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9/11 would change the USA & world forever in a number of different ways.

On the 20th anniversary, we look back at the effects it would have on the U.S. Stock Market & Economy.


Disclaimer: I tried to take politics & any other trigger out of here to focus on just the facts.

I have the utmost respect for first responders & civilians of the 9/11 attacks. This is in no way to take away from the attacks of 9/11, rather to look deeper on its effects.
On the morning of September of 11, NYSE & Nasdaq would not open.

Wall Street is only a few blocks away from the twin towers.
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Okay so I have something to say about all of you attacking former Pres. #GeorgeWBush today for his powerful and timely words: please STOP. Let’s put him into context shall we?! 1/
2/ #GeorgeWBush was a president 8 months when 9-11 happened. He ran and won on a domestic agenda. He did not oppose #VotingRights (he signed REAUTHORIZATION in 2006) nor did he go after women’s #ReproductiveRights Full stop!
3/ Yes, he is a son of wealth and privilege. So were almost all of our US Presidents. Yes, he wasn’t the most articulate of our Presidents. All true. However, does anyone think him not a decent- God fearing man? Because he is.
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Somewhere floating on the net & buried on an ancient hard drive or floppy are my experiences on this day 20 years ago. I sat down that night and wrote about my day. I wish I could find them. #WhereWereYou
I can tell you how I felt. Uncertain. Sad. Afraid. Like everyone else.

I was almost 27 & lived 45min or so from NYC.

I overslept.
I backed over the mailbox when I heard.

I watched the 2nd plane hit & the towers fall while pet sitting.

I remember the jumpers.
I remember checking on clients who worked in Manhattan.

I remember a last minute job requested the prev day, a Dalmatian.

Her ‘dad’ lost most of his co-workers at Cantor Fitzgerald bc his wife convinced him to go away for a few days.

Others in the neighborhood died that day.
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I fucking hate today. Every year for 20 years I hate today.

20 years ago a 14 year old me who skipped school to skateboard heard a plane scream overhead and saw it slam into the North tower. Then the next in the South.
20 years ago I heard over a payphone from my father, a NYPD Detective and RN “Son, we’ve been mobilized. We’re getting attacked.” Then he paused “I’m heading in, I love you. Take care of your Mom and Sister, they’ll be scared.” Then the line went dead.
20 years ago I watched people sail through the air and turn to liquid as they hit the ground. The sound of their impacts are something I can never get out of my head. Their desperation to not burn alive driving them to die like that.
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(1) An jenem Nachmittag d #nine11 2001 saßen wir vor d flimmernden Symbolen unserer Konsumgesellschaft & starrten fasziniert auf „Live“-Bilder v Flugzeugen, die angeblich in d Symbol d alten Weltordnung geflogen waren..

DAS TV GERÄT IST TOT… via @FarSight3
(2)..D beiden Säulen einer Jahrtausende alten Bankokratie stürzten durch kontrollierte Sprengungen ein & hinterließen in uns ein seltsames Gefühl d Leere.

Das war ein Weckruf & auch Geburtsstunde d #FS3 als Seher f Q, sowie vieler, weiterer Lichtkrieger..

#911neverforget #C4Q
(3)..Wir waren die Vordenker & Vorkämpfer einer neuen Zeit. Wir kamen aus allen Bevölkerungs- & Bildungsschichten & wachten auf verschiedenen Kontinenten od in unterschiedlichen, politischen Systemen auf. Was uns vereinte, war d einst gegebene Versprechen..

#C4Q #911neverforget
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Trump is dIsgusting & reprehensible:

signaled 👍🏼at the Flight 93 memorial

Today Trump launches fresh attacks on FBI & DOJ w/ dubious allegations.

📌He knows LE is closing in on his crimes against humanity.

📌Post 911 he bragged about having tallest bldg.🤔

📌Bush: “On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our

📌NATO invoked Article 5 9/12/01 & is still in full force.

📌Lindsey Graham reminded Kavanaugh GWB’a declaration of war post 9/11 is in full force and effect today

📌Trump looked forward to playing a central role in the rebuilding of the WTC-worth billions he chortled!

📌“Did Osama Bin Laden have copies of the REAL Kompromat on Trump care of the Saudis &/or Mogilevech?

📌What is the story behind Mogilevich, 9/11, & Trump?
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Trump’s rudderless ship of state features an astonishing cast of felons, loons, hacks, grifters, incompetents, sycophants & backstabbers.

TrumpRussia & his decades of money laundering for ROC.

GOP & Trump target Bruce Ohr b/c of his expertise in RU org crime.

Trump to declassify Page FISA info & the activities of DOJ Bruce Ohr. (Info about RU mob activities) for political purposes.

KJU’s regime has stepped up efforts to hide its nuclear weapons production,

📌Xi & Putin are the puppet masters KJU & Trump the puppets

📌Japan's Abe says wants to discuss peace treaty with Putin

Sweden's ruling party hits election low as far right grows

Op-Ed: Who done it?

Wild Speculation continues:

Javanka quickly blame John Kelly & his deputy. “He’s destroying you presidency”
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