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It looks like Sussmann proffered testimony to Durhamin exchange for a guilty plea before this went to trial.
Sussmann’s lawyers want the judge to prohibit Durham’s team from asking Sussmann questions about those issues if he testifies!
Wonder who Sussmann offered to flip on to get a guilty plea?
Hillary? Elias? Joffe?

Can’t imagine why Sussman’s lawyers wouldn’t want Durham asking about those things? (Sarcasm)
If you are not aware, one of the ways the Swamp controls prosecutions is to have Swampy defense lawyers convince their defendant to plead guilty. Then flip on innocent people to sell a narrative & protect the guilty. Sabotaging the real cases.
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@Jeremy_Danner @Eric_Schmitt Toward #ElPaso southwest Eric flew,
but it seems hardly anyone knew
that to Texas he’d flown.
His events overblown,
as a rule, attract supporters few.
#GreitensTreasurer in Texas tanned;
his self-marketing no one can stand.

@EricWoods @rogersforKC @FEC 🇺🇸
@Jeremy_Danner @Eric_Schmitt @EricWoods @rogersforKC @FEC A tax-sponsored trip to #HoltsSummit already caused Schmitt’s polls to plummet. His credo? #DoLittle. At work he would fiddle; each typo incredibly dumb. It alas beggars taxpayers’ belief: he misspelled his own name on a brief. @FEC

@Jeremy_Danner @Eric_Schmitt @EricWoods @rogersforKC @FEC#LetsGo to Florida: #SpringTraining might help me relax; my complaining in the county of Cole had grown out of control. With #75days remaining ’til the primary election day to assured defeat I’m #ontheway.”
@donaldjtrumpjr @tedcruz

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We don't have a transcript yet from the Durham/Sussmann hearing yesterday but we do have a news report from an attendee. Can't verify the accuracy of the quotes until we get the transcript but I noticed a few interesting things.
As I mentioned yesterday, Durham is only asking for 38 of the 1500 documents that are being withheld under attorney client privilege.
The judge asked if they were going to ask for more if he gave them the 38 documents, SCO's Algor answered "not for this trial"!!!
The SCO then told the judge that "Your Honor's decision is important for the investigation" which means these documents & many more will be used for future indictments & trials.
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Another smoking-gun of the biggest scandal in US history.🚨👇🧵

NI was ALWAYS prevalent and strong, but informing you of that would have thwarted mandates and taken billions from Big Pharma. So they lied to us all. 🤬

"... extending previous 6mos durability data." 🙄Fuck you!🖕
The term "evil" doesn't even do this justice... 🤬

B/c a ton of the people who lost their jobs, couldnt be with their sick children or dying relatives, who were slandered by our own President, had BETTER PROTECTION than The Card Carriers all along.

Just like us "antivaxxers" have been saying for a year+!🤬
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New Durham filing...
Not looking good for Sussmann's co-conspirators!

It looks like they have the #receipts... Image
Oh goodie, there is another OIG investigation still ongoing! Image
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Great article found by @supersleuthgrl!

Explains how the extractive industries with the help of the corruption services industries established corrupt regimes in Kazakhstan while politicians & the CIA tried to keep FBI & DOJ at bay.
Like most of the global Swamps, the one in Kazhakstan was started by western extractive industries. Drilling, mining, lumber, & fishing companies bribe repressive politicians for permission to extract natural resources.
When FBI & DOJ went after the corruption, Nazarbayev appealed to Cheney for protection. Leading Giffen's lawyers to admit CIA knew about the corruption & years of 'legal wrangling' over state secrets like corruption.
But Naz knew he could be brought down if CIA didn't fight 4 him
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The #ButNothingsHappening cases are moving from the banks to the Hedge Funds who are rigging markets to profit off short selling & other manipulation schemes.…
Looking at collusion between Hedge Funds & market research firms to coordinate trades to illegally profit off news before it becomes public.
The investigation is being run out of Los Angeles, instead of NY where most of the markets are located...

Does that mean it grew out of other investigations conducted by those offices?
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Indictment unsealed: Iranians charged with 2020 Election interference, including posing as Proud Boys in an effort to dupe Republicans into believing false evidence of election rigging.
Indictment is available here:…
Treasury has sanctioned the people involved, the cybersecurity company they worked for (a front for Iranian intelligence?) and the leadership of that company.
Good thing Biden extended Trump's election interference Executive Order!…
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Durham has found Russian Collusion!

A look at Public Relations Executive-1, almost certainly Charles Dolan Jr. & his Russian friends who he colluded with to interfere in the 2016 election to help Hillary win!

Igor Danchenko was Chris Steele's of @orbis Primary Subsource when working for @HillaryClinton & @TheDemocrats to falsely accuse Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians.
Now we know that this effort was conducted in collusion with the Russians.
Danchenko lied to the FBI about his contacts with PR Executive-1, hereafter Dolan.
Danchenko attempted to conceal that Dolan, a lifelong Democratic Party insider, was his source for much of the Russian dirt against Trump.
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Perkins Coie lawyer billed Clinton Campaign for the project to frame Trump for Russian Collusion!

The plotters have long relied on heavily spun leaks to them in order to set a false narrative before the real story breaks.
The 'journalists' at the @nytimes seem puzzled that it will be politically explosive that one of the DNC & Hillary's lawyers is going to be indicted for lying to the FBI to trick them into investigating Donald Trump's links to Russia.
I guess this is the new Republicans Pounce!
@nytimes Of course Trump & his supporters have accused the DNC, Perkins Coie, Sussman, & the Clinton Campaign of framing Trump for Russian Collusion.
Because that is what happened.
Sussman reportedly lied to the FBI that he was not representing a client while giving the FBI a false report
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I think someone is realizing that they are going to lose it all & end up in prison.

Where they belong!
Of course the Sacklers seem to own Tucker Carlson & FoxNews who liked their advertising revenue...
I'm not sure how they can attempt to withhold more cash as a blackmail effort for immunity. Their former company Purdue Pharma already plead guilty, agreed to an $8B settlement & handed over the #receipts against the Sacklers.
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FirstEnergy has flipped on the Swamp creatures that the firm bribed!

Looks like the #Receipts are going to lead to DeWine.
Wonder if the others lead to Kasich & his band of never Trumpers...
Of course it was pretty easy to see this coming if you understand how they are draining the Swamp...
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As we head towards #TrinitySunday and the inevitable "LOL all these preacherz doing heresiez" theology shaming, as someone [checks bookshelf] who did an entire PhD on topic of heresy and orthodoxy, here's short rundown on how I've seen "heresy" normally used on this website: 1/
"My idealized presentation of my theological understanding contrasted with an unfaithful representation of yours" 2/
"Startled and threatened by a theological topic I had never heard of before that challenges something in me, I find a way to associate yours, even tangentially, with something discredited rather than engage it" 3/
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As I've discussed before, Rudy's lawyers show that the DOJ warrants on Rudy's are meant to gather evidence against his targets & set a precedent that it is admissible evidence when conducing surveillance on the President's lawyer.…
This is Rudy's response to the DOJ filing asking for the court to appoint a Special Master to filter information to protect attorney-client privileged info before investigators & prosecutors see it.
DOJ's filing said there was no pending criminal case against Rudy!
But DOJ & FBI have already had this information for 2 years, so they already know all of this, but it might not be admissible in a prosecution.

So this motion gives the court the chance to rule that the evidence was legally obtained to prosecute Rudy's targets!
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Swiss insurance company busted for helping US taxpayers hid $1.4B in assets from the IRS. Money was assets hidden in Swiss banks that was going to be exposed by banks complying with US tax evasion laws.
They have reached a defered prosecution agreement in exchange with handing over the #receipts for 1600 insurance policies they marketed to help criminals evade taxes.
Policies were to take dirty cash & hold it until the statute of limitations ran out on tax evasion then cash it!
They will pay a $77M penalty & provide the evidence against all of the customers who evaded taxes. The DPA requires them to continue cooperating against the customers they were flipped against!
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IRS & DOJ gets court approval ordering Kraken cryptocurrency exchange to turn over identities of all US taxpayers who moved more than $20k in cryptocurrency during the years 2016-2020!…
IRS & DOJ will then have the #receipts to datamine & determine who the individuals were who laundered money, evaded taxes, paid for Swampy services, & other forms of corruption!
No allegation of wrongdoing against Kraken, but most cryptoexchanges are not in complaince with anti-money laundering regulations & laws.
But the taxpayers are in violation of a 2014 announcement by IRS that cryptocurrency is property for tax purposes & must be reported to IRS.
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In November, the @nytimes published an article about efforts in Asia to fight back COVID. They mentioned specifically 3 countries (Hong Kong, Korea and Japan) and outlined long histories of policy implementation by health officials in these nations trying to combat infections
In the article, an epidemiologist from Hong Kong university is interviewed, an infectious disease specialist at Korea university in seoul is quoted, and there is a direct statement from the president of the Japan medical association. (this is important)
The strategies of local officials and leaders are outlined and nuance is applied to the successes and failures that officials in #hongkong #southkorea and #japan face in fighting back this deadly disease.
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This is a step that I have pointed out as coming next!

Next is NOW!

VW admitted to fraud under former execs & paid huge fines. Now VW is demanding that former board members pay them back for the losses!
Screenshots from a translated version of the article!
Former CEO who resigned in 2015 over the scandal has recieved a demand to pay over one billion Euro to compensate VW for his misconduct!
4 other former execs are also in the crosshairs for smaller amounts. But VW is expecting insurance companies who provided executive liability insurance to pay up a 1/2 of that billion Euro. Which obviously will be a huge hit to the insurance companies.
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Nothing but a billionaire global Swamp creature flipping on the politicians he was illegally funding in 2019 & DOJ using his cooperation in secret until today!
Take a wild guess who this Swamp creature has been testifying about since he flipped in 2019! #ButNothingsHappening…
According to DOJ, he has been providing unique & extremely important cooperation during the 18 months since he confessed his guilt & handed over the #Receipts Image
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I missed this one!

Zurich's oldest private bank flips on it's customers, pay a $22M fine & confess to helping them evade $16M in US taxes. Agrees to hand over the #receipts & help the US prosecute these American oligarchs.

Rahn & Bodmer admitted to helping 340 US taxpayers evade taxes from 2004-2012 by concealing their identities from US authorities. They had a peak of $391M stashed in the bank to hide it from the IRS. Image
Looks like they got caught moving assets to shell companies in Panama after assets in Liechtenstein shell companies became exposed to US authority in 2008.

I bet the #PanamaPapers gave them the keys to understanding these shell companies & enabled authorities to track it. Image
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Henning Schwarzkopf, head of international law firm pleads guilty to #MoneyLaundering that was an FBI sting against pump & dump stock market manipulation!
With a guilty plea, it is likely that he is cooperating.
One of his specialties? Asian super yachts...
His guilty plea exposes him to a 20 year sentence & $250k in fines. I suspect he has a lot of assets & receipts to provide too!
His guilty plea likely breaks attorney client privilege to his super rich global clientele he enabled crimes for!
I can't wait to find out what lead the FBI to introduce their undercover agent to Henning Schwarzkopf!
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The spouse of the governor of Malaysia’s central bank is now under investigation for his role in the $4.5B heist from #1MDB! #ButNothingsHappening
Looks like he transferred funds from #1MDB to off shore accounts in Singapore...

Now they are looking for the #receipts!
Seems the central bank was warned about the #MoneyLaundering in 2015 & 2016 but they didn’t do anything about it.
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14 Feb 2021

@TedMcIntyre100 @MassClimate discussion with Alice Arena President of @FRRACS_MA with an update on #NoWeymouthCompressor. We urge u to go to the Climate Minute Podcast for uninterrupted listening. #mapoli 1/
.@TedMcIntyre100 @MassClimate @FRRACS_MA Alice Arena discussing #NoWeymouthCompressor on The climate Minute Podcast
#ElfonSite #mapoli #receipts 2/
.@TedMcIntyre100 @MassClimate with Alice Arena of @FRRACS_MA updating info on #NoWeymouthCompressor . Listen uninterrupted on The Climate Minute Podcast.

#ElfonSite #mapoli #receipts 3/
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