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From Henry's article:

"Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in non-Jews *by the Jewish group*. This is a normal social reaction. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world."

Einstein, Nov 26, 1938
I become more certain of my hypothesis, at an increasing pace. Once you see, you can not un-see.

#provocation #conflict #doublethink #doublestandards #lies
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"Darkness is Oneness." – Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser
...and it goes without saying that the rabbi had just been waxing lyrical that Oneness is God.

The narcissistic supremacism is endless:

"If there is a concept in the rest of the world that doesn't have a Hebrew word for it, then it's not real. It's not a real concept." – Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser #Cabala
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The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions. The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.

Edward Bernays ✡️

"I'm not what you think I am."
The CIA is often credited with 'advice' on Hollywood films, but no one is truly sure about the extent of its shadowy involvement.…
A vast swathe of documents revealing the extent of US government influence in Hollywood .. indicating US officials have covertly helped produce at least 800 major movies and 1,000 television shows since 1910.…
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Endless smooth-talking BS.

The real reason for the presence of US Coalition forces in the ME is to steal oil and resources, prop up the USD, and serve as muscle for the 'Judeo-Christian' "Greater Israel" project. They are not there to fight their own 'Al-Qaeda' or ISIS proxies.
Credebt where it's due though. Gabbard is doing a sterling job portraying herself as the latest "anti-war" POTUS candidate. If you buy her snake oil, you are a fool. If she can't speak the truth about Israel and Jewish power in Washington now, you can be sure she won't in office.
Professor Michael Hudson, exclusive for the Saker:

America Escalates its “Democratic” Oil War in the Near East…
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If not for the ancient culture of Persia – which graciously hosted the Jews for thousands of years – Judaism would lose a vast amount of its supposedly "exclusive", inspired by 'God' literature and 'culture'.

Starting with the #Purim fraud of the Book of Esther/Ishtar.
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Disturbing to witness how both 'Christians' and Jews (and Muslims) are being manipulated by word 'magicians' into setting the scene for Armageddon.

Newsflash: there ain't no Rapture. And no sane human being with a functioning conscience should want to see Jewish people nuked.
Something to consider for all the brainwashed lunatics out there – 'Christian', and even more so, J✡️wish – who buy into the messianic "End Times" / rebuilding the Third Temple propaganda...
This 'messianic' Sabbatian theology is clear in this film.

"Life" – the imagined unification of the "pure and holy souls" of "Israel" with God, the "Nothingness without End" – comes as a result of their *death*.

Do you understand now? #Cabala
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Delusional, depraved Cabalist philosophistry ftw. ✡️ '#magic'
The Hermaphrodite (Hermes-Aphrodite).

The Sacred Marriage. The "Union of Opposites". The knowledge (sexual "knowing"; Gen. 4:1) of Good *and* Evil.

#blackwhite #Orwell #Cabala #alchemy '#transformation' '#magic'
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Which group has a 2500yo pathological obsession with a symbolic One Eye ... as in, their own concealed-revealed "crown" One-Eyed Trouser Snake?

The same people who tweeted then deleted that "Everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed". #IDF #Gaza
#ICYMI – America is a masonic project, and masonry is ✡️ for useful idiot goyim. #Cabala
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"America's Christmas present to Lenin and Trotsky" – who were, at the time, mass murdering Russia's Orthodox Christians – especially the educated classes – in the Red Terror that had begun a year earlier, on 5 September 1918.

Thanks America ✡️
Your regular reminder that America is a masonic project, and masonry is ✡️ for goyim. #Cabala
Judaism: an ideology, and psychopathology, of always and everywhere f***ing with people. #Genesis4
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Even *if* leading personalities in the revolutions of 1848 and 1917 were rational, it should be realized that the king-priest class of #backers was addicted to raw mysticism of the worst kind, black or 'red' kabbala.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman
Mystic death cult☝️. Think about it.

What do menstrual emissions ('impure') represent, viz. the unfertilised female ovum (gamete)?

Colour symbolism, viz. red as soul-substance (the "life is in the blood"), traces to the Stone Age. #alchemy #ochre #burial #cinnabar #ElixirofLife
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How dare you!

This is absolutely necessary in order to 'heal the world' the Cabalist way (tikkun olam), by transforming it into an Ishtar (aka Esther) Babylonian "Queen of Heaven" inversion-of-all-social-roles disorder, castration and debauchery festival.
Notice the colour of Greta's blouse in that famous speech?

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Watch – Ukrainian General reveals Zionist control of Ukraine.

#ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentDayConfessions
Watch – True story of Ukraine Civil War (from the people of Donbass)

This is what #ImpeachmentDay is really all about: Trump (supposedly) "weakening" a Zionist-controlled coup d'etat regime, responsible for 5.5 years of brutal slaughter of Christians.
Please note well the language used by Ukraine's 'Nazis' to describe the ethnic Russian, Christian citizens of Donbass.

Animals. Beasts. Insects. "Carpet bomb them", et cetera.

Compare... #Judaism #Talmud
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A question for our times: who was *really* to blame?
This brilliant short documentary is disturbingly effective in helping you to comprehend the shocking scale of death in World War 2.

7.5 million views. Please watch and share.
If we see that Germany is winning the war, we ought to help Russia; and if that Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and in that way *let them kill as many as possible*.

Senator (later 33rd POTUS, 33 degree Freemason) Harry S. Truman, 1941…
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Someone needs to calculate the next major cycle Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, according to Jewish chronology:

Those 22's (i.e., number of letters in Hebrew alphabet) a big red flag that the movie is a Cabalist psyop. Will be downloading to watch it myself now.
LMAO – movie released in 1984.…
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Can anyone identify a group other than the Chosen™, whose sacred writings evidence a 2500 year pathological obsession with male and female genitals, sexual arousal, semen, menstrual blood, masturbation, incest, and sexual relations with children aged <3 years vs 3 years + 1 day?
Oh, and lest I forget, having sex with multiple virgins in "the Babylonian way" so as not to break the hymen, by knowledge of "the mystery of the serpent", "the way of the serpent on a rock", and being "inclined towards the left"; i.e., with a soft 'rod of God'.
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The ADL is a hate group.

One that "abounds" with double standards, which are "at the heart of how we live and what we have taught the world."

Exactly like the nebulous, shape-shifting Bronze Age religious cult it protects, and projects.
From Torah Judaism, to Rabbinic Judaism, to Cabalist Judaism.

Say hello to Saturn's◾️Jews...
Saturn's Jews (Prof. Moshe Idel).

Presiding over change ('transformation') in religion. #Cabala #shapeshift #Sabbateanism #inversion #doublethink #duplicity
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Interesting how neither evangelical crazies, nor rabbinic Jewish crazies, nor Sabbatian Jewish crazies, ever want non-members to know what the coming of "the Messiah" really means, to them: nuclear Armageddon, Jewish enslavement of non-Jews, and nuclear Armageddon, respectively.
Spoiler Alert: the Sabbatian Jewish aspiration to annihilate the Jewish people, in order for them to be unified with "God" – Ain Soph, the Primordial Nothingness – is cryptically portrayed in the obviously Cabalist film, The Believer (2001).
Do not watch this clip if you wish to see the film.

18 = Chai ("life", "living", "alive"):…

Get it now? #Cabala #inversion '#female' '#chaos' #death #double #nature #DescentForThePurposeOfRisingUp #nihilism
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The human species will end its 500+ year-long "progressive" acceleration into the moral, psychological, and ecological Abyss, with most people still obsessing over how to get more 'money' and stuff, and/or how to hold on to all the 'money' and stuff they already have.
I blame Western Christianity's 500+ year-long "progressive" embrace of "Political Hebraism" – i.e., Jewish values.

#doublethink #inversion #Cabala #usury
It is blackly ironic – in the extreme – that most do not even know that the 'money' they are (suicidally) obsessed over, is not even theirs. Legally, the usurer class owns all of it.

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Liberal 'democracy' is a Cabalist illusion, and we believe it.
Red team versus Blue team?

You are a dupe.

"If you would point with one finger to the red light and with another finger to the blue light, how many lights would you be pointing to? If you said two, you were wrong. There is only one light there."…
Red – RGB: 255, 0, 0, 1; Hex: #FF0000 (ie, 660000)

Blue – RGB: 0, 0, 255, 1; Hex: #0000FF (ie, 000066)

#UnionofOpposites #Cabala #hamsa '#magic' #HiddenHand
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MLK: "In 1934 he was able to join ten other Baptist ministers for a trip to the Holy Land and Europe, which included a visit to Berlin, Germany, where the Fifth Baptist World Alliance Congress..."…

#three #thirtythree #elevens #freemasonry #magic #cabala
📻🇺🇸📢The Martin Luther King Jr. Cult
Powers & Principalities: Episode 48
by Our Interesting Times…
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I can't imagine why all the trouble in Ukraine...

"reminiscent of the ideology of the Khazar Khanate"

Sergey Glazyev, 1999, on US bankster oligarchy Foreign Policy
On the Khazar Khanate...

Joseph Needham, Science and Civilisation in China, Vol 3
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Exactly. Some have understood, and taken advantage of this, for millennia. Think about it folks. Then go study.

Ever hear the term "court J3w"? Not *just* bankers.…
"Note that ‘Fool’ is derived from ‘follis’, a wind-bag*. Even etymology gives the attribution to Air. Also, to puff out the cheeks is a gesture implying _readiness to create_, in the sign-language of Naples."

Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, on trump 0

"This card is attributed to the letter Aleph, which means an Ox, but by its shape the Hebrew letter (so it is said) represents a ploughshare; thus the significance is primarily #Phallic. It is the first of the three Mother letters, Aleph, Mem, and Shin..."

Aleister Crowley
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"Do not touch the Philosopher's Stone with your hands. You are not of our race; you are not of the seed of Abraham."

– Maria the Jewess (cit. in The Jewish Alchemists, Princeton Univ. Press, Raphael Patai)

#red #white #Cabala #inversion '#transformation' '#magic'
In case anyone is wondering, those are *almond* flowers.

Study up on them. And study your Bible.
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Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and faith

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's #confusing you
Is just the nature of my game
"We need to eat the babies"

"Even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people."

Taking your thoughts now on the ethnicity of that young lass.
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