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1.“I think #Putin pays @RepRohrabacher and #Trump,” @GOPLeader told his colleagues in a leaked private conversation after the laughter: “Swear to God.”…

#MagnitskyAct #Rohrabacher #Trump #Putin #Treason
2.@RepRohrabacher has been friends with #Putin since the early 90’s when he lost a drunken arm-wrestling match with #Putin who was visiting #Washington

#MagnitskyAct #Rohrabacher #Trump #Putin #Treason…
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So how does a population where family protection been made illegal arm themselves? A: Improvise

You see the predators do so already. They use molotov cocktails, sling acid, run down folks with vehicles, gen up pressure cooker bombs, ignite forests, make shivs, & even sling shit.
Small town in Mexico caught a paedo...
- and exercised deterrence
When arms were banned -- martial arts developed.
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Jean-Raymond Boulle, a one-time diamond miner from the island nation of Mauritius whose company was once based in Bill Clinton’s hometown of Hope, Ark.
In the mid 1990s, Boulle was listed as a director of Auk Limited, a British Virgin Islands offshore company, and Gridco Limited, a Bahamas offshore company.
After two meetings with Boulle, Bill Clinton, then-governor of Arkansas, signed legislation allowing his company to engage in exploratory mining in the state. Later, Boulle and his wife attended Clinton’s first #inauguration.
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Voy con hilo explicativo sobre sanciones a bolichicos #Derwick: desde que denuncie (Abril 2016) la conexión de Orlando Alvarado, Francisco Convit, Pedro Trebbau y Alejandro Betancourt con Gazprombank Latin America Ventures en #Petrozamora nadie en Vzla le paró bola. Nadie.
Expuse cómo #Derwick se había coleado en una dizque asociación estratégica entre @PDVSA y @GazpromEN. El vehículo q usaron, y mantuvieron oculto por mucho tiempo, es Gazprombank Latin America Ventures.
Boris Ivanov y Christophe Gerard (por Gazprombank) se asociaron con Orlando Alvarado y Francisco Convit (por #Derwick) en dicha cia de maletín registrada en Holanda (Amsterdam). Oficialmente, @RRamirezVE anunció el acuerdo con Ivanov...
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Anyone seeing a pattern? 🧐


#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp @POTUS #WWGOWGA

1) Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years for Corruption…
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#NiravModi is just tip of the iceberg. It is a well-known fact that diamond trade is used for money-laundering & that this channels are used to finance terror activities around the globe including in India. Just check the #BlackMoney list from #Belgium?…
So now that media is waking upto #NiravModi's #Belgium connections important question that should be asked is who are these diamond merchants & how many of them are in the #BlackMoney list? Dont be amazed if you find barons on the list financing bollywood.
#NiravModi was setup by London auction houses of Christie & Sotheby involved in auctioning of ancient Indian idols & manuscripts stolen by East India Company spies & hoarded in the storeroom warehouses of British Empire's officers. This goes on even now & is a $5B black market.
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The Intercept has obtained DMs from a private Twitter group with @WikiLeaks and its most loyal supporters. It includes:

- A desire for GOP to win the 2016 election
- Trolling
- Anti-semitism
- Rampant misogyny, sexist attacks on feminists
- Transphobia…
One of the members of the group, Hazelpress, archived it to leak to the media after news broke that WikiLeaks was secretly talking to @DonaldJTrumpJr, urging Trump to reject election results as rigged if he lost, asking Trump to get Assange an Australian Ambassadorship
The archive spans May 2015 to Nov 2017, includes over 11k DMs, over 10% written by @WikiLeaks. We've published excerpts.…

We confirmed that the data is authentic by logging into Hazelpress's account (he provided his password) and checking his DMs.
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While everyone was understandably focused on #AwanGate, #OIG, #FISAgate, #UraniumOne, and more, President Trump has unshackled the FBI and is hot on the trail of the Clintons' #ChinaGate scandal from 1996. Let's examine...
A #ChinaGate primer. Summary: pay-to-play bribes funneled from China to Bill Clinton's re-election campaign. Key players: Johnny Chung and Ng Lap Seng. But in the years since, it has morphed into something much larger.…
In 2016, the #PanamaPapers exposed offshore shell games of the world's most notorious financial crooks. "Among them ... Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president."…
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In case you missed it when it was happening, would you like to hear a story about that time @WikiLeaks attacked brave investigative journalists for exposing Vladimir Putin's corruption?

Follow along. 1/x
In 2015 an anonymous source leaked a massive trove of tax haven data to the German newspaper @SZ. This was #PanamaPapers. It was an ABSURD amount of data. So SZ enlisted help from an international network of investigative journalists @ICIJ, who shared it further
In all, reporters working at over 100 media organizations, in 25 languages, collaborated on #PanamaPapers, and reported on dozens of huge scandals around the world. One of these partner organizations is @OCCRP, and does reporting on organized crime
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.@UofDallas researcher Ruth May is an expert in all things corporate in Russia and has worked to make connections in the trail of money flowing from Russian oligarchs to the GOP. This thread is her latest 👇 1/12…
According to May, digging through campaign finance reports available to the public shows troubling connections between Russian donors, Trump and a number of GOP leaders 2/12
The trail traces through Vladimir Putin, state-owned banks and state-affiliated companies, oligarchs and subsequently GOP leaders 3/12
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I don't study economics, but I do study terrorism, and 'demonetization will end terrorism finance' was one of the most ridiculous bogeys of the entire exercise. #DemonetisationAnniversary
The whole idea of fighting terror finance has been an abject failure in global discourse, not just in India's case. A shift to hawala movements have worked for global terror groups.
Terror finance moved away from intl financial systems long ago. Currency does not matter that much. Terror attacks are not 'expensive', not anymore anyway.
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#PanamaPapers was so 2016. @ICIJ, @OCCRP, @SZ, and so many other partners have got a new leak for you. Here are the #ParadisePapers. /1
In the 21st century, money crosses borders more easily, and with less oversight, than people. Read these stories to learn how this works. /2
The leak consists of millions of documents from two offshore law firms. /3…
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18 mois après #PanamaPapers, @lemondefr et + de 100 rédacs font une nouvelle série de révélations sur la finance offshore. RV ce soir 19h.
H- 20mn...
C'est parti : Voici les #ParadisePapers, une nouvelle plongée dans la finance offshore…
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1 Y tú dirás: ¿y a mí qué carajo me importa #Guatemala? Y yo te digo: #hilo
#En50Tweets #En7minutos
2 ¿Sabías que Guatemala es un frente clave en la batalla anticorrupción en Latam? Tanto (o +) que #LavaJato en Brasil o #PanamaPapers. ¿Por?
3 Pues por este señor...
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