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QDrop 4665 Sept. 11, 2020 1:46:33 PM EST
Quote from “Thomas Paine, The American Crisis.”
Now meet SGT MAJ Thomas Payne: “ I think we all witnessed mass atrocities that Isis was committing and it’s one that could be compared to Naz! Germany at the time.”
Q, Is it time for PAYNE?!
2. Here is where I located and heard the quote from the Iraq war hero, Thomas Payne, who today, #911anniversary will receive the Medal of Honor. 🙏🏻 🎖 🥇
Q, is it time for PAYNE aka PAIN?! ⛓⚔️⚖️
4. Here is SGT MAJ Thomas Payne receiving recognition for #MedalofHonor today by @USArmy. Interesting timestamp is 2:08 leads me to QDrop 208 Rizvi Traverse Management. Suhail Ritvi, Most definitely connected at initial glance. 🤔💭.
I have not dug this individual/co. SpaceX-C!A
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"We will never forget" is more than a phrase. It is a testament of who we are as people and as a country.

#neverforget the lives we lost on September 11, 2001, and the service members who courageously answered the call to defend our Nation.

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This 911 synchronicity was popping up a lot again 4 me, and I thought I'd share some truths..As a former Aerospace/🛰️ industry contributor/engr for ~20 yrs (~9 yrs in dark, rest in commercial), I was being guided about 911 truths after my activation, and got the name of a company
I used to look up to, SAIC. It also bought out the last corp I was working at b4 I was forced by my guides to quit to do my Lightworker mission in this final leg of the battle. I think it was their one way of me not being part of a company that helped bring down some of the light
forces that were working in the Pentagon/WTC then to release GESARA. Their sacrifice will not go in VAIN. 👇Article on what SAIC did & hid… ..I'm sure this company will be hit hard w/ indictments, as they have done more harm for the lives of humanity than
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Trump is dIsgusting & reprehensible:

signaled 👍🏼at the Flight 93 memorial

Today Trump launches fresh attacks on FBI & DOJ w/ dubious allegations.

📌He knows LE is closing in on his crimes against humanity.

📌Post 911 he bragged about having tallest bldg.🤔

📌Bush: “On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our

📌NATO invoked Article 5 9/12/01 & is still in full force.

📌Lindsey Graham reminded Kavanaugh GWB’a declaration of war post 9/11 is in full force and effect today

📌Trump looked forward to playing a central role in the rebuilding of the WTC-worth billions he chortled!

📌“Did Osama Bin Laden have copies of the REAL Kompromat on Trump care of the Saudis &/or Mogilevech?

📌What is the story behind Mogilevich, 9/11, & Trump?
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QDrops For September 11, 2018

9/11 Edition

Today we remember those taken away from us on that

crisp September morning on 9/11/01. 17 years later & the

real terrorist are still at large. When will we see justice?






Where Is The Plane?
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Trump’s rudderless ship of state features an astonishing cast of felons, loons, hacks, grifters, incompetents, sycophants & backstabbers.

TrumpRussia & his decades of money laundering for ROC.

GOP & Trump target Bruce Ohr b/c of his expertise in RU org crime.

Trump to declassify Page FISA info & the activities of DOJ Bruce Ohr. (Info about RU mob activities) for political purposes.

KJU’s regime has stepped up efforts to hide its nuclear weapons production,

📌Xi & Putin are the puppet masters KJU & Trump the puppets

📌Japan's Abe says wants to discuss peace treaty with Putin

Sweden's ruling party hits election low as far right grows

Op-Ed: Who done it?

Wild Speculation continues:

Javanka quickly blame John Kelly & his deputy. “He’s destroying you presidency”
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