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According to @marydudziak, historians are in the process of losing the archives within the National Archives. We are facing a crisis that threatens our ability to accurately conduct research and then make those important discoveries.
The crisis comes from many sources but all ties to funding at NARA, lack of a political commitment to preservation, shifting preservation methods, and the challenges of electronic records.

I should add #aha2019.
Particularly compelling is the consequence of NARA funding cuts and finding aids. NARA is unable to produce the finding aids it once did, in part, thanks to the legal requirement to complete FOIAs in a timely way. This draws from a shrinking pool of resources.
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historians who work on indigenous history have come together to respond to & contextualize the elizabeth warren DNA controversy. i'll be live-tweeting their panel later today. be on the lookout! #aha19 #elizabethwarren
here is additional info:…
here is the lineup:
Deborah Miranda,Washington & Lee Univ
Jean M. O'Brien-Kehoe,Univ of MN Twin Cities
Julie L. Reed,Penn State Univ
Doug Kiel,Northwestern Univ
Malinda Maynor Lowery,Center for the Study of the American South,UNC Chapel Hill
Alyssa Mt.Pleasant, Univ at Buffalo
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THREAD: What does a job interview and an animal shelter have in common? Read on…

#AHA2019 #Twitterstorians (to @kevinbaker...since you mentioned it...and also, (@Historiann @GordinMichael @elmilam @TheTattooedProf @STS_News who might enjoy it as well)
Around 2002, I made the short list for a history of science position for a major school which has an amphibian for a mascot. It was a good job. I knew the chair of the search committee and viewed them as a mentor.
But....his mentor had never advised students.
And it was my first real interview.
I had no clue.
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"Challenging Geographies and Chronologies of the Global 1960s: Student Activism and Educational Revolts in Chile, Ethiopia, and the United States"…
#aha2019 #studentactivism @AHAhistorians
speaking on this panel:
Stefan Bradley, Loyola Marymount University
Danielle Barefoot, University of Arizona
Kenja McCray, Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Beatrice Wayne, University of Sydney
Anna Kaplan, American University
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THREAD: at #AHA2019, I will discuss conflicts between fascists/neoconfeds and anti-racists after the fall of #SilentSam. How should academics should react when confronted with the worst of the issues we study? I argue that UNC's response amounts to collaboration with fascism. 1/
First - let’s establish the presence of fascists on the side UNC describes simply as “pro-Silent Sam.” Activists have documented the participation of several groups who marched with Nazis in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right rally in 2017. I'll list a few examples. 2/
By 8/30/18, 4 members of NC Shield Guard had RSVP'd to an event organized by neoconfederate hate group ACTBAC. 3/
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So excited to hear @BarbaraRansby and several activists and scholars speak at this panel tomorrow:

"Chairman Fred Lives": The Life and Legacies of Fred Hampton, Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman"

#AHA2019 #Chicago
#LeftPOC #FredHampton
more info on this session here:…
I'm also excited to hear Beatrice Wayne (whom I interviewed for the 10th episode of the @LeftPOC podcast, which you can hear via… ) speak later today on the meaning of fashion during the Ethiopian student protests of the 1960s)
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For those headed to #AHA2019 for job interviews. Some common questions to help you prep (based on a workshop I attended years ago). Add your own!
The classic: How did you develop your dissertation topic? How did you become interested in it? Tell us about your diss. Explain to us how your writing sample fits into the rest of your diss.
What can scholars not in your field learn from your dissertation? Or explain your work as you would to an undergraduate. In other words: So what? What's the significance?
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#AHA2019 interview advice 1: In dressing/grooming, don't try something new. Hotel mirrors may, for example, reveal previously invisible hair. Don't try to shave it. 14 years later, the stricken stare of the candidate with the wad of t.p. in his ear is seared in my memory.
#AHA2019 interview advice 2: Do, do, do describe--concisely, quickly, enthusiastically--what your work is about, what you argue, and why it matters. Many of your interviewers are tired, distracted, and overwhelmed; remind them why they put you on the list.
#AHA2019 interview advice 3: It's never too late (until you're in the room) to research the department--who has published what, who teaches what, who they've recently hired. This will help you pitch your ideas and proposed courses more effectively.
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