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Hillsborough Hog Day is coming up at the end of next week. One of the organizers is a man named Al Hartkopf, who once threatened @UNC students with mass murder. Here's what he had to say about the protesters who pulled down Silent Sam last year. @KevinGuskiewicz #silentsam
I don't think Al Hartkopf was serious about carrying out his mass murder threat, but I'd be surprised if he wasn't in that minority of Americans who own a gun or four. He was just putting it out there, maybe hoping his ACTBAC pals would take him up on the suggestion. #silentsam
And, perhaps, hoping that people like me would see it and think twice about going to a protest where Al Hartkopf might start shooting. It was something I did think about, as I would make my way towards campus for the regular events that began soon after 8/20/18. #silentsam
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Randomly flipped through the 1979 UNC-Chapel Hill yearbook today just to kill some time, and found this photo on one of the fraternities' pages. Holy shit.
Full page from the 1979 yearbook, for those curious about which frat, etc.
Probably isn't surprising, then, that #SilentSam was a popular part of fraternity yearbook photos at UNC in the 1970s
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James Johnston Pettigrew, #UNC Class of 1849. Born 1828 to Ebenezer and Ann Shepard Pettigrew. Pettigrew Hall on UNC’s campus is named for him (building adjacent to where #SilentSam stood). His family’s involvement in the slave trade is deep and well-documented. #samsreckoning
James Johnston’s grandfather Charles was an Anglican minister in Edenton, N.C. Finding it difficult to make ends meet as a religious leader, he decided to start a plantation. In 1778 Charles married Mary Blount, a wealthy heiress, and received 9 slaves and land from her family.
Three of Charles’ parishioners started the Lake Company, land venture to buy up 100,000 acres of swamps around Lake Phelps and convert to usable land. To do this they needed (free) labor. They sailed a slave ship from Boston to Africa, captured 100 people, transported back to NC.
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While I sit here in Orange County Superior Court, let's talk a bit about #SilentSam and Chancellor Carol Folt ordering the pedestal removed the same day she announced her resignation
First, let me tie in some earlier threads

My take on Folt's power play here:
The thread on Gary Williamson, lawless thug leading ACTBAC ("Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County"... but meddling in Orange County) here:

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The NC Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was well-connected to the world of higher education a few years after #silentsam was installed at UNC. Let's take a look at the names of the people who were leading the Chapel Hill chapter in 1917. #NCUDC
NCUDC President Mrs. W. S. Long was Mary Virginia Gaskins Ames, married to William Samuel Long, founder & first President of Elon College.
Vice-President Mrs. F. P. Venable was Sallie Charlton Manning, daughter of former UNC Trustee and law professor John Manning, sister of medical school dean Isaac Manning, and married to Francis Preston Venable, UNC President from 1900-1914.
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THREAD: at #AHA2019, I will discuss conflicts between fascists/neoconfeds and anti-racists after the fall of #SilentSam. How should academics should react when confronted with the worst of the issues we study? I argue that UNC's response amounts to collaboration with fascism. 1/
First - let’s establish the presence of fascists on the side UNC describes simply as “pro-Silent Sam.” Activists have documented the participation of several groups who marched with Nazis in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right rally in 2017. I'll list a few examples. 2/
By 8/30/18, 4 members of NC Shield Guard had RSVP'd to an event organized by neoconfederate hate group ACTBAC. 3/
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Lots of problems with this piece by Jonathan Zimmerman on historians' obligations to support the preservation and interpretation of Confederate monuments. #SilentSam #CivilWarMemory… via @chronicle
First, I should point out that I debated Zimmerman last year on @AJEnglish about Confederate monuments.…
Zimmerman believes that the best way to combat racism and its history is to utilize monuments for interpretive/classroom purposes. I do think he has a point and as many of you know I supported the idea of interpreting #SilentSam in a professional facility, however...
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This is a long one about #SilentSam especially if you're going to be on campus today supporting the students/faculty. It's about white supremacists we probably all know as native North Carolinians. We grew up with these people. #StrikeDownSam
Today, I reported the first person I actually know to Facebook because W.T.F. I unfriended this person a while ago because he was just not a person I cared to associate with any longer. I grew up with this person. I'm not exactly surprised but am disappointed, sad, and angry.
His is the second comment in the photo below.
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If you, like me, are happy to see but confused by the multitude of statements/open letters/etc. that you can sign on to supporting the @UNC community and #StrikeDownSam, this is a thread for you. 1/
"An Open Letter from UNC Graduate Students”
NOTE: This is new as of Tuesday night (Dec. 11)

Sign if you are: A UNC Grad student 2/

Sign if you are: A UNC professor, instructor of record, grad student, or staff 3/
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Proud of @SouthernLaborSA's Board - we stand in complete solidarity w @UNC's Black Faculty & brave graduate students in calling for the immediate removal of white supremacist #ConfederateMonuments like #SilentSam.

There is absolutely NO moral ambiguity here. Only right & wrong.
I hope this helps nudge other historical and academic associations to also condemn @UNC for plans to build a NEW #ConfederateMonument to house #SilentSam, complete with a private police force.

#twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians @lawcha_org @AHAhistorians @The_OAH @myHNN
Letter referenced by @SouthernLaborSA, authored by @UNC's Black Faculty:…
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This is wrong. Germany doesn’t build Hitler statues to “tell about their long & complicated history.”

Public square or private square, there is no good in glorifying white supremacy terrorism. Leave it in the history books.
I looked it up

The @UNC Board of Trustees has 13 members:
•11 white men & women
•2 men of color
•0 women of color

What a shocker that a Board that’s 85% White w/0 WOC voted to spend $5.3M + $800K/year on a statue to celebrate white supremacy terrorism😑
Right Wing: Don't blame us for the KKK & White Supremacy. The Democrats built them.

Democrats: Hmm ok, let's tear down all Confederate white supremacy monuments

Right Wing: What?! How dare you tear down our heritage!
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THREAD. In light of his social media relationship with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, I’m going to provide some background on Danny McMahon AKA Jack Corbin, the fascist who has been harassing @UNC anti-racists. CW: extreme racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, misogyny. 1/
What does he believe? Jack is a self-described fascist. He objects to the ‘socialism’ part of national socialism, but seems fine with the genocide part. Won’t subject you to his mockery of Holocaust victims or torture fantasies, so here’s a basic shot that proves the point. 2/
On National Coming Out Day, Jack Corbin praised the Pulse Night Club shooter. 3/
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Had the opportunity to sit on a panel about #SilentSam at the UNC Law School. The focus of the discussion was whether or not “people of color really care” about the statue. This thread outlines my experiences and thoughts, many that I wasn’t able to share at the event. 1/32
When considering the impact of #SilentSam and other celebrations of white supremacy at @UNC, we rarely consider how the campus culture shapes perceptions of the university far and wide in ways that reinforce white supremacy and perpetuation marginalization of Black people. 2/32
As a native North Carolinian and Charlottean, I grew up loving Carolina Basketball! I’d go to the basketball court every day and pretend to be Rashid, Stackhouse, or Dante Calabria. But when it was time for me to apply to college, I didn’t consider @UNC. 3/32
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There’s a reason why protestors @UNC have been chanting “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” at police. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of hostile police actions towards student activists and the anti-racist community at UNC 1/
Of course, violent actions towards community members around Silent Sam have existed since Sam was put up in 1913. If you still haven’t read Julian Carr’s dedication speech, here it is. 2/
More recently, right as the fall semester began in 2017, students staged a Sit-In protest at the statue. Community members supported students by donating food and other supplies. By the end of August, police shut down the protest. 3/
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