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Why is it any time someone with a massive follower count starts lying about Bernie Sanders and his record on LGBT or racial issues, you can just do a simple search and find all sorts of gross racism and homophobia in their timeline?
She says she's "got receipts." Here's another receipt.

Here's another great receipt. Maybe the @ewarren campaign should vet its liars a little harder.

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I reviewed Jared Diamond's error-filled book.

Now Diamond responds, deflecting.

Two questions:

Where are your receipts? I showed mine.

And why do people at your publishers and past colleagues keep reaching out to thank me for speaking truth about you?…
Now, I know Diamond refuses to use a computer, and prefers his wife and secretary to handle that for him.

So I would request they print this out for him and DM me his #receipts.
How does a man publicly, in a book, get wrong the year of the Brexit vote -- to cite just one out of so many examples -- and then claim I'm being misleading?

Must be nice to be that kind of man.
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JPMorgan bank execs charged with racketeering to manipulate precious metals markets for at least 8 years!!!

RICO conspiracy charges have been unsealed for JPMorgan Bank!
Dang, when DOJ starts referring to a major trading desk as the corrupt enterprise, it is getting deep into the banks operations!
Interestingly, this case was indicted under seal in the Northern District of Illinois, not in NYC...
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Spicci is back.

.@pewdiepiehoie => 1173023855239192576

Send him back to his hole.
@pewdiepiehoIe 2/

Just a reminder.

Doug Stewart is Spicci. He admits so on video. He posted it from his own YouTube account and linked it to Twitter.


.@realdougstewart => 935365484718931969

Spicci saying he is Doug Stewart
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@TwitterSurveys major flaw in your little survey option. There is a lack of correspondence between number of votes a user sees and the number of votes the tweet creator sees when clicking the tweet analytics. Please clarify.
cc @jack common man..these polls are a joke unless you address the above issue.
#Receipts screen shots taken at the same time showing different number of votes implying 1 voter has voted 7 times. Is that accurate #politicaltwitter? cc @TalibKweli
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ICIJ with a big set of articles on the Odebrecht Swampy corruption investigation. This has already affected more than a dozen countries, with Presidents & Prime Ministers being prosecuted. But also leads to the US where much of the money was laundered.
Some of my previous threads on this issue include Draining the Swamp in Mexico. Comey haters will be surprised to learn that this all goes back to Comey's FBI sharing corruption data with Brazilian prosecutors to drain Swamps across the entire hemisphere.…
The Brazilian investigations spurred by the FBI & DOJ have lead to corruption cases involving most of the #ButNothingsHappening sectors. Healthcare fraud by major corporations, money laundering, currency trading manipulation by major banks & much more.
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Canadian #MoneyLaundering network operating since 1994 is taken down by the DOJ. Picked up checks/cash in the UK & Netherlands, opened envelopes & processed the money in Ireland. Mail scams targeting US citizens. #ButNothingsHappening…
4 Executive are charged, we will see how widely the issue spreads after this. They were only the processors, which gives DOJ/FBI the #receipts to go after their clients.
Scam must have been huge, 2 of the defendants each earned $15M over just 2 years of the scam.
Operation ran from 1994 until September 2016.
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Seems two Italian banks are facing prosecutor's questions regarding illegal diamond transactions & money laundering. Interesting indeed... #ButNothingsHappening…
The courts ordered the 700 million Euro in assets of 2 broker firms & 5 banks seized in February. The banks are now cooperating against their executives, so they have flipped & agreed to hand over the #receipts!
The banks were selling diamonds to their customers at inflated valuations & getting kickbacks from the diamond dealers.
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Thread regarding #Sanders2020

1. Folks think Bernie was selfish for running in '16. I'm NOT one of them. I think he knew the American people weren't going to vote for HRC, & understood clearly the threat that Trump was to this country & the world; & wanted to inspire us.
2. For 4 decades Bernie's message has been consistent. He has ALWAYS been #ForThePeople. He has NEVER sold out. Is he perfect? No, there is no perfect human being, but he's definitely the best we have in the field without question.
3. I think Bernie looked at his options & did an unselfish thing. I think it's why the 2016 campaign struggled. This time around I am prouder than ever to support his campaign & actually volunteering. I don't know how safe our elections are, if they'll cheat, but I have to try.
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Even Buzzfeed has started to notice that something is happening! Like the same #MoneyLaundering networks being used by ISIS, Kremlin stooges, organized criminals & politicians! #ButNothingsHappening…
Big name American legal & accounting firms trying to keep the dirty bank afloat! Revelations of Deutsche Bank running much of the dirty money for Putin's pals.
Now the police are moving on to raids to gather the #receipts!
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Well I love it when a prediction comes true! Great job @alekboyd
DOJ SDTX unveils a guilty plea for the Venezuelan oil industry case! #ButNothingsHappening #FCPA…
Suspect was arrested in in July 2018 but his plea deal is being revealed now. People talk a lot about sealed cases but never notice when they are unsealed!
Case implicates Venezuelan oil company Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) & their US branch Citgo Petroleum Company #Citgo
Looks like he was hiding the cash in foreign shell company bank accounts! #receipts!
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Nordic banks formed a watchdog group to identify their crooked customers who are #MoneyLaundering
This is how incremental changes change the landscape, Danske Bank, Swedbank, & 4 others funded the creation of a watchdog group in 2018
They reached this agreement before any of the banks were charged & in response to the fact that they were being investigated. Essentially they formed this group to identify the money launderers so the banks could stop handling their money & notify law enforcement.
Of course, it is being slow rolled & will not be functioning until 2020. But then the group wants to start enrolling other banks to help find all the crooked customers. This is a major change, as in the past, the banks rarely had to turn over the #receipts.
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Interesting, while this looks like small fines to individual companies, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs agency saw a 91% increase last year in the fines it collected last year. Seems like this is an effort to gather the #receipts from small companies.…
This is a focus on regulatory compliance, allowing the authorities to detect #MoneyLaundering in financial transactions.
Seems like this is a continuing trend as fines have risen from 200k Pounds in 2014/15 tax year to 2.3M Pounds in the 2017/18 tax year. #ButNothingsHappening
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DOJ & IRS get court order to identify Finish residents using bank cards from US banks including Bank of America, Charles Schwab & TD. The cards are suspected of involvement in off-shore tax evasion!
They do not know the names on these cards so they are "John Doe" warrants to get the name for Finish tax authorities. This is a common money laundering technique. It lets you spend cash across national borders without knowing who received the money or merchandise.
So basically, the IRS, DOJ & Finland have the receipts, & they are now demanding to that these banks show them the names on the #receipts. So the effort is not stopping with the banks, but making the banks investigate he customers!
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I could be wrong but I’ve got a suspicion this dude Quancy is on some ill shit.
And by ill shit I mean some hardcore @thespybrief type shit. Got #receipts.
Alright, letting it be known. This dude Quancy has a real weird twitter account generally tweeting left wing provocation, several mos ago a week or 2 b4 the mid terms, Quancy starts retweeting NPC gray faced fuck face trolls like nobody’s business. Hundreds. #WTF 👀👀👀#FREAK
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I think Erika Lust doesn't realise I have #receipts for their unethical working practices.

Being vocal about sexual assault doesn't Equate "harassment."

To use that as a defense to discredit and derail a Survivor's experience is malignant.

I'm really sad by #ErikaLust response & their handling of this issue by trying to bury my experience

I was someone who really trusted & believed in the work Erika was doing. Until I had to bring up grave concerns

To be dismissed by fellow "allies" & feminists was heartbreaking
Erika Lust can continue threatening legal action against me to keep me silent from "damaging their perfect brand".

But that is wholly unethical.
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Yes, @VidyaKauri Saron blocked me after I asked her about what @680NEWS broadcasted.

I tried to reach her by phone.

Note that I’ve also called out Saron and Jennifer Keesmaat for appropriating my ideas and touting them as their own. No #accountability there either.
When you suggest that Desmond is being anti-woman I ask you what aspect of deceptive practices do you identify with being a woman?

#accountability #integrity #transparency is lacking in Government, why is this acceptable for anyone?
Why would this be acceptable for Candidates?
Know that many things are done privately to address issues before something becomes public. We get all the facts, all the #receipts before issues need to be addressed.

We take #accountability & #transparency seriously.
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Trump: Day 534
-125th Day at Trump Golf Club
-168th Day at Trump Property
-Obstruction Confirmed by Giuliani
-Killing UN Breastfeeding Resolution
-Launches Eminent Domain in Texas
-Travel Ban Impacts More than 135M
-Announcing SCOTUS Tomorrow
-Pompeo Calls the World "Gangster"
Day 639 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 491 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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1/ An analysis of the first three paragraphs of the audacious smear job article tearing down a great woman, @ninaturner. (We got your back @ninaturner. ✊👊💪🙏) #receipts
2/ Paragraph one: That “Deep State conspiracies” link? The words “Nina” and “Turner” are nowhere to be found in the linked article.…
3/ The link about the uranium one conspiracy? Her actual quote has nothing to do with what the linked article accuses her of (and what Fassler so easily, excitedly, and enthusiastically perpetuates).…
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Over the past few months, several scam accounts have popped up that call themselves #resistance. Some ask for #donations to help impeach Trump. Some sell shirts, phone cases, etc. And there are others that ask for money for various causes. THREAD 1 #scam #donate #con #PSA
I’ve written about some before, I have a collection of threads about them here. 2… #fraud #con #ripoff #cheat
You can verify a charity’s non-profit status before donating. Donations to non-profits are always TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so get a receipt! 3
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💰(1) @realDonaldTrump was being KIND when he called @SenFeinstein #SneakyDianneFeinstein it should’ve been slimy. For 40 yrs everyone’s turned a blind eye while she and hubby rob America blind and that’s no exaggeration. Let’s just start with America, Global will be later ⚖️
(2) If you didn’t know #SneakyDianneFeinstein is married to Richard aka Dick Blum he’s a billionaire however sweet, little, Dianne is a measly millionaire BUT together they just happen to be #slumlords they made a killing during the housing crisis!
(3) #SneakyDianneFeinstein has funny habit of always saying “she has no idea what her husband is doing” or it’s silly anyone could think there’s a conflict of interest. To help cope with all these unpleasant details we’ll use her own financial disclosures #slumlord #seabove
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