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In his new Netflix “documentary” #AncientApocalypse, @Graham__Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

His rhetoric sows distrust in experts, and #Atlantis conspiracy theories promote white supremacy

Buckle up, it’s time for an #ARCHAEOLOGY THREAD 🧵
/1 Screenshot from Ancient Apocalypse episode 1, “Once there
This thread will examine

1)Hancock's lack of evidence
2)How Hancock’s narrative recycles 19th century ideas on #Atlantis
3)The rhetorical tools Hancock and similar conspiracy theories use

Why trust me?

No idea. I’m just a dude who won’t pay for a checkmark

But I am a real archaeologist. I’ve excavated at sites spanning tens of thousands of years of human history & prehistory

Trust my credentials or don’t. But I’ll present real evidence why this show is crap
/3 photograph of me working on archaeological material from a S
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I'm preparing an epic Twitter thread critiquing the new Netflix pseudoarchaeology "docuseries" hosted by G. Hancock as if it might be my last thread on Twitter ever. If bird site crashes, I'll end on a high note

Stay tuned. Will post later today or tomorrow
and just to be clear, I plan on going down with the ship. As long as Twitter is usable and a tool to share #archaeology I'll be here

If it ain't, find me on Mastodon or YouTube or Patreon (links in bio)
Oh and if you're interested, some good background reading would be my first 57 tweet thread on #Atlantis from a year and a half ago

(yes, I'm a teacher, I even assign homework to Twitter followers. That said, no pop quiz. Up to you how far to go)
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"#Altantis" gilt Anthroposophen als Wiege der Menschheit. Die antike Atlantislehre ist Teil der rassistischen Evolutionserzählung Rudolf Steiners mit dem Arier als Endziel. Sie findet sich auch heute noch im "Geschichtsunterricht" der 5. Klasse.

#Waldorfschule #Atlantis
Noch im Juli 2022 sind die "Atlantis"-Lehre und rassistische anthroposophische Literaturempfehlungen ganz normaler Teil der Ausbildung für Waldorflehrer_innen im "Universitätslehrgang Waldorfpädagogik"
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About #Atlantis
The Destruction of Mankind: A Transitional Literary Text…
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Estan para leerse unos rumorcitos de #WakandaForever????
Según la informaciónemitida por el site brasileño Chippu, la película mostrará el funeral de #TChalla. Esta será la forma de terminar el ciclo del personaje y homenajear a #ChadwickBoseman.
Es en esta ceremonia fúnebre que #Namor hará su entrada. Tenoch Huerta será quién lo interprete y tendrá un aspecto similar al de los cómics, con poca ropa.
El personaje no será originario de la #Atlantis, como en los cómics, sino de la región centroamericana
Provendrá de una ciudad histórica y sumergida de la cultura mexicana. Además, será hijo de un humano con una reina del pueblo sumergido.
Éste cambio será para que el público no confunda tanto a Namor con #Aquaman.
A propósito, circula una imagen borrosa del posible diseño
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1/32 This is a thread about the #Hyperborea-Mythos in the #Hellboy-Comics.
I'm posting this thread because I love the comics but am worried about the use of history and myths in them. Especialy the Hyperborea-Mythos was connectet with the place I'm living: Lower Saxony, Germany ImageImage
2/32 This thread contains more than 30 main-points plus sub-points (recognizable by the dots). The sub-points contain further information and explanations, plus source references. Hyperboreans are abbreviated with H.
3/32 In the context of remembering Nazi crimes, experts view comics like Hellboy with trepidation, fearing a dangerous misinterpretation of history for commercial motives. ImageImageImage
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1. I'm not the first to say it, but the "Richat Structure" is the lost city of Atlantis.

The first king of Mauritania was Atlas. In myth, Atlas is Father of the 7 Pleiadian Sisters.

Before The Flood, there was open contact, and Pleiadians were visiting and assisting.
2. #NEIOH: In very Ancient Civilizations in this area, there were very friendly Tribes that were open to many Beings from Multiple Galaxies. There had been no brainwashing and many humans were always open and welcoming to our visits as well as others. Image
3. There were many times of drought as well as flooding. As We considered these to be our Friends, We came in Crafts. Many Fleets came and landed and rescued many thousands of people from many areas.
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While #EuroPCR is in full swing, here is a special #ACC21 #tweetorial brought to you by @ANazmiCalik focusing on what you need to remember about the results of the main #interventionalcardiology trials 📈📉📊 released at the conference! #CardioTwitter

1/9 #ACC21 #Tweetorial @ANazmiCalik
#ADAPTABLE: Aspirin Dosing: A Patient-Centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-term Effectiveness

Take 🏠:
-if the patient isn't on Aspirin, START w/ 81mg
-if the patient is on 81 mg Aspirin, STAY
-if the patient is on 325mg, MAY STAY
2/9 #ACC21 #Tweetorial @ANazmiCalik
#LAAOS III: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Study III

Take home 🏠 message:
Among patients with AF undergoing cardiac surgery, surgical LAA occlusion reduces ischemic stroke by 33%, compared to no occlusion.
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This #archaeology thread gives a behind-the-scenes look at the new @discovery show “Hunting Atlantis” hosted by @stelpavlou & @jessphoenix2018

I present findings based on years of interdisciplinary research into the archaeological and historical context around Atlantis
The secrets presented in this thread will anger a large swath of people

They’ve already begun trolling me and other scholars in my cabal after we first spoke up about #Atlantis


the truth will prevail
We all know the story of Atlantis. It’s been popularized, retold, and adapted in movies, on TV, and in comic books

But the true history is still shocking. It’s tinged by violence and hatred and is part of our own 21st century phenomenon of rampant conspiracy theories
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Mengangkat Kujang Meteorit ini menggunakan 1 tangan berat sekali. Tp jk 2 tangan kan terasa ringan; sbg amanah u/ mengembalikan keagungan warisan leluhur dilakukan bersama2 agar qt memiliki kekuatan u/ memperjuangkan peradaban Nusantara

📸 Den Mas Suratman, pejuang Landhep Agung
Biarkan bila ada org asing atau bahkan org kita (bangsa dari negeri ini) yg mencibir & memandang dg sebelah mata akan adanya warisan leluhur Nusantara yg adiluhung, sepanjang kita bersatu & tetap teguh pd kesucian hati dg menjaga bukti2 keagungan peradaban Nusantara 🇮🇩

Rasanya sdh tak sabar menunjukkan pd dunia: tekhnologi metalurgi leluhur #Nusantara, salah satunya adalah busur meteorit setinggi 2,5 meter dengan berat 30 kg , terima kasih atas warisan leluhur yg akan menjadi bag dari bukti peradaban dunia yg membanggakan 😍🇮🇩

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To celebrate UNESCO's International Day of Women & Girls in Science, here's a #thread of some of the amazing Sustainable Seas researchers and their mahi* #IDWGS2021 #WomenInSTEM

*not an exhaustive list, please tag/add those who we miss!
@KKSaturday led our Enabling inter-agency collaboration on cumulative effects project, which developed the ACE framework, a decision-making tool to guide #collaborative mgmt of #cumulativeeffects in our moana #IDWGS2021…
@karentfisher leads our Enhancing EBM practices research theme, which investigates how #policy #regulation and #legislation can be tailored to support #EcosystemBasedManagement in NZ #IDWGS2021…
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"#Lemuria - Der versunkene Kontinent" war gestern das Thema im @GeschichteFM-Podcast. In der Welt der #Esoterik nimmt dieser Mythos oft eine besondere Rolle ein. #HelenaBlavatsky, Mitbegründerin d. "Theosophische Gesellschaft", griff diesen ebenfalls auf.
#HelenaBlavatsky, eine Okkultistin des 19. Jahrh. veröffentlichte mehrere Bücher, die weite Bereiche der modernen #Esoterik beeinflussten & zur Neudefiniton der vormals bekannten #Theosophie beitrugen. Sie konzipierte u.a. die mutmaßlichen 7. Wurzelrassen… Image
1875 gründete #HelenaBlavatsky zusammen mit weiteren Akteuren die "Theosophische Gesellschaft (TG)", eine okkulte Organisation, die beträchtlichen Einfluss auf nachfolgende Bewegungen der #Esoterik nahm.… Image
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I hope you take it well. But I do it around here since it's longer than I thought
Memories and fragments during the #Atlantean period
The river nymph and me!
The fragment that I can share today is: "one afternoon I went out to track down a lost brother.
I follow the trail to a river. In the river, I see a "dead" area. The Ondina of that area was passing a period of darkness.
And I see that she has held the brother I was looking for. I request that she release him. She tried to seduce me and convince me to distract me from my goal. She gets angry.
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January 4, 2017

#NewAtlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after #theEvent.

In Old #Atlantis, before the polar shift 75,000 years ago, the position of #equator was different and thus the position of the whole planetary #EnergyGrid was different also. Image
75,000 years ago and earlier, the energy gird around the planet was complete, under full control of the #AscendedBeings and with many sacred temples positioned around #TheEquator. You can see the old Atlantean equator on this picture as a red line crossing South America & Africa: Image
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June 8, 2015

#Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from Sirius star system.

Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting #SiriusA exploded.

Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching #Earth after long journey through interstellar space. Image
In the last 26,000 years, the positive #Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones.

Throughout the history, they have given pieces of #Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. Image
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El rumor de que #Shuri podría ser la nueva #BlackPanther en el #MCU no es para nada descabellada, y tenemos una buena referencia para decirlo: Esto ya pasó en los cómics.
Principalmente en el año 2009, durante el evento #DarkReign

#MarvelPodcast #Marvel #MarvelStudios Image
Cómo llegó a portar al manto que antes usaran su hermano y su padre??

El personaje creado en 2005 por #JohnRomitaJr, ya había intentado ser la lideresa de #Wakanda, pero su hermano #TChalla había ganado el derecho.
Durante la invasión de Klaw, ella debió enfrentarse al #HombreRadiactivo, al que asesina, lo que la somete en una profunda depresión.
Su hermano promete entrenarla para que no vuelva a estar en esta posición. Image
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May 27, 2014

In #Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony.
They were called the #SisterhoodOfTheRose. Image
They later reemerged in ancient #Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with rose being a sacred symbol of the #GoddessIsis.
In the time of Crusades, Sisterhood of the Rose was the feminine counterpart to the #Templars. ImageImage
During #WorldWar2, they tried to influence some of the top #Nazis, sometimes successfully persuading them to more peaceful ways, and thus saving many lives.

Venus-Sun transits in 2004 and 2012 were a coded sign in the sky to reactivate the #SisterhoodOfTheRose: ImageImage
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April 15, 2013

Before this planet was invaded 26,000 years ago, #AscendedMasters walked freely among humanity and kept the connection to the presence of the One intact.
Their #mysteryschool was located on the main island of #Atlantis: Image
The #AscededMasters are beings of pure Light and Love who have evolved beyond duality.
You can read a very good description about their work and activities on our planet here: ImageImage
The Ascended Masters retreated from the surface of the planet as it was occupied by the dark forces one Platonic year (26,000 Earth years) ago.
Main Atlantean #MisterySchool went into slow decay as the direct contact with the #AscendedMasters was lost. Image
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Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary outpost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with #Sirius via #Jupiter and Jupiter Command.

The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara.
The inner circle of the #BrotherhoodOfTheStar are Masters and Arhats that have reached their #Ascension on this planet. ImageImage
The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the #AscendedMasters that have reached the seventh subdegree of the third Initiation.
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On 7/18/74, @NASA bought a @Boeing 747-123 from @AmericanAir for ~$15.6 million. According to NASA, “At the time of purchase, the aircraft had logged about 9,000 flight hours.”

It’s pictured here shortly after conversion in this #NASA photo. #OnThisDay Image
The red, white, & blue paint stripes from the @AmericanAir livery was even left in place. The NASA Worm logo was added on the tail. More historical pictures can be seen here:…
@NASA notes the SCA had an airspeed limit of 250 knots or Mach 0.6. Its cruise altitude with an orbiter was 13,000-15,000 ft. While carrying the Shuttle, it had a 1,000 nautical mile range, plus margin for safety. The Shuttle #Atlantis is seen here 7/1/07. 📷 NASA/Carla Thomas Image
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Upon multiple request I will try to recreate the construction of the #ISS with the recent released @LEGO_Group model in this thread (if you find any errors please let me know):
On November 20th 1998 the first #ISS module #Zarya aka #FGB was launched from #Kazakhstan with a #ProtonK rocket. It was built in Russia but funded by @nasa but operated by @roscosmos. Its purpose is cargo storage
On December 4th Space Shuttle #Endeavour launched with the 1st US #ISS module #Unity on #STS88. Shortly after launch #Unity together with #PMA1 + #PMA2 were lifted from the payload bay and docked to the shuttle docking adapter:
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Ahriman's influence makes it difficult for us to think abstractly, metaphorically and creatively, everything becomes literal and solid- no flexibility. This directly stops our ability to connect dots, recognize patterns and problem solve.

#Ahriman #Steiner Image
Under Ahriman's influence our subtle bodies also begin to harden and merge so that they are no longer separate and layered, like pages of a book. They become one solid chunk that that no longer recognizes energetic nuances. We essentially lose our ability to discern energy. Image
The hardening and increased density has happened to us before: when we fell from the higher state of #Atlantis.We refer to this as 'the fall'. When we 'fall' as a being we become more dense, becoming more dense means that it is harder to sense spirit and thus ascend. Image
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The AI agenda of merging man and machine is a mimicry of organic human intuitive ability. Humans have the ability to access universal mind, it is called #claircognizance. There is no need to hook up to a machine to process of information faster. There are no short cuts.

#Mars Image
This agenda happened long ago on #Mars and the planet did not survive, it only sunk deeper into heaviness, making it even more difficult to sense ones higher-self. We are facing a similar path now where we must pass this test. We must choose organic development through the heart. Image
#Atlantis encapsulated this battle in a more concise form. #Venus being the future organic evolution, #Mars being the shadow, the sickness we must overcome. We did not pass that test, we fell. We must pass it now. We must come back to the earth and back to organic evolution. Image
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Trunk-based development for #terraform infra makes a lot more sense, my observations after moving from a branch based model, being. Half applied/stale infra changes will not be the case anymore as compared to when multiple branches being are in active development (1/n)
As for when trying to avoid conflicts for locking states and avoiding multiple people trying to modify the same state, putting #terraform plans and applies on CI would immediately take away the need of a tool like #atlantis. (2/n)
Maintaining #terraform modules for repeated infra objects can be used as plug and play should ideally be versioned, and specific versions be used by teams. Having all of this on CI takes away the burden from ops folks of manually applying it, which reduces margin of error(3/3)
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