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#Entérate | Esta semana, EMEEQUIS publicó varios reportajes a partir de los #GuacamayaLeaksMX sobre espionaje, investigaciones secretas, la remoción de un teniente por opinar mal de AMLO, y más.

¿Ya los leíste todos?, aquí te presentamos el recuento :📝…
2⃣9⃣ de septiembre:
Tras el hackeo #GuacamayaLeaksMX, @Sandra_Romandia , directora editorial de EMEEQUIS, dio a conocer en su columna #CuálEsLaHistoria que la ASF alertó hace años a la Sedena de deficiencias graves en la ciberseguridad.
2⃣ de octubre:
📍 La reportera @GloriaPE_ publicó en EMEEQUIS una investigación a partir de reportes confidenciales sobre un militar que fue seguido por la Sedena, debido a su participación en el grupo opositor FRENA.
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Now you see it … now you don’t. The mystery of ancient statues edited from the pages of Architectural Digest sparked a deep dive by @ICIJorg w/@PeterWhoriskey @maliapolitzer into the opaque art trade & surfaced big questions about who should own a nation's cultural heritage.🧵
Our latest was sparked when @ICIJorg reporting fellow @NicoleSadek noticed Khmer statues in a photo of a mansion's courtyard on an architect's website ... and compared it to the version in a 2021 magazine spread, where the statues were missing.…
Architectural Digest said it did not show the relics because of “unresolved publication rights around select artworks.”

The Cambodian government says the statues appear to match several that were looted from temples and sold into the black market. It wants them back.
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We dug into Cambodia's lost heritage and one of the world’s most elite & secretive trades — the antiquities market — with @washingtonpost & @FinUncovered.

Our latest search on the fate of allegedly looted relics led us to the pages of a luxury magazine. 🧵
A 2021 @ArchDigest spread on a San Francisco mansion featured a photo of a lavish courtyard with several empty pedestals off to one side.

But our reporters discovered another version of the image showing ancient Khmer sculptures resting there.
It’s unclear who modified the photo or why, but those sculptures match missing relics that Cambodian officials say were stolen from one of the nation’s most sacred sites years ago — offering clues in a global effort to repatriate 1000s of lost artifacts. Cambodian Minister of Cultu...
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Here's why Charter cities are not alarmist remoaner rants
Shanker Singham's World Operating System looks at laws as services companies demand
Titus Gebel wants to 'remove politics' he has invited billionaires to invest in CCs
British Govt sold your sovereignty
UK out of EU laws
Private companies can operate jurisdictions under their corporate needs beyond the host countrys laws, a city within a city. A Network of Liberty=Billionaire investors, politicians, economists, think tanks and global business interests.
UK has clean slate
Brexit=Libertarian Exit
The City of London has been offshoring wealth to British territories since the 60s. It's a sophisticated form of cheating for the mega rich to avoid paying tax. #PanamaPapers see @bakerstherald website for extensive info on corporate global takeover/coup (link in bio) #Brexit
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While this is true, the reasons for the peace and security problems in Africa are IMO a classic wicked problem. Investment alone is not enough. The new U.S. Sahel Strategy identifies that Africa’s security issues are tied to Governance weaknesses - which seems correct.
Thing is though these “Governance Issues” are in large part caused by the manner in which the west has engaged with Africa. Specifically facilitating the theft of the foreign exchange earnings from minimal resource exploitation including hydrocarbons.

This appears to be SOP.
The only way I can conceive of addressing this involves solutions which address the banking intermediaries, and the flawed banking laws, regulations and oversight with make this possible.
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Setelah enam tahun #PanamaPapers, sang pembocor data skandal perusahaan cangkang di negara suaka pajak kini bersuara.

Apa yang disuarakan oleh sang pembocor?

Simak edisi terbaru #KoranTempo, klik
🗣️ Jhon Doe: Penting upaya lebih untuk menekan kerahasiaan keuangan, yang kini berkelindan dengan fasisme dan otoritarianisme global.
#KoranTempo #PanamaPapers…
Kasus penghindaran pajak berlabel "Panama Papers" sempat mengemuka ke publik pada awal April 2016.

Kala itu, dunia dihebohkan oleh bocoran dokumen mengenai sekitar 200 ribu perusahaan cangkang yang dimiliki para elite. #KoranTempo #PanamaPapers
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Ein 🧵 Meine politische „Karriere“ war eng mit den #PanamaPapers verknüpft. Ich machte noch vor der Veröffentlichung der Panama Papers einen verdeckten Anruf bei der Kanzlei Mossack Fonseca und gab mich als Millionär aus. Später war ich stellv Vorsitzender…
des Panama Papers Untersuchungsausschuss des Europäischen Parlaments. Über diese Arbeit stieß ich schließlich 2017 auch auf Wirecard!
Ich teile die Empörung von John Doe über den mangelnden Kampf gegen Geldwäsche und habe mich über viele Jahre für Maßnahmen gegen schmutziges Geld von Oligarchen engagiert!…
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NEW: The whistleblower behind the #PanamaPapers is speaking out for the first time since 2016.

In an interview with @derspiegel’s @f_obermaier and @b_obermayer, John Doe says offshore secrecy is enabling Vladimir Putin’s war machine.…
2) This interview is the first time the whistleblower has spoken publicly since shortly after the publication of the Panama Papers, a massive collaborative investigation led by @ICIJorg.

Here are our stories from the award-winning project:…
3) In this new interview, the whistleblower discusses the rise of authoritarianism, the ongoing threat of corporate crime, and what other whistleblowers can do to protect themselves.

Below are a few highlights from the Q&A 👇
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#EXCLUSIVO Todo lo que siempre sospechaste sobre los casinos y tragamonedas en Perú.

Dueños de juegos de azar y sus empresas realizaron operaciones sospechosas por USD 479 millones en las últimas dos décadas.

#CasinosEnPeru, investigación de @ConnectasOrg y #LaEncerrona.🧵 Ilustración donde figuran dos naipes, en uno de ellos se ve
Contexto: Por primera vez en su historia, la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera (UIF) ha estudiado el nivel de riesgo en casinos y tragamonedas. ¿El principal hallazgo?

El 35% de los juegos de azar en el Perú presentan un riesgo entre MEDIO y MUY ALTO de lavado de dinero. Gráfico que muestra el detalle, por años, del monto asocia
Así que gracias a @ConnectasOrg y #ŁaEncerrona, y en base a los hallazgos de la UIF, me puse a investigar durante tres meses al negocio de los casinos y tragamonedas en el Perú.

Estos son los principales hallazgos👇 Ilustración que muestra una máquina tragamonedas, rodeada
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1/ Today, ICIJ unveils a bold new brand, mission and vision to expand our global reporting collaborations and renew our commitment to telling stories that show how the world really works — triggering positive change in tumultuous times. 🧵
2/ With democracy & press freedom under attack globally, authoritarianism & inequality on the rise, and corporations increasingly operating beyond the realms of accountability, wealth & influence have accumulated in the hands of a powerful elite – secretly hoarded out of reach.
3/ ICIJ has directed the largest cross-border reporting initiatives in history, convincing reporters across the globe to set aside traditional rivalries to uncover corruption, abuses of power and grave harms inflicted on the world's most vulnerable people.
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🧵/ Days ago, the U.S. blocked the Madame Gu yacht and other holdings linked to sanctioned Russian billionaire Andrei Skoch.

#ParadisePapers reveals the network of middlemen he used to acquire the yacht and other luxury assets worth hundreds of millions.
The U.S. aims to degrade the key networks used by Putin’s allies to anonymously hide and move money via luxury assets around the world, and targets prominent individuals as well as yacht brokerages, defense industry entities and other service companies.
The "richest man in the Duma" deployed tactics similar to other oligarchs by using an elite firm, a web of shell companies and a trusted proxy — in this case, his romantic partner — to finance the acquisition of two yachts and a villa, leaked records show. A leaked memo states that Elena Likhach has children with buA leaked memo states that Elena Likhach has children with bu
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HSBC just announced it wants to literally render the planet Earth unfit for human habitation. Let's talk about its other crimes. Remember the #LIBOR scandal? HSBC was neck-deep in it, costing the world's public coffers *trillions* through fraud?… 1/ "A spoof of one of HSBC's three-panel airport ads. The
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
HSBC used laundered money from the world's most corrupt people to cash in on LIBOR rigging. Remember #SwissLeaks? They paid €300m to settle French money-laundering claims and escaped real consequences in the other countries implicated in the leak:… 3/
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1 La #banque du prêt #russe de #MarineLePen
La "First Czech-Russian Bank (#FCRB)" en septembre 2015 l'ingérence de l'État #russe dans le système politique #Francais , via l'aval de #poutine octroie un prêt de 9,4 millions d'euros au #Frontnational #lepengate 🧵 Image
2 La #banque du prêt #russe de #MarineLePen
La banque Russe First Czech Russian Bank (FCRB)
est un système de #blanchiment d'#argent identifié par l'Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (
@OCCRP) #Lepengate Image
3 La #banque #russe du prêt de #MarineLePen
est une banque de #blanchiment et activités illicites :
- Soutien financier à l'Iran
- Blanchiment d'argent par des élites russes corrompues
- Soutien à des figures du crime organisé sanctionnées
- Prêt de 9,4 millions a #lepengate
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@fordnation #DougFord=🇷🇺
@celliottability undeniably the worse health care minister in the modern history of Canada
@Sflecce has categorically failed kids, their parents, & teachers
The four horsemen of the #CONpocalypse
@HarjitSajjan × @AnitaAnandMP @melaniejoly @epdevilla
Please assess what/whom can be spared to assist provincially
XE variant:…
Data surpression 01/15/2022…
Via Bloomberg Shanghai had 20472 cases yesterday
I suspect this too have been done intentionally by the #DougFord regime. Allegations of this nature do not come lightly. The brevity is that, he allowed things to get soooo bad... so we would have to call in the @CanadianForces @CFOperations
But why? Risk illness on te troops🤬
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Um... say what now?
So this will be... oh boy.

Let's get some extra corroborating reports on this change in battlespace.
Notice the way Kevin stated this.

I appreciate his consideration of the source.
If the source is Russia, I'll wait.

Russia has some serious surface-to-air capabilities. So helicopters flying undetected would be a catastrophic failure of Russian military defense.
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Why haven’t sanctions against Russian oligarchs worked in the past? And what’s different now?

@nytimes’ The Daily podcast tackled the question, citing a case ICIJ is very familiar with: Putin’s judo buddy, Arkady Rotenberg. #PanamaPapers #ParadisePaper
The Rotenbergs are among many Russian powerbrokers who ICIJ investigations have shown use the offshore system to hide their money and anonymously spend their billions around the world, effectively skirting the intended impact of sanctions. #RussiaArchive
For example, when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 and Arkady Rotenberg — a billionaire oligarch and childhood friend of Vladimir Putin, was sanctioned — he and his brother transferred substantial assets to their sons, #FinCENFiles show. (HT @BuzzFeedNews!)
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NEW: OCCRP and the @guardian uncover how the Russian-Uzbek oligarch Alisher Usmanov places his assets beyond the reach of sanctions through secretive offshore jurisdictions, trusts, and Swiss bank accounts. #RussianAssetTracker 1/…
Pulling from leaked data sets including #SuisseSecrets, #PanamaPapers, and #FinCenFiles, reporters pieced together a partial picture of how Usmanov has obscured his holdings —including by making his sister, a Tashkent gynecologist, one of the major beneficiaries. 2/
Saodat Narzieva is listed as the beneficial owner of 27 accounts at Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse.

One of these accounts held a max balance of over $2.1 billion. Others held max balances in the hundreds of millions. 3/
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Eine #Taskforce sollte die Probleme bei der Durchsetzung der #Sanktionen lösen. Kanzleramt und Bundesregierung bekamen dafür vor 10Tagen viel gute Presse. Viel passiert ist seither aber offenbar nicht. Ein Thread mit ein paar neuen Infos: 1/x #Oligarchen #Putin #Russland #Ukraine
Nachdem Medien über Probleme bei der Umsetzung der Sanktionen gerade gegen sogenannte #Oligarchen berichtet hatten (u.a.… und… und…), kündigte die Bundesregierung vor 10Tagen an, eine #Taskforce einzurichten.2/x
Dabei wurde gezielt der Eindruck erweckt, der @Bundeskanzler mache Thema zur Chefsache. Auf „direkte Bitte des Bundeskanzlers“ sollte Kanzleramt und Staatssekretär @joergkukies eine „übergeordnete koordinierende Rolle“ einnehmen. 3/x…
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🧵 Russian oligarchs now being widely targeted with sanctions have featured prominently across several ICIJ investigations.

Here's some of the offshore dealings we’ve previously uncovered about political elites close to Vladimir Putin. #RussiaArchive👇
🔴 Alisher Usmanov

#ParadisePapers showed that a firm connected to the Uzbek-Russian billionaire provided a link between Russian state money and large early investments in Facebook.

Read more in the #RussiaArchive:
🔴 Gennady Timchenko

#PandoraPapers reporting revealed a series of massive loans between anonymous offshore shell companies and a firm the oil magnate registered in Cyprus.
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Given the Current Circumstances, now is a good time to revisit the special relationship between UK elites - lawyers, estate agents, legislators - and Russian oligarchs, which was brilliantly documented in a Dec 2021 report from @chathamhouse:… 1/ An English five pound note; the Queen's mouth has been erase
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
I wrote about this in early January, drawing a comparison between the manifest compatibility between UK elites - including the royals and their Tory cheerleaders - and Russia's richest criminals and "The Klept" of @greatdismal's *Peripheral* novels:… 3/
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Der Technikkonzern Ericsson soll im Irak Schmiergelder für Aufträge gezahlt haben – und nicht nur dort. Interne Dokumente, die @ICIJorg zugespielt wurden, zeigen zudem: Damit könnten die Schweden auch die Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat unterstützt haben…
Laut #EricssonList fanden interne Ermittler von Ericsson heraus, dass Korruption, Bestechung, Betrug und Veruntreuung, Bilanzfälschung und Geldwäsche gang und gäbe war, wie @KathRinaKut @SZ berichtet…
Die #EricssonList-Recherchen sind nach #PanamaPapers #ChinaCables #PandoraPapers das nächste internationale Projekt von @ICIJorg, In Deutschland waren daran @SZ_Investigativ @KathRinaKut @NDRrecherche @WDRinvestigativ beteiligt
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What has the last decade of tax haven leaks revealed about Russian offshore wealth?

A comprehensive 🧵:
Before we begin, it must be said that Russian elites are not alone in hiding wealth offshore. Offshore wealth is a prevalent, global phenomenon, estimated in the magnitude of 10% of global GDP - per @annette_als @gabriel_zucman and N. Johannesen:…
But Russian offshore wealth does have particular features - in scale and nature.

For one, Russian elites hide significant larger proportions of their wealth offshore than large Western states.… Image
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UPDATE: Oligarchs Boris Rotenberg, Igor Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko have been sanctioned by the U.K., along with five Russian banks, hours after President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into two regions of Ukraine after recognizing their independence.
Oil magnate Gennady Timchenko is one of a number of prominent Russians with close ties to President Vladimir Putin whose offshore financial activities were exposed in the #PandoraPapers investigation last year.
In 2016, the #PanamaPapers revealed offshore firms linked to billionaire brothers Arkady & Boris Rotenberg — childhood friends of Vladimir Putin —which invested in a major pipeline company and helped build an Italian villa for Arkady's son, Igor Rotenberg.
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NEW: The #PandoraPapers uncover more than 1,600 works of art secretly traded through tax havens — exacerbating the opacity of what’s been called the ‘largest, legal unregulated industry.’ 🧵
From Picassos to Warhols to collections worth millions, the #PandoraPapers show how art has become an increasingly popular store of value in the offshore world, where the ultimate ownership of pieces is often hidden from authorities and the public.
The #PandoraPapers also reveal that iconic pieces by street artist Banksy, whose artwork is known for its anti-capitalist message, have been swept up into a parallel financial system that supports and contributes to global inequality.
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