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1/ #TracThePAC Friends of Ron Desantis

on 7 October 2021 the PAC received $543,782 - in just one day. so I decided to try and determine the motivations for so many large donations on the same day.
2/ First I took a look at major stories re: DeSantis on 7 Oct.

Pressure mounts on Florida Republicans as antiabortion activists eye their next battleground state

Fried Releases COVID-19 School Data Blocked by DeSantis…
3/ $7000 + $50000 | Troy Link, President & CEO of Jack Links
- June 2020 he hosted a fundraiser for Trump while the pandemic was raging.
- Sept 2006 he received 2y probation for chasing a herd of mules w/a helicopter
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⚠️🇩🇪 Die Hetzkampagne gegen Reichelt zieht seine Bahnen. Zufall dass ausgerechnet wieder die üblichen Verdächtigen mitwirken, die die #Agenda2030 vollumfänglich und unterwürfig forcieren? Eher nicht.
Die "Investigativjournalistin" Katrin Langhans, die auch bei den #PanamaPapers und den kürzlich veröffentlichten #PandoraPapers mitgewirkt hat, wurde wegen ihrer Berichterstattung über 'Querdenker' mit einem Preis ausgestattet.
Was ein Zufall.
"Wir brauchen mehr Frauenquote"

@Davos Pia und ihre Propaganda.
Dieses Spiel ist so leicht zu durchschauen. 😎

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Catching up on the #PandoraPapers? In the week since our 600+ journalism partners began publishing revelations from history's biggest offshore data leak, we’ve seen fallout all around the world.

Here’s a quick walk-through of key findings. #SundayRead 🧵
First of all, what do we mean by “offshore”?

The #PandoraPapers kick the door open on a secretive financial system that allows the wealthy and well-connected to set up covert companies across borders in tax havens, where the ownership of money and assets can be easily hidden.
🌴 In popular imagination, the offshore system is often seen as a far-flung cluster of palm-shaded islands.

The #PandoraPapers show that the offshore money machine operates in every corner of the planet, including the world’s largest democracies.
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The #PandoraPapers make it clear that tax evasion is a systemic issue, which means govts need to act. Here are 5 things we should demand from the Canadian govt. THREAD 🧵
👉 Increase funding for the CRA to investigate international tax schemes.
Since the #PanamaPapers were revealed 5 yrs ago, the CRA hasn't charged a single person. It needs more resources & we need to ensure that @JustinTrudeau increases funding by $2.5bn over 4 yrs as promised.
👉 Introduce a public registry of beneficial ownership, promised in the last budget.
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.@ICIJorg's #pandorapapers investigation is the largest ever involving African reporters. This is the core of what @ICIJorg does - no other organization gets close to our commitment to global partnerships.

53 African reporters worked on #pandorapapers. Let me share a few stories
1/ In Cameroon, @josianekouagheu and @LeMonde_Afrique revealed how the wife of a mining minister received shares in an Australian mining company.…
2/ In South Africa, @amaBhungane explored what #pandorapapers reveal about Zimbabwean tycoon Billy Rautenbach and his family.…
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L’hebdomadaire voulu par le milliardaire Daniel Kretinsky prend forme (groupe CMI)... Vendu environ 2 euros, il paraîtra le mercredi à partir du mois de vasy que jte fais une gagnotte kisskisstrucbank 😂 #milliardaire #gagnotte #echarperouge #kamoulox
Vous parlerez de votre patron cité ds les #PanamaPapers et qui a 2 holdings au Luxembourg ?? 😂 (EP Investment et EP Investment II➡️ 2,3 milliards d'euros bien au chaud à l'abri... ) ImageImage
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La cúpula de Atlas Network Latinoamérica en los #PandoraPapers:
Roberto Salinas- Director
Vargas Llosa- FIL
Legionarios de Cristo- IADG formación de líderes de Aznar
Durán Barba- asesor de Lasso y Macri
Presidentes: Lasso, Piñera, Abinader y muchos más…
Empecemos por Roberto Salinas, director de Atlas Network en América Latina, es representante del Grupo Salinas que dirige grandes empresas, medios como Azteca TV y la fundación "Caminos de la libertad" de Atlas. Involucrado en 27 off shores en Pandora…
En este acto de Atlas Network vemos ensimismados a Bongiovanni y Macri en el momento que se hizo público el envío de armas de Macri al gobierno golpista boliviano, las loas a Menem (hija implicada en PandoraPapers) y a Roberto Salinas anunciando una beca a periodistas jóvenes
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Halo Pembaca,

Dua pejabat dan sejumlah pengusaha Indonesia namanya terungkap dalam laporan Pandora Papers.

Lantas, apa itu #PandoraPapers?

Dokumen #PandoraPapers berisi bocoran data finansial dari 14 agen perusahaan cangkang di negara suaka pajak. Laporan investigasi global ini dikoordinasikan Konsorsium @ICIJorg. #TempoThread
Konsorsium @ICIJorg memperoleh bocoran data berukuran hampir 3 terabita dari sumber anonim. Bersama 600-an jurnalis dari 150 media di 117 negara, Tempo menjadi satu-satunya media di Indonesia yang terlibat dalam proyek kolaborasi #PandoraPapers. #TempoThread
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🚨 Here's a sobering fact about corruption in SL - One or more Sri Lankans have featured in almost every one of the major leaks associated with offshore tax havens from #PanamaPapers to #SwissLeaks and now #PandoraPapers. Go figure. 1/
Add to the fact that these leaks cover only a fraction of this massive industry and it begs the question - is corruption systemic or has it in fact become "endemic", or native to our system of political power and governance? 2/
This is why at the last general election my criteria was very simple - My ❌ for your Asset Declaration - and in my district of Colombo there was alas, only one solitary candidate. This needs to change. 3/
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🧵¿Qué son los #PandoraPapers? ¿Qué tienen en común y qué diferencia a Narcotraficantes, Presidentes, Primeros Ministros, Rockstars, Iglesia y CEOs de corporaciones más grandes del mundo?

El Consorcio Internacional de Periodistas de Investigación (@ICIJorg) publicó 👇
un documento donde se resumen más de 2.9 terabytes de datos recolectados en más de un año, con la ayuda de 600 periodistas de más de 100 países en el 🌎. En total, casi 12 millones de documentos, entre esos 4m de PDFs, 3m de imágenes y 1.2m de emails, revelan información sobre 👇
transacciones realizadas por parte de MUCHAS personas en paraísos fiscales, para esconder activos o comprar bienes inmuebles.

La información revela transacciones realizadas desde los años 70s y 80s, pero el 80% de la data corresponde a los últimos 20 años, en más de 10 👇
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Deutsche Spuren in den #PandoraPapers: Die Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG soll eigentlich den Armen in aller Welt helfen. Sie unterstützt aber auch große Banken und verschafft so manchem wohlhabenden Eigentümer zusätzliche Gewinne. Ein Thread.
Die Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG ist eine Tochter der staatseigenen Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) und mit vielen Milliarden Euro ausgestattet, um Entwicklungshilfe in Lateinamerika, Asien oder Afrika zu finanzieren. #PandoraPapers #DEG
Im Namen der deutschen Steuerzahler soll die DEG zum Beispiel kleine und mittelständische Unternehmer in armen Regionen fördern. Sie tummelt sich dafür allerdings auch in Steueroasen in der Karibik. #PandoraPapers
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By now, you've likely heard about the #PandoraPapers - the landmark reporting on financial secrecy havens, corruption, and the hidden wealth brought to you by the @ICIJorg and its 140 media partners worldwide.…

1/ The main image for the ICIJ's Pandora Papers site, a tsunami
This isn't the ICIJ's first rodeo: they're the same consortium that brought us the #PanamaPapers and #ParadisePapers, leaks from the world's tax havens and the elite law and accounting firms that enable the wealthy and powerful to live by different rules from the rest of us.

Each of these leaks have been almost unimaginably large: millions of documents, the otherwise invisible paper-trail left by likewise unimaginably vast fortunes amassed by the 0.1%. The scale and scope of these secrets makes them too big for any one news org to report out.

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In this thread, I'll be collecting resources that can help us understand the just-leaked #PandoraPapers, including on the underlying dynamics and what we might do in response:
1. First, what are the #PandoraPapers anyway?

A massive trope of leaked from offshore service provides from several countries - the Seychelles, Panama, Hong Kong, Belize, BVI, Cyprus, Switzerland and Dubai

The organising @ICIJorg set it out here:…
2. What are the main stories?

More like the #PanamaPapers than the #ParadisePapers, the #PandoraPapers reveal offshore investments and ownership structures of wealthy individuals, high-profile politicians and celebrities.

Key stories here:…
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In 1997, Jacob Rees-Mogg's dad, William Rees-Mogg wrote the 'The Sovereign Individual: The Coming Economic Revolution & How to Survive & Prosper' in which he shared his prophetic views on capitalism & chaos, that have fascinating links to his son’s enthusiasm for Brexit.
The Sovereign Individual opens with a quote from Tom Stoppard’s play Arcadia: “The future is disorder.”

He wasn't wrong.

The book predicted that digital technology would make the world hugely more competitive, unequal & unstable. Societies would splinter. Taxes would be evaded.
Govt would gradually wither away, & welfare states “will simply become unfinanceable”.

In such a harsh world, only the most talented, self-reliant, technologically adept person – “the sovereign individual” – would thrive.

Libertarians across the world embraced this worldview.
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What this does: i) Deprives govts of resources to be spent on health, education and welfare of the poor, ii) In developing and poor economies with fewer jobs and rising inequality, adds to social anxieties
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When @b_obermayer & me @sz received the #panamapapers, we knew one day an even bigger leak would come.

Here it is: @ICIJorg #PandoraPapers.

It shows what we knew all along: #MossackFonseca was not one bad apple. The whole system is rotten.

So let’s talk about it. 1/5
But first: the #pandorapapers originate from 14 offshore providers, all around the world. There are some differences, but all in all it’s more or less the same: Their business is: selling secrecy for the superrich, the criminals & the crooks.

This is their biggest asset. 2/5
Politicians are the ones who promised to change that rotten system. We heard their promises now for years.
But the system is not only still in place - it is harboring an endless list of: politicians.

No surprise. Here’s why… 3/5
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I helped a lot with the #PanamaPapers that’s the tweet. I didn’t draft tweets before as planned
Immensely proud to have worked alongside talented journalists @washingtonpost @ICIJorg on this nearly 12-month project diving into more than 11.9 million documents from 14 offshore financial firms.
The Post collaborated on the Pandora Papers investigation, which involved more than 600 journalists in 117 countries and territories and was the largest ever organized by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. #pandorapapers
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Brexit was for Tax Avoidance

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵 Brexit was for Tax Avoidance List of Evidence
1. In 2012 it was estimated £13 Trillion was in offshore accounts avoiding Tax.

2. Between 2014 and 2016 names of some of those people were leaked in the #PanamaPapers. David Cameron's father was one.

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵2
3. In January 2016 the EU began strict Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws.

4. In February 2016 David Cameron announced the EU Referendum.

5. Matthew Elliott was CEO of Vote Leave. His wife, Sarah Elliott worked for the US Republican Party.

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵3
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🔴EXCLUSIVA | Los #PandoraPapers son la mayor colaboración periodística de la historia. El equipo de @elpais_america está entre los + de 600 periodistas y 150 medios de todo el mundo que participaron

🧵Va HILO con todo sobre la investigación hasta hoy…
🟢¿Qué es una sociedad offshore? ¿Son legales? ¿Qué es un paraíso fiscal? ¿Por qué son relevantes los #PandoraPapers? Esta es una guía para entender las claves de una investigación histórica…
El @ICIJorg dice que los #PandoraPapers son como los #PanamaPapers, pero "en esteroides". ¿Por qué?

Otras filtraciones provienen de una fuente. Acá estamos hablando de 14 despachos legales. Es por mucho la más global y la más latinoamericana hasta ahora
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Séisme mondial.
35 chefs d’État & 130 milliardaires (Tony Blair, DSK, rock-stars etc) épinglés dans les #PandoraPapers pour avoir placé des milliers de milliards de $ à l’abri dans les paradis fiscaux : ils volent l'Etat et font sécession pour satisfaire leurs intérêts privés

Et désormais les #PandoraPapers : en moins de 10 ans, ces affaires illustrent combien le système financier international permet et encourage la criminalité en col blanc, en toute impunité.
En pratiquant l'#EvasionFiscale à grande échelle, chefs d'Etat, milliardaires, stars du showbiz piétinent l'intérêt général : ces milliards d'euros détournés sont autant de crèches, d'écoles, d'hôpitaux qui ne sont pas construits, et de politiques climatiques non menées.
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💸 🇦🇷 «El país deja de recaudar impuestos por U$D 2600 millones anuales por empresas y personas que [...] giran fondos a paraísos fiscales¹ [...]En un trabajo de la Universidad Naciones Unidas, los investigadores A. Cobham y P. Janský calcularon que se eluden y evaden U$D 21400²»
Para comparar esa pérdida de U$D 2600 millones de recaudación ImageImage
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A pocos meses de terminar su mandato, en 2002, el expresidente @AndresPastrana_ creó una empresa para cuidar su patrimonio familiar.

Tres años después, su compañía compró una firma en #Panamá que hoy aparece en los #PandoraPapers.
Abrimos hilo 🧵
La sociedad offshore Vanguard Investment, creada en Panamá a través de OMC Group, ofrece servicios “corporativos, administrativos y fiduciarios”.

Vanguard fue adquirida por Salatina Puyana y Cía., la empresa de Pastrana, en mayo de 2005 con capital de USD $ 10 mil.
Hasta 2016, las regulaciones panameñas permitían esconder el nombre de beneficiarios o dueños reales de las compañías.

Aunque no es delito ser parte de sociedades offshore, algunos aprovecharon el secretismo de estas estructuras para lavar dinero o evadir impuestos.
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1/. #PandoraPapers reveal secret dealings of 330+ politicians & officials - including 35 current & former heads of state & govt

Exposé is based on a leaked dataset of 11.9 million files from all over the world & include disclosures about Tory party donors…
2/. “The tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits" (#TonyBlair 1994)

The #PandoraPapers reveal the Blair’s bought an offshore firm that owned the £6.5m house they were buying so did not have to pay £312,000 in stamp duty @BBCPanorama…
3/. The #PandoraPapers expose offshore accounts of world leaders, billionaires, oligarchs & criminals

It should lead to a crackdown on tax loopholes & money laundering...but we’ve been here before

What was the impact of #PanamaPapers & #ParadisePapers?
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NEW: #PandoraPapers reveals the inner workings of a shadow economy that benefits the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of everyone else.

Brought to you by ICIJ and 600+ journalists, the largest collaboration in journalism history. 🧵
The #PandoraPapers contain 12M documents from 14 service providers.

Our investigation uncovers the financial secrets of 35 current and former world leaders, 330+ politicians and public officials, and a global list of fugitives, con artists and murderers.
The #PandoraPapers unmask the covert owners of offshore companies, incognito bank accounts, private jets, yachts, mansions and famous artwork — providing more information than what’s usually available to law enforcement and cash-strapped governments. World map depicting where the beneficial owners revealed in
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