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Another promoted tweet from Dr Eli David of Deep Instinct, Tel Aviv , about the Era of Synthetic Reality

Why would we want that?
The company’s CEO, Guy Caspi, came with 15 years of experience in implementing mathematics and deep learning in the IDF

He has served as president of the product division of the Comverse Technology/Verint Systems and at Tamares Telecom… Image
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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: To save the news, shatter ad-tech; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
I'm at @HTLGIFestival in #HayOnWye:

28/5 1130h: The AI Enigma…

29/5 12h: Danger and Desire at the Frontier…

Next, #Oxford!

29/5: @blackwelloxford's 1930h w/@TimHarford:…

2/ Image
To save the news, shatter ad-tech: Structural separation will help the news claim their fair share.

3/ Image: EFF https://www.eff....
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Just in case you don't know, Iranian-born multi-millionaire Tory donor, Javad Marandi - one of London’s most successful tycoons who has a home on Belgravia’s Eaton Square - is linked to a major money laundering operation.
In the 1990s, he worked as a business development manager for The Coca-Cola Company in Central Asia, & the area manager for emerging markets at Big Tobacco's Philip Morris International, before starting his own businesses in tobacco distribution, advertising & telecommunications.
In 2018, following revelations in the #PanamaPapers, it was reported that the Azerbaijan leader's daughters tried to buy £60m London home with offshore funds, which would have carried ‘significant risk of money laundering’.…
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#SpiceJet which has been suffering serious cash flow issues since 2016, has always miraculously managed to find emergency cash each time.

UK based entity comes to the rescue - but who is this UK based group?
#SpiceJet bailout is by a shady UK based group that @EconomicTimes doesn't want to name!

But we can - #PanamaPapers tainted serial fraudster #SaileshLachuHiranandani!

While he has been informally passing on Hawala money for a long time, this would be first legal investment! Image
A convicted fraud in various countries across the world, #SaileshLachuHiranandani is currently resident in London from where he runs his Empire of Fraud!

He is close to the ruling party in India and perhaps that is what bought him in touch with #AjaySingh of #SpiceJet! Image
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Under proposed UK Government reforms to the Official Secrets Act, UK journalists could be jailed for up to 14 years for publishing stories that 'embarrass' the UK Government - that would be pretty much every honest news story about the UK Government then. 🇬🇧
#WorldPressFreedomDay Image
The Times, 1st March, 2023: Image
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Christopher Harborne, AKA Chakrit Sakunkrita, is a British businessman a technology investor based in Thailand who has "given" £13.7 MILLION to Nigel Farage & Richard Tice's Reform Party, who has a £150 MILLION stake in the Ministry of Defence research spin-off QinetiQ. Image
Harborne’s name came up several times in the #PanamaPapers back in 2018, for acting as an intermediary for large firms - just like he’s now accused of doing with Tether, an asset-backed cryptocurrency stablecoin.

Harborne gave £1M to the Office of Boris Johnson Ltd, a company controlled by Boris Johnson (the biggest donation to an individual MP in UK history) & is now the largest single shareholder in UK defence company QinetiQ, that secured an £80M Govt contract.…
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French mathematician Blaise Pascal wrote the following in a letter back in 1657:

"Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte."

"I only made this letter longer because I had not the leisure to make it shorter."

This is a MEGA thread for those interested in the full story.

Call this a table of contents, if you may. The things I will be talking about.

1.The Who's who?
2.The Panama Papers
3.The "Revelations"
4. The Supreme Court proceedings
5.The JIT Report
6.The Aftermath
Feel free to correct me or add more details wherever necessary.

Most of this is from basic research I had conducted back in April 2016. Much has changed since then, but unfortunately we haven't progressed as much. We have to start from somewhere, so why not the recent past.
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2012: Crow family granted passports through a cash-for-citizenship scheme.
🚩 Documents provided to the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation suggest Crow and his brother Trammell S. paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the passports. 🎩 @RNDog12 Image
"The documents were leaked from Henley and Partners, a London-based firm known for assisting the ultra-wealthy in obtaining “golden passports,” which allow the holders to shield assets from their home country’s tax authorities." Image
Even when tens of thousands of St. Kitts and Nevis business documents appeared in the “#ParadisePapers” leak, company ownership was still hidden because the jurisdiction keeps so little information filed. Image
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Justice Ginger Holdings: "The Post said that, since 2006 when the real estate firm shut down, Thomas, whose annual salary is $285,000, has reported receiving between $270,000 and $750,000 from it." #HarlanCrow #Paoletta Mom Leola's home 🚩 #GHWB
SUITE 800, 1125 SOUTH 103RD STREET, OMAHA, Nebraska, 68124
Directors / Officers
Registry Page
Nebraska (US)
@MountainsStars @nofashosint
h/t @TeresaCCarter2… Image
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Happy #PanamaPapers anniversary! Often we take these moments to tell you how the investigation led to laws changed, bad folks arrested, money recovered, etc. But this year, we took a different measure of impact… 🧵 1/14
On a personal note (@hamishbr here at the controls), I remember being caught by surprise in the days after the #PanamaPapers by the protests and the resignations... But what really surprises me *now* are the ways the investigation has infiltrated everyday life and culture. 2/14
So today’s story from @michaelwhudson really struck a chord. A couple of young musicians told him that, as highschoolers, the investigation opened their eyes to “how the world works” — so much so that, years later, they named their band Panama Papers.… 3/14
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At least five musical groups around the world that have named themselves after the #PanamaPapers. And musicians in multiple countries + languages have recorded at least 38 songs titled “Panama Papers” or some variation, such as “Panama Papers Blues.”… 1/
These #PanamaPapers songs come from many genres, including punk, funk, metal, techno, ambient, lounge, dubstep, indie rock and free-form jazz. Some are instrumentals. Others feature lyrics that directly address injustice and inequality and their enablers in the offshore world. 2/
3/ For example, Australian metal band Vanquished Kingdom released a song called “Panama Papers” in 2018 that includes these in-your-face lyrics:

White washed tombs, corrupted hearts
the Almighty Dollar’s shills,
it’s all legal, never mind
who it robs or kills
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Seven years ago, I called #LeonardCohen's *Everybody Knows* "the perfect anthem for our times."

> Everybody knows the fight was fixed
> The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
> That’s how it goes
> Everybody knows… 1/ A smoke-filled room lit by ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
That was just after Cohen died, and while the world seems to want to settle on *Hallelujah* as his totemic song, *Everybody Knows* keeps inserting itself into the discourse, in the most toxic, hope-draining way possible. 3/
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Interesting 2017 article about Tedros by fellow Ethiopian Endalkachew Chala

" For Opponents, WHO Director General Nominee Tedros Adhanom Represents Ethiopia's Repressive Government"…
"Tedros, is considered as a prime contender in the race. His candidacy was endorsed by the African Union, and just last week he picked up an endorsement of Andrew Mitchell, the UK’s former international development secretary

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Swiss prosecutors charge 4 Russian bankers with laundering millions in assets belonging to Vladimir Putin.
The Swiss branch of Russia's Gazprombank has been winding up operations due to sanctions.… Image
Bank officials classified Putin pal & his daughter's Godfather as a non politically connected customer to avoid due diligence like asking where the money was coming from. Image
The banks knew who he was but pretended he was just a conductor at a theater.
Who needed to move more than $10M per year through Swiss banks.

Not suspicious at all... Image
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🇩🇪 De Duitse groene #WEF minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Annalena Baerbock 'verklaart Rusland de oorlog'. 😂😂…

De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
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#Entérate | Esta semana, EMEEQUIS publicó varios reportajes a partir de los #GuacamayaLeaksMX sobre espionaje, investigaciones secretas, la remoción de un teniente por opinar mal de AMLO, y más.

¿Ya los leíste todos?, aquí te presentamos el recuento :📝…
2⃣9⃣ de septiembre:
Tras el hackeo #GuacamayaLeaksMX, @Sandra_Romandia , directora editorial de EMEEQUIS, dio a conocer en su columna #CuálEsLaHistoria que la ASF alertó hace años a la Sedena de deficiencias graves en la ciberseguridad.
2⃣ de octubre:
📍 La reportera @GloriaPE_ publicó en EMEEQUIS una investigación a partir de reportes confidenciales sobre un militar que fue seguido por la Sedena, debido a su participación en el grupo opositor FRENA.
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Now you see it … now you don’t. The mystery of ancient statues edited from the pages of Architectural Digest sparked a deep dive by @ICIJorg w/@PeterWhoriskey @maliapolitzer into the opaque art trade & surfaced big questions about who should own a nation's cultural heritage.🧵
Our latest was sparked when @ICIJorg reporting fellow @NicoleSadek noticed Khmer statues in a photo of a mansion's courtyard on an architect's website ... and compared it to the version in a 2021 magazine spread, where the statues were missing.…
Architectural Digest said it did not show the relics because of “unresolved publication rights around select artworks.”

The Cambodian government says the statues appear to match several that were looted from temples and sold into the black market. It wants them back.
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We dug into Cambodia's lost heritage and one of the world’s most elite & secretive trades — the antiquities market — with @washingtonpost & @FinUncovered.

Our latest search on the fate of allegedly looted relics led us to the pages of a luxury magazine. 🧵
A 2021 @ArchDigest spread on a San Francisco mansion featured a photo of a lavish courtyard with several empty pedestals off to one side.

But our reporters discovered another version of the image showing ancient Khmer sculptures resting there.
It’s unclear who modified the photo or why, but those sculptures match missing relics that Cambodian officials say were stolen from one of the nation’s most sacred sites years ago — offering clues in a global effort to repatriate 1000s of lost artifacts. Cambodian Minister of Cultu...
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Here's why Charter cities are not alarmist remoaner rants
Shanker Singham's World Operating System looks at laws as services companies demand
Titus Gebel wants to 'remove politics' he has invited billionaires to invest in CCs
British Govt sold your sovereignty
UK out of EU laws
Private companies can operate jurisdictions under their corporate needs beyond the host countrys laws, a city within a city. A Network of Liberty=Billionaire investors, politicians, economists, think tanks and global business interests.
UK has clean slate
Brexit=Libertarian Exit
Freeports, free zones, free schools, free laws, free cities.
'Free' is for the investor classes (foreign and domestic) to transform the UK into a corporate governed rogue state
These are the stepping stones Sunak is laying while the UK MSM is asleep at the wheel. #Brexit
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While this is true, the reasons for the peace and security problems in Africa are IMO a classic wicked problem. Investment alone is not enough. The new U.S. Sahel Strategy identifies that Africa’s security issues are tied to Governance weaknesses - which seems correct.
Thing is though these “Governance Issues” are in large part caused by the manner in which the west has engaged with Africa. Specifically facilitating the theft of the foreign exchange earnings from minimal resource exploitation including hydrocarbons.

This appears to be SOP.
The only way I can conceive of addressing this involves solutions which address the banking intermediaries, and the flawed banking laws, regulations and oversight with make this possible.
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Setelah enam tahun #PanamaPapers, sang pembocor data skandal perusahaan cangkang di negara suaka pajak kini bersuara.

Apa yang disuarakan oleh sang pembocor?

Simak edisi terbaru #KoranTempo, klik
🗣️ Jhon Doe: Penting upaya lebih untuk menekan kerahasiaan keuangan, yang kini berkelindan dengan fasisme dan otoritarianisme global.
#KoranTempo #PanamaPapers…
Kasus penghindaran pajak berlabel "Panama Papers" sempat mengemuka ke publik pada awal April 2016.

Kala itu, dunia dihebohkan oleh bocoran dokumen mengenai sekitar 200 ribu perusahaan cangkang yang dimiliki para elite. #KoranTempo #PanamaPapers
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Ein 🧵 Meine politische „Karriere“ war eng mit den #PanamaPapers verknüpft. Ich machte noch vor der Veröffentlichung der Panama Papers einen verdeckten Anruf bei der Kanzlei Mossack Fonseca und gab mich als Millionär aus. Später war ich stellv Vorsitzender…
des Panama Papers Untersuchungsausschuss des Europäischen Parlaments. Über diese Arbeit stieß ich schließlich 2017 auch auf Wirecard!
Ich teile die Empörung von John Doe über den mangelnden Kampf gegen Geldwäsche und habe mich über viele Jahre für Maßnahmen gegen schmutziges Geld von Oligarchen engagiert!…
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NEW: The whistleblower behind the #PanamaPapers is speaking out for the first time since 2016.

In an interview with @derspiegel’s @f_obermaier and @b_obermayer, John Doe says offshore secrecy is enabling Vladimir Putin’s war machine.…
2) This interview is the first time the whistleblower has spoken publicly since shortly after the publication of the Panama Papers, a massive collaborative investigation led by @ICIJorg.

Here are our stories from the award-winning project:…
3) In this new interview, the whistleblower discusses the rise of authoritarianism, the ongoing threat of corporate crime, and what other whistleblowers can do to protect themselves.

Below are a few highlights from the Q&A 👇
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#EXCLUSIVO Todo lo que siempre sospechaste sobre los casinos y tragamonedas en Perú.

Dueños de juegos de azar y sus empresas realizaron operaciones sospechosas por USD 479 millones en las últimas dos décadas.

#CasinosEnPeru, investigación de @ConnectasOrg y #LaEncerrona.🧵 Ilustración donde figuran dos naipes, en uno de ellos se ve
Contexto: Por primera vez en su historia, la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera (UIF) ha estudiado el nivel de riesgo en casinos y tragamonedas. ¿El principal hallazgo?

El 35% de los juegos de azar en el Perú presentan un riesgo entre MEDIO y MUY ALTO de lavado de dinero. Gráfico que muestra el detalle, por años, del monto asocia
Así que gracias a @ConnectasOrg y #ŁaEncerrona, y en base a los hallazgos de la UIF, me puse a investigar durante tres meses al negocio de los casinos y tragamonedas en el Perú.

Estos son los principales hallazgos👇 Ilustración que muestra una máquina tragamonedas, rodeada
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