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More Than 400k Texans Without Power Amid Dangerous Winter #Storm | Feb 2
- #Texas has been #frozen after an Arctic front rolled into the Southern U.S. Parts of central, west, and north Texas and nearby states Arkansas and Tennessee under ice storm warnings… ImageImageImageImage
Half Million #Texans #Freezing, No Power, Due to Private Grid #Corruption and #Lying #Governor | Feb 3
- The storm caused massive power outages and disruptions across highways and roads with central Texas stuck in thick ice since earlier this week…
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Powerful #storms slam South; at least 6 #killed in #Alabama | Jan 12
- A giant, swirling storm system billowing across the South killed at least six people Thursday in central Alabama,…
#PowerOutages across the #US | 2023-01-13 T03:04:03 AM GMT+1
- States and territories by customers out
#Georgia: 74,730
#Alabama: 33,858
#California: 21,170
#NorthCarolina: 17,778
#Tennessee: 13,314 Image
Severe #storm slamming the south of the US kills at least 6 people in Alabama | Jan 13
- There were multiple #tornado #warnings issued Thursday in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee as the storm system moved through the region.… Image
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Massive 6.4 #earthquake rocks #California leaving people without power | Dec 20
- Its #epicenter was 210 miles north of #SanFrancisco, where a quake hit last week…
6.4-Magnitude #Earthquake Hits Northern #California | -3h
Northern #California #earthquake causes 'widespread damage' to roads, homes | -2h
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@ANice24675304 So what You’re saying is, you would rather see all who have done those evil acts you listed be ‘Unforgiven’? Which I then would have made them not sing (flip on all other evil in the world) & continue Making everyone’s lives hell even worse than what everyone’s gone through?
@ANice24675304 You too would choose & Accept being ‘Unforgiven’ for what you have done in your life?

“When bad does good”?
How/#WHY do you think MANY evil beings chose to do good for humanity?
Just because you Don’t see it or hear about it, does not mean it hasn’t happened. ImageImageImageImage
@ANice24675304 Show me someone innocent in this world …

Where does that question come from?
- A heart of Stone?
- A Heart of Flesh ?

What is A #ROOT ?
If you NEVER forget the #WHY, Care about the #Why Along with the #ROOT, you begin to show mercy for those who-
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Ehi there #Crypto and #macro Twitter

Time for #market analysis #Number12!

"Quiet, before the storm"

I will explain here what happened since last week, and cover the broader #economy as it breaks

I will start from #onchain #BTC, going into #Technical Analysis + #macro🧵
First of all, if you want to have a deeper insight in what happened the week before, you should check my last #weekly #analysis

I'll put the link here for you:

But let's start digging into this week, should we?
Last week we experienced a rally in #crypto with #Eth leading the way with a speculative date on the merge happening on September 19th.

BTC managed to rally breaking the trendline at resistance and the realized price, but failed to maintain those as support ImageImageImage
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Myself & Tyrone/T-Bone (T-Bone Was in OSIRIS #THE #STORM

Madison Wisconsin
“Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan”

Tactical Skateboarding Full Length Video
Put my heart & soul into my part in this Video, BoRn To RoLL!

#Madison Wisconsin
#One Love

The Champ Is Here !

.@taylorswift13 — CALM DOWN might Make sense to everyone now …
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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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#LittleAmal came to Glasgow and #COP26 today for a walk.

I’ve lived the stories of preparations with school children to welcome her for months now. The ups & downs, of rehearsals held ably by @Evs_C with NTS including acres of time from @Tawona_Sithole from @UofGUnescoRILA Image
But nothing had prepared me for how moving I would find the puppetry, dramaturgy and unscripted spontaneous reactions of the children as and after they performed. Little Amal greets young pe...
There is something so touching about #LittleAmal’s poise; the sad, slightly harrowed expression of curiosity in each encounter; the tenderness. And I found myself weeping all day between my own encounters with her and the people gathered. LittleAmal meets Storm
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Yesterdays #storm in Sydney stripped North Curl Curl Beach of its sand. What it revealed was an amazing time capsule of etchings written by people following past storm events. A thread 1/7
First up, the 1974 storm (also known as the Sygna storm). The biggest storm cluster to hit the NSW coast in recent times by far, famously causing the break up of the Norwegian bulk carrier Sygna at Stockton Beach 2/7 Image
Next, the 1978 “Egger house” storm, which resulted in the collapse of a cliffside house on Ocean View Drive Wamberal, owned by the Egger family and led to a famous court case on the right to use coastal structures to protect from erosion 3/7 Image
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Want me to do another 6 Week forcast of what's going to happen before it happens or are you all pretty much good?
Doesn't bother me which one you Collectively choose.. Everything is KNOWN.
Every FF event.
Every stupid decision someone tries to make along the way.
Every negative
Vibe, Planted person or ones who are trying to detour ANYONE away from God, is KNOWN.

EVERY Natural Disaster.
EVERY Real & Fake News article or reporting, It's all known about.

THERE IS NOTHING that is Hidden from God or the Travelers that stand next to me.
Yes or No?
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Today is #WorldMangrovesDay. So let me remind you. #Mangroves;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & #storm surge.
- they break the #wind force
- provide #habitat to #animals during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce #pollution.

We just need to protect them.
So how it works. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing the storms get dampen. You must have read in ‘Theory of Vibration’.
They are prop roots. In #mangrove #ecosystem they are adventitious support roots. They Grow down from lateral branches, in a way support trees, with doing other root functions. Additionally roots buffer against damage to coasts & enhance biodiversity & carbon sequestration.
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Personal #preparedness lessons from the #wind #storm: 1. Upgraded UPS units worked great, much better than UPS-destroying planned blackout. APC 19 inch rackmount units, ex-corporate units. 1/x
2. SMA solar inverter's SPS (Secure Power Supply) worked very well for recharging 2 of the 3 identical model UPS units. Third triggered GFCI outlet I have on the SPS every time. 2/
3. UPS unit powering my switch, Wi-Fi router lasted 5 hours before I had to charge it with the solar. Another UPS--with new batteries from Amazon--powering just few other components lasted 3.5 hours, those batteries are not very good. UPS on desktop only lasted 2 hours. 3/
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#UnitedKingdom #London #Storm

In the north and east of England, people have to be prepared for severe storms. The storm depression Christoph is to blame, which could bring "life-threatening" floods, according to a storm warning from the Met Office. Image
People were asked to listen carefully to the news and prepare for possible evacuations.
In addition, municipalities could be temporarily disconnected from the electricity and road networks. Heavy rains hit soils saturated with water, and then there is melting snow from the mountain regions. Cities like Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield are also affected.
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Cyclone #Burevi to Cross Sri Lanka and Hit India’s Southern Tip on Thursday Night; Tamil Nadu, Kerala Under Alert


By- @deekshith_np

(📸: TWC Met Team)
On Wednesday night last week, #CycloneNivar drenched several parts of north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh. Exactly a week later, #CycloneBurevi is set to cause torrential downpour over southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala
#Burevi is a name suggested by the Maldives, as per the #cyclone naming guidelines set by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). #Burevi is not as strong as its predecessor, #Nivar, as the Bay of Bengal lacks the energy to feed the system further.
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Today severe cyclone Nivar will hit eastern coast of India. In 12 seconds learn how coastal green shelter belts check tsunami & cyclones. Dutch research institute Deltares.
We are facing one more #cyclone today. So let me remind you. #Mangroves;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & #storm surge.
- they break the #wind force
- provide #habitat to #animals during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce #pollution.

We just need to protect them.
So how it works. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & have special adaptations. They act like buffer & which slow down wind & consume energy. So after passing, the storms get dampen. You must have read in ‘Theory of Vibration’.
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#URGENTE #STORM | PF em Megaoperação contra o Tráfico de diamantes da Amazônia para Europa! Agora entende por que @LeoDiCaprio e a pirralha fazem lobby?

Nunca foi pelo meio-ambiente! São sedentos por dinheiro! #AmazôniaÉNossa! Image
Em tempo... Já viram índio de Apple Watch?

Nunca foi pelo meio-ambiente! São sedentos por dinheiro! #AmazôniaÉNossa!

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El rumor de que #Shuri podría ser la nueva #BlackPanther en el #MCU no es para nada descabellada, y tenemos una buena referencia para decirlo: Esto ya pasó en los cómics.
Principalmente en el año 2009, durante el evento #DarkReign

#MarvelPodcast #Marvel #MarvelStudios Image
Cómo llegó a portar al manto que antes usaran su hermano y su padre??

El personaje creado en 2005 por #JohnRomitaJr, ya había intentado ser la lideresa de #Wakanda, pero su hermano #TChalla había ganado el derecho.
Durante la invasión de Klaw, ella debió enfrentarse al #HombreRadiactivo, al que asesina, lo que la somete en una profunda depresión.
Su hermano promete entrenarla para que no vuelva a estar en esta posición. Image
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This article has so much disinformation, it's hard to know where to start with it. I'm going to take him at his word that he is a man of faith and so will assume he's not purposely misleading his followers.
1. The article in The Atlantic (link below) is only marginally better than this one, but we can save the debunking of that for another day.

Where is the evidence of POTUS retweets? What about these 'influencers'? Any links?

I'll wait.....… Image
2. Credit where it's due, not everything is wrong. Here, the date and location of the first post are both correct.

The poster didn't identify themselves, at all.

Threads on message boards don't have titles. They are titled after the fact and are often titled differently. Image
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Analyse India Report August – Top Tweets, Posts, Charts, Analysis, Opinions etc @nooreshtech

Link :

1) The Perfect #Storm by @InvesysCapital – Comparing 2002-2004 and 2020.

2) Employee Expenses down aggregate 5% – by @nbalajiv
3) Home Loand Rates at 15 year lows – Real Estate Cycle to turn in 2 years ? – By @pankajtibre

4) Thread on Bollinger Bands by @Prashantshah267

5) Stock Thread – Deccan Cements by @phoenixcapindia

6) The High PE RATIO – by @hktg13

Link :
7) Picking Winning Stocks. 1-hour insightful presentation with @SamitVartak @IIC_2020

8) Seven Things to check in Cash Flow from Investing Activities by @alphainvesco

9) PE Ratio – by @bhavinjan1978

10) @allstarcharts at Edelweiss Conference

Link :
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⏩ Amigos patriotas, recebi mais algumas imagens daquele amigo venezuelano refugiado. Não tive coragem de postar os áudios dele. É de cortar o coração. ⤵️
Ele informou que esta tendo conflitos armados todos os dias! E que os militares controlam tudo. Para comprar gasolina, eles não aceitam mais moeda venezuelana. ⤵️ Image
Para conseguir combustível o povo tem que primeiro comprar dólar, pois como dito, não aceitam dinheiro local. Cada litro sai a 2 dólares e muitas horas de filas. ⤵️ Image
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Perfect #Storm

What Happened In 2002-04 & What Is Happening in 2020? Is There Any Hint For #Equities?

1. Dollar Index #DXY

In Dec 2002, DXY Broke Multiyear Support Line & Went Into Longterm Downtrend, Shifting Flows to Emerging Markets over next 5-10 yrs
2. India 10 Yr Yields

Hitting multiyear lows in 2020 - Like in 2003/2009

Beneficial for interest rate sensitive industry demand

3. Gold

Started Long Term uptrend in 2003, Like in 2020

Basically reflecting Currency Debasing , which inevitable causes Hard Asset Price Inflation
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Turma, liga o ponto "A" ao ponto "B". @AbrahamWeint fez uma postagem ironizando e acusando uma pessoa que vocês sabem quem é... ⤵️ Image
E nessa segunda mensagem, o filho do presidente, deputado @BolsonaroSP, hipoteticamente questiona se a mídia conseguiria abafar um caso de p3d0f1l1a de um homem esquerdista (que vocês sabem quem é)⤵️ Image
Em muito breve algo grande vai estourar pros "Homens de Geleia"
A operação #Storm também é silenciosa. Talkei? 🇧🇷👉@pepisxbox
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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be immersed in a perfect storm?
Nothing would be predictable from one moment to the next.
Chaos all around you… Noise and confusion buffeting you from every side.
Solid ground?
Even its memory would begin to recede.

As a species, that’s where we are now. Our beautiful planet is under attack from weapons of mass destruction. Chemical weapons are being deployed against our people. The foundations are being laid for ecological and civilizational collapse.

“Weapons of mass destruction?” you ask. “They didn’t exist the last time someone claimed they did. Are you sure they exist now?”

The evidence is pretty overwhelming:
- Burnt hydrocarbons flooding our atmosphere with CO2
- Intensive agriculture stripping away our soil

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