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Today, I went to the pizzeria where @Project_Veritas busted in on Jordon Trishton Walker. People have had a lot of questions about this event (myself included) so I wanted to clarify some things and see if I could get some answers... /1
First, people have noted discrepancies between the clips where Jordon is talking about viruses and the clips where he is approached by the PV team. Remember, Jordon (allegedly) went on 3 dates with the honeypot. It's the latter of the 3 in which O'Keefe and company roll up... /2
This restaurant is located just south of the Brooklyn Bridge in a neighborhood known as DUMBO which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass in the borough of Brooklyn. The name of the pizzeria is Ignazio's. /3
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@Barndog_Solana left his Global Ambassador role yesterday.
And now, we are sharing Countries & ASICS sneakers.
🎆 But everything is fine! 🎆

A long thread for the #STEPN Community, Ambassadors and Team members.

🧵 1/69 (sorry)
2/ I never complained about #STEPN. About the product, about the updates, about the team, or about losing money with it.
I always believed in #STEPN for the long run, the "big picture", trusting the team to do their best, working background.
3/ Basically, I am a no one, I never gave any advice to the team, because I don't have all the elements to allow me to do this. This is the first time I will ever give an advice to the Team, because I can smell that things are really not going well, down there.
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Let's talk #Russian #nuclear strategy and why that's relevant to recent developments in Russia's war in #Ukraine.
First, Ukraine has made major territorial gains, especially around Kharkiv. This has put a lot of pressure on Putin. 1/23
This has hit his international standing and was on display at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Uzbekistan. Putin was publicly put down by Modi and Xi, and today Erdogan also chided him - they all had the same message: the war must end. 2/
On top of that, other Central Asian nations didn't treat Putin with the respect that he would normally expect. Not to mention the added instability along Russia's borders with fighting btw #Armenia - #Azerbaijan, and #Tajikistan - #Kyrgyzstan. 3/
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@jbenton Ah, I remember that all too well. There were two things that mortified me about that day.

The first was that as it was happening, I looked off-stage and the Principal was standing there, staring at his shoes. He did nothing to stop it. A few teachers were actually crying.
@jbenton The other was that when I got back to my hotel, I was inundated with emails from marginalized kids (and teachers) in that school. They shared their horror stories, but also begged me not to mention any of them for fear of reprisals.
@jbenton That's the real reason I wrote that essay. For those kids. I can mention it now because 4 years have passed and they've all graduated. But it was like, "Hi, I'm the one Korean kid and they bully me constantly." One was, "I'm overweight and they tell me to kill myself every day."
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I taught a new 200-level undergrad history course this semester, Decolonization. I wanted to do something different, in many ways, as would befit the topic. No lectures, discussion-only. It went pretty well. It helped that I picked some great readings (Thread 1/ )
Starting us off on the first day was @BlackOutdoors1's essay “Naming a Frog After Led Zeppelin is Not a Fairy Tale,” which generated a very lively discussion - a good start to the semester! 2/…
Then we got into some definitions of decolonization from Australian and North American perspectives 3/…
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Jan 22, 2022:

Jacques Boel, once presumed father of Princess Delphine (of #Belgium), dies at 92…

"presumed" ?
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Despite repeatedly being proven wrong by subsequent events, covid disinformation groups like HART have constantly been given a platform on TV and radio throughout the pandemic.

Even after #hartleaks revealed many of their members to be anti-vax conspiracy cranks.

🧵2: broadcast ImageImageImageImage
One of the most prolific spreaders of misinformation over the last two years has been @talkRADIO's @JuliaHB1.

When she asked someone "what disinformation" she had spread, it didn't take me long to find plenty of examples involving prominent HART members:

In 2020, @JuliaHB1 and other @talkRADIO hosts gave airtime to future HART members like Michael Yeadon, Clare Craig and Anthony Brookes. They predicted there wouldn't be a second wave (there was), it wouldn't be as bad as the first (it was), and we had herd immunity (we didn't). ImageImageImageImage
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When I moved to NY in the late 90s I often took the subway bc I didn’t have money to ride around in cabs and town cars all the time. So the 6 Train doubled as my limousine and Grand Central Station doubled as my garage.
In May 1999 I was fortunate to be hired by Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette for their Wall Street training program. This was very convenient because the DLJ offices were just two blocks from my garage.
I was not due to report until mid August. So quit my current job & took off for Europe. Spent summer walking across Spain to Santiago de Compostela to secure my ticket into Heaven. Thought I might come in handy as my trip was scheduled to end in Ibiza…🤫😎
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By now you've heard reports of myocarditis & pericarditis in recipients of mRNA or Pfizer & Moderna vaccines.

There’s a headline floating around about a *CDC emergency meeting*

I KNOW Y’ALL ARE GONNA BUY INTO CLICKBAIT HEADLINES so let’s just get right into this shall we 🧵1/n
The @CDC confirmed 221 cases of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination in people 30 and under of 141.5 M fully vaccinated people in the US.

Of the 221 cases:
81% fully recovered
41 still have symptoms
15 are still hospitalized
3 are in the ICU (2 have prexisting conditions) 2/n
Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle. Pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. They occur when the immune system reacts to an infection or another trigger but often, no cause is found. Symptoms are: shortness of breath, chest pain & fatigue. 3/n
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@bethanykoby @techwillsaveus wow! I just got access to the Administrator's documents from the insolvency of Tech Will Save Us (it did not....) and it appears that......
1. The financial situation at the company was so concerning in February 2020 that they consulted 'informally' with FRP which has now been appointed as Administrator. Hard not to assume that this was a discussion about potential insolvency
2. But then in April 2020 there was a fundraising round on Seedrs all about the joy of STEM for kids and about raising some money for R&D, Marketing, Working Capital. Not a mention of 'OMG this money might buy us a few months to stave off insolvency' #awkward
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Interesting breakdown by @AaronParnas but it doesn't list the at least four alleged later meetings with Wagner (according to Wagner brass) in Abu Dhabi and Cairo or whether Prince covered himself with a proffer on his original perjury to HPSCI.…
Then there is that gap in Bannon's proffer on whether Prince lied on his proffer. Even Prince's Intercept lawsuit filed in Wyoming seems problematic seeing that Prince somehow forget it appears he doesn't live there or do business in Wyoming.…
The Intercept lawsuit is about the last meeting between Prince and Wagner's intel guy in the UAE. The Wagner guys view Prince with some skepticism since he was pitching his airplanes and IL-76s on the Russians. They got a kick out of that.…
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Oops. Turns out in suit against the Intercept in which "Wyoming" based Erik Prince is not registered to vote in Wyoming, his two companies are based in Delaware based but he does have a company called "Blackwater Medical" which smells PPE-ish.…
hmmm " Blackwater Septic Solutions" I kinda like the sound of that.
You will notice that Erik Prince doesn't actually own these companies, his lawyer does. Don Lansky. Lansky has been busy moving Erik's secret Libya stuff around. This is May of this year.
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With all the Orwellian horror that is going down in Hong Kong, always remember that Erik Prince's Hong Kong based FSG owned ISDC or the International Security Defense College in Beijing provides security training for Chicoms. #awkward
now that "Terrorists" are the actually the people of Hong Kong demanding freedom and justice from Communist China. Its kinda puts an awkward spin on anti terrorist training. Oh look... American instructors. ImageImageImage
Back in May of 2018, the Washington Post asked if Erik Prince had crossed a line? From the guy who wrote an oped about Trump's need to install a dictator or Viceroy to deal with Afghanistan so he could make money from Afghan's misery.…
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The EU has written twice to the UK requesting an Office in N.Ireland 📝

As @tconnellyRTE reported, the UK said No 🙅‍♂️

@DPhinnemore & I looked into it.

Turns out ***SURPRISE!! *** it's more complicated than you'd think.

And ALOT is riding on it ...

The leaders of 4 NI parties wrote a joint letter to @10DowningStreet urging the UK reconsider.

They described the rejection as "a breach of trust at this critical stage".

And pointed out that the #Protocol gives the EU a "right to be present" in NI.

Sure enough, Article 12 of #Protocol is pretty explicit:
☑️EU wants a technical presence
☑️UK committed to enabling it.

As far as EU is concerned, this is pay-off for giving NI free access to Single Market.

But now UK is demurring cos seems bit of an ouch for sovereignty.
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1/ This is a great day for @twitter shareholders and the commonwealth.

"Twitter, Inc. Announces Partnership With Silver Lake and Elliott Management"

Ok, let's break this (announcement from @twitter) down:

--Sycophants and stenographers (i.e., @CNBC) gathered at 10 Downing reporting that Prime Minister Dorsey has secured "Peace in our Time." Striking how badly the media (thus far) have misread what has happened here.

--This "partnership" means total and near-unconditional surrender by @twitter. I challenge anybody to find an activist campaign, levied against a $10b+ company, that has resulted in 3 board seats in 5 business days;

What does this mean (i.e., what happened)?
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Thread alert!!

For those interested in what the future might hold, here are some thoughts on what happens now for #Heathrow and UK aviation policy after this seismic judgement…
Now government has said they won't appeal this judgement, what are the options for government?

The legal point is that the Aviation National Policy Statement should have taken into account the Paris Agreement on climate and didn't, which judge said was a misdirection in law
So govt could just re-write it (and get Commons to vote it through) with new wording on net zero referencing the legal target UK has

Would that work?

Well there would need to be some substantive policy to deliver otherwise there could be further legals
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Good luck #TheGreatHack. 🤞
Here’s the great @PeterBradshaw1 with his #BAFTAs predictions. He thinks #TheGreatHack *should* win. I suspect it will be worthy winner #ForSama but we’ll see...…
Look who I found in the Royal Albert Hall! Only the recently deposed @DamianCollins who got shafted off the DCMS committee. ‘It was that fucker Dominic Cummings, wasn’t it?’ I said. He neither confirmed or denied...
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Good move by SECSTATE here.

But kinda #AWKWARD for our Ambassador to Germany.

"It’s worth asking why Grenell developed a sudden and passionate need to defend Vlad Plahotniuc. Presumably this wasn’t an act of charity, but Grenell has failed to disclose what motivated his spirited public defense of Moldova’s top oligarch-cum-crime boss."
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There is a HUGE screen outside of Union Station right now featuring Christine Blasey Ford's testimony in the Senate -- as Brett Kavanaugh is inside speaking at the Federalist Society annual fundraiser dinner. Compliments of @WeDemandJustice
There are also handmaids standing outside the Federalist Society-Brett Kavanaugh dinner. As Federalist Society members pass by them in tuxedos.
Oh man. Anti-Kavanaugh protesters are shouting "I believe Dr. Ford! I believe Anita Hill!" right in the faces of Federalist Society members as they're stuck waiting in line for their gala to start. For who knows how long. #awkward
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Was looking around TREB's website (not always intuitive) and stumbled across Board of Directors meeting minutes. How come I didn't realize they were there before? As you might expect from TREB, not a lot of transparency, but read thread for few #interesting things I read. /1 Image
Here's what I mean. Really, you had 11 board members, 9 staff members and 7 guests and this is all that you're reporting that was discussed? /2 Image
Most recent (Aug 2019): "approved a recommendation that TREB increase the maximum number of listings photos on Stratus to 40, from the current maximum of 20." So that's pretty big for Realtors and consumers. 📷👍 3/
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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Trump: Day 757
-169th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-224th Day at a Trump Property
-Spent More Than 6 Hrs at Golf Club
-Hasn't Consulted w/ Sec of Defense
-Received Silence in Pence Greeting
-Payless Shuttering All 2,100 Stores
-Farmers Going Bankrupt in Midwest
Day 862 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 713 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Now we’ve got a report about the big #TrumpProtest today in London to mark the #TrumpUKvisit. @realDonaldTrump stayed away, complaining the British public had made him feel “unwelcome.”
.@POTUS managed to insult his host @theresa_may within hours of arriving, after @TheSun published this interview He slammed her #Brexit strategy, said he would kill a trade deal, and praised her arch rival @BorisJohnson #awkward
At their joint press conference, 40 miles from London, @realDonaldTrump said he’d apologized to the PM – but also said that the recording of the interview would prove it was all #fakenews.
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