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Dear @MSNBC : Please heed your own @NicolleDWallace @DeadlineWH guests, and stop airing [💩🤡45]’s “Press Rallies” live! You can air clips later, after your staff have had the opportunity to fact-check and add proper context around the rubbish he spews on camera.
It would be a massive public service which no other television news channels/networks (that I know of) are providing. I have heard of some radio users doing this, but you have a much larger audience and opportunity to inform the public properly.
You could even play off the old @nbc ad slogan and call it “lie-free TV”, or “spin-free TV; something like that.
You might lose a bit of advertising revenue from scared folks fretfully hanging on his every (untruthful) word, but think of what you may gain in trust/reputation!
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1. #PenceEvidence

▪️ RNC forced
▪️ Karen's envelope
▪️ Secret note handoffs
▪️ Lied about Gen Flynn
▪️ Indiana child trafficking
▪️ Page/Strzok text briefing
▪️ Chummy w/HRC at funeral
▪️ Stays 4 optics — on a short leash
▪️ Pence/Ryan emails (NOT fake website)

2. Karen's envelope at Bush Sr. funeral.

Anon asks: What were in the envelopes?
Our promise to 'counter'.

#FuneralEnvelopes #KarensEnvelope #PenceEvidence
3. #Q329 Follow the wives …

✉️ Jill Biden
✉️ Laura Bush
✉️ Karen Pence
✉️ Hillary Clinton
✉️ Michelle Obama

H/T @ free_energy2016

#PenceEvidence #WhiteEnvelopes #Qanon #Q2608

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Remember kids, nobody knows #LevParnas

1- Check full thread by Abramson (attached) + extra info on the Reddit link. 👇👇

2-#Giuliani was paid $500 0000 to consult on Lev's company "Fraud guarantee" (kid you not, real name)
3- Other companies associated with #LevParnas


b) Strategic Global Assets LLC

c) Fraud Guarantee LLC.

d) Global Energy Producers LLC


4- A non-comprehensive list of donations from #Parnas and #Fruman to #GOP
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Good morning from Europe, my harbor in TheStorm.

Patriots in control.
One of my first threads (February 2019) ...
#PenceKnew evidence in a single thread.

Why did Trump choose #Pence?

5 min video w/#Sununu shows how RNC was planning to steal nomination from Trump. 04/16

#RNC makes its own rules👈🏽

#NeverTrumpers like #Romney were LOUD during this period, talking about going to 2nd floor vote by delegates.

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During Christmas break from #Impeachment, take a minute to stop and ask...

What happened to the #EpsteinFiles Russia stole during those hacks?

What about the #RNC materials Russia stole during those hacks?

Why was only the #DNC information released?

#Facts -

Jeffery Epstein was a pedophile.
Jeffery Epstein ran a sex trafficking ring.
Jeffery Epstein had many high profile clients.
Many of those clients were government officials.
Jeffery Epstein died of suspicious circumstances.

#Facts -

Russia hacked the #DNC
Russia hacked the #RNC
Russian hackers spent years hacking #Epstein

Russia only released the #DNC materials.

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In 2008 I watched #RonPaul cheated out of winning the #RNC National Convention. #WeThePeople watched the #PartyElite change the rules, on the floor, and #RigTheVote.

We organized and cleaned out establishment #OldGuard #Republicans, voted them out, volunteered, participated
In 2016 I watched #FeelTheBern supporters lied to - their votes rigged by @HillaryClinton @DWStweets and thrown away. Many of them obediently fell in line, shut up, and voted for one of the most corrupt politicians of the modern era.
With @realDonaldTrump we have a reformist:
* gutted the #GOP
* appointed over 170 federal judges and counting
* placed 5 #FederalReserve Governors and promoted Powell to Chairman ( Think #Restructure ) - thus controlling it
* Killed a Globalist #NewWorldOrder Trade Deal #TPP
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Republican Witnesses Blow Massive Hole in GOP’s Defense of Trump

Jennifer Williams Calls Trump-Zelensky Call 'Unusual'

Vindman Calls Trump's Request of Zelensky 'Improper'

Ukrainian gas executive cooperating in US probe of Giuliani

White House Twitter account slams decorated veteran Vindman during testimony

The U.S. Army is prepared to move Col. Vindman and his family onto a military base in the area to ensure their security if it is determined that they are in physical danger.

GOP Pushes an Impeachment Conspiracy Narrative That Originated From Putin & One the FBI Debunked Years Ago

Sweden drops Assange rape investigation after nearly 10 years
This clears the way for his extradition to the US.
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🤔Did @realDonaldTrump choose @USAmbEU Sondland to be the “acting Ukraine ambassador” because he knew Parnas, Fruman and Firtash who laundered campaign donations through fake LLC’s into the #RNC finance committee he vice-chaired⁉️cc @MountainsStars…
💥@GovRonDeSantis said that Parnas and Fruman attended a lot of campaign fundraising events including those for the #RNC 💥They were shady businessmen... it’s very possible the money they used was funneled through Firtash...
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Docs you all write brilliant articles, but unless they're affected people don't read them.

PLEASE watch this 2 min video, this is URGENT! There are articles attached to prove this is critical. This can affect every #American. People are needlessly dying, We need your #Help
Almost 6 decades ago the UN addressed the under-treatment of pain, despite narcotic pain relief many people around the world suffer needlessly. In 1961 we recognized the undertreatment of #pain is a #HumanRights abuse. #RNC & #DNC are you listening?…
The #DEA is arguably waging a war against the weakest members of society These are #HumanRights abuses! #Trump Administration you think #KidsInCages was bad!

Plz, use the link in the article to let the DEA know what you think about more cuts to supplies…
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1. Okay folks. It's time to get serious about @POTUS Trump. I think his taxes are coming soon in the 2nd Cir. and he's going to be indicted in NYC but I get why we need to get him to stop committing these crimes that are clear threats to national security. So here's my plan.
2. Don't allow incompetent members of the @HouseJudiciary to question anymore. Get competent aggressive trial attorneys to do all hearings. If there are competent trial lawyers on the committee then okay but they need to be better prepared. It's best to give it all to the pros.
3. I would explore changing the wording on the subpoena to include a statement that assertion of unlawful privileges to other obstruction may result in charges for obstruction of Congress under 18 USC 1505 that has a 5 year statute of limitations.

And I'd be fine with using the
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Trump's Texas Chain-Saw Massacre continues. 😎
Confess that I broke my rule and put on Chuck Todd for a bit and his guest @TexasTribAbby confirmed something that I tried to uncover but could not find: That the Texas US House retirees included a lot who were part of the #RNC cash raising ecosystem.
I was looking for evidence to confirm that because I think these retirements may be related to the @FBI counterintelligence investigation. IMO the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting was about money, not dirt. And both Trump's and RNC's coffers filled with Rubles right after it.
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Sentencing in the Works for Rick Gates! 🍿

#Barrack #Manafort #Kilimnik #PollingData #NukeDeal #Flynn #Cohen #Inauguration #PsyGroup #Nader & much more! 🍿

RNC chair in tears defends GOP donor platform WinRed #RNC #Wynn #Adelson #Broidy #Cohen #GOP 💰💦 & more.

The @rncchair choked up as she kicked off a closed-door panel discussion on WinRed by addressing ongoing rumors that she & other RNC officials are poised to personally benefit from the new platform. #Grifters

Five Eyes nations target tech titans on child sex abuse

US formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia & prepares to test new missile

UK blames Russia for nuclear treaty collapse, says threatens European security

U.S. Economy Slips From 1st to 3rd Place in Global Competitiveness Ranking Amid Trump's Tariffs
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🚨🚨ATTN: LINDSEY🚨🚨IT IS TRUMP who is causing more detainees. IT IS TRUMP who is keeping immigrants longer than necessary so that shareholders of the CAMP DETENTION CENTERS make more money at $775/per immigrant per DAY. It is TRUMP who is child trafficking! ....
2/ He is abducting these babies and children with the help of DEVOS RELIGIOUS ADOPTION CENTERS are stealing these children from immigrant parents who were separated from them and then deported WITHOUT their children! That's kidnapping! They are illegally adopting ...
3/ these children out! BABIES! So before you talk about human traffickers? You need to address what TRUMP IS DOING in HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Because he has a CHILD TRAFFICKING OPERATION GOING HIMSELF! FIRE STEPHEN MILLER! or It is going to get worse! The United States .....
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💰Rick Gates, George Birnbaum & Psy Group

March 2016:

George Birnbaum (GOP operative) introduced Gates to Psy Group & to which he expressed interest in using it as a SocMed influence & manipulation tool, to try to sway Republican delegates toward Trump.…
Birnbaum was a protégé of Arthur J. Finkelstein, & has spent years as a consultant working on behalf of candidates in foreign elections. In 1996, he helped Finkelstein engineer Netanyahu’s victory over Shimon Peres to become the PM of Israel.…

Trump, Putin and the mob. Research collection. Part 2: #BudapestBridge and the Hungarian connection to Trump #Finkelstein

Please take a moment to explore the hashtags: #BudapestBridge #Finkelstein…
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💰1MDB Global Scandal💰

What is 1MDB?

Short for 1Malaysia Development Berhad (which means limited), the fund was set up in 2009 by then-Prime Minister Najib Razak to invest government revenues in real estate

Questions arose in early 2015 when the fund failed to meet payments on $11 billion in debt.

🔑The WSJ then published documents showing that about $700M from 1MDB-linked entities had ended up in Najib’s personal bank accounts just before elections in 2013.…
By far the largest transactions that flowed into Malaysian PM Najib’s accounts were two deposits of $620M & $61M in March 2013, during a heated election campaign in Malaysia.…
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💰1MDB -Trump Campaign💰

🔑DOJ Probes Whether Jho Low, the Fugitive Financier Supplied Donation to Trump Re-Election Effort

🔑Justice Department investigates whether the $100,000 contribution came from Malaysian businessman charged in a global scandal…
The $100,000 donation was made in December 2017 to the Trump Victory committee—which is involved in helping re-elect President Trump in 2020—by Larry Davis, a U.S. citizen who co-owns LNS Capital, a Hawaii-based investment company.…
🔑Authorities are seeking to determine whether transfers totaling $1.5 million to LNS Capital—originating with the Malaysian businessman, Jho Low—financed Mr. Davis’s donation to Trump Victory. #Strawman #FCPA…
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1. It's now clear @realDonaldTrump and @WhiteHouse are using the July 4th for a 2020 campaign event. The @TheDemocrats must force the @GOP #RNC and @Trump campaigns to pay for the costs of it including military equipment and personnel. If we do it right we can bankrupt them.
2, This is critical because the #SDNY civil case has a chance of taking a huge judgment against the Trump campaign before the 2020 election. It looks to me that the same entity that is the defendant is the current campaign entity. Pretty dumb.
3. Let's get our Deal Leader a new parade uniform. He might have outgrown the old one. If only I was good at @Photoshop. We could see what the Orange Menace would look like in that get up. 😎@hogangidley45
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Massive leak of Trump transition vetting documents shows "red flags" deliberations…
#RNC did the shitty vetting job
Obviously RNC didn’t give a shit about item 2😡
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A federal probe is examining foreigners who attended President Trump’s inauguration at the invitation of Mr. Broidy, a top Republican fundraiser…
Mr. Broidy invited several Angolan and Romanian officials to inaugural events in 2017—including a Romanian who was scheduled to stand trial for corruption weeks later.
Broidy also introduced Angolan officials to multiple members of Congress during that trip, which was soon after
the Angolan government agreed to pay his company $6 million for its services.

Broidy did not have a FARA registration, and lied that he wasn't being paid.…
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Pompeo instantly declares Trump Adm blames Iran for incident—NOT intel.

Sarah Sanders leaving WH #ByeFelicia

U.S. military intel steps up accusation against RUover nuclear testing

Trump Urged to Fire Kellyanne Conway for her repeated flagrant Hatch Act Violations

FEC Chairwoman reminds candidates not to accept help from foreign gov’t

The UK has signed an extradition request for WikiLeaks founder J-Ass, who faces charges in the US under the Espionage Act.

Every sycophantic member of TeamTrump Is Now Enabling Treason


“What is it about Mitch Mcconnell and the Rep’ns in Congress that they do not want to respond to what’s so popular across the board in our country?

What is it about the Rep’ns in Congress?

How much more can they bear of the Trump’s unethical behavior?
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1. @TheDemocrats are being herded towards declaring an impeachment inquiry where it's obvious the @SenateGOP won't convict. My preferred strategy is for Dems to work to put the @SenateGOP majority at risk. The four most vulnerable members should be noted
2. daily in their local news being tied to Trump. Then expand the strategy to the next seven or so 2020 cycle GOP. Plus so far three GOP seats are going to be open.

We're seeing Texas polls that go for the Democrats. We need to be ready for the GOP to commit mass suicide.
3. Here's 2020 pickups picks. Their states 2018 midterm house totals were majority Dems.
@SenatorCollins ME
@SenCoryGardner CO
@joniernst IA
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When Trump says it’s a coup you should expect him to try to overthrow the Congress. His @KremlinRussia palls are likely planning it. @SpeakerPelosi
The House should not threaten arrest or any use of force. That's what the @KremlinRussia_E wants so Putin's puppet can declare martial law. Start calling all @SenateGOP traitors. Start subpoenaing #RNC banks that were the subject of the June 2016 SAR in the Natalie Edwards case.
Make destruction of the GOP the first goal. Make it so they all flee to Russia. Just like on the 4th of July. @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff
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💣”I’m F*cked”💣

📌”I’m F*cked” says Trump on the appointment of SC Mueller.

📌Trump ‘asked me to do crazy sh*t’ says McGahn

📌Trump about the appointment of Mueller “End of my Presidency”

📌Trump 'tried to get special counsel fired'


📌Barr lied
💣”I’m F*cked”2💣

📌Manafort briefed Kilimnik on the state of the Trump campaign including battleground states

📌During the campaign, Manafort discussed with a Russian associate a plan to let RU control part of Ukraine

📌Trump campaign attempted to obtain HRC private emails ++
💣”I’m F*cked”3💣

📌Trump made "repeated efforts" to have McGahn deny that he had directed him to fire Mueller,

📌500 references to McGahn in MR

📌Mueller says Russian intel targeted Clinton’s personal office within five hours of Trump publicly requesting it on July 27, 2016
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