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1)#M23 is accusing the Congolese government of gathering the Tutsi in Masisi area at parishes & hospitals!It means #Rwanda is letting everyone know that it's Congo that gathered the Tutsi there.Then later if they are massacred they will blame the govt and say they had planned it! Image
2)Prior to the 1994 genocide,Kagame's RPF already alerted the Tutsi that something bad was about to happen & that the safest place was to be at catholic churches!Later it was actually discovered it was a way to easily kill them in masses using their inflitrates in #Interahamwe!
3)It was important so that they can #revenge on the #catholic church and tarnish them because they played a role in the fall of the 1959 #monarch. Another thing was to #divide the church and weaken it. The #unity among Christians was threat their #satanic regime!
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This is humanities defining moment, DO NOT kick an enemy who is already on the ground defeated.

Don’t play the, “I TOLD YOU SO GAME”.

#NEVER EVER EVER interfere with an enemy who is already in the process of destroying themselves ..

All the Actors will continue playing
Out their roles giving humanity the truth humanity wants to hear.

Down the road, A couple months from now MOSTLY everyone will see clearly who has been in control this entire time.

I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Donald J. Trump standing as A wall between
Myself & the enemy ..

[THEY] were never after him, [They] were always after my bloodline & Donald J Trump along with others did what they had to do to ensure the survival of A life who loves the world unconditionally.


SHOW The Younger generation how WE
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Congratulations.@MrBeast, 1 Selfless ACT of kindness can save an entire world …

10,000 Acts of Kindness?

Every single medal of Freedom or Peace prize that’s ever been put on corrupt Hollywood “elites”, it should be stripped away & given to Ones like
Mr. Beast …
Do I know the hidden meaning behind what is really being shown/Said?
yes, But I don’t want anything.
What I have done, anyone could have done & anyone can do.
I refuse to be glorified or have some sort of “fame” for Doing the right thing. All I have done is
be myself & do the right thing.
We all should know what the right thing to do is, protect the children & be A voice for the voiceless always having the purest of intentions.

The Real Heros/Saviors of Mankind are the men & women in uniform who are about to take back what does
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In @KeenSWH, my team started development of new engine #VRAGE 3. It is new iteration of the @SpaceEngineersG engine, with similar goals (sandbox, open world, solar system distances etc.), but very different technology.
We came to the conclusion of writing new engine after hitting lots of bottlenecks with VRAGE2. First, we investigated other engines, big (#UnrealEngine5, #Unity) and small (#Unigine, Stride, @FlaxEngine). But neither of them could support unique use cases without major rewrites.
We started more than a year ago and now I decided to regularly share some of our progress.

So, what changes? The biggest differences are:
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The main reason i dont open source my homebrew is because the code is super messy and experimental. Its wasnt written to ported like doom or quake. Lets look at newozero; #thread
In nz the track, the player and the camera are basically co dependant structures. Joined at the hip. Though drawing the track is separate strangely enough.
The track is using a spatial grid, frustum, distance list and a big array to figure out what to draw and collide with the player. It also tells the camera where to look.
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Here is a list of free, open-sourced #Unity packages that i’ve found very useful. Most of them are oriented to improve productivity. 🧵[1/X]
#madewithunity #unitytips
1. Serializable Interface by @Chrusb,…
This package allows you to serialize interfaces and select, in the inspector, a game object, asset or even C# classes that implement that interface.🧵[2/X]
2. NaughtyAttributes by @DenisRizov,…
This one is pretty well known. It provides a lot of attributes to modify the looks of the inspector. Some of the most useful (IMO) attributes are shown in the images.🧵[3/X]
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Do you know what #UNITY means?

It means #WE ALL ARE 1 people.

All anyone wants is to touch the hand of God, the whole world is waking up.
Why do you think ones come into this Country?
They know God is here & are showing they stand with God?

Your once MAINSTREAM minds
Have Been programmed to see the glass half empty, why ?
Do ones come here to stand with God, KNOWING God is here?
[THEY] make you think differently, WHY?

When the Flood happens, the wall was specifically built/designed to do something
specific for when the water freezes, would that be A SOLID FOUNDATION for an ICE WALL?
Receding water?

If there were to be A Mini Ice age, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what [they] want you thinking, who would be prepared?

Programmed minds that think “global warming”, would
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With the Supreme Grace of the Supra Universal Consciousness, Unity of Humanity is manifest in action as:

1. The number of people that will watch The Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on #919 -- September 19, Monday
-- 2022 across 200+ countries is set to cross 4 billion, which is about 50% of the world's 🌎🌍🌏 population estimated at 8 billion.

2. His Majesty King Charles III is to host one of the largest gatherings ever of world leaders including heads of state, foreign royal families...
governors general, prime ministers, and international diplomats, at an historic state reception at Buckingham Palace in London 🇬🇧 on the eve of the Queen's funeral.

3. Humanity from 130+ countries is to be represented at the highest level as the Queen's funeral unites the world
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I have A sUrPRISE for You this evening—Stay Tuned … 🎸 🥁 🎤 🎶
Paranoia Is IN BLOOM.

You “Love” what all of you have earned throughout your lives but you will LOVE what is coming even more.
Your blood, sweat & tears put into everything you’ve earned will not be for not— Image
-You will be given back what is rightfully YOURS;
-You will be given back what has been stolen from you;
-You will be given back your soul;
-You will be given back FREE WILL;
-You will be given back your lives;
-You will be given back your FREEDOMs;
-You will LIVE again … ImageImage
GREED has poisoned the Soul of Man, that greed has caused humanity to live with stone hearts—Stone hearts to flesh is what saves the world.
You love what you have earned because you earned it being A slave to A corrupt system that was purposely making it hard for many to truly Image
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1/ The Kusamaverse provides an interactive and live-visualisation of @Kusamanetwork and its transactions, in a 3D browser-based environment.

What data is visualised in #Kusamaverse?


Read the thread below 🧵 ⬇️
@kusamanetwork 2/ The Kusama relay chain visualised

Surrounding everything in the Kusamaverse is the relay chain - the heart of @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork

It represents the Kusama blockchain itself, where transactions are finalised.
@kusamanetwork @Polkadot 3/ Blocks validated in real-time

Periodically, the blocks which are currently being validated will appear on the #Kusama relay chain, showing the blocks’ ID

Beams of light, striking the blocks from the sky, indicate the exact validator nodes performing the validation ⚡️
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So apparently #Unity just signed a major contract with the US military. The acquisition of WETA means all that augmented reality tech will be ideal for making training programs, but also interfaces for coordinating operations and running drones.
I have actually worked on pitches for military simulation contracts. I desperately needed the money, and was happy that the work was focused on non combative training- raising awareness of troops in urban situations with civilians to pick enemies from friendlies.
I usually have strict rules of what I work on. I have turned down a lot of jobs for things like cigarette commercials or propaganda. However every advert job has some moral problems.

Still, I am not comfy with this.
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Hey all, as promised I wanted to take some time to discuss how I feel things are with #Unity lately. I’ll make a thread of thoughts-as always, if you disagree with something- I’m not gonna try to win you over, your opinion is yours and valid based on your experiences. 🧵
Let’s do this one more time. My name is Will, I got bitten by a radioactive game engine, and for the past 11 years, I’ve been working at Unity doing everything from Support, to Education, to Product Management and now Product Design. I love my job because I help people create.
My opinions on this account are my own, and I do not always agree with every move the company makes. When I joined in 2011 I was employee 102, and it was easy to be involved in lots of decisions if you so wished, nowadays with around 7k employees, that’s less realistic.
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Let’s say I’m some super rich elite (I’m not & just using myself as an example), I come up with A group call the “The Illusionati” & recruit MILLIONS of people to be apart of “Illusionati” …
Those MILLIONS of people consist of Production companies, Music/Record labels, judges,
Lawyers, letter agencies, Government (both parties), Entertainment, talk radio, police, sports, Medical/Pharma, all Technology companies, Small businesses, Big corporations, Oil, Lumber, construction companies, TABLOIDS, MSM & whatever/whoever else that chooses to accept being A
Puppet Following whatever script they’re given from their producers, executive producer or directors —I would then plan out the next 47 years & give that script out to those who are trustworthy enough who would then hand it down to whoever else they chose to Cary on with the
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Some Unity users and even moderators within Unity community are infected with the futile ideology of waiting for Godot! This must be fixed! Let me explain why.

#GodotEngine #CancelGodotEngine #Unity3D #Unity #GameDev
As you may know, Unity recently merged with ironSource:…
This created a mass hysteria on Unity forums. Because of this, Unity folks were heavily discussing Godot there to consider switching to as an alternative to Unity, so I decided to share my perspective there:…
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Who do you think the GOAT was talking too all those years ago?

How did EVERYONE know?

…And to think the world has been trapped within the false reality this whole time while “nobody” has been trying to do nothing but make peace with someone NO ONE ELSE COULD !

DO U C !?!?!?!!!!!!!!???!?

DO !!!!!!!!
YOU !!!!!!
SEE !?!?!

I refuse to become what [THEY] are making the people become, I refuse to die & I REFUSE TO NOT DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE PEACE WITH SOMEONE #NO #ONE ELSE CAN MAKE PEACE WITH !!!
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1. The diversity of the issues raised at @IrelandsFuture public meetings around preparing for unity tells us this is a current and important conversation which people want to engage in, says chair @andreemurphy at latest public meeting in #Sligo #preparingforanewireland
2. Now is the decade of opportunity and our constitutional future is being discussed by all sorts of people in both public and private forums, says @MacManusChris
3. #Unity is about the dynamic that provides a better standard of life for all the citizens says @MacManusChris . It is not the responsible of one or two political parties to outline that vision.
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You’re making cool stuff in 3D. We’re making it easier for people to see it.

Today we’re bringing holograms to the internet.

Really, it’s as awesome as it sounds.
Render your holographic content once, upload it in just a few seconds and then share it billions of times with a single link. No software downloads required. View it across any device with a browser - Looking Glass, your phone, laptop, & even your Oculus Quest 2.
We’re starting with holograms you can make in #Blender, #Unity, & #Unreal. But we’ll be adding support for #C4D, #Zbrush, #Procreate, nerfies…. and even iPhone and Android portrait- mode photos.
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Tap Tap Taps Out …

The Viper & Rattlesnake are the ones the people choose & in the very same breathe talk shit about not know who they’re really fighting for—I truly don’t care, they’ll be the ones replacing the evil bloodlines that have been ruling/enslaving the world & do
Good for the world ..
I was born In the gutter & put into A “cage” that
Never felt like A home since day 1 .✍️ Enslaved to the same corrupt system everyone else was enslaved too.
Because I come from where I do & what I have that’s needed within me, is the reason why everything
Was done “All For A Buck” as it has been …
All done to make sure the ones who has all the Keys within him was guided to exactly where everyone needed him to be.
This is why drugs/pain pills flood the streets & why evil did everything else that evil has in time, all the poisons
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Happy Mothers Day to All Moms & future Moms #ToBe ! …

On this Mother’s Day, for the very first Time ever, I have A couple“Pot Stirring” Questions ..

1 - Why are there no Queens Sized Candy Bars? …
There’s nothing Sweeter than A mothers love.
All this screaming, Yelling & Arguing back & forth about = Rights, Don’t the candy bars deserve = Rights Too? …

2 - No Gender Neutral Candy Bars ? …

Mr. 🥔 Potato Head called me late last night Venting, was wasted at the Bar on Chopin Vodka …
Said he was
Wondering why He was singled out?
He was also wondering if he were A King Sized Candy bar or named ‘King Potato Head’, would he still be “Mr. Potato Head” & would the “Gender Neutral”argument still been brought up?

He was really bent outa shape sounding, I’m concerned for
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بررسی پروژه #استپن #STEPN با موضوع #MoveToEarn #M2E
این #رشتو فقط جهت آموزش می باشد و جنبه تایید یا پیشنهاد #سرمایه‌گذاری نیست. Image
تمامی اطلاعات بر اساس استفاده شخصی من بوده و اعداد و ارقام بر اساس واقعیت با مشخصات اسنیکرز (کفش) من می باشد که این ارقام با توجه به مشخصات کفش شما متفاوت است.
توکن پاداش پروژه $GST می باشد و نرخ لحظه‌ای آن اکنون حدود ۶.۵ دلار است
توکن اصلی پروژه $GMT می باشد و نرخ آن اکنون ۳.۳ دلار است
پروژه بر بستر بلاکچین #سولانا و #بایننس اجرا می شود.
توکن‌ها در صرافی‌های معتبر مثل #بایننس، #کوین‌بیس، #هوبی لیست شده است.
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"Using a laboratory rheometer, we measure failure mechanics of the eponymous Oreo’s “creme” and probe the influence of rotation rate, amount of creme, and flavor on the stress–strain curve and postmortem creme distribution." -- Owens, Fan, Hart, McKinley…
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Here it is! Just released:


A short film we’ve been working on for a while now on the Demo Team, here at Unity.

Some notes on rendering in the 🧵

#unity #gamedev
With ultra settings, it runs at 4k 30fps (average of 40fps) on an i7 cpu and rtx 3090.

We've prepared other quality settings to run it on lower hw targets, including consoles. 4k is upscaled - with DLSS on supported hw.
Together with Unity R&D we’ve been improving the engine and HDRP during the production. All improvements have either already been released, or are in PRs that are about to land in the coming weeks.

In other words the project runs on a vanilla editor and HDRP.
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