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1孝Good morning lads,
do you remember that man in parliament in Germany? That something big is going to happen and that everyone still knows exactly where he was at this moment. My #PrediQtion is: We go back to the #JulianCalendar. Between #Oct4th & #Oct5th (15)
2孝The original calendar for October 4, 1582. This is the #SWIFT. Q said 10 #darNKess days. He SWITCHED K AND N and that that switch would happen so fast you won't notice. So everyone was already thinking about CERN and that we were all going to walk through the "time machine".
3孝But we're going back to the original calendar. The Pope then had STOLEN our TIME. Which has confused mankind for hundreds of years. They also say it's going to be #BIBLICAL and gradually it's coming to the surface that this is really the case. In 1582, 10 days disappeared in
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#Eregl ile ilgili yanl覺 bilgiler twitter'da 癟ok d繹n羹yor. ou kiinin firman覺n ne 羹retip satt覺覺na ve d羹nyadaki konjonkt羹r ile ilgili okumas覺 veya arat覺rmas覺 yok. Konunun uzman覺 deilim, iyi bir arat覺rmac覺y覺m. Baz覺 yanl覺lar覺 a癟覺klamak i癟in bu flood u haz覺rlad覺m.
+Paylat覺覺m 癟ou bilgi #isdmr i癟inde ge癟erli,ancak hepsi deil. #isdmr farkl覺 hikayeleri olan bir irket. #isdmr taraf覺 i癟in bir baka arkada daha detayl覺 bir payla覺m yapabilir ve yapmal覺d覺r.
+ 1- #Eregl ne 羹retip sat覺yor, bunu iyi anlamal覺y覺z. Sat覺 ve 羹retimin kabaca y羹zde 80'i s覺cak/souk haddelenmi yass覺 癟eliklerdir, diger y羹zde 20'lik k覺s覺m uzun 羹r羹nlerdir(k羹t羹k ve inaat kangal覺 gibi).Firman覺n sat覺lar覺n覺n da kabaca y羹zde 15-20 si ihracat. Sat覺 geneli yurti癟i.
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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Timothy's Bitchute

The High Command Bitchute

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything

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Timothy's Bitchute

The High Command Bitchute

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything
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#McAfee #Afterlife dropped this PUBLIC PGP KEY earlier today. So I suppose if anybody needs to send him an encrypted message, you would secure it with this PGP key, and then only HE can read it.
go to: Image
#Mcafee #Afterlife Telegram drop this afternoon: DATE WITH THE QUEEN and much more.
1/ Whoa! Some serious #McAfee #Afterlife drops tonight. No decoding necessary. "HILLARY, WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU."

Hey Killary Clinton
Remember Me. . .?
Im Coming back to
Haunt You like You
Did to Me: +
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1/ Early morning #McAfee #Afterlife telegrams today :

1106 812 814 1005 807 1111:

... and MUCH MORE. Go to:

2/ We've seen this vault password before Image
3/ The Clown Show Ends This Week ...



John McAfee.

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This is from #DailyTelegraph 21/7 issue. Paper has form for occult elite symbolism, so wouldn't be surprised if it's comms about #HillaryClinton. Possum female, called Hillary. Yet it alludes to Edmund Hillary in headline. Remember how #HRC lied about being named after him?
To climb mountain means to meet big challenge. And story refers to death of twin. #HRC uses doubles. Likely shorter one at #BidenInauguration (height next to Bill revealed this). Also, playing possum means feigning death. Is this saying she died, or narrowly avoided it?
Or symbolic in more general way? Maybe meaning is that even though Hillary Clinton didn't become POTUS, as NWO crowd expected, her spirit survives. It's here in Hillsdale (#Sydney) in form of COVID tyranny. Still reached #Everest peak, rules from "on top of the world".
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Today at #HRC #Canada delivered crucial statement on behalf of 43 countries, reflecting growing international concern over crimes against humanity in #Xinjiang. Chinas authorities are NOT above international scrutiny.
Human Rights Council members must build on this statement to establish an independent, international investigative mechanism that can pave the way for holding to account those responsible for the human rights violations in Xinjiang. Theres not a moment more to lose.
Thanks to Canada Albania Australia Austria Belgium Belize Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Finland Germany Haiti Honduras Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Marshall Islands Monaco Netherlands
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#TrumpIsGuilty, the only reason why any senator would fail to convict is to conceal his own involvement! #Insurrection was an #ActOfWar! You told the #BigLie! You conspired in 45's #Insurrection! @SenRickScott @SenRickScott refused to watch the film #ManUp
@SenRickScott @marcorubio Are we a #SovereignNation or not? Are you sworn to uphold the Constitution or not? Will you betray #Florida & America again 4 #Trump? #Insurrection was an #ActOfWar. They defecated in our Capitol. Hope they didn't miss your ofc!
#MAGATerrorists took down #OldGlory & replaced it with #TrumpBanner, signifying dominance over America's #Capitol as their territory. That's what flags are for; just like #IwoJima! #Insurrection shall not stand or we are no longer a #SovereignNation & a self-governing democracy. ImageImage
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"75 years ago, as the lay smouldering from the 2nd global conflict in 30 years, a new project was conceived a project born of suffering, death & loss, but also of hope, & the blinding realization that there is no future but a common future"-@DrTedros #UNGASS #UN75
"That project, of course, was the United Nations 綾"-@DrTedros #UNGASS #UN75

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Hey @1NadineSmith so its 3 months since I asked you and all of @equalityfl why you refused to respond to the documented, gross violations of decency - and law - in your own backyard.

Your response?


What then, do you do?



@Fla_Pol Image
Still no response. @1NadineSmith I read your piece om activists who inspired you early on.

My biggest inspiration was the indefatigable @urvashivaid.

While #HRC sold stickers and built a $17mil building - she taught me - in 1990 to walk the walk - not talk the talk.
She , as you know ran #NGLTF From crappy offices with little pomp she accomplished more - than any person I have ever met - without needing public credit for her #tireless and history changing advocacy.

The LGBTQ movement isnt branding. Its activism.

The idea that I am..
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1/3While it's still shocking to hear the confessions of #Iran's officials on the massacre of #IranProtesters in November #IranProtests, one should ask itself, why have all of a sudden& after 7mths delay have confessed to part of their crimes?
2/3 Given the extent of the crime(at least1500 killed&12000+ arrested),it seems, apart from the social backlashes &fear of anew uprising,regime officials are also worried about the upcoming #HumanRights Council (#HRC session)&trying to prevent a strong condemnation.#IranProtests Image
3/3 A clear case of #CrimesAgainstHumanity that can't be whitewashed and anyone trying to downplay it will one day be held accountable and shamed for it.
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I saved a few tweets from Verified accounts when the #ImpeachmentHoax started. Ill start it off with the ringleader #Schiff4Brains.
After hours of debate, one thing is clear:..... @realDonaldTrump is still your President! Enjoy#AcquittedForever #DemsAreCorrupt
Heres one from #FakeNews @washingtonpost but yeah not propaganda......
The #TDS is palpable.
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1) Birds of a feather... you know the saying...

They CLAIM to fight child trafficking, but do they REALLY?

In this thread, we are going to take a look at some who are HIGHLY suspect!
2) We will work backwards through this list as some of these organizations were outed long ago.

The #McCain Institute had a terrible track record! At the very least, "McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations"
3) It is widely believed that the McCains were involved in trafficking in AZ. Here is Cindy McCain sporting her pedo swirl, as well as the tell tale medical boot that suggests she has an ankle monitor. McStain abandoned his first wife to marry into this major crime family.
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1/This much welcomed @StateDept report on #HRC e-mail controversy is very administrative in nature and should not be (mis)interpreted in an exaggerated manner. It is crucial to really understand the #security implications based on actual experience with these types of issues.
@StateDept 2/I should first note I rep'd @GOP in providing advice on #HRC e-mail issues & @DailyCaller in #FOIA case re: security training for @StateDept senior officials in this controversy.

I also routinely handle defending against security infractions for fed employees.
@StateDept @GOP @DailyCaller 3/ROI concludes 38 individuals were culpable for 91 security violations. Unclear how many attributed to each person but that's 2-3 violations per person on average. Honestly, that's very common. I have had (successful) cases where indiv accused of abt 2 doz security violations.
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1/ Ett dussin personer arresterade i Michigan i operation mot m瓣nniskosmuggling (14 okt).

#HumanTrafficking #USA

2/ Ett av v瓣rldens st繹rsta barnporrn瓣tverk spr瓣ngt

#HumanTrafficking #ChildPorn #USA #SouthKorea
3/ Om man f繹ljer X22 Report f疇r man en hel del intressanta hintar om vad som p疇g疇r. Som i det h瓣r avsnittet fr疇n 15 okt.

#HumanTrafficking #USA #SaudiArabia #AliceInWonderland #HillaryClinton

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The Ukraine Whistleblower Hoax was never about Trump.

This was a coordinated effort by the cabal; littered with career politicians, unelected bureaucrats , and seditious individuals.

It was designed to accomplish three primary objectives ...

@DrDannielle @Chris11962
...1. Discredit Attorney General William Barr because he is wrapping up the investigation into the origins of the Mueller special counsel regarding flagrant abuse by the Intelligence Community...
...They are very worried about their participation and abuse undertaken to undermine the will of the people and remove a duly elected President...
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Did anyone catch the #Qanon reference happening regarding #Fredo?
'news unlocks map'

'Fredo' reportedly appeared in archival footage for The Godfather III, via an independent writer on MSM news.
And look at this, if you search the Q posts for 'Godfather III', a few posts seem to be talking about human trafficking and the vatican.

Maybe someone should go to this Tweet Q linked and remind the Pope of what's coming?
Seems to me like these placemarkers like 'Snow White' and 'Godfather III' are very multifaceted, unless they link together like a puzzle?

Ahh I see...
'Spider web'
'This is staged and deliberate'
'Godfather III'

'Upcoming events'

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訌ick Gates, George Birnbaum & Psy Group

March 2016:

George Birnbaum (GOP operative) introduced Gates to Psy Group & to which he expressed interest in using it as a SocMed influence & manipulation tool, to try to sway Republican delegates toward Trump.
Birnbaum was a prot矇g矇 of Arthur J. Finkelstein, & has spent years as a consultant working on behalf of candidates in foreign elections. In 1996, he helped Finkelstein engineer Netanyahus victory over Shimon Peres to become the PM of Israel.

Trump, Putin and the mob. Research collection. Part 2: #BudapestBridge and the Hungarian connection to Trump #Finkelstein

Please take a moment to explore the hashtags: #BudapestBridge #Finkelstein
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#HRC41 the interactive dialogue w/ Special Rapporteurs on freedom of expression, opinion and peaceful assembly and association is about to start. This week @MemorialMoscow is in Geneva to discuss restrictions to these fundamental freedoms in #Russia @rlafoundation @dw_freedom
Speaking about #privatesurveillance Special Rapporteur @davidakaye alerts the #HRC about the violations causes by private surveillance to the work of #HRD and journalist. Image
Earlier this week, representatives from @hrc_memorial met with the Rapporteur and discussed how restrictions to opinion and expression in law and practice - both online and offline - hinder the work of human rights defenders and organisations working in #Russia @rlafoundation Image
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