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Symbolism will be there down fall... and down the rabbit hole we go.. The peace sign ✌️ that everyone has harmlessly thrown up at least once in their life. They truly have taken ANYTHING that was good, infiltrated it to turn it into satanism! Here we go 👇
The peace sign- This was huge in the 70’s but when you dig into what happened it makes you sick.
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Ahora que #BradPitt fue tendencia por su nueva pareja, hacemos un recuento de las personas que han sido sus parejas en algún momento de su vida...

1️⃣ 1980 - Shalane McCall Image
2️⃣ 1988 - Sinitta Image
3️⃣ 1989 - E. G. Daily Image
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Während d Medien d #Frauenmörder #SaulFletcher noch als Freund von #BradPitt
heroisieren, wird d Frau, d seinen #Gewaltexzess mit ihrem Leben bezahlen musste,
zum namenloses Opfer

Am 22.07.2020 gab es 3 Frauen in Deutschland, deren Leben von Männern attackiert wurden
Schicksal der am 22.07. in Essen durch Messerstiche lebensgefährlich Verletzten
ist ungewiss

Ebenso #Rinteln 02.07.2020

Trotz #GG, trotz #CEDAW, trotz #IstanbulConvention haben im Jahr 2020 mindestens 112
deutsche #Femizide stattfinden können.
01.01.2020 #Borken († 52)
04.01.2020 #Langerwehe († 45)
04.01.2020 #Langerwehe († 60)
05.01.2020 #PreußischOldendorf († 54)
06.01.2020 #Borgholzhausen († 38)
11.01.2020 #Hannover († 23)
11.01.2020 #Walsrode († Alter unbekannt)
12.01.2020 #Starnberg († 60)
13.01.2020 #Flörsheim († 43)
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(Photo evidence below)
Be warned, people have died to keep the information I'm providing.
Let's wake up,
reunite and take back our freedom!
#DonaldTrump Image
Let's start at the very beginning,
Clinton's emails and who is #JohnPodesta?
Officially or unofficially?
We'll take a look at the leaked emails regarding Podesta, Hilary and #PizzaGate Image
Walnut sauce? 🧐
#WikiLeaks Image
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@TheRickWilson Did you know @BillClinton & @TheDukeOfYork rape children??
Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had it all!” #JamesGoldston #ABCNews #BillClinton #PrinceAndrew #BradPitt #TheOscars ABC News Protects Pedophiles & looked the other way while Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew Raped kids. @CNN 👀🇺🇸
-Epstein didn’t kill himself.
-NXIVM Sex Cult
-Bill Clinton Rapes Kids.
-Prince Andrew Rapes Kids.
-Laura Silsby
-Marina Abramovic
-Allison Mack
-Harvey Weinstein
-Kevin Spacey
-Charlie Rose
-John of God & Oprah
-Epstein’s Island
-The Worldwide Satanic Pedo Club
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So tomorrow #NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling Moon since 2009 is scheduled to fly over #Chandrayaan2 #Vikram lander's site. Interestingly #LRO was close enough during Vikram's landing to gather data about maneuver using its Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project instrument.
"As a matter of fact during descent of #Chandrayaan2, the
Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project #LAMP instrument was observing the changes in the exosphere of #Moon as a result of the rocket effluence coming down"

- Jay Jenkins, Office of Exploration at NASA's Science Mission Directorate
#ISRO lost contact with #Chandrayaan2's #Vikram during final stages of its descent. An unexplained wobble may have caused Vikram to go off course, data suggests. Descent was to last around 15 minutes. But around 11 minutes after Vikram began its decent, things went haywire.
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was burnt (allegedly because the author(s) "#VertigoPolitix" closed down the account themselves). It was entitled "The #emasculation of White Male #Identity". It argued that ALL major movements and decisions in the past 100 years ..
.. had one ultimate goal: to make European White males become powerless and, eventually, extinct. As the interesting narration appears to be available in text-form on the web, I will transcribe the entire narration here. I repeat that the author is "VertigoPolitix", not I.
.. Beginning of my transcription.
»[Voice of Noel #Ignatiev (no picture of his shown):] "The task is to bring this minority together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of #Whiteness to continue to reproduce itself." [Voice of narrator:] With only
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