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Another 700 arrested in organized crime case in the UK, 400+ earlier today in the EU.

1100+ criminals in 1 sweep due to breaking their encryption & identifying their networks!
Mobsters who have been untouchable for decades were arrested today!
French & Dutch police cracked the encryption in April & have been gearing up for the takedown since then.
Expect many more arrests as there are 60,000 users on the network including 10,000 in the UK!
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After 2 Toronto Police Services Board Administrators confirmed receipt of my submissions and inclusion for all the Agenda items I receive an email after business hours that I’m excluded from participating. They say I was late with my submission & didn’t include details for Agenda
The #TPSB wants to use this method of “holding meetings” to actively exclude people from participating by simply clicking a button.

The Board didn’t follow its own bylaw for submitting its Agenda but expects the Public to strictly follow its bylaws.

The #TPSB is a sham!
The #TPSB is continually trying to avoid scrutiny.

Today’s Agenda will try to pass bylaws that cannot be passed to do exactly what was done to me today— exclude the Public.

These covid19 ‘meetings’ work to control & exclude— exactly what they’ve always wanted to do.

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Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank, Morgan Stanley, NatWest Markets Securities, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered Bank & UBS AG.
16 of the largest banks in the world are accused of price fixing currency exchange markets to scam their customers from 2003-2013 when it was discovered.
Of course most of the banks have already confessed to DOJ & other authorities in the #ButNothingsHappening cases!!!
Looks like the lawsuit against the banks are moving forward to discovery, which means the investment firms & local governments where were the victims of this scheme will get the #receipts!
HT @LiveInGramma
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Justice Department has filed a $2.5B enforcement action against North Korean bank officials for sanctions violations in purchases for their nuclear weapons program.
Where will those #receipts lead DOJ...
NK bank officials set up branches around the world to evade sanctions including branches in Russia, Thailand & Kuwait.
Five Chinese nationals have been charged with operating branches in China & Libya to hide covert activities to support their nuclear weapon & ballistic missile programs.
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Apparently, there is an *ongoing* discussion (like today) of whether Native Americans were "cannibals" and that it was "proven" so. Here are some resources to dispel that myth, since it was used for centuries to steal our land and enslave us. We have receipts:
1. Jáuregui, Carlos A. 2008. Canibalia: Canibalismo, calibanismo, antropofagia cultural y consumo en América Latina. Madrid: Iberoamericana/Vervuert. (Literally a 500 page academic monograph on the subject, dispelling the myth)
2. Davies, Surekha. 2016. Renaissance Ethnography and the Invention of the Human: New Worlds, Maps and Monsters. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (A brilliant analysis of how the 'human' was invented in contrast with monsters and 'cannibals' portrayed on European maps)
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Guess who wants to save Idlib? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @SidtheKidd87 @MadAddictSport @ScheyChris @We_Have_Risen @MagaKarma1 @firasarebi #KhashoggiKoolAid

JAMIE RASKIN* who is married to one of the rats in Treasury who unmasked @GenFlynn…
Which is funny because almost all the UNMASKINGS coincide with the liberation of Aleppo in DEC 2017

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That was a lot quicker than I expected!

DOJ demands banks hand over the #receipts related to abuse & fraud with COVID-19 relief funds!
HT @ferny77528037
The DOJ already has Grand Juries working to subpoena these records!
In fact, they have already charged several companies or individuals for fraudulently obtaining or spending of these monies!
So the banks aren't the only target, but they expect within 6 months the banks will be facing charges for allowing the money to be laundered!
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The IRS is continuing it's efforts to get the #receipts!
Seeking law firm records of customers behind shell companies used in tax evasion & money laundering.
Following the global money laundering back to the tax payers!
Appeals court rules that getting the receipts from the lawyers who set up the shell companies are not blocked by attorney client privilege. Setting a precedent for all the other law firms who did it!
Just because the lawyers claim they didn't know their clients were using their services to provide camouflage for their crimes, doesn't protect the records of transactions that helped their clients' crimes!
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When the public has a case of full blown disassociation. The constitution has been obliterated. Smith Mundt act of 2012, patriot act, NDAA BUT IF YOU SUE THEM IN THE CORRUPT COURT IT WILL ALL BE OK. LAWYERS ARE MAKING A KILLING I LOST 40000$ ON ONE
Open letter to lawyer Barry K Rothman and Associates who took my money and then left me to be hunted #metoo — Steemit… hello
#LeavingNeverland #metoo I didn't fight for my life or others for it to be eclipsed #Epstein #Wexner #FLYNN #Trump
and The last time I tried to get a lawyer and had tons of new evidence of targeting?… REIMS... #receipts "
@adamlevine and whoever said nooooooo... like your lawyers OR whoever ~
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DOJ secures $24M admission to price fixing generic cholesterol drugs. Latest in a long string of guilty pleas & agreements. #ButNothingsHappening…
Looks like Apotex is handing over the #receipts!
I've covered the earlier cases but Apotex is the 4th company!
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Foreign governments paying for lawyers & PR firms to undermine the 1MDB case!

How about a Chinese state company, taking kickbacks from a Malaysian firm that was laundered to be used to oppose the investigation!
Jho Low was allowed to keep $15M of his pilfered money to pay his lawyers, but I bet his lawyers will be in trouble for allowing that deal when they were being paid through laundered bribe money from his co-conspirators.

I think that would be a no-no in any court!
Some of the money was laundered as invoices or payments paid through a "respectable middle eastern concern in which the politically connected individual held some shares" That was a Kuwaiti oligarch paying that money behind the company he owned shares in...
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Israels largest bank admits to hiding $7.6B in US taxpayer assets so they could evade taxes on the money!

HT @LJT_is_me #ButNothingsHappening
The banks Swiss division has plead guilty with the Israeli company reached a deferred prosecution agreement. They can avoid conviction by handing over all the #receipts!
Looks like the usual crossfire the banks keep finding themselves in! NY State banking regulators, US Treasury Dept., DOJ, even Federal Reserve. They must not be publicly traded in the US as I don't see SEC, but they are often separate in their sanctions!
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.@CillizzaCNN, @MSNBC, @CNN and the @DNC ran a 24/7 negative influence campaign against @SenSanders and millions of Americans. Full stop.
& @BarackObama ran a coup on Bernie. We all saw it.

When we get Trump they’re responsible.

@humanistreport 🌹
You got a mention. @GeoffMiami
Also #receipts if the media and online trolls.

I made this thread because I knew the fascists would try to revise and deny history.

Because that’s what they always do.…
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Looks like the Mexico investigations have reached ex-President Nieto along with 50+ banks who helped him launder the cartels' money...
Not just the drug cartels though! Oil & mineral cartels too! #ButNothingsHappening
The signs that Mexico is attempting to drain their Swamp have been visible for awhile...
Some connected to their state oil company, some connected to the cartels, lots of corruption with money laundered through the US...
During El Chapo's trial in NYC, it was alleged that President Nieto took a $100M bribe from El Chapo.
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04/17 Investigators review 50 bank accounts belonging to Nieto #Receipts…
04/20 Gunmen intercept an ambulance and execute the wounded man and his companions in Hidalgo, #Tamaulipas…
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They just don't get it yet 😂😂😂#OilPrice @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @ScheyChris @MagaKarma1 @BabeReflex_8 @RevisitedRick #TrapDeluxe
+ #Receipts
+ Firewalls DOWN that protected the bad clowns at CIA, DOD & DNI as of two weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂…
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Another executive at Goldman Sachs London office is accused of corruption by the SEC. Arranging bribes from a Turkish company for business in Ghana. He left Hillary's favorite bankers in 2016 #ButNothignsHappening
HT: @ferny77528037…
This is a civil suit by the Securities & Exchange Commission, but they have frequently been used to find the receipts to hand over to FBI & DOJ to criminally prosecute. The #receipts must be handed over to SEC within it's regulatory authority!
Goldman Sachs internal watch dogs identified this fraudulent scheme & pulled out of the deal. But it took at least 4 years to get this case into court since Berko left in 2016 after this happened.
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DOJ accuses Russia & Qatar of bribing FIFA for rights to host soccer the World Cup. This case has connections to much of Swamp & stopping this case may have been a prime motivator of Russia & Qatar intervening in 2016 election.…
This indictment went out late on Monday, I told @DrStefool I'd get a thread out on Tuesday afternoon, but life & posting has been disrupted with lockdown. But I am finally getting to post about it because it requires explaining connections to other scandals including #Spygate!
These are the 'new' defendants in a case that has been running for many years & including them in the RICO case against FIFA & it's continental management groups is a big step forward. It appears investigations into certain aspects of FIFA corruption were obstructed for years.
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Political fundraiser & property appraiser pleads guilty for paying $500,000 in bribes to L.A. Council members & agrees to cooperate. They are getting the #receipts. #ButNothingsHappening!…
Kim helped "Councilmember A" win reelection to ensure corrupt projects continued in his district!
"Developer C" paid the bribe money through Kim to Councilmember A & City Staffer A-1. in Spring & Summer of 2016...
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A look at one of the 100s of major global investigations to explain what is happening. This doesn't focus on the peons & scapegoats, it looks at the big picture of how global politics have been rigged for 50 years to profit the extractive industries.
It is about rigging war, peace, sanctions & regime changes to ensure that big oil & mining interests can continue to profit while corrupt dictators are propped up with proceeds buying off politicians & foreign policy experts across the West.

Organized crime on a global scale!
The 1973 OPEC oil embargo, disrupted the global economy to the point that it was easy to make a case that securing additional oil supplies was a national security imperative. Creating an unholy alliance between intel agencies, arms dealers, oil companies, & shady middle men.
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Saudi Arabia arrests 298 more government officials for corruption!
There are almost 700 in custody for questioning counting the 300 who have been charged. Crimes were committed between 2005-2015.

2015 is when the old King died...

Some of it is related to military procurement.
This is a continuation of a several year long effort by MbS & his father to remove corruption from Saudi Arabia. I hope they get a lot of new #receipts!
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Brass Balls Blog has a post up about this February report by the Privacy And Civil Liberty Board's assessment of NSA's collection & use of phone records that gives a bit of the scope of what 2 hop surveillance gathers studying 14 FISA warrants under the USA Freedom Act.
I have covered before that the NSA stopped this program & deleted the data last year, looks like it was in response to what this audit of the program was finding. This statute applied strictly to terrorists who might be working for foreign powers.
This is a victory in a long running effort to end the overly broad collection of phone records. Going back to at least 2004. Which resulted in this narrower law USA Freedom Act to apply to terrorists. Only 14 FISA warrants issued under the statute in 2018.
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DOJ flips Sandoz Inc. a division of Novartis to cooperate in a major prescription drug price fixing case. The current case affects $500M in meds from 2013-2015.
But they are cooperating & handing over the #receipts!

HT @Dust_Off70
@Dust_Off70 These charges stem from 4 conspiracies with 4 different competitors to rig prices for generic drugs to inflate prices & profits.
As they sell thousands of products to more than 520M patients, there may be much more to come from this...…
As with many of the #ButNothingsHappening cases, they involve other agencies leading or cooperating in the cases. In this case the Postal Service OIG.
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I’d like to make a few suggestions for how Americans engage the next few weeks of primaries—through #SuperTuesday. 1/ #Election2020
1. Renounce Fear. We are our weakest when fear is our motivator. Fear leads us away from our truest hearts. It disconnects us from our dreams and stunts imagination. Fear is a liar that tells us there is no God, so we must dominate the other to save ourselves. #FearisFakeNews 2/
2. Don’t be a pundit. BE A CITIZEN. Citizenship is a near sacred compact. It is about connection/commitment to place and people. Pundits sit on high and spin predictions. Our work is to CONNECT with our friends, families, communities. LISTEN/SHARE our visions for our nation. 3/
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