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💰💦Grenell, Plahotniuc, Firtash & more.

In 2016, Grenell embarked on a smear campaign against a Moldovan prosecutor who was cooperating with an inv’n of large-scale 💰💦 op.

Grenell worked on behalf of a Moldovan political party & its oligarch leader.…
Gofman’s story — and how he came to be targeted by Grenell — is something out of a spy novel, w/ the longtime prosecutor fleeing Moldova in a borrowed car to share details about the allegedly corrupt dealings by the leadership of his country with the FBI.…
In 2014, Gofman was a deputy chief in the country’s Office of Prevention and Control of Money Laundering. 

📌His unit began to uncover details of a massive bank fraud and money laundering operation involving the country’s leadership…
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Grenell’s pal Plahotniuc—termed “Moldova’s Donald Trump”—is deeply in bed with Russian organized crime, specifically the notorious Solntsevo Brotherhood led by Semyon Mogilevich, according to INTERPOL.…
Why Did the US Ambassador to Germany (Ric Grenell) Defend a Human Trafficker?…
Grenell boasts of having “clients based in the U.S. as well as Iran, Kazakhstan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, China, Australia, Timor-Leste, and throughout Europe.”…
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‼️Let’s take a closer look into what FruityG is up to hobnobbing with some of Kiev’s most dubious pro-Putin operatives in Kiev & Budapest and why.

#Babakov #Surkov #Telizhenko #Derkach #Dubinsky #Lutsenko #Shokin #Kulyk #Artemenko #Firtash…

📌Smear Biden for Trump’s personal propaganda purposes.
📌Discredit the Impeachment inquiry.
📌By smearing Biden, Firtash hopes to fight his indictment as ‘political’ in nature.
📌Putin wants to blame his attack on the 2016 election on UKR to lift Sanctions.
🔑Giuliani drops anchor in Ukraine, meets with Andriy Derkach the “Ukrainian Putin.”…
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Firtash II

Raiffeisen Banking Group
Trump Tower Toronto
Control Eurasian gas distribution
Gas pipelines to Europe

In 2008, while Manafort was working in Ukraine for Yanukovych, Firtash’s company Group DF agreed to commit $112M to Manafort’s vision for “Bulgari Tower,” a $1.5 billion skyscraper project in midtown Manhattan on the corner of Park Avenue & 56th Street.…
🔑The tower deal later collapsed, but not before Firtash wired in a $25M deposit from Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG, an Austrian bank that U.S. officials believed served as a Mogilevich front.…
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💰Rick Gates, George Birnbaum & Psy Group

March 2016:

George Birnbaum (GOP operative) introduced Gates to Psy Group & to which he expressed interest in using it as a SocMed influence & manipulation tool, to try to sway Republican delegates toward Trump.…
Birnbaum was a protégé of Arthur J. Finkelstein, & has spent years as a consultant working on behalf of candidates in foreign elections. In 1996, he helped Finkelstein engineer Netanyahu’s victory over Shimon Peres to become the PM of Israel.…

Trump, Putin and the mob. Research collection. Part 2: #BudapestBridge and the Hungarian connection to Trump #Finkelstein

Please take a moment to explore the hashtags: #BudapestBridge #Finkelstein…
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Have fun with Orban, ask him how Putin's doing. Maybe he can give you tips on using anti-Semitism & homophobia to cement political power, which he learned from GOP strategist & Jewish gay man Arthur Finkelstein, may he rest in pugnacity.
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" [Dmitry] Firtash’s foreign agent, Davis said his firm was being paid $80,000 a month — or about a million dollars a year — by a man described by prosecutors as an “upper-echelon” associate of Russian organized crime."

Russian MOB.
" Although Davis lists his past controversial clients in Africa and Honduras on his website, Firtash’s name is noticeably absent. Davis hardly ever talks about Firtash, at least not on the record,"

"...even though Justice Department filings make it clear that [Lanny] and his colleagues at Davis, Goldberg & Galper frequently contact D.C. journalists about Firtash to pitch stories, issue statements and press releases, or to respond to questions."
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DAMMIT, @Jack!
No doubt now that RUS has control over this platform. Maybe you shouldn't have taken Usmanov's blood money. But you did. So, this is where we're at.
OH, & I'm gonna re-thread now how Semion met PUTIN.
2. So those screenshots in the tweet above are from the offshore leaks database (db of offshore LLCs) and this 2010 article from the Ukrainian press.…
I'm showing you that the main account is RZB, by confirming the bank's CEO in the web. And, I'm showing...
3. The name STUART P. BLACKBURN. A mysterious name, with almost 500 LLCs - some of which go back over 60 years. 😎

I showed you some more offshore LLCS (w/ sourcing) that belong to Semion Mogilevich's man, DMITRY/DMITRO FIRTASH.
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Come along with me as we go see
who the f#ck funds this shithole of depravity
that promotes trafficking for the global rape trade, AKA NONconsensual sex work.
It's time to
Follow. The. Money.
cc: @gametheorytoday @thespybrief @LincolnsBible
Hey, Google: WTF happened to your old motto, "Don't be evil?"
Hey, Google: why did Eric Schmidt resign in December?…
Backpage split from Village Voice Media in 2012. Because it was a "distraction."…
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