etc. Everyone of these is dishonest and lacks transparency. All of them are political. We're pawns
We just cannot, as a society, for the safety of our kids, support role models forced in our faces, like #AmberHeard is on MSM, who are liars. It is a recipe for a divisive society.
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I had a long conversation with some 2A randos on here yesterday about how to reduce mass shootings. You know the type. Their "solution" is to allow more people to carry guns all the time and hope they stop the shooters.

For the record, the true die-hards also don't want the police to interfere with private citizen shootouts. They stop short of #DefundThePolice of course. But they do want police to stay out of violent incidents like this entirely and leave it to good guy heroes. Mind boggling.
I sometimes wade through this nonsense trying to get a better understanding of where these folks are coming from. I wouldn't recommend it because they are not serious people. But sometimes I do actually learn something interesting.
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That's just not true man. The progressive agenda offers significant change and has for a while. It just isn't taken seriously as an offering in the way that authoritarian conservatism is. Even by you.
This is understandable. And it's a conversation worth having. But it's not what you actually said. The context was very muddy. And ultimately it speaks to how you and other political analysts contribute to exactly the atmosphere that you're describing.
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Less than a week after Uvalde, a school in Sand Point called 911 to report an intruder chasing and grabbing kids. An officer showed up but sat in his car during the emergency.
SPD claimed the principal was to blame for their non response, and local media repeated their lies.
This story should have set of the bullshit meter. They police already had probable cause and they can assist in emergences. Emergencies are WHY people feel we need cops, but as we have seen elsewhere, they have no duty to act, and they don't.
The other thing that should have set off the BS meter?
The cops in Uvalde tried to deflect blame for their deadly failures on to the school, teachers, and administrators too. It turned out to be all lies.
Evidence has shown that SPD lies, constantly. Why would this be true?
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#LeonnaHale is a 26 year old unarmed pregnant Black Woman who was shot five time by Kansas City police on Friday. She had her hands up and told police she could not follow their directions to get on her stomach b/c she was pregnant. There is no reforming this. #AbolitionNow According to reports, “the cops told the woman to get on t
What was #LeonnaHale & the other person driving the car suspected of?
"suspicion of a stolen vehicle".
We keep telling you that the police were created maintain white supremacy, keep Black people in line & protect white property. DASSIT.
But this part always makes my stomach churn. You shot a pregnant woman FIVE TIMES & still needed to handcuff her. The cruelty is the point. Did you know the police handcuffed and threw Tamir Rice's big sister in a police car as she watched her brother die? The cruelty is the goal
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On average 40-50% of an American city's budget is spent on the police.

After witnessing The Uvalde Police cowardly inaction directly leading to the deaths of 19 children & 3 teachers, everyone needs to ask this question:

How tf are they spending OUR money?

The obvious answer is they are spending it on military grade weapons to suppress protests, and terrorize marginalized communities.

So then, Americans need to ask themselves this question:

Are we happy with OUR money being spent on killing black and brown folks?
Nowhere else on this planet, do the people let their authoritarian regimes WALK ALL OVER them like Americans do.

They steal from you, kill you, watch you die and STILL you sit at home silently waiting to vote?

Maybe you need to grow a spine my fellow Americans...
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I believe @GOVUK knows they are about to deal with the worse #publichumiliation to date @Michell55125993 .

To much has and to many @publicexp have witnessed what needs to made a #PublicExposure or @cricketworldcup @YorkshireCCC @CricketersTrust @LordsTaverners Will
be a thing of the past who are not trusted now following #CindyButts being #exposedinpublic if @RL_Cricket @KentCricket @TheCricketerMag @TheCricketPaper do as everyone else has done in the ongoing cover up of the #TruthMatters when @AzeemRafiq30 should be jumping
on your side so should many who have suffered at the hands of a #RacistInChief #corrupttothecore #MetPoliceUk @AP_Sports as @SkySports @SkySportsPL @SkySportsBoxing @SkySportsNBA @SkySportsDarts @SkySportsRacing @SkyFootball @SkyCricket who should most definitely not
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Prevent is a surveillance tool designed to treat the whole population as potentially dangerous for the ruling elites. And as with many aspects of domestic policing in the USA/UK, there is an link with Israeli attempts to create a Closed Society #EndPrevent
This is the police in Birmingham trying to introduce settler colonial values and treat muslim citizens as potential insurgents…
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Every single time I talk to a Thin Blue Line supporter about why I believe #ACAB they assume I don’t know many cops or much about policing or I’ve had a bad experience and generalized it.

This is very incorrect.

I am the grandchild of a Chief Superintendent of the Ontario Provincial Police. I grew up in a cop loving #BackTheBlue family. I was taught cops are heroes, doing dangerous work. In fact, my grandpa encouraged me to report cops who weren’t doing right, even just speeding.

I’m married to the grandchild of a chief detective of the Ottawa Police Service. He also grew up in a cop revering family. His cousin is currently a police officer.

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There are many issues that Republicans use as slogans when they run for office because they are too complicated for a Republican voter to understand. Donald Trump is proving every day the average GOP voter cannot handle complex issues. He made everything color by numbers. Like:
1) Donald Trump says you either love the police of hate the police.
Republicans come out in droves with the #BackTheBlue hashtag and amplify the #DefundThePolice hashtag. The issue? Not that simple. You CAN support police officers and demand an end to police corruption and abuse.
2) Donald Trump says the borders are wide open!
Forgetting the ludicrous "Mexico will pay for it" thing, the border is supported by BOTH parties. Trump wants areas that are already patrolled by the Border Patrol, covered by natural barriers, and owned by private citizens taken
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Here’s a little story about a group called #transalt. This group claims to be doing “gods work”. Their number one goal is to reclaim NYC’s streets from people who own automobiles.
Here are some of the folks who are part of the Non-Governmental Organization:
Here’s the group hard at work:
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I rec’d some clips from the antimandate side on the protest in #yyc on Saturday.

I keep hearing that cops “negotiated” w/ #yycbeltline residents/supporters. It sounds more like Calgary police pre-planned the outcome in favour of occupiers to me
2/ After being asked by an antimandate protestor about the plan this cop replies “We’re negotiating asking the other group to move. That’s the goal. So everyone else can go ahead”

This doesn’t sound like negotiating but rather a pre-determined plan by CPS.
3/ In this clip the same protestor expresses frustration that 18min after his conversation with the cop, the Beltline residents still hadn’t moved.

Entitlement so real. That’s what you get after waiting 2yrs before any enforcement actions are taken.
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The only thing stopping America from massive protests against all the horrible things going on in America is...

Specifically, Americans' apathy, Americans' lack of willingness to stand up and say "NOT IN MY NAME".

We should never have stopped protesting for #BlackLivesMatter, to #DefundThePolice, because the police are STILL monsters and Black people are STILL being treated as subhuman in America.

We should still be in the streets for that ALONE.
AND the attempt at destroying a generation of #trans youth in Texas, Alabama, Missouri... literally MORE THAN HALF of all states.

Across an estimated TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY hateful bills.

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Capitol Hill stroll:

- Soldiers stationed around the United States Capitol complex

- Masked Covidians walking alone outside

- Homeless camps in front of Union Station

- Trash everywhere

- Businesses shuttered

- Criminals emboldened

DC is a hellhole.

Joe Biden’s America.
Dear @SecretaryPete:

Still on paternity leave?

You need to clean up Union Station.

What a dump.
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You think #DefundthePolice is a bad message ? (Btw almost no credible Dems run on that slogan) take a look at how #FundthePolice plays w/ young black voters who are crucial in the midterms but are already skeptical of this administration #SOTU22
Biden's approval rating is under 40%. His approval w/ Black voters, the CORE Democratic constituency is in the 60's/70's. What part of that #SOTU was targeted to appeal to black voters? What black voter was moved from apathy to activism?
Today @RichelleCarey did an extensive thread on how for the first time in 18 years of voting in TX suddenly her registration was canceled. What part of the #SOTU gives hope to voters facing that issue around the country ?
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In a few short days, we've moved from pundits mournfully intoning platitudes about the terrible return of war to Europe (completely ignoring the 90s, of course) to shrieking for a great power war and explaining nukes aren't that big a deal anyway.

This is political psychosis.
Actual psychopath in the wild here.
Of course, the eternal weathervane of midwit opinion is on board too.
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@Jim_Elves @OttawaPolice 🧵

The @OttawaPolice have abandoned us. Countless friends and colleagues that live downtown are terrified. They all have stories of harassment, physical and verbal threats from these insurrectionists.

Seeing this appalling response from those meant a to protect us…

@Jim_Elves @OttawaPolice Elderly people too scared to leave their house downtown after being spat on by these occupiers. Grocery stores that have had to close because to protect their staff from the ongoing harassment.

You should be ashamed of what you have let happen to those that depend on you…

@Jim_Elves @OttawaPolice I never even entertained the notion of defunding the police before today. But I will be considering that going forward.

You @OttawaPolice have abandoned us, and forced us to start taking action because of your inability to protect us.

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Those denouncing Ottawa police for timidity have been oddly forgiving of Trudeau's disappearjng act. Police (& soldiers) need a sense of purpose & leadership. "Take out the trash while I hide" is a bad look. Trudeau's brittle rhetoric, & weak, fearful behavior have sapped morale.
The rhetoric about the police has been bizarrely dehumanizing (even when you discount the hilarious hypocrisy of #DefundThePolice activists demanding that they now act as stormtroopers). Police are human. They're not automatons or chess pieces. Put yourself in their shoes....
During trudeau's last 2 years, the theme from Libs, NDP & media has been that they're all just a bunch of racists in cop drag. Even before that, they were thrown out of pride parades. Jagmeet (to this day!) fuels the batcrap theory that toronto cops threw a woman off a balcony...
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“More hiring” = more funding 🤮🤮🤮

This sucks @KarenBassLA
LAPD already gets $3 billion and don’t stop crime. Why would anyone think giving them more money is the answer?…
Karen Bass & the top gang banging cop in the country agree on "public safety." Very cool @KarenBassLA! Google LASD gangs.
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I'm on the ground in Halifax, observing the #FluTruxKlan temper tantrum. Already I've observed police arresting a lone counter-demonstrator, and was literally told by a cop to "join the group".
I'm monitoring their Zello channel (Halifax Convoy 2022) and appears the convoy is a bit fragmented: Image
They caused an accident on Quinpool, emergency vehicles struggled to get through: Image
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🧵 Why isn’t enforcement happening in Calgary? #yyc

Healthcare workers deserve to be protected everywhere for the important work they’re doing. #AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth

Yet in Calgary Logan Murphy records himself with no consequences.
2/ Last week alone Logan Murphy filmed himself harassing HC workers at mobile vaccination clinics not once but twice #yyc

13 January 2022:
3/ Here’s Logan Murphy the very next day harassing HC workers and people lined up for #COVID19AB vaccination #yyc

14 January 2022:
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“Snorlax” is now trending in the United States because two LAPD officers were playing Pokémon Go instead of responding to a robbery.

Did you know that LAPD killings were up 160% last year? And they are requesting a 12% budget increase?

The cops don’t keep us safe.
THIS is the real “crime wave” in Los Angeles… #DefundThePolice
$3 billion a year for these pigs to not solve crime and to actively endanger our communities

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