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For those who have not followed this closely and are just learning, the very latest post by #Q begins to lay the groundwork for the big reveal, which involves broad, illegal #SPYING by #Obama/#HRC/#DEMs against political enemies, including #Trump.
2/ #Q post in 2 pieces [interpretation in brackets]:
Apr 22 2018 12:58:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 1145824 NEW
Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.
Listen carefully.
No evidence to support POTUS targeting.
None. [FBI counterintelligence op was NOT based in official intel]
3/ Part 2 of above #QAnon post #1238:
Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?...…

Screenshot of Post #1238:
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Extraordinaire #breaking du @washingtonpost ce soir qui décrit l'avocat de #Trump Michael #Cohen aujourd'hui inquiété par la justice fédérale. La relation des 2 hommes est explorée en profondeur avec pas mal de révélations. #àlire…
2) On comprend mieux en lisant le @washingtonpost ce soir la relation asymétrique entre #Cohen et #Trump. Le 1er a été 1 admirateur dès le lycée puis 1 copropriétaire de #Trump à la Trump World Tower de NYC et c'est en lui sauvant son poste de"syndic" que Cohen devint son avocat
3) #Trump apparaît une nouvelle fois comme 1 personne sans amis véritables, ce qui ressort de tous ses portraits, n'acceptant dans son intimité que famille et personnes lui démontrant 1 loyauté absolue...comme #Cohen après 2006.
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#QAlert 4/21/2018 Deeper we Go. This will be my THREAD for Saturday, April 21, 2018. OPEN thread for UPDATES. @wikileaks Podesta Emails, Maggie Haberman/HRC, Think Sessions, Clinton Foundation conflict of interest & more!
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1217 Q points the Anons to look into Wikileaks PEDOesta Emails. Points to Maggie Habberman, POTUS CONFIRMS.…

@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1218 Anon Posts about Maggie Haberman of Politico.
Q Responds:

“These stories will only matter/hurt us if we keep pushing hard and get too much chatter out there.”
Push FAKE NEWS [4am] - MSM PRE BAD news [THEM].
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q
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New Q Friday 💥
Apr 20 2018 22:37:22 (EST) Anonymous ID: 3d9fc3 1124637 NEW

Is @Snowden talking about us?

Apr 20 2018 22:48:30 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 35d50c 1124872 NEW
The world is watching.
#WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts
Remember this?? Q Related Friday!💥🐸🐰

#Q #WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts #GreatAwakening #TrustThePlan
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 19th
Q posts can be found here:

Today is the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

My theme for this series: "War is Real."
2) An anon posted an article about the death of H.R. McMaster's father. (McMaster was Trump's National Security Adviser.) The death is being investigated as a possible case of neglect.
3) #Qanon suggested the death was retaliation against McMaster for failing to hold his position. The implication is that he was useful to the deep state and now that John Bolton is in that position, they've lost their advantage.
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The Evansville Courier, Dec 15, 1906: New York Evening Post article regarding "The Storer Episode": "The whole is a mournful affair. What will the world think of presidential dignity? What idea will be given of our diplomatic service. How much like a world-power does this 1/
...make us look! The entire wretched quarrel should have been kept under lock and key. If the president [Theodore Roosevelt] has any more of this dirty linen in his basket, we hope that Taft can be made to sit on the cover. 2/
...A democratic people is not too fastidious, but it does want those whom it honors to behave like gentlemen. The incident will, to be sure, furnish more material for the students of Roosevelt psychology. It may give some of them fresh reason to apply... 3/
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🚨#Thursday @lukerosiak breaking more news about Awan Bros PAKISTANI criminal network that infiltrated US govt. Former Awan biz partner: "Imran dad delivered USB to Paki Interior Minister Rehman Malik." Does everyone know who Malik is? MASSIVE revelation…
•2008, Imrans dad gave USB to Malik
•Awans protected by Paki govt intel agents (ISI)
•Imran brags about his political power in the US
🤔Who is protecting Awans? Who did they really work for? Pretty sure Congressmen used as puppets (access). How bout our alphabet agencies?
Imran worked in Congress since 2004, adding his brothers Jamal & Abid, wives Hina & Nataliia, friends Rao Abbas & Haseeb Rana. THAT'S 12+ YEARS of access to govt data.…
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🚨🚨🚨 It's finally happening!
Congressional leadership issues criminal referrals for Comey, HRC, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, and Page!
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🙋🏼Did #Comey double down on lie that counterintel op #Trump campaign started July/Aug w/ Papadapapiss? Was he unaware what Brennan/WH were doing? What's in failed June 2016 FISA attempt? Chalupa, Ukraine, 5EyeSpy, Crowdstrike, Fusion, Perkins, Trump Tower, draft dossier, tarmac
Comey never mentioned any of this stuff.

#Comey needs some self reflection on professional conduct & being morally fit. Did I miss George
Snuffleupagus questions about Bruce & Nellie Ohr? How bout illegally sharing spy data on Americans w/ "private parties?"…
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1/ #QAnon

Many drops this eve. Themes:
1. #Scalia was murdered...pointing to #CIA, directly to #Brennan.
2. #LorettaLynch #Tarmac meeting w/#SlickWilly was about her protecting #HRC, being kept on as AG, to be named to #SupremeCourt to replace #Ginsberg.
3. #Trump tweeted this today:
"Was she [#LorettaLynch] promised a Supreme Court seat, or AG, in order to lay off Hillary."

This ties exactly to earlier drops by #Q about the #Lynch being promised #SupremeCourt, going back to Feb 6:…
4. #RBC, or #RuthBaderGinsberg, has major problems:
Apr 15 2018 18:57:32 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: bbec14 1055924

LL was promised the Supreme Court position of RBG.
RBG big problems.
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1. Slender Man-by Lexy @PoliticallyRYT

In 2014 the 'legend’ of Slenderman drove two 12-year-old girls to try and kill their classmate. They stabbed her 19 times.

Where did Slenderman originate?


2. In 2009 there was a contest to create creepy edits using everyday settings. The internet created a meme from of a photoshopped picture. The meme is known as Slenderman.
3. Slenderman started off as a short story on the internet, in the community forum of a comedy website, Something Awful.

Like any ghost story told repeatedly, over the years the tale got taller, stories scarier, and the Internet more sophisticated.
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1) NEW THREAD directed to the thousands of new #Trump supporters who have followed me over the last week because of events in #Syria. I want to take this opportunity to make you consider things you are not aware of because of the bias mainstream media, which you guys know exist
2) in the US if you consider there reporting of Trump, especially pre-election. Many of you describe Assad as a dictatorship and his government as a regime. If we look towards the Syrian Presidential election in 2014, Assad won 88.7% of the votes with a turnout of 73.42%.
3) This is a significant amount of voter turnout considering the last time the US had a higher percentage per capita was in 1896. This would suggest that as the war has progressed and the jihadist element became more evident, the people recognised Assad as a source of stability
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1) This is a special #Qanon update.
Q has not posted today, but President #Trump tweeted something relevant to past Q posts.
Let's make some connections regarding the #TarmacMeeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton
2) This morning, President #Trump Tweeted this, suggesting that Loretta Lynch may have struck a deal with Bill Clinton during their Phoenix #TarmacMeeting for a SCOTUS (or Attorney General) spot if Lynch saw to it that Hillary wasn't prosecuted.
3) #Qanon posted this on 4chan on October 31st, 2017.
(Q was on 4chan before he moved to 8chan)
Study it.
Memorize it.
It outlines much of Q's mission.
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Did u ask @Comey how after 1yr, dozens of agents, 1000+ hrs, multiple devices & NSA, his #FBI couldnt "conclusively determine" if foreign actors gained access to Clintons server BUT Crowdstrike "knew in 10mins" Russia hacked DNC?😂
I wish I knew before you interviewed #Comey. I woulda provided you with a list of questions. Maybe you can get @CrowdStrike to cooperate w/ an interview considering they refuse to show up to Congressional hearing.
Did u ask @Comey when the counterintel op on #Trump team REALLY started? Cause it wasnt with George Papadappapiss July/August. What was in the failed June 2016 FISA attempt? What was @JohnBrennan
up to in Spring 2016? I spy w/ my 5 eyes...
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